David Bruce Murray pops the cork on a little get together of sg bloggers this weekend. I really don’t know what to expect (kickboxing? Kum Ba Yah around a campfire? Thumb wrestling? Earl Grey and biscuits served on lace doilies?) so I don’t really have much to add. Other than that getting there and back will account for some radio silence in the next few days.

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  1. e.c. wrote:

    Let some of us recording people that are not in NC know the results.

  2. Sandy wrote:

    No unthanks invited? None of their names begin with a “D” :(

  3. Angel wrote:

    Boy, this news has Chris Unthank’s knickers all in a twist!

  4. J.J. Moore wrote:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking, Angel!

  5. Mark Kinnaird wrote:

    Poor Chris Unthank. Well they probably needed a litlle more level-headed people to speak on behalf of SGM