“Dottie Rambo Alive; Death Announcement False”

Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up:

Nashville, TN-Rumors created by on-air DJs, message boards and a misinformed concert promoter spread that legendary Gospel Music singer/songwriter Dottie Rambo had passed away last night (Thursday, February 15). These rumors are absolutely false, Dottie is alive and well and will be in the recording studio on Monday recording vocals for a new cd.

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  1. Steven wrote:

    Why is it that rumors of death gets around so quickly (most often unfounded) and then when someone like Johnny Cook (Happy Goodmans fill in) really dies, or the death this week of Terry McMillan (the best harmonica player to ever grace the liner notes of todays southern gospel artists) can really pass away and often buried with hardly a comment made? I know that it is not a requirement to splash headlines of all that pass on from our SG ranks, but for people to jump on the mere rumor of a death amazes me…….once more AVERYFINELINE does its amazing job of rectifying false rumors and this I love (they expose the truths of the living that many wish was never brought to light!) You GO Fine line…whoever you are……love your site……Steven

  2. J.J. Moore wrote:

    I wonder if the false rumor about Dottie might somehow have been connected to the death of Jack Campbell, who passed this week. He wrote several songs that the Rambos recorded back in the day (”Oh What a Happy Day” and “March Around the Throne” among others).

  3. jb wrote:

    Whoa…Did Johnny Cook die????

  4. Max wrote:

    Johnny Cook died? What happened?

  5. Matt G wrote:

    Johnny Cook passed away in 2000. He was 51.

  6. jb wrote:

    Wow! I see I am not the only one who didn’t know that.

  7. Paul Jackson wrote:

    Johnny was a dear friend and an incredible singer. I had the priviledge of having him on our Crusade stage many times. He never failed to amaze and move the audience.
    A greater honor was the priviledge that Mike Speck and I had to do 2 Revivals at the 1 church that Johnny pastored: First Baptist, Courtland, AL….what sweet memories.
    Johnny was employed at Baptist Hospital in Memphis when he accepted his last gig as Tenor for one of Hovie’s last versions of The Statesmen…Johnny returned to his job in Memphis after a short stay with Mr Lister…he told me that it was due to health issues and his need for good care and good insurance…he asked for prayer at that time…we do miss him…and SG will probably never see his kind again. I am not saying he was the best (no one can really make that judgement)…but no one can deny that his’ was a truly unique voice.

    See you buddy at the end of that “Long Winding Road”…
    Pastor Paul Jackson / The Prophets Qt

  8. Vicki Strickland wrote:

    I was very saddened to learn about the passing of both Johnny Cook and Terry McMillian. Both men were very unique and they will be greatly missed. I have Johnny’s solo album, “Spirit” and I love listening to that wonderful voice. The Holy choir certainly gained a wonderful tenor and, through the Grace of God, we will see both of them again. May God bless them and their families. Also, how did Terry die? he seemed so healthy the last time I saw him.

  9. janet wrote:

    dottie rambo was killed so it was not a false statement.

  10. brenda crossno wrote:

    i enjoyed listing to johnny cook sing. i live in a small town not far from where he lived in bradford. got to see him with the goodman’s and loved the songmasters. was so sad when he passed away. was he ill long or was it sudden. have heard some ugly rumors about his death but i just dont’t believe them. i know the music in heaven is sweeter now.

  11. Berni Ensminger wrote:

    I never got to see Johnny, He was already gone when I found his music. I have Two DVD’s of his, and some records that some one dear has sent me and two CD’s that came from one of Johnny’s family members. I can’t believe the ugly rumors , but I have never heard them. I believe Johnny was a God given talent and completely engrossed in his singing and in God. I believe that Johnny is singing for the angels today.And God loved Johnny enought ot give him that great voice and musical talent to bless people -still today.
    Someone said they had the album Sprit, I would like to have a cd or cassett of that if they would make it I would be glad to pay them for it.
    Also Terry, I didn’t know he was gone, Bless his heart, He had a Long and Winding Road, bveberni @sbcglobal.net, Berni

  12. Chris wrote:

    As far back as I can remember, Dottie Rambo has been around. She was a prolific writer. Her legendary song “He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need” is by far the best she ever penned. Youtube has so many clips of the Singing Rambos. Go watch and be blessed.

  13. Snowbird wrote:

    I watched Dottie’s farewell service(funeral)on channel 16 tonight and did not even know she was gone.I heard what I thought was a rumor and figured she would die of natural causes..not so,she died in a bus accident.The driver should have been sleeping a little after 4am in the morning.Dottie was one of the best gospel song writers in the world,but being female she never received the attention she deserved..and now shes gone.I was so deeply saddened that I saw nothing concerning her death.It was like she didn’t really matter that much.But her songs will live on and be sung by countless people as long as someone is alive to sing or hear them.I would see her on niteline sometimes and you could always sense the presence of God..I am very sorry about her passing.

  14. Ernest Allen wrote:

    here it is sept, 2008, johnny cook was my favorite tenor singer of all times. and i just found out of his passin. earths loss is heavens gain.

  15. Keith wrote:

    Johnny Cook had one of the most unique and beautiful tenor voices I’ve ever heard. I’m saddened that he died so young as did Denver Crumpler with the Statesmen Quartet. Johnny’s and Denver’s voices were truly a Heavenly Blessing for us all. One of my other favorite tenor singer was Big Lew Garrison with the Prophets Quartet.

