Young Harmony and the Dove Awards

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By now, the Dove nominations are old, old news. So I’ll let others round up general reactions.

For my part, I want to focus on what no one seems to want to say publicly and what a lot of people are saying (and have said to me) privately: that even among the board certified cynics who are no longer surprised to see down-list Dove nominations for groups that have very little name recognition and whose product few people seem to be buying - even among these hardboiled types it’s been especially surprising to see Young Harmony up for Song of the Year, an award that includes all genres of Christian music.

A friend of mine who was at the GMA press conference when the SOTY nomination was announced wrote to say that many people - “more than I could count,” to be exact - were whispering “Who?” when the list was read.

This is not just some average bunch of typical music fans, this GMA crowd. These are people who make it their lives to be aware of what’s going on in, around, near, and anywhere approaching gospel music and Christian entertainment. “Who?”

To be sure, this kind of thing happens occasionally; someone slips in under the radar of even the most informed insiders. Usually in these cases, in-the-knows caught unawares go back to their offices and pull out Sound Scan reports, radio chart summaries, and other records that would document a sleeper group’s history and discover that, lo, someone nobody noticed has quietly been building a grassroots fan base that shows up to support them in a big way come Dove time.

A gospel music bidness type wrote me about doing just this, and she picks it up from here:

So, after the press conference, I pulled up Sound Scan, radio reports, independent sales figures and soundtrack company charts on Young Harmony. Other than in hardline southern gospel magazines, I found very little evidence that [Young Harmony] even exist[s]. Of course, everyone who lives in Nashville has had a good laugh about the billboards they’ve placed throughout the city declaring them to be “Dove-nominated.”

Every other artist nominated for Song Of The Year has amazing sales and concert records, CCLI [Christian Copyright Licensing International] numbers, etc. and are truly affecting the industry, no matter what you think of their music. Young Harmony is not even making a dent in their own sub-genre - southern gospel. Sad.

Dove-nominated, indeed. The question is, though, by whom? I have no evidence of this, but my instincts (and the way the Dove Awards nominations are structured) tell me that someone is buying bulk memberships in the GMA and voting Young Harmony now; Young Harmony, tomorrow; Young Harmony forever. Lamon Records, YH’s recording company, seems like the logical coordinator here, since all labels do some of this. What makes Lamon’s case interesting is that over the past few years, Lamon has snagged nominations in a lot of different categories with artists who cannot be found anywhere but on the Dove nominations list. I’ve checked with people who work in the Christian Booksellers Association market, and who have access to data in all the areas where Lamon artists SHOULD show up if they’re more than constructs of PR campaigns. And they don’t.

Young Harmony does seem above averagely motivated, and there’s no law against working the system. Give them points for effort and strategy. I just wish they’d go about it all a little more legitimately. Just because some things are allowable doesn’t mean that’s the way to get what you want.

Last year around the time of a membership drive for NARAS (the Grammy people), I got an email from another Christian entertainment insider whose note I didn’t recall until this year’s Dove nominations came out and I saw YH on the SOTY list:

At the NARAS party, I was a little embarrassed at the way [Young Harmony] stood at the end of the buffet line passing out their cds. While on one hand you have to admire their tenacity, on the other hand you just wish they had a clue about propriety and how to go about things tastefully. It was not the time or place for that and everyone there was laughing at them.

Of course this could be their marketing strategy. I dunno. Certainly being undeterred in situations that most people would consider embarrassing to the point of humiliation will give you a strategic edge in self-promotion.

When the nominations came out, I didn’t own any of their music (do you? I’m really asking) and had only heard them on the radio too infrequently to remember much. So I went on iTunes and downloaded a coupla titles. “For Goodness Sake,” “Good Morning Lord.” That kinda thing. It was not as bad as I thought it would be (David Bruce Murray seems rather to have liked their latest album), but there’s nothing there that I heard to turn half-discerning heads. The generous interpretation (that YH really believes this is artistically excellent music on the order of SOTY) is almost as discouraging as the less generous one (that they don’t, and don’t care).

At least when The Crabbs did their if-you-build-it-they-will-come Dove Awards blitz in Nashville a few years back, they had sufficient talent to attract some fans and to back up their PR with top-of-the-line music. Listening to Young Harmony’s derivative melodies and boilerplate songwriting (”For goodness sake I’ll take up my cross / and follow you whatever the cost / I’ll trust in you with every step I take” … and so on) and serviceable singing, it’s difficult not to suspect that they’re wasting their money.

Rather than focusing on ad campaigns and awards-show vote-blitzing to create the appearance of artistic accomplishment (”Dove-nominated”), a group of Young Harmony’s abilities would be much better served (as would their fans) if the group spent their money on producers, stylists, vocal coaches and finding decent songs - all the stuff that’s necessary to go to sleep at night, be alone with your thoughts, and know that you can create music as slick as your PR.

Update: Jonathan Bond, of Young Harmony, writes:

Hey guys, Rick Hendrix called me about this blog and I began to read. OH MY! I guess that I should start off by saying to everyone involved that I am truly sorry for anything that we have done to you. As for the actual question at hand, “The Dove Awards”, first I have to say that we were just as blown away as each of you when this was announced. You guys are right, we don’t belong in these categories. There are many other groups that should be here (Karen Peck & New River, Brian Free, The Freeman’s and The Hoppers just to name a few -not even counting the great songs that are in the contempary field).

We only use the ‘Dove’ logo because we are able to. We would do the same things that we do now, if we weren’t Dove nominated. We only advertise to get more concerts so that we can spread the wonderful message of GOD, like HE called us to do.

Without going any further, I am willing to answer any questions that you have if any of you will just email me at or call my cell at XXX-XXX-XXXX [NOTE: I’m not comfortable publishing anyone’s personal phone number, even they are]. I don’t have anymore time to respond tonight, we are getting ready to go in to the concert. For those of you that don’t mind, please pray for us tonight, that GOD will prevail during the service. Ginger and I have been really hurt to think that we must have done people badly enough for them to write all of this.

Again, I am sorry.
Johnathan Bond
Young Harmony

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  1. CG wrote:

    You think Nashville’s laughing at the billboards? You should be here in Chattanooga where even the few that REALLY know about YH are scratching their heads. Apparently, YH is financed by family’s used car business (”Nice Cars for nice people”).

  2. mark wrote:

    I have often wondered about the funding behind Young Harmony. They seem to have a huge advertising budget considering the amount of sales they have and the fact the work on a love offering basis! Maybe there was a settlement involved in the oft mentioned car crash. Nothing wrong with advertising…..just wondering of they would be better served implementing better recordings, songs, ect…..

    They seem to be very serious and dedicated…..I am curious how they land these nominations year after year when no one really knows who they are.

  3. dkd wrote:

    Good article, and I agree with you 100%. I have only heard YH music on the radio (infrequently at best) and they are moderately talented (at best) I think a few of us out here in Gospel Music-land were wondering how in the world they got nominated for a we know (maybe) thanks for the insight.

  4. EH wrote:

    Gheeze…..some of you people are acting as if this is the first time you have heard of anything like this happening in southern gospel….to me, it’s been that way for some time and that is, who you know in this industry and how much $$$ you have to throw in their direction. Is that bad business or not ???

  5. Kyle wrote:

    Three years ago, I was at the NQC, and had their CD lauched (not politely handed, but basically thrown) at me. They basically demanded I take the CD and listen to it (I don’t even remember what happened to it, to be honest).

    They sounded like pure salesmen. “Hey, do you like the more modern stuff? Why don’t you take one of these CD’s and give it a listen!”

    I honestly can’t figure out where their money is coming from. They seem to give away WAY more CD’s than they sell, yet their name is plastered all over the Singing News and gospel websites. The only time I ever saw them make any kind of splash was with the only (to date) airing of the Christian Country Music Awards.

