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I’m back. Though honestly I’m not sure I need be, given how, uhm, self-sufficient you all were in the comments threads while I was away. Broke 100+ comments in a single thread for the first time. It’s not always pretty, this exchanging of ideas, but I’ve been pleased to see the bulk of you bring things back round to the civil side of conversation whenever incivility popped up.

Before we return to our regularly scheduled content, a few words on the semantics of blogging. Lately I’ve noticed in comments some persistent confusion about what a BLOG is. Specifically some people (see here for instance) seem to be unclear about what exactly BLOG and its derivatives refer to. So, for the record, a BLOG is (to quote myself) “a personal journal on the internet.” That is, a BLOG is a collection of journal entries, not a single entry or comment. Entries created by the blogger (as opposed to commenters) are most commonly called BLOG POSTS, or just POSTS. Sometimes they’ll be called ENTRIES. When you mean to refer to the site where a particular blogger writes (or blogs, if you will), you refer to that writer’s blog. If you want to refer to a particular item from the blog, you refer to that post or entry. Comments are just that. And obviously the easiest way for one commenter to refer to another commenter’s comments is to reference the comment number in the thread.

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  1. Doug Sword wrote:

    We glad you’re back. Every band has to have someone to wave the baton.

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