Diamond Awards

I usually don’t plug this kinda stuff, but I just noticed (via Daniel Mount) that the Diamond Awards ballot is online now, which strikes me as worth promoting to the main page. The SN should take note. If they require you to identify yourself to see part of the SN’s website content, they ought to be able to let subscribers vote online if they want to. Also, this might be a fine time to give a shout out to faithful reader RF, who gave us his vote for industry (non-artist) website: it may be the first, and it’s probably the last, but it’s very thoughtful all the same.

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  1. e.c. wrote:

    The SN has considered going to a web based awards vote. It would take some effort up front to identify the subscriber but after that it would be cheaper than print ballots.
    It could be the main reason they have not done it yet is they believe that a lot of their subscribers do not have access to the internet.

  2. CVH wrote:

    …or indoor plumbing.

    Sorry. I just had to.

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