  6. dkd wrote:

    E.H. Of course a few of us know the “ropes” in the industry, and yes $$$ talks big time. It is unfortunate that some groups who may actually be worthy of a legitimate nomination would loose out to a group of marginal talent with Big Bucks..I

  7. gc wrote:

    How do Dove nominations work? I understand how they choose the winner but not the nomination process…

    I have heard YH on the radio and found the songs and the vocal work to be very average..I was expecting more after seeing all the pub…those billboards are not cheap..$2,000 monthly? That is alot of money for people to see your picture.I would love to know how much internet sales they have obtained through the major advertising campaigns.

  8. trouble wrote:

    “we don’t focus on the awards ” Young Harmony quote..

    We just spend $4,000-$6-000 a month with a big old 8′x8′ Dove Nominated caption on billboards offh major interstates..That is hilarious!

  9. CG wrote:

    What if you were the owner of a profitable business and you needed to show (either) a loss or lower profits, would you “start” another business (like maybe a SG group), buy a nice motorcoach, expensive advertising, and sink a LOT of money into PR for that startup business? Nah…never mind.

  10. Bill wrote:

    Why was sogospel the only one to announce their dove nominations. Why did this not make the SN news or wire?

  11. RB wrote:

    Yeah, I’ve never heard any of their music. Somebody take them away, please! Legitimately, of course.

  12. Rick Hendrix wrote:

    All record companies own NARAS,GMA,Singing News any of them….Let me cover a few issues and rumors and FLAT out jealous lies….

    No one was whispering at the press conference….. that’s bull crap.

    Who gives a crap if they hand CDs out at a freaking buffet table… They are not like these other wind bags….that are grabbing awards and have the same sells. I don’t give a rats butt if it ticks you off or not. So in other words for Young Harmony to do it tasteful and the way would be the backroom voters, and all the self inflated egos that truly have no real validity in the actual music business. And all this crap about them needing to spend their money on top of the line producers and stylist so they can sleep at night. TRUST me neither member of Young Harmony is not sleeping at night over the stuff that keeps some of you guys awake. The last project was produced by Kevin Ward and Donna Beauavis. Both have produced plenty of number one acts. And Kim Lancaster does their style and photography. So, if you research these names you will find they are using the right people. And to answer a few of the comments.

    Young Harmony is not financed by a used car dealer.

    And people do know who they are-for heavens sake why do you think you all are yelling so much…..because they are everywhere.

    And to all the people that keep complaining that Young Harmony pushes they are Dove nominated too much.SHUT UP!!!! It is a big deal. It is a great honor…and we will put it on whatever we wanna put it on.

    And to the person that says someone take them away….you really can shut up….

    Rick Hendrix

  13. RC wrote:

    I love all of this! ha ha…”shut up”! hilarious!!

  14. DE wrote:

    Well if anyone looks back…. Ed Leonard became a board member and they bought a TON of votes….every year since they have had the most noms and wins of any label….

  15. Ouch wrote:

    I assume that Rick Hendrix is part of YH’s team. I’m afraid he just validated every comment on this message board, true or not.

    On a side note, didn’t one of the members of YH write a song that Mariah Carey recorded a few years back? That would generate some advertising income to promote your group. Can anyone confirm if that’s true? Rick?

  16. Bill wrote:

    I have the “Strength” project which is the album that is nominated for the Dove’s, and it says that Lamon Records Dave Moody and Donna Beauavis of Hopes Call produced the cd “Strenght” and I see where Kevin Ward mixed the cd. I personally know Kim Lancaster and the recent photo session was the first that she has ever done with Young Harmony which she shot just a few weeks back. Curious to know who the wind bags that have the same sells as Young Harmony that are grabbing awards. hum :)

  17. WBGV wrote:

    I was going to post but with all the crap thats flying around here I thought I’d just grab a bucket full and fertilize my garden…ta ta!

  18. gc wrote:

    This is a great site…..We now have Gold City and EHSS going for the cage match at Madison Square Garden, Legacy 5 has porn on the My space account, Young Harmony is not financed by a used car dealer, and can stamp Dove nominated anywhere they want..and there is nothing wrong with handing out CD’s at the buffett line! SO SHUT UP/// That should be nominated for something..

  19. stuart scott wrote:

    i enjoyed yh the one time i saw them in concert and encourage what they do for getting the gospel out…even if they have abundant funds, who cares where it comes from? it seems to me that they are using it according to God’s will…if you had the funds and were a somewhat successful group, wouldn’t you be doing the same thing?? using the funds God has apparently blessed you with, and using it to further the ministry and His kingdom…

    i think the writer of the article has a bit of jealousy or envy about the success of other christians who may even be less talented than he is…maybe if he got his heart in right place he might see what God can do in ones life with the faith of a child…if the writer gets his kicks and thrill by bashing other christians and their ministry, then evidently he’s got his own spiritual issues to think about…

  20. Montana Man wrote:

    SHUT UP!!!! Isn’t Rick Hendrix the same fellow who sometimes seems to strive to be a leader in SG? So Rick, why bother with euphemisms for “bull crap,” “freaking,” and “rats butt” (out of the abundance of the heart, the writer posts) and give us the real gutter language that may honor the Lord? or … SHUT UP!!!!

  21. billymadison wrote:

    ya know, i’m not a christian. i have been struggling in my own personal spiritual life in what i do and do not believe. a friend invited me to a southern gospel concert a few months ago. i really enjoyed that night and the music. i have become more interested in christianity since that night. but i don’t know why i should become a christian if this is the way all christians act and treat others. and from what i gather in my bible readings, this website doesn’t seem to be very christlike.

  22. Rick Hendrix wrote:

    Montana Man-
    First your comments to me don’t have a thing to do with this issue. But, while I am sitting here bored out of mind at an airport….

    You said-

    Isn’t Rick Hendrix the same fellow who sometimes seems to strive to be a leader in SG?


    First anyone that knows me knows -I dot sometimes strive to do anything. If I do something….I do it. I am on the downside of my career and I am not interested in leading anything but some quiet time on a beach.

    You said-

    So Rick, why bother with euphemisms for “bull crap,” “freaking,” and “rats butt” (out of the abundance of the heart, the writer posts)

    Why? Because I am a Christian. And guess what?? I get mad!!! I get very mad when people attack good people.I get angry when someone talks about issues and makes someone else the target. I stand up for my artist. I am not going to cuss you out.I am not going to degrade you. But, if you cross one of my artist, I got your number. And I am not afraid to dial it.

  23. stuart scott wrote:


  24. smells wrote:

    Johnathan and Ginger are the real deal. Period.

  25. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I would say my analysis of the most recent Young Harmony CD should be characterized more along the lines of “didn’t dislike.”

    With my 3 1/2 star rating, I thought it was decent enough quality for people who are into that style of music, but I won’t be spinning it in my CD player on a regular basis. I thought this new CD was a step down from Strength, which I rated at 4 Stars.

    One thing I really don’t understand about this group…they have all these ads, and now I’m hearing about billboards, and such, but the packaging quality of their products leaves so much to be desired.

    If they can afford to buy full page spreads in the Singing News, surely they could hire someone to do their CD layouts.

  26. Bill wrote:

    “But, if you cross one of my artist, I got your number. And I am not afraid to dial it. ” now thats the kind of manager I would want. Be angry and sin not. You Go Rick! get em boy!

  27. Rick Hendrix wrote:

    Well they pay a HEFTY price for their graphics and artwork….

    So, if you have a better idea …share it!
    Rick Hendrix

  28. EH wrote:

    dkd, thanks for finishing my statement, I agree with you. To me, it aint bad business. YH has a class act, and to do so, yes it does cost money and if that is the way they choose to promote themselves that is their choice and I’m sure alot others would do so if they could. In promoting their ministry aggresivley as some might say in turn is promoting the songs they sing which in turn is getting the messege of the gospel out and if with that comes more opportunites to receive awards then so be it, they have my vote.

  29. George wrote:

    I wonder how hard Mr. Hendrix would be working for YH if they were not throwing all that cash at him?
    My experience with Mr. Hendrix is that he doesn’t do anything for you unless you pay in full first!

