Jeremy Lile to be new BFA bass?

So I hear anyway. In case you haven’t heard of him or don’t recognize the name, Lile is the bass for Crystal River, a somewhat exciting quartet of up-and-comers whose musical skills haven’t quite caught up with their vision for themselves but who, to their credit, seem determined to stick it out and close the gap (this task, alas, will be compounded rather significantly if Lile leaves).

There is much one could say about this (and I hope to be able to soon, when I have more time). But shooting from the hip, it strikes me as a very smart move strategically for BFA. Lile has the stylish-but-not-too-hip look that BFA has been cultivating in the last few years and hiring young talent (instead of an established name) doesn’t impinge on Brian Free’s status as the group’s marquee performer (for this reason alone, Gene MacDonald was out as an option, though that says nothing about the oil-and-water compatibility problem they would have had stylistically). At the same time, Lile reinforces the general sense of charmed youthfulness that BFA relies on so much for its appeal. We’ll see …

Update: There now seems to be a Daywind Press Release floating around out there confirming the move, but I haven’t seen it posted anywhere yet.

Later: Here’s the release.

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  1. Montana Man wrote:

    Avery, if you’re dead-on with Jeremy Lile leaving Crystal River for BFA, that’s a big hit to River. It will mean that half the quartet has left in the last few months… First Jeff Snyder, the baritone, left to join the Mike Bowling Group, replaced by Chris Whitaker. Now Lile leaves? Who’s still with Crystal River is the founder, Zack McGill, the lead singer, and tenor Dusty Barrett. That’s a pretty big hit for any group, especially a young group. And who are the YOUNG prospects for singing bass?

  2. Baritone77 wrote:

    It’s posted on SingingNews and SoGospelNews. That’s a big hit to Crystal River and a huge gain for BFA in my opinon. Congrats to Jeremy. He’s a super guy in both talent and personality.

  3. Snarfie wrote:

    I think Singing News has that press release now posted. Yeah, it’s probably a good move for BFA, but I agree with Montana Man on the other group taking a hit with his loss.

  4. Steve wrote:

    Maybe jeremy can coax brian and the rest of the guys to do the “higher ground” song, that he did w/ crystal river. I’d love to hear that haha

  5. tnt010 wrote:

    It will be a loss for CR for sure, but I dont think its a death blow. These guys are focused. From what I heard, Jeff Snyder got fired. So I think they were a willing participant in that. Plus their new baritone is much better. Jeremy was a good bass singer, but the other guys are the ones who keep the group running.
    They’ll be alright… Good luck to Jeremy though, it’ll be fun.

  6. Ron F wrote:

    Thats the way it is with these up and coming groups like Crystal river. They start getting some National exposure and then the Big Boys start hiring them one by one. I just started playing them a few weeks ago. They have a great sound. Wonder if they will last? Ron F

  7. NeNeDottiesFan wrote:

    Jeremy is a great guy !!! I’ve known him since he was about 10 yrs old. He is a magnificent bass singer and his leaving Crystal River is sad for them. I heard him in concert with BFA a month or so ago and they sounded phenominal !!! I’m proud of Jeremy and for Jeremy.

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