The big Gaither Nashville taping

A lot of you have been asking about the much ballyhooed Gaither Nashville taping this week. This was, you’ll recall, the Homecoming to beat all Homecomings, to which Gaither invited pretty much everyone in southern gospel. Evidently, it wasn’t loud enough for me to hear down here in Florida, but if you want to read an account from someone who has no reason to say anything unflattering about the event, check out this buried comment from DS, which apparently quotes Gerald Wolfe describing the taping as “the best video Bill has produced in several years.”

Then there’s an unvarnished version, from an artist who was at the taping:

The taping was, well…let’s just say Bill’s going to really have to do some stretching to find enough magic in what happened [today] to make a full-length dvd. He had a ton of new people there, but no one who just blew it out of the water. You know you’re in trouble when you’re sitting there wishing he would let Sue Dodge sing.

Janet Paschal had a sweet moment with the much-overused IT WON’T RAIN ALWAYS. “What? You’re singing a song Bill wrote? How surprising?” The Perrys sang I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE and made me miss Loren Harris. Some awful group from Knoxville called “Shepherd’s Voice” or something like that reminded me of a bad SNL skit. A bluegrass group called Cherryholmes (who really ARE great) just wasn’t the right fit for this crowd. Sig Sound and The Martins both sang and did good but seemed to not really win over the crowd (composed wholly of their peers … there wasn’t a live audience). Greater Vision sang. Legacy Five sang “Strike Up The Band,” which was okay. Jeanne Johnson sang IF THAT ISN’T LOVE using what sounded like a cassette track. The Lewis Family sang “Flying High.”

The stage was beautiful and I think it will look great. The singers did enough clapping and whooping that I don’t really think an audience will be missed. And Russ Taff’s over-exuberance was everpresent. Either I’m terribly jaded or the magic of Gaitherworld has faded. Or both.

Update: Photos of the event are here (dig deep enough and there’s even a shot of the long-lost Nelons).

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  1. a nonny moose wrote:

    Which bitter artist who didn’t get a feature supplied that info? Or was it one of the songwriters in the wings who produces groups that didn’t get on tape?

  2. Me Myself wrote:

    I was there. It was unbelievable. Probably the best taping ever.

  3. Joel wrote:

    Did you not think Jeff & Sheri’s version of Over and Over was powerful? Or Gold City’s Truth Is Marching On? There were, of course, great artists sitting on stage that never got to sing, but I’m sure it’s always that way. I got there late so I didn’t hear Janet or Brian Free & Assurance sing, but I heard they did great.

  4. Tom K. wrote:

    Your unvarnished version’s comment that he will have a hard time getting a full length DVD out of the taping - ridiculous - he will get at least two (2) and maybe three (3) out of it. And I will be one of the first to order the DVD’s as soon as they are released which, according to Gaithernet, will be in 2008. I have ALL of the rest and have totally enjoyed them!!!! Give the man credit - he has done great things for SGM since the inception of the videos and the homecoming concerts!! One other thing, Russ Taff was at my church recently and he is a great witness for our Lord. Keep up the exuberance and over-exuberance Russ!

  5. www wrote:

    The only time I heard the word “awful” about Shepherd’s Voice the word “good” came after it.

  6. Chuck Peters wrote:

    Man I am so sick of the negativity expressed.. especially by anonymous posters. I would have given a bunch to have been invited.. and felt so good just to be a spectator.. and then we get some has been (or soon to be has been) who gets invited,.. and only feels the need to go public with negative comments. Shame on you.. the old saying: “if you don’t have anything good to say,.. shut up!” ..aptly applys here.

    I’ll be running some comments from artists in a series of news stories,.. soon.. about the taping. ( I hope to lift up.. not tear down.

    Thanks for the chance to vent.