  30. Kyle wrote:

    To Rick, and anyone else involved with Young Harmony:

    Nothing personal, but YH is not my cup o’ tea. End of story.

    I listened to one of their projects (which was given to me, not purchased). I have heard better, I have heard worse. Didn’t do much for me.

    I DO have to give them credit for doing everything in their power to get their name out. Whether you like them, hate them, whatever….you have to admit that you at least RECOGNIZE the name Young Harmony. On that end, their publicity blitzes WORK.

    Now, granted, when I DO hear the name Young Harmony, I think of three things: a CD that they gave me three years ago, their appearance on the Christian Country Music Awards, and a rat’s butt-load (sorry, Rick & Mountain Man, couldn’t resist!) of ad’s in print and on websites.

    On a side note, I released a Christmas project locally this past year, and one of the songs got some airplay on one of the Clear Channel (as in THE Clear Channel) stations in town. I immediately placed stickers on my CD’s blasting, “Featuring the RADIO HIT…..” Is it a hit? Not by a long shot. Is there a chance people will recognize the song title? Yep. Will it provide people with a reason to buy the CD? Hopefully!!

    Will “Dove-Nominated” plastered all over Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, etc., get people’s attention? It already has!! Like ‘em or hate ‘em, you still know who Young Harmony is!!

    The question remains, now….are they truly deserving of the Dove award, not based on publicity, but based on the quality of that song?

  31. dd wrote:

    (TIME OUT please) has anyone quit swinging long enough to see what billymadison just posted? The world’s watching us to see if what we have is real. Is this all we got to give?

  32. Seaton wrote:

    Kudos on the article, I am glad someone finally said what a lot of people were already thinking…

  33. Leslie James wrote:

    i live in chattanooga and have seen the yh billboard many times as well as i have seen ads all over the city. here is something that i just found out. we have a pf changs food joint that has only been here about 4 months now. my husband took me their for valentines day. food is great but when we went in, there was a yh photo hanging behind the hostess stand. my husband asked - who are those people - the hostess said that they owned the pf changs franchise in chattanooga. also we were on our way home from out of town late one sunday night and somehow wound up behind the yh bus. we watched to see where they were exiting and followed them. they live off of exit 248 about 5 miles in a 1.5 million dollar home. my husband said that it looked like they had about 20 acres or so. now dont get me wrong, everyone that i know that knows them says that they are both really nice people and will help anyone, but is there that much money in gospel music

  34. Thomas wrote:

    I hope that not too many non-Christians happen upon this website. What language! What word choice! What a display of anger and immaturity. What interest in gossip, hearsay, slander, and CONTROVERSY! I’m not even going to get into the “issue” here. I simply want to remind my brothers and sisters about the God we serve and how we are to handle ourselves and deal with others. Have a wonderful day!

  35. jb wrote:

    Billy Madison: I am sorry you are not a “christian”. People are always looking for reasons not to become a “christian” just like they look for reasons not to go to church. I am so thankful that I was raised in a christian home, a ministers home to be exact. If I had kept my eyes on people, I wouldn’t have been saved at an early age. These msg. boards are just opinions of people and everyone has one. The most important thing is that you turn your life over to the Lord. God Bless You.

  36. Felicia wrote:

    My issue here is not that they spend a lot of money furthering their ministry, the problem I have with all of this is that it’s quite obvious that someone (I don’t know who) seems to be using unethical means to do that.

  37. natesings wrote:

    Well they pay a HEFTY price for their graphics and artwork….

    So, if you have a better idea …share it!
    Rick Hendrix

    RE: try someone else?

  38. natesings wrote:

    To be fair, I will say that this banner looks great and is the best graphic I’ve seen for them so far. They should use this or something similar for their next album cover.

  39. gc wrote:

    There are numerous people in Gospel Music who have obtained wealth in other areas such as real estate,stock market, sales and numerous other business ventures. I am not a YH fan but I will say that the old saying “look at your checkbook and you can see someone’s heart” makes it clear that they have a passion for SG music and have invested numerous dollars to prove it. Are they making a profit singing? No Way! The expenses have to far outweigh the income of the group. If they have a nice home,cars or whatever, don’t begrudge them for success. The debate is good, the question of how did they get to the forefront so quickly is a good discussion for many groups..Perfect Heart(started by a millionaire), The Trailblazers(money from Church denomination) Collingsworth Family(not sure but they are everywhere too) are examples of groups that seemingly have or had deep pockets.Does it work, we shall see. It beats being dirt poor and struggling to feed you family on $400 a week..

    The bottom line will be can they cut it vocally on stage and will they re-book the dates they work. Just because your not a great singer and have money does not mean your not spiritual..Billy Graham can’t sing and he has plenty of money..Is he a Christian?

  40. Sandy wrote:

    For a “non-christian” you seem to be fairly well versed in your choice of wording. Could it be that you are a christian and only trying to make a point?

  41. stuart scott wrote:

    leslie james: by reading other posts, i thought they were from chattanooga…exit 248 in GA, i’m pretty sure is in atlanta…if you’re wrong about that, why would i believe that you are right about the other information you so confidently spouted out??? not that i am choosing sides either way, but are most of these posts from artists with fake names? artists who don’t have a life and are too ashamed to even use their real names?? i notice rick hendrix and david bruce murray didn’t hide their identity…by the way, what do you think their bus is worth?

  42. dkd wrote:

    Felicia..Many of us who have been in the industry for awhile can become very JADED from all of the “ETHIC’S” in this business. If we don’t keep focused on the real issues it can get very discouraging at times.

  43. pastormike wrote:

    i’m not gonna get involved with all the hoopla, but at the church i pastor in ohio, we hold a sg singing once a month. we have been honored to have hosted young harmony several times in the years that we have put on the concerts. i would have to say that the top three groups that the church always want to have back are greater vision, the hoppers AND young harmony. think what you want to about them, but we love them and they truly have a heart for the ministry.

    -pastor mike

  44. Bill wrote:

    “(TIME OUT please) has anyone quit swinging long enough to see what billymadison just posted? The world’s watching us to see if what we have is real. Is this all we got to give?”

    dd, billymadison is not a real person…hes a created person with a fabricated story to denounce this blog. Sure industry knows the name Young Harmony, but this is not the kind of publicity that they would like to have.

  45. billymadison wrote:


    i’ll say i’m fairly well versed in my speech because when i make a major decision in my life, i’m making it based on my knowledge of what it is. i’ve been studying very hard to decide what is best for my spiritual life and i still have not come to a conclusion. it may be that i’m a christian saying i’m not a christian, but what about those on here that are christians that are acting like they’re not. i trust you see my delima.


  46. Dennis Cates wrote:

    We know that they are not backed by a used car company, but check out this link.

    Ray Lyle is the father of Ginger Bond and he is the primary stockholder of the company.

  47. stuart scott wrote:

    dennis cates: even if that is the source of their money, (which i personally don’t think it is) look at what these people are using it for!! it appears they’re using it for the cause of Christ!! why are we bashing them!?!?!?!?! did i miss the blog about how gaither got his money and fortune? i’m positive he’s more known and advertises more than young harmony. just a thought.

  48. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Rick Hendrix wrote:
    “Well they pay a HEFTY price for their graphics and artwork….

    So, if you have a better idea …share it!”

    I’m not piling on here, Rick…just stating what I’ve observed. In my online interaction with Johnathan Bond, he’s always struck me as a nice, sincere guy. I don’t think they deserve to be bashed, but I can also see why some would question how they ended up with a Dove nomination.

    You asked what I would do to improve the CD jacket:
    I think including songwriter information would be a step toward a better direction…might want to double check for incorrectly spelled words. That sort of thing would be an improvement to _Acousitically Noted_. As for _Strength_, I’m sorry if they paid so much, but it looked like it was designed by someone who just wanted to try out all the effects in Photoshop. The photo choices on _Acoustically Noted_ are much better…except the grand piano didn’t make a great deal of sense on the back cover since there’s no piano played on that CD.