  16. MARC TAYLOR wrote:

    If there’s any Dottie Rambo’s fureral services on DVD I would love to have A copy of one. Where would I order one from ? Marc

  17. Iva Moss wrote:

    I got my Dottie Rambo funeral DVD from DINO. I think those that performed were given copies to sell. You might try his website to order. It is very moving with 18 of her songs performed.

  18. Kevin Cook wrote:

    Johnny Cook was my father, I’m Kevin, his oldest. In my mind, and I know I’m partial (LOL), dad was the BEST at what he did hands down. I have a ton of great memories and I’ll cherish them forever. Moreover, I loved my dad and I can tell you, the “rumors” are just that. I know the facts and can’t believe some of the mess I’ve heard. Pastor Jackson, I remember you as well! As I’ve gotten older (we won’t go there), music became a passion in my life as well. That said, it makes me respect dad just that much more. I hate he is gone and while Gospel Music lost one of their greats they continue to ignore, I lost a father I loved very much and was close too. I’ll see him again one day and when I do, I know he’ll walk up with a smile and start with a hug… just as he always did. Thank you all for the kind words. I appreciate each one of them and I know my dad would as well. He was always very humble, just did what he was called to do. May God Continue to Bless! Kevin Cook

  19. Jay Stripling wrote:


    As you know you Dad continmues to have fans, and SG lost one of it’s greatest tenors. When I hear his version of Sweet Sweet Sprit, I have tears form in my eyes. What a great voice. You were indeed blessed to a father like him.

    Bless you,


  20. Robin Alexander wrote:

    I am sitting here in shock & tears. How is it that I just heard of Johnny Cooks death at the start of 2011? He is my favorite tenor as a child,I am now almost 50. I just discovered youtube & was looking up my old favorites when I saw the LATE great,but I thought typo. Took some googling until I found this page. Stll can’t believe. Last I saw him was on Bill Gaither video. I have his “Spirit” album & his “The Voice” album as well has the single,”Long & Winding Road”. O grave where is thy victory? O death where is thy sting?

  21. Emily wrote:

    I have just heard Johnny Cook,And i just love him. What a voice. He is the best. I found one cd of his called It’s the real thing. I can’t find his new one anywhere. Kevin, How proud you must be of your dad. God Bless,
    Please help me find his new Cd Or any of them.


  22. Dr. David Carden wrote:

    Greetings in Grace:

    Kevin, it has been several years since I emailed you. It is sad, indeed, that some are determined to continue the rumors regarding your dad.

    Your Dad’s gospel voice still blesses me when I listen to his music.

    Thank God that all of the Cook Family and those who know the Lord will not only meet their Savior but family and friends as well. I have not doubt that Johnny Cook will carry the whole tenor section by himself!

    Growing in Grace,

    Dr. David Carden

  23. Karen Hicks wrote:

    Kevin Cook,

    I saw your Dad perform with the Goodmans on the 700 Club in Portsmouth VA when I was just a child. I had the biggest crush on him and still remember that amazing voice. I wish you and your family the very best. Everything that you need is yours through the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross!

  24. Judy wrote:

    Johnny Cook lived next door to my Grandmother and I have pitures of his boys when they were small playing with us in the front yard. Does anyone know where his boys are now and how his family is doing?

  25. Ruth Lawson wrote:

    I too loved Dottie Rambo as a performer. However, the most indelible memory was at a gospel concert in Knoxville TN several years ago.
    Dottie wasn’t performing but was in the audience. When a group came onstage and performed one of her songs, Dottie jumped up and started yelling and berating the group. She said, “How dare you use one of my songs without my permission!” Followed by a plethora of curse words.
    Needless to say, there was a stony silence from the audience. It was one of the ugliest displays ever seen by someone who pretended to be a gracious lady.
    Also several years ago, she was begging for money for herself on Christian tv. Viewers were instructed to send funds to her address in Stone Mountain, GA. What she neglected to mention was that she was living in the lap of luxury and drawing hefty royalty checks. I loved Dottie but all was not as it seemed. Thanks

  26. Elowese Adkisson wrote:

    Johnny may not have been the best to everyone, but he was the best to many, many people. Still is to me. NOBODY else (well maybe Vestel Goodman) could give you goose bumps and chills up your spine with their voice like he could and STILL can. I knew Johnny was gone, but just realized that he is buried right here in Milan TN where I live. I have driven right by his grave for the last 25 years on my way to work every day. When I saw on another site last week that he is buried there I noticed when I drove by and there it was right beside the road first grave in the line on a hill. Old flowers that looked like they had been there for a LONG time. (I have a thing about graves with no flowers. Probably goes back to when I was a child and helped my grandmother make paper tissue flowers to decorate graves of all our relatives.) She would always make extra for graves that didn’t have any flowers even if she didn’t know them. Now I keep flowers on graves of relatives and neighbors that have been gone for decades because no one else does. I removed the old flowers from Johnny’s grave and put new ones there. I hope his family doesn’t mind, but as long as I am able there will be fresh flowers on his grave. Johnny’s talent and beautiful voice brought so much pleasure and happiness to so many people. I know he brought many souls to the Lord through the ministry of his music and he should not be forgotten. Every time I drive by the beautiful flowers will remind me of his one-of-a-kind beautiful voice. When we get to heaven I think we will all be blessed with beautiful voices to sing praises to our Savior. I hope mine sounds just like Johnny’s and Vestel’s.

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