    Chuck Peters

  7. Paul Jackson wrote:

    Amen Chuck…everything I have heard from
    those who were there has been “positive”.
    Musical taste vary greatly, as we all know…
    but I think it is important to temper our subjectivism when sharing our opinions…after all, we are talking about stuff for TV/DVD that will undergo extensive post-production. I have always thought that the underlying philosophy of the Homecoming series is to appeal to as many different taste as is reasonable. And that has to be good for SG and “the Kingdom”!

  8. RF wrote:

    Many of us have waited for another Gaither video where the real stars of sg could be featured like the early Homecoming tapes. I, for one, thought it might never happen again. I’m looking forward to being first in line to buy these 4 DVD’s.

    With Gaither’s superior video and audio, this should be the sg DVD series of the year, but jealousy seems to get in the way on most everything. No, Gaither is not perfect, nor is sg, but the product is good for the most part and the lineup sounds fantastic. I look forward to it.

  9. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Aaron Crisler of Gospel Music Update in Nashville has three sets of the Gaither Nashville Homecoming Taping at Grand Ole Opry Studios held this past week.


  10. Kevin wrote:

    wow - great photos - looks like its gonna be some great DVD’s!!!!!

  11. William wrote:

    I heard on XM radio an interview with Jeff Easter a while back. He stated that Bill told him that he could only do so much with the video footage but could always go back into the studio and fix the audio.

    So even if the singing wasn’t too good, which I doubt, I am sure the final products will be great. I am looking forward to seeing them.

  12. Jennifer wrote:

    did Jeff and Sheri not sing on this new video? I find that hard to believe. I am excited for them to come out!

  13. RF wrote:

    Tremendous pictures. And it really looks like it was an “A-list”. I really didn’t see anyone missing, just like in the old days.

    Maybe this is Bill’s outstretched hand of peace to the rest of sg. It looks like the NQC big wigs were all there. I saw Less and Gerald, Claude and Connie, and almost everyone that was anyone in sg. This should be a good one.

  14. jb wrote:

    Always enjoy looking at the pictures, but, I had to laugh when I saw EHSSQ’s picture. Earnies suit looks like a rug and the orange one, well, enough said. I know it is style and I am just getting old. I’m sure they all had a wonderful time. It would be awesome to be invited just to be a spectator.

  15. AVFLReader wrote:

    Jennifer- Jeff and Sheri did perform…they did Over and Over.

  16. Jugglernaut wrote:

    The photos? Good Lord! Apparently somebody made Signature Sound line up in order of who lost the biggest bet.

    I do love these guys. If you’re gonna be bold, be BOLD!

  17. fan of EHSSQ wrote:

    Where were all of Big Ten artist at this taping. How many of them sang during the taping?????

  18. Me Myself wrote:

    A monument has never been raised to a critic.

  19. T Miles wrote:

    Has Kirk Talley been invited back to the fold as of yet?
    And Sue Dodge is a great performer. Kind of an unneeded slam there.

  20. Susan E. Weatherford wrote:

    I was there with my Mother, Lily Weatherford. Bill honored Henry Slaughter for writing “What A Precious Friend Is He” and had her sing it. Talked about the In The Garden Album made by The Weatherford Quartet which included Earl (my Dad) & Lily Weatherford, Glen Payne, Armond Morales and Henry. Henry said they recorded it in 6 hours. It was great to see everyone and especially to visit with Henry & Hazel, Armond, Mike Allen, Larry Gatlin, too many others to name.

  21. jos new wrote:

    When the so called awful group “Shepherd’s Voice” from Knoxville sang there was such a strong spirit, artists that have been on these videos for many years actually stood up and showed more emotion than I had ever seen on any other project.

  22. James Verner wrote:

    Gaither Homecomings is one of the best things that ever happened to this young Irish evangelist. From the farm to working my butt of to finish school, to become a missionary. I got to see my favourite songsters on VDO and DVD and fairly drank from the pools of spiritual refreshing under Dotty Rambo. Had Gaither not been there I’d have been the poorer for it. Keep it up Bill. James Verner

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