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From suggestive reader ST:

Why not have a Singing News Fan Award for Favorite Emcee (meaning the emcee for the group). This position is one of the hardest on stage and can make or break a group. I have heard a lot groups I liked on tape but did not like live because the emcee could not line-up songs right or make their program flow. Hall of Famers for emcee is Jim Hammil and Ronny Hinson - different styles, but respectfully awesome. Personally, I would rather be nominated for favorite emcee rather than favorite singer. It’s a better catagory then favorite website. Favorite website is honoring the web designer not the group.

Just a thought.

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  1. Roger Biehn wrote:

    I like the idea. Not that my opinion counts, but still.

  2. RF wrote:

    I don’t know. Gerald Wolfe would probably win the category every year if they did, and it would get boring.

  3. Joe wrote:


    Just a question here. Do you mean the guy who initially introduces the big group on a live project, or the member of the quartet/group/band who does the running commentary during their stage show, night after night?

  4. Wayne Kerr wrote:

    I agree that Hammil and Hinson were great, but the names of George Younce and Hovie Lister HAVE to near the top of the list.

  5. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    We have to persuade them to stop cutting awards before we can even think about hoping they’ll add some.

  6. Bigg T wrote:

    It is a great idea! My vote for the best of today’s emcee’s is Terry Toney of the Toney Brothers.

  7. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    The person in the group who does all the talking isn’t technically the “emcee,” but yeah, that would be an interesting award…one that would make total sense as a “fan award,” too, unlike the three DJ categories that bit the dust this year.

  8. ST wrote:

    We’re talking about the guy that sings in the group who is in charge of song selection line-up, introducing the songs, craking the jokes, communicating with the audience, and introducing the other group members. This guy or lady needs recognition - it can be tough especially with tough audiences or other groups that can win an audience over better than the next group.

  9. Rick Alan King wrote:

    Please, dear God help me, I finally agree with Avery on this “Idea of the day” and am not raging mad or hurt like usual.

  10. Phil wrote:

    Fear not Rick! The idea was from ST not Avery, you haven’t crossed over to the dark side yet! lol

  11. Jeremy wrote:

    You know it just occurred to me that the emcees that have been suggested thus far (all deserving) are all men. Have there been any women in Southern Gospel music who served as capable emcees for their groups?

  12. John wrote:

    Eva Mae LeFevre was the main emcee for the LeFevres and also was the emcee for their television program, The Gospel Singing Caravan. She was more than just “capable”. She was one of the best!

  13. KD wrote:

    this would make for a great fan award, and it might actually mean something. “Favorite Front Man/Woman Award.”

    Add it and drop that dopey website award.

  14. Thom wrote:

    let’s make it really fun and have an award for the WORST project of the year! What a crowded field of contenders that would be!

  15. Wayne Kerr wrote:

    I don’t know about WORST project, but I’d vote for worst radio compilation.

  16. Jeremy wrote:

    Brian Lester is a great emcee. Reggie Sadler does a fine job for his family too.

  17. RK wrote:

    My bet is that Martin Cook of the I’s would win it every year.

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