  49. dkd wrote:

    Stuart- the whole point of this blog is not how much money or backing YH has but why and how they were nominated for a DOVE…it does all boil down to the $$ however, when all is said and done. Money talks in any business or industry.

  50. dd wrote:

    Thanks Thomas….
    fabricated or not, that person is out there.

  51. stuart scott wrote:

    dkd: evidently it is about the money…everyone seems to think they’re dove nominated because they have money…so that must be what the blog has turned into…and you said it yourself, money rules in any buisiness or industry…so what’s wrong with it being used here??

    “George wrote:

    I wonder how hard Mr. Hendrix would be working for YH if they were not throwing all that cash at him?
    My experience with Mr. Hendrix is that he doesn’t do anything for you unless you pay in full first!

    Posted 01 Mar 2007 at 11:39 am ¶”

    ok? …so when i go to mcdonalds, i pay before i get my food…when i go to a concert, i pay before i see hear the music…i’m pretty sure singingnews requires a full payment before they would run an ad, and i’m pretty sure NQC requires a full payment before i can set up a booth…but nice try with that point, next time put something that’s valid…

  52. Dennis Cates wrote:

    Stuart Scott, This blog pertains to the legitamacy of Young Harmony being nominated for a Dove Award. I’m sure they are good people, and I agree with DBM that Johnathan and Ginger do need to be bashed, but really Gaither has rightfully earned his place in gospel music and without the billboards.

  53. stuart scott wrote:

    but how does anyone earn that without some advertisment…and still, we all know that gaither himself isn’t the best singer…we know he hires great singers and advertises them…has his solo cd recieved any accolades? don’t misunderstand…i’m not bashing gaither at all, but his advertisment has been going on for many many years…what does methods of advertisment matter?

  54. Dennis Cates wrote:

    Stuart Scott, It has to be something else because they cannot sing, and if mass marketing was the secret to being nominated for a Dove then every want-a-be out there with money would have a billboard, web banners, giving away cds, etc. It has to be something other than talent. “JUST A THOUGHT!”

  55. stuart scott wrote:

    so then what is it mr. mastermind full of knowledge wealth of information all knowing SG fan??…why don’t you tell us the answer we’re all looking for!?!?!

  56. Faith wrote:

    I can’t believe some of these posts. So they have money behind them. What are you, jealous?
    Personally, I can’t really listen to YH since they sound too amateurish, but hey, it’s a free country. They just seem to be self-promoting WAY too hard.
    One thing is for sure…I would never, EVER want to have ANY business dealings with Rick Hendrix, after the way he has ranted at some of the people on this site. He comes across as pretty abrasive.
    On the other hand, at least he isn’t afraid to give his real identity, unlike billymadison with the oh-so-phoney name, spelling and grammatical errors.

  57. WBGV wrote:

    So….how’s the weather where you’re at?

  58. Dennis Cates wrote:

    stuart scott wrote:

    so then what is it mr. mastermind full of knowledge wealth of information all knowing SG fan??…why don’t you tell us the answer we’re all looking for!?!?!

    Ok here you go stuart, Johnathan Bond since he can’t sing(as you mentioned Gaither), will start his own video series and invite some equal or lessor groups to appear with Young Harmony. The videos will air on pax tv this coming May and you can purchase them at your local wal-mart and bookstore. Really are you comparing Gaither to the likes of Young Harmony.

  59. thom wrote:

    If this was originally about a SONG OF THE YEAR nomination, does anyone know what the SONG IS?! And is there a link available to listen to this song? How many different songs are nominated in this category anyway? Other than that, I’m staying out of this one.

  60. Kyle wrote:

    I personally have never heard the song….and I work in Christian retail, so I hear just about every song on the list at some point.

  61. smells wrote:

    Leslie James, I’m hoping that you really don’t have a husband and that your about 13 years old. If not, then you really, really, really need to get a life. What business is it of yours what kind of house or land they have? I pray that God blesses them SO much that they can live in a TEN million dollar house with 500 acres.

    This whole thing is absolutely ridicilous. What crime have they committed? If being financially independant of their ministry is the crime, then so be it. If this is all that we can complain about, then praise God. At least their lives are clean and God uses them in mighty ways. How come when real sins are committed, like divorces, remarriages, homosexuality and the list goes ON, not many words are said about it? It’s literally swept under the carpet and the people in sin continue on.

  62. Kyle wrote:

    Come to think of it, I’ve never seen their CD’s in any stores, either….

  63. Singer wrote:

    My family has a full-time singing group. We believe in our music, and feel that we “have a good thing going.” God has blessed us so much. We strive to put out quality cd’s, promo material, great songs, etc. We have often wondered where we would be in the “industry side” if we had finances to put in on radio promo, advertising and all. I think that is where many groups find themselves. You do what you can. If God has blessed YH with financial prosperity, they are abviously using it for the kingdom. They are giving it back to the Lord and according to scripture in Luke , He will continue to give them more. Isn’t that what we would all do?

  64. dkd wrote:

    Weren’t they nominated for 3 Dove Awards? I believe that I read that on Sogospelnews. Wow, they must have more money than “Midas”..

  65. ED wrote:

    Young Harmony owns PF Changs and Rick Hendrix owns a Olive Garden. Guess they combine their food money. Also, I am looking for Young Harmonys home pics. Heres some info on Rick Hendrix- house pics under his picture

  66. natesings wrote:

    Beautiful home. Good for Rick. From what I remember in his testimony, he was once homeless. God has really blessed him.

  67. CG wrote:

    smells wrote:

    “How come when real sins are committed, like divorces, remarriages, homosexuality and the list goes ON, not many words are said about it? It’s literally swept under the carpet and the people in sin continue on.” (post #61)

    Dear smells,

    You might not want to get on that “divorce” thing if you use that as a barometer to judge how “clean” SG artists’ lives are; especially when discussing YH. You might be disappointed MULTIPLE times.

  68. gc wrote:

    I am not a YH fan….but admire the effort…I am not a rick hendrix fan but respect his company…I am not an apologizer for divorce but know many wonderful CHRISTIAN people that have been thru divorce(my parents included) and come out better.

    The bottom line on the DOVE awards is everyone knows something is up with YH and the nominations but they are there and they use that to their advantage.

  69. stuart scott wrote:

    anyone read johnathan’s comment? it’s on the bottom of the main article…pretty interesting…i guess i’ll say publically i’m sorry for anything hurtful i might’ve said to young harmony…you never know how peoples words can destroy others…maybe we should all think about that…

  70. SL wrote:

    Good gravy, people, what a ruckus. Alright… group hug, everybody. I’m sorry and you’re sorry and they’re sorry and everyone’s feeling crappy, especially poor Brother Hendrix so it seems. Time for you all to clear out of the car dealership and take your chinese fortune cookies and go home to your $2 million beddy-bye or $20 futon or what have you…..preferably on the wings of a snow white DOVE. Night-night.

  71. insider wrote:

    as someone involved in the industry, i think it’s safe to say that most of the industry have heard the name young harmony due to their extensive advertising.. that has gotten their name out there. unfortunately, a lack of talent makes one wonder why they waste so much on advertising. the truly puzzling question is of the dove awards. i think it’s pretty safe to say that young harmony doesn’t sell nearly as much product as inspirations, ssq, gold city, greater vision, or legacy five, or even have the radio success, but yet they are the southern gospel act up for the dove awards. it really just doesn’t add up. i know rick is just doing his job in promotion, that’s what he get’s paid to do. but honestly, what’s good about a dove nomination if all it is is a joke to the industry and many fans?

    really, it’s like if i were to be an extra in a small movie, only barely seen for 2 seconds…then if I had the connections/money to hire people to promote me, and I get nominated for an oscar. Do you think anybody would really say, “he really deserved that, it makes sense”. I see it as the same thing. as good as their intentions are, and they may have their heart in the right place (not doubting that), pushing for something that you have no place being in is a joke!
    but what’s worse than that joke? rick hendrix defending himself in a childish manner. instead of making an civilized adult statement, he made several remarks that I think are more rude than the other posts in here.
    Just keep telling yourselves that they are big, multi dove nominated, and eventually people will believe it… oh wait, only if people become deaf and dumb.

