Another reason to hate Wal-Mart

They don’t have a clue what southern gospel is. DBM is on the case.

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  1. e.c. wrote:

    I agree with DBM. The wal-mart site for southern gospel looks like what the grammys think about our music.

  2. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Actually, the Grammy voters do a better job than Walmart, which is sad.

  3. Jim2 wrote:

    Wal-Mart is the next closest thing to the anti-christ, so why would any self respecting christian even consider shopping (for music) there? There are thousands of Independent Christian Bookstores out there that either carry or will order quality SG, CCM, and PW music for you. Wal Mart is definitely not going to special order a Michael Combs or Harvest CD for you, but your local christian bookstore would be happy to - if they don’t already have it in stock.
    Other than Gaither and Crossroad’s anything-for-more-market-share approach, you’ll be hard pressed to find any quality SG at Walmart or Target. Check out the Dayspring Cards or Daywind Music websites for a christian bookstore near you - those are, generally speaking, dedicated people with a heart for ministry that will not only find out what you’re really looking for, but may take the time to pray and share with you also.
    It’s akin to those who won’t blink twice at shelling out $70 - $100 for a Kenny Chesney concert, but think those freewill offering concerts at church are an opportunity to get rid of that pesky spare change weighing them down. It’s no wonder some of our quality singers are living at the poverty level and working side jobs (shhhhh, don’t tell the SN Chart!)

  4. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    According to DBM’s list of SG artists, except for two artists on the list, WM’s customers only know Gaither’s artists.
    It all about national exposure and Gaither does that well.
    Gaither does an excellent job of cross-marketing by informing viewers of his weekly Gaither Family television specials that you can purchase Gaither’s products at WalMarts.
    SG has miss the boat on cross-marketing from the local concerts to the big-time events.
    If you want to get into a debate over the sales of evangelical products at WM, let’s do that another day.

    The current top Southern Gospel artists at Walmart are:
    1. Bill & Gloria Gaither And Their Homecoming Friends
    2. Gaither Vocal Band
    3. Signature Sound Quartet
    4. Ernie Haase
    5. The Isaacs
    6. The Statler Brothers
    7. Bob Carlisle
    8. Anthony Burger
    9. The Bill Gaither Trio
    10. Lynda Randle

  5. LSJ wrote:

    Here in southern WV, our Wal-Mart at one time (maybe five years ago) carried a great selection of SG, including the newest Gold City, Palmetto State, Dove Brothers Qt, McKameys, and a few lesser known artists (which I of course bought because I had not heard of them). They also surprisingly carried the Planet Nashville soundtracks that used to be available in Christian bookstores (but that company has since downsized to just selling by mail). Unfortunately, the Wal-Mart trend of misrepresenting and under-stocking the SG genre is not isolated, as you can see in the national corporate Christian bookstores (where just about everything SG is Gaithers, Alan Jackson, and Randy Travis).

  6. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Actually, I was looking at the digital download section of Walmart. As far as I know, I can’t walk into my local Christian bookstore and have music added to my iRiver there in the store.

  7. Melanie wrote:

    Sometimes it’s a whole lot easier to go to the artist’s website and order their music directly from them.

  8. Patrick wrote:

    Why would WM reallly need to care about SG music. There’s not enough sales to make it worthwhile for them

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