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From songwriter Diane Wilkinson. Chances are you know (and probably like) one of her many songs (among them, “We Shall See Jesus,” “Boundless Love,” “High and Lifted Up”). Here she is responding to my thoughts on songwriters and big royalties.  

I’m always pleased to see that you are empathetic to songwriters. You were even observant enough to note that nominated writers are not even seated with the other nominees at some awards ceremonies (unless they are also performers). I was blessed to have two songs on Signature Sound’s break-out CD, and they also re-recorded “Pray for Me” on this latest DVD. And you’re right…the royalties were a pleasant surprise. And, you’re right again…the competition is now keen among writers to get cuts on S.S. in the future. I have loved Ernie, like all “my Cat boys”, since his Cathedrals days, and I am delighted with his success. And I will keep pitching songs to that sweet thing and hope for the best; but my prayer for myself will always be that the royalties will not be the primary motivation for me. I am fortunate enough to have a good “day job”, so I will continue to send songs to all artists (with the help of my publisher, Daywind), and hope the Lord will place them according to His good pleasure. Again, thanks for all your kind words about songwriters!

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