No, you haven’t gone crazy. At least not if you assume you’d have to be insane to see Avery’s byline in the Singing News. I indeed have a short piece on blogging and gospel music in the March issue (thanks to all of you who have emailed to comment on the article). It’s a modest debut, to be sure, but it says alot about how far the magazine has come in the last few years that it’s willingly and eagerly inviting new voices from outside the old inner circle to provide content (not just mine, of course; David Bruce Murray, for instance, started reviewing in the SN recently). Diversifying the writing pool is, I think, evidence of a much broader influence of the magazine’s new publisher, as well as a general reinvigoration within the ranks of the existing magazine staff in the post-Templeton era (see Jerry Kirskey’s column in January’s issue, as just one of the more notable examples of what I mean).

On a personal note, I should say that Danny Jones was one of the most pleasant and collaborative editors I’ve ever written for. Not quite all the swords have been beaten into ploughshares, and I haven’t seen any invitations to “The Lion and The Lamb” square dances in Boone yet. But the SN’s rapprochement with … well, some of the rest of the world seems to me like a good reason to be hopeful.

On an unrelated note: I’ve been traveling for work and will be through the rest of week; thus the light blogging.

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  1. CVH wrote:

    There IS a God. Congrats.

  2. NG wrote:

    A soloist scheduled for the main stage of the NQC. Avery in the SN. Further signs the end times are near.

  3. LSJ wrote:

    There’s a tagline on the front cover, too: “Singing in Cyberspace: The Southern Gospel Blogosphere”–much impressed!

  4. Chuck Peters wrote:

    A new low for the Singing News.

  5. quartet-man wrote:

    I got my copy in the mail Friday and was surprised too. BTW, Chuck, tell us how you REALLY feel. ;-)

  6. RF wrote:

    Ah, come on Chuck. You’re still reading!

    Truth is, like it or not, this blog has changed everything in southern gospel music. The quality of music matters. Not the hype or the “they mean well factor”, but the music. Refreshing? Certainly. Popular? Not a chance (among those who liked the ‘everybody’s beautiful” system).

  7. jim e. davis wrote:

    Hmmmmmm…I shall reconsider my 2 year hiatus from a Singing News subscription.

  8. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    This blog is to me in southern gospel music what the liberal thinking Boston Globe is to me in real life.
    I might not like what I read all the time but it makes me think.

  9. Sandy wrote:

    I don’t believe I have read anything written by Chuck Peters that has been negative, rude or any other adjective that fits, until his post here. Is this a new low for Chuck Peters?

  10. music lover wrote:

    I thought it was great that averyfineline (and blogging in general) was featured in SN. I guess they are reaching out…hehe.
    I’ve read alot of mr peters articles, reports, and posts on various message boards. I believe he was using his wit on his comment. Just my 2 cents…i don’t think he meant anything by it, but i’m not him so..

  11. thom wrote:

    acknowledging the blogs is a big step forward for SN, as is adding new columnists. I like the new look and feel of the magazine and hope that the content of the mag will continue to grow. Maybe there is a good sound engineer out there that could contribute a regular article to train SG groups how to properly adjust their sound systems. A regular attender at the concerts I promote recently wrote me to ask “why is it that all of the southern gospel groups run their portable sound systems so loud? some are loud to the point of distortion.” Good question.

  12. Elisabeth wrote:

    Hey, Doug…

    I was pleasantly surprised to find your article in my brother’s copy of the SN. Congrats on a well-written, well-rounded piece!

    oh, & yay for the SN for putting you in…should do it more often … :)

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