  72. Ouch wrote:

    I traveled for ten years with my family in a southern gospel group. I’m not identifying myself or the group because I’d rather not speak for an entire team of people and cast any unwanted attention their way.

    We struggled to travel and sing. Daily. I worked several jobs during the week to pay my bills because our income as we traveled barely met our business expenses. We did not have a lavish tour bus. We drove a conversion van and slept on the floor and the reclining seats regularly. It was horribly hard, exhausting and a total blast. I have ten years of memories that I love.

    And we were never famous. We never won an award or were nominated. We didn’t make much of a blip on the industry radar.

    So yep, I’m a little jealous. Not a lot, but just a little. It sounds like the biggest difference from our group and YH is the depth of our pockets. And if my group’s name was on that Dove nominee list, we’d probably we enduring this conversation about my group.

    Every time someone cheats the system like this it cheapens these awards. Sorry Johnathan. You seem like a sincere guy. I’m trying to believe that this is a sincere shock for you (being nominated), but I can’t quite make the stretch.

    Here’s hoping that YH 15 minutes of fame don’t turn into the Anna Nichole variety…

  73. dkd wrote:

    Insider….Well said!

  74. Steve B. wrote:

    Wow. I just read this entire blog and I have to say that I’m SHOCKED at the ‘passion’ displayed here. What I’d like to see a little more here is ‘compassion’ for each other. Our group was on the Dove Award BALLOT this year for Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year. I would have been mortified if we had made the final ballot and suddenly got RIPPED apart on a blog, from how I paid for the group to whether our music was any good or not. Leave Young Harmony alone…they’re only doing what everyone else is, but being successful in their quest for more publicity. All this ‘controversy’ over the noms might even get them a win. Good for them! Stir it up, baby!

  75. felicia wrote:

    Whati’m NOT hearing in Rick Hendrix’s adolescent rant or in Jonathan Bond’s super-spiritual apology is “No, we (or our companies) did not buy up votes in the GMA and then participate in the unethical process of block-voting.”.

    Of course not. Whoever said this cheapens the award was right. And it makes all of southern gospel look like the cheap dimestore outfit we are too-quickly becoming. For this reason alone, the SGMA and the SGMG should be giving all the parties involved here the smackdown since it is their job to PROMOTE southern gospel music.

    The Remedy: Easy. Whoever is guilty here of the blockvoting we all know took place should contact the GMA and remove themselves from the ballot. Now that would get you some publicity and possible even a little respect.

  76. dkd wrote:

    Steve B- I don’t think anyone would really care about the amount of $$ that was put into a very effective campaign to get this nomination for the Dove’s, if they had the Talent to back it up. In my opinion (and it’s only my opinion) that is the bottom line here. Not how big their house is or how many business’s they collectively own, or how fat their bank account is, it’s the fact that the $$ can buy the votes when there is nothing to really back them up! I understand that there are many points being made in this blog, but for me it’s about the talent or lack of said talent that is the real issue here. I always thought that being nominated for a Dove was the ultimate in industry awards and went to the “cream of the crop”, guess I was wrong. Maybe that’s why I don’t put a lot of stock in awards..been around too long and seen too much to use them as any sort of measuring stick for talent. I’m jumping down off the soapbox now!

  77. Bill wrote:

    insider and dkd, you both sum it up well. And I’m sure Rick Hendrix had to call and inform Johnathan Bond about this blog. AVL is right this has flown under the radar long enough. its about the talent. “JUST A THOUGHT”

  78. david staton wrote:

    Wow! Some of these comments are hilarious! Let me jump in!!!

    If you go to see most any top SG group, anywhere, anytime and look at the average crowd, (probably a few hundred people at best), they are, by the rest of the worlds musical standards, below average and you see them driving a coach that is worth a half a million dollars or more, do you ever think; How are they able to do this? Probably not and for good reason. My point is this; WHO CARES!

    I’m going to use some examples in our industry. This is in no way a reflection of how I feel toward their talent.

    When I go see the Hoppers, I don’t need to know all of Claude Hoppers other business ventures in order for God to use them, or when I go see Gold City, I don’t care about what other things Tim Riley has invested in through the years outside of their music that has helped further their ministry. It doesn’t matter! God provided and unless you live in a box, he probably didn’t just use the offering those nights to do it.

    I’ve known Johnathan & Ginger (Young Harmony) for a long time and I can tell you that they have a heart for people and for God. I’m sick of the artists who love big crowds, but can’t stand people. If you expect for God to use the highest tenor or the lowest bass to give you what you need, you just might miss it. I’ve also seen people who are considered “industry leaders” assume that Young Harmony has a money tree growing in their yard, do all they can to take advantage of them. But who gets attacked for being “unethical”?

    As for Rick and his anger??? It’s pure honesty and I admire him for it! Sometimes there aren’t the right churchy terms to say what needs to be said, so the ones with guts just say it like it is.

    David Staton

  79. stuart scott wrote:

    oh heck yeah…good post david staton

  80. dkd wrote:

    David Staton: Personally I don’t think most of us do care one way or the other. Like my previous comment #76 stated, it’s about the talent or lack of talent and the nomination of a DOVE Award that is my issue. I don’t care two hoots how much money they have or don’t have. I am sure that they are very nice people and I’m sure that they are sincere in their ministry, and obviously they are very dedicated to that end. This is NO reflection on their character, just their talent.

  81. Jason Singleton wrote:

    I had the privilage to travel with Johnathan and Ginger last year for 8 months as thier sound man. I got to know this fine couple and personally witness how they have a heart to share the gospel.
    Johnathan works hard at what he does as the groups manager. He would listen to what others around him would have to say, and share his thoughts and ideas with his employees.

    Johnathan takes care of the people he employees, the average salary is double to what most managers are willing to pay today. So as to the rumurs as to all the nice things they have, well they share what God has blessed them with unlike some.

    Now with that said to the Dove nominations. God used David a mere lad that tended to sheep, (not an exsperienced soldier that had been to battle) to face the giant with a rock and a piece of leather. We tend to think that its all about talent, paying dues etc… before God can use someone.God does not need your talent, HE is the talent. HE just needs willing vessels.
    Johnathan has said they are doing what God has called them to do and I can only trust that this is true, so could their be a possible chance that God has honored thier labor as HE see’s fit to do, or as Christians we should buy into “eveything that happens, happens by chance”.

    For the Doves, I really have no clue who or how they pick artist to be voted on, I guess I should, I am a paying professional GMA member and that allows me to vote. Are other SG groups deserving of such an awards “Song of the year”, “SG Album of the year” for this years Dove awards, YES I can think of two right now, but before I could believe that Johanthan and Young Harmony along with their managment had any bid rigging going on they would have to show it to me before I could believe it.

  82. rick hendrix wrote:

    Forgive me for errors- I am typing from a blackberry in a VERY crowded set… I keep hearing the issue come up about talent and quality- everyone has their own style and likeness, and everyone makes up the variety of music we have in Christian….you may not like young harmony! You may love Young Harmony! Either way a lot of the people posting realize an open voting ballot leaves many areas for critics to have a field day. I have worked with the promotional team of American Idol for 4 years. The public BLOWS our mind sometimes….. But, its a system for the public to vote. Now let me go further—- Anyone with any knowledge of GMA knows THEY KNOW-without a doubt- you maybe able to sneak into a bluegrass or spanish nomination on a low vote year….But NO one….NO ONE can buy or block vote themselves into a Song of the Year category…That is just not possible….that is not something that can stay under the radar…..GMA is a group of people with lots of integrity…. the tabulations are handled by a wonderful Christian CPA….all checks and balances are HEAVILY viewed and dictated over by many years of integrity by the GMA board…So to me I find it more offensive that the credibility of GMA is being targeted…Just because you don’t agree with the list—doesnt make an entire organization or artist unethical….
    Rick Hendrix

  83. Joe Loaring wrote:

    3 years ago on a Super Bowl Sunday, Young Harmony came to our church in Lakeland Florida and shared the power of God’s love and mercy.. They didn’t know that I had been running from God for years and was avoiding the call he had on my life. They didn’t know the hurt I had held onto but they delivered the message through song that God needed me to hear on that specific night. I walked that aisle.. rededicated my life to his service and am now ministering through music myself.. Trying to reach a lost and hurting world… I don’t know the specifics of the “Dove” issues.. but unless something has changed drastically, those guys have a heart for God… the rest is just isn’t important to me.

