Limerick of the Day

Courtesy of regular reader DA, with tongue firmly in cheek, he says:

With apologies to Edward Lear: 

There once was a blogger named Doug 
Whose musings some consider quite smug 
His writer is terse 
And may cause some to curse 
And a bag used to cover his mug.  



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  1. Sandy wrote:

    Too funny!

  2. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I don’t get line 3…his writer is terse?

  3. Dean Adkins wrote:

    This was the definition of terse used in line 3.

    Etymology: Latin tersus clean, neat, from past participle of tergEre to wipe off
    1 : smoothly elegant : POLISHED

  4. Grigs wrote:

    I don’t get line 3, regardless of definition. Besides that we SG people are far too spiritual to cuss!

    Tongue firmly in cheek……

  5. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I know what “terse” means.

    Now that I’ve looked it over again, I’m assuming “writer” should have been “writing”…at least, it makes more sense to me with that modification.

    Either that, or Doug must have a terse person who acts as his “writer.”

  6. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Oh, and speaking of “terse,” Doug’s writing is usually anything but…

    It’s often pithy, yeah…but concise, rarely.

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