  84. quartet-man wrote:

    This is in no way a slam toward Young Harmony. It is about a comment above that said that spending money on their career is putting it into the career is putting it into the Kingdom. I cannot speak for anyone (Young Harmony or otherwise) in particular, but I am not naive enough to believe that everyone who sings any sort of Christian Music and puts money into it is definintely doing it for the Kingdom. Some undoubtedly do it for ego, others because it’s fun or they have some star complex, others as a stepping stone to secular career, some to not have to work a “real” job. The list could go on and on. Either way, some groups may believe they are doing it for the ministry,and might even mean to. However, perhaps the money could be better invested in something that will reach more people. For instance, if I wanted to travel, I could invest money in a career for me (and would get something out of it as far as enjoying singing etc.). However, I would probably accomplish more for the Kingdom investing in a better singing group or other ministry that was touching more lives than I would touch. Just a thought. If God wants their story told and wants them to do so, I would not argue. They seem sincere, and I am not indicating otherwise. Just stating that just because someone spends money on their ministry or even gives money to a church doesn’t mean they are doing it for the kingdom. The latter can be done for control, trying to buy their way into Heaven etc.

  85. GC wrote:


    Just curious, did YH pay your membership into the GMA? Rick is great at his profession! anyone that could get Heirline to #1 has got it going on…You have to give him his dues….
    It is always nice to hear good things about groups and it is evident that YH is doing a good work..It is also evident they have money and have used it to spread the gospel..If I like their music or not does not matter….are the doves based on sales,popularity,years in the business? someone tell us how they did it?

  86. quartet-man wrote:

    I want to expound on what I said earlier lest I be misunderstood. I am not saying you have to be a Billy Graham or someone of that stature to make a difference or be used by God. The local church has an important part. Not even Billy started at top. However, here are some questions.

    If a group is known by their church of 20 people and have not done any other singing, which would be better? For them to make a homemade CD to sell to church members and then give money to a group that reaches many more people, who are better known, but haven’t gotten the money to go to the next level. Or take all of their money, buy a bus, make a CD using all of the same people Gaither uses, rent the same locations Bill uses for his concerts and say they are doing it for the Kingdom? Even if they intend to, we would surely agree that the latter would be a waste of money even if they had good intentions. That is not to say the group could not improve, serve where they are, build an audience and invest money as needed to go further.
    My pastor is great and his message deserves to be heard. However, it would be better to use time trying to get people to come to our church so they can hear him than to use the time and money to get him a job preaching at the White House and a better known name to the world.

    Other SG groups (even if they want to further their ministry) would be better served to be patient and minister where they are while trying to grow. True, some money invested would help the growth, the groups that buy the new bus, record the most expensive projoect, etc. would be more effective to shoot a little higher and keep the other money for when needed, invest it it other ministries that need money, or use it to allow them to hold free concerts to get known instead of promoting themselves to places where it makes not a whit of difference.

    The former pianist of my quartet quit a group due to job conflicts, I believe. They were big enough that he couldn’t devote the time to them and take a better job. When he left, they had to hire a tenor and a pianist as he did double duty. They were convinced that buying an Ad in Singing News would open up their career big time. Even in my early twenties, I knew that when I read the Singing News, there were tons of people who had full page ads that I had never heard of. Their ad never caused me to buy a CD, attend a concert or anything. This group at least before, was a good group. Not great. However, if I have never heard of a group, why would their having an Ad in a magazine cause me to buy a CD? If they had a song on the charts, but needed more brand recognition, sure, maybe. This is another example. Anyone can buy an ad just like anyone can copyright a song. Doesn’t mean a sure fire way to riches or success.

  87. quartet-man wrote:

    Well, I made another post and it said it was waiting to be moderated. I am not sure if it is because of a magazine in particular I mentioned, a recent change, or I had just never noticed before. If it was the magazine name, it isn’t so important as the idea. :)

  88. GC wrote:

    Quartet man,
    are you saying that YH is spinning their wheels because all the advertising in the world will not put them where they need to be?
    I am still waiting on the answer to my earlier question.Did YH buy GMA member ships for employees and friends? If so, is that a problem with the general public?
    Is anyone else on their label? If so were they nominated for a Dove award?

  89. Chris Brady wrote:

    wait, wait, wait….ok so i read everything that has been posted….some of you ppl who call yourselfs ”CHRISTians” arent being very CHRIST like to begin with….so the finger pointing needs to be turned around…but anyway i attended a Young Harmony concert not to long ago and the Spirit of God was def. present and i talked to Jonathan and he truly is a man of GOD and has done nothing to deserve this….you all dog him like he has done a crime bc he manages money well and has nice things…like Rick Hendrix said, ”NO ONE can pay thier way….so get off the mans back about it bc he is just being rewarded for being a man of GOD……thank you for your time…

  90. GC wrote:

    It is always nice to hear good things about groups and it is evident that YH is doing a good work..It is also evident they have money and have used it to spread the gospel..If I like their music or not does not matter….Remember, there is a business side to SG..that is what most people are talking about.

    I disagree with one thing, You can buy your way to a percieved level in SG. I t has been done numerous times.None of those artist have survived but it has happened many times…

  91. quartet-man wrote:

    No, GC, I was commenting on the post that said because someone (in this case YH although I cannot comment on them one way or another) is spending money on a gospel music career they are putting money in the kingdom. My point is, not everyone who spends money on a SG career is doing it to advance the kingdom. Another point I was making is that even if someone means that to happen, they might be better stewards of the money to get the most bang for the buck for the kingdom. As far as the comment I made about the SN ad and the group I knew, my point was this group spent money on publicity that they thought would put them on the map. They pretty much wasted their money because nothing came of it. Ads alone will not cut it. Anyone with the money can buy an ad. Ads are good to advertise established groups more than new ones. If I paid to get a SN cover (if it could be done) and had an article about myself and a list of dates, people would be asking, quartet-man who? (Or at least most would. :)) However, groups like the Collingsworths have slowly and steadily built an audience by learning their craft, singing in churches, recording with Roger Talley, etc. They have built an audience. Had they put an ad in the SN a decade ago it wouldn’t help them in the least bit. IMHO. However, since they are getting more well known and have some songs chart (I think) some advertising might help. As far as YH, I have seen their ads before (I think). However, I have never bought anything no matter how many ads I have seen. Nor have I seen any of their product or heard them. I admit that if they are who I think they are their testimony did catch my eye. The thing is the ads did nothing to further their careers with me or anyone else that I have heard of. They are free to advertise as much as they want. However, they might be better served to let word of mouth do their advertising, their music get more well known and build that way.

  92. quartet-man wrote:

    Well, I thought of more. :-) The only times I can think that a magazine caused me to buy a music product was either when an artist had a new one out I was unaware of, appeared on a project of someone’s I was unaware of, or if something in the magazine told me which artist was singing a song I had heard and liked (or I guess reminded me of one I heard and liked.) Otherwise, I am not sure how it would help. I like to read articles about artists I like, and it can tell me what they have done or are doing. However, the music first and foremost is what sells the CD’s for them or gets me to a concert. (Of course the magazine can let you know where they will be.) Seeing a billboard is only going to get me to a concert for someone I like, but didn’t know were going to be somewhere. It isn’t going to get me to want to see an artist because they have ad space on a billboard.

  93. Montana Man wrote:

    If you want to make a case for somebody, you always can find a way. Example, #78:

    “As for Rick and his anger??? It’s pure honesty and I admire him for it! Sometimes there aren’t the right churchy terms to say what needs to be said, so the ones with guts just say it like it is.”

    Who wrote these “churchy terms” and where do you find it?

    “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Or “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight…”

    If there was an asterisk that excused anger, or lack of ability to appropriately express oneself, I guess I missed it. And it doesn’t take guts to be a gutter mouth. You can admire it if you wish; my heroes rise a little higher than that (try David Wilkerson, for one) and they truly were brave people.

  94. Montana Man wrote:

    Now to the real issue at hand — Does YH sing well enough and is their work worthy of a Dove?

    I have no idea; I’ve barely heard OF them, and have never heard them or their nominated song. But I only book about 15 concerts a year.

    Nice bus, though.

    And this was curious: They have three kids in college, and they are YOUNG Harmony? Now that’s marketing.

  95. natesings wrote:

    Several people have said they haven’t heard their music. You can listen to 4 complete songs here at their MySpace site.

  96. Jason Singleton wrote:

    GC, I pay for my GMA, and my SGMA memberships. I work inside the industry and this is the best way to voice my opinion through these memberships.

  97. Ouch wrote:

    I think if we were honest on this message board, including Rick H. and the friends of YH, we’d admit that this discussion is a little fun - or at least energizing. When’s the last time avery got 100 posts on a message board? It wasn’t when the personnel of a quartet changed… again.

    It’s unfortunate that YH are at the center of it because the worst thing I’ve read about them is that they are rich. Big deal. They sound like sincere people who get to do the things that most of us who travel(ed) and sing dream about. Like I said, I’m a tad envious (because I’m human) but if they can afford a nice coach and full-time staff and Rick H. - more power to ‘em.

    That being said, no matter how much denial takes place - and it will continue to be delivered in truckloads by Hendrix and Co. - you can’t argue that YH came by a Dove nomination organically. You can’t even say they just promoted themselves really well. There has to be another part of the equation involved to be vaulted into the SOTY category. Unless… we have finally arrived at the nexxus of the universe where all lines intersect and stars align.

    And they’re sandwiched between the industry and a hard place because they can’t admit that they worked the system a little too well because that would further discredit them. It’s a tough spot to be in.

    One good thing to come of this is all the free publicity for YH. These GMA Award debates have gotten them more name recognition and branding than all the billboards in Chattenooga.

  98. Gus Gaches wrote:

    THIS IS UNREAL!!! I can’t believe some of things I have read in these posts. I am sitting here with my jaw on the floor trying to understand why people who claim to be christians and are supposed to be in this for all the right reasons would say some of the things that have been said. I am very involved in the music scene and have been blessed to make my living in it full time now for 15 years. That being said I have to say that it amazes me to see some of the things that have been put on this post! I have worked with Young Harmony in the past and I have also been priveledged to be in their home. These are people who truly practice what they preach! They have come to understand Gods basic principles of giving. They are some of the most giving people I have ever had the honor to be around. Are they the most talented? No, but that is not what God asked or created them to be! Is Bob Dylan the most talented singer or songwriter? No way! But he has won countless awards for his efforts because he simply does what he does. Who are we to question the wonderful things that God has bestowed upon Young Harmony? When my wife and I were in there home recently, we walked through completely amazed at what God had blessed them with, and we both felt that it was so wonderful to see people who are being blessed for being REAL!!! I pray that the awards continue to come for these people because they truly are what God has called them to be!!!


  99. GC wrote:

    I would say some people have become a little defensive ..It seems we all agree that musical talent is better in some other groups..I do not question them spiritually or personally.I am happy that they are wealthy and christians..As I have said before, many people in Christian music have obtained wealth in other business ventures that are not christian music related.

    YH should be proud of the awards and success that they have obtained thru hard work and major financial investment in the group. But the question that nobody has answered yet is how did they get the Dove nominations? They know,Rick knows and certain members of the GMA know…I don’t know and really do not understand how it works.

    Bob Dillon was a movement in american culture..He was a story teller and anti -war propaganda trader…..not a singer..Name a sg group in the past that resembles YH?

  100. smells wrote:

    Matt 18:15—Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone…….

    If any of you really believe that Johnathan and Ginger have cheated in any way, contact them and ask them. I’m sure they will recieve you in love and will answer any question you may have. If your not willing to do that and you want to continue to spew your poison here publicly, then shame on you.

  101. greg wrote:

    GOOD GRIEF!!!!! All this is crazy. It sounds to me that there are some people out there who are upset that Young Harmony was nominated for an award. BIG DEAL! It’s an award, made by man, voted for by men and women. This is not an award given by God, those awards await us when we die; these are the awards we need to be striving for. I hope if I receive an honor from God in heaven, some of you don’t get upset and start a heavenly blog about it. I also hope that the Internet doesn’t keep popping up advertisements ever time I log in.

    Young Harmony and I met a few years ago at a show in Gatlinburg, TN. Jonathan and Ginger were very kind, and we became friends. I was able to travel with them a few times and I experienced first hand the way God works through Young Harmony to touch people and also the way he rewards them financially. We went to many places that the offering would not cover the fuel bill for that beautiful bus that are blessed to have, but again, fuel and a bus are just man-made things. The God-thing is, that at all of the places we stopped at, whether it be at a church, concert hall or even a restaurant, the people that heard YH, were blessed by GOD through them and that is what really matters. It is a good thing that God allows them to have the money they have, otherwise they might not have been there to have God’s love touch that widow’s heart that needed some healing, or that man that lost his daughter, or even me when I needed it!

    I personally am not a big fan of Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, or Bluegrass Gospel, but I am a fan of Jonathan and Ginger Bond. They are two of the most generous, honest and most of all, Godliest people I know. If God is in this award thing all of you are talking about, than God will allow the person to win that he wants too. Personally, I don’t thing God cares about a Dove Award. I just think he wants us to be Christ-like. Are you being Christ-Like?

  102. dd wrote:

    and that SMELLS of the Holy Spirit!! Hey did you all know that Avery has wrote more in the past few days? Something about learning about music? And the future of sg….imagine that.

  103. GC wrote:

    again, I am not questioning YH in any way…someone stated early in the post that they had manipulated the system..I want to know how that is done…Is that possible in the framework of the GMA..I am not bothered at all by what they do spirtually or personally..I am impressed with the tenacity and consistency of YH advertising efforts..I just want to know how you can manipulate the system..I did not bring the question up but I would like to understand it? Can anyone get off defended them or accusing them and answer the question? if not then I will use the famous quote from this discussion…SHUT UP!

  104. DE wrote:

    I have researched and the GMAs Song of the Year CANNOT be manipulated. That category takes WAY too many votes. GMA would catch a block vote like that. Its the hardest and largest category to land. They explained to me-
    They take the top 50 songs submitted by the GMA members-They then allow voting on those 50-they then take the final 10 as the songs of the year. Some GMA categories take 90 professional votes. This song of the year takes about 1800 voting members. For Young Harmony to have bought this nominations-they would have had to pay off Word Records,Daywind Music, Spring Hill,Essential Records, Slanted, Curb Records,Sparrow,Reunion,INO, Rounder, Horizon, Atlantic Records and Arista and ALL not part of their voting members and employees. Even if someone buy that many votes-all of those labels and their voting power would cross them out if Young Harmony couldn’t sway 7 of the 11 labels listed above to partner with them on the nomination. These labels and their networks are not pliable. I am not saying it isn’t possible for a couple of them to be swayed-But 7 to 11 MAJOR players are not going to partner with a Southern Gospel artist PERIOD!!!

  105. david staton wrote:

    This comment is off subject and geared toward blog #93 (Montana Man) who quoted an earlier blog of mine. I am more than familiar with the scripture you quoted and with God’s Word in it’s entirety. I can also take one line of scripture and justify any action or lack of, however let’s stay on course here. Do you never get angry? If someone is falsely accusing your wife of something unethical, do you sit there and meditate on every scripture that says we shouldn’t get angry? No, if you’re any kind of man, you jump to her defense to any degree necessary in order to protect her.

    That is certainly what Rick was doing for his artist that he knows and loves. There is another verse in the Bible that says “Be angry and sin not”. I saw the anger, but I didn’t see sin, just an honest reaction!

    Also, just a comment more on the subject. Do you want to know one of the reasons why southern gospel remains just a speck in the world of music? One reason is evident, that out of more than 100 blogs of attacking an artist, no one has said anything about the fact that we should all be thrilled that a southern gospel song has made it into this category for song of the year. I haven’t done the research, but I know that it has been a looooong time since our industry has been recognized in this category. If there was any rational thinking here, every southern gospel fan and industry person would cast their vote for young harmony just to show the dove awards and gma that we are a legitimate industry with fans and industry people who count.

    David Staton

  106. free wrote:

    jealousy is a bad thing. I think quite a few people here need to repent and act like the christians they proclaim to be. Aren’t we all brothers and sisters in christ? bashing one another because one has more money is not the way to win souls. After all isn’t that WHY we are all SUPPOSED to be in this business? The next award, award nomination or the next pay check is not going to buy us into heaven! They are nice to have, and if the LORD thinks you are deserving or qualified then maybe you will get one also. I think we need to concentrate more on the business at hand such as saving souls rather than criticizing one another ,afterall isn’t that what we were called to do? It doesn’t matter where their money comes from as long as it’s not illegal or immoral. reflect, repent and have a blessed day!

  107. Montana Man wrote:

    David Staton, you attempt to challenge my manhood in your 105 post “… if you’re any kind of man …” when you know NOTHING of my personal or professional challenges or how I’ve dealt with them — including a minister of the gospel’s efforts to trash my career. You have no knowledge of how I have dealt with hurt or anger and you have no standing to make such a challenge of me. I will tell you that I was bright enough to avoid public vituperation, to avoid putting my feelings in print, especially in garbage language. And years later, other pastors came to me and told me they were sorry they had not stood up for me, when I stood alone. So you might do well to adopt the phrase of currency here by the one you choose to defend, and shut up.

  108. Gene Young wrote:

    I can’t believe what all I have just read. Judge not, lest you be judged. I have known Johnathan and Ginger for several years, I have promoted them and still do. I have also give their testimony CD to many pastors, encouraging them to bring them to the church they pastor and insured them that YH would be a blessing to their congregation and they always are. What many of you are not aware of is how many people have been blessed and how many have had their life changed because of the ministry of YH that led them to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. I have read in these messages, signs of gossip, plenty of jealousy and envy and even judgement. All of this is not of God and what should be said, is that they will be in prayer for whatever God has in store for YH. Maybe lack of this is why God is not blessing so many that have posted messages. Let me just say that you all might examine your own hearts because if you really knew Johnathan and Ginger you would know their hearts are to serve God and personally, whatever they can do to further the Kingdom of God, I say, God Bless them. Johnathan knows that my wife, Ann and I continually hold them up in prayer and now because of all of this rubbish, you all have caused us to pray a little harder. Thanks ….. It never hurts to pray more. By the way……YH never paid me a dime to say this, I say it because I know them and their hearts desire to honor and serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  109. Gene Young wrote:

    My first message evidently did not make it on the posting. I did read my second and I would like to include that I can see why many of you may have a problem because of the thoughts that you have expressed. It seems that many would like to have the blessings that God has bestowed on YH. Those type of blessings come only after you learn humility and praying for others. Maybe that is why God has withheld His blessings on you. We pray constantly for YH as they go about God’s work and now thanks to your selfish and envious comments, we have to pray harder but that part is OK as all of us need to pray more for others don’t we? Remember, God can’t bless if there is sin in the camp…

  110. GC wrote:

    There is always sin in the camp..we all strive to be more like Christ everyday and that is my prayer for every group or minister in christian music.

    Everytime anyone questions the musical talent of a SG group it starts the barrage of they are wonderful and spiritual people. OK, we get it they are great people.Some of the posters have been crude on this board. I hope I have not come across this way but you can have a discussion about the musical quality of a “PRO” christian group without everyone being so defensive.
    DBM made a great point about the graphics they were using on the promos and billboards. I thought that was very good constructive criticism and since that time I have seen a new promo on SGN and it looks great. Props for that..
    Other points have been made on this board that I thought were constructive but people took them personally..
    When you reach the point of Dove nominations and acclaim, you must be prepared for criticism and use it to your benefit.The criticism that is absurd, write it off and move on..Use the other to get better.

    I personally have no neagative feelings towards YH for being Nominated, winning or for being wealthy. That is a great blessing and a hefty responsibility for their ministry.

  111. Sandy wrote:

    This section has received 110 comments. Many I have read are regarding the character (Christian, ie born again, bought by the blood of the lamb, ah, you get my point) of Young Harmony. I believe I must be missing something here, because in the paragraphs of Doug’s thoughts leading to this discussion, I can’t find where the aforementioned character of Young Harmony was stated. I only find the senario of probable politics. Someone/anyone, please point me in the direction of the character assassination of Young Harmony by the writer of this blog. Thanks

  112. david staton wrote:

    Montana Man, I apologize for the comment “if you were any kind of man” if you thought I was challenging your manhood. That was not directed at you personally, but rather in general. However, I would not interpret Rick’s comments as “garbage language”, but just honesty.

  113. GC wrote:

    I agree with Sandy that Doug did not attack the character of YH. He questioned the talent of YH and the Dove nominations.many people defended them by using spiritual and personal testimonies about Johnathon and Ginger. That was great that people shared with us their friendships with YH and we learned more about them on a personal basis.

    The negatives were about the billboards and them using the wealth to move forward in the industry and a divorce issue. You have to agree that the billboards draw a ton of attention and with that attention comes opinions..They have bought their way into mainstream SG by spending big dollars at every web site and publication known to SG..anybody disagree with those two statements?
    The divorce issues are not my business but when you push yourself to the forefront, those type of issues come up because of jealousy, ignorance or someone who believes we are all doomed if your divorced.
    It is not evil to give your opinion on a groups talent or the worthiness of their ability to win an award. That is a fair and educated way to progress SG to new heights and encourage people to be aware of our industry.
    It really got personal when Rick went off and got defensive.I understand he is protecting a client and would appreciate my company doing that for me..

    I think YH comes out way ahead after this boards discussions…

  114. stuart scott wrote:

    i thought this would be way over by now, but there must be more ignorance out there than what I was aware of. the reason that people are defending YH’s character is so that you idiots will know that they are not those kinds of people. they don’t even focus on the awards, from what others are saying. who do you know that is a good Godly man that will cheat his way anywhere. those two things just don’t go together. i like where #104 DE said that he researched it, instead of just trying to start rumors. on the advertisements, billboards, websites and mags, they have used them majorly and it looks like it has worked well for them. why is it ok to advertise in singing news, but not billboards? maybe they are trying to go out further then others and spread the gospel. i did see where they were on fox television, from the billboards maybe? it looks like to me that many gospel artist could follow their lead. I know after this blog, if i could vote, they would have mine for a GMA (Dove). when i think quality in a gospel group, it includes the whole package. sounds like they excel in many areas and it looks like there are enough people out there that like jonathans writing and their singing. kudos to them! if i could afford it, i would put even more billboards up for them. just my thoughts.

  115. CVH wrote:

    I can only imagine what this entire thread would be like if we were in a large auditorium and each person was speaking, responding, finger-pointing and blustering instead of typing their comments in a written blog. With apolgies to Brian Lamb, maybe it’s time for someone to develop

    It’s the side conversations that I find interesting; those that, largely, have no connection to the original comment. And with the kind blessing of our host, the dialogue has continued but I think it’s about over. Young Harmony (a group I’ve never heard and only recently heard of) must be amazed that they have generated this kind of heated discussion. Maybe they can incorporate some of the positive comments into their billboards…”most comments of any AVFL thread!” or “Love us or hate us, just spell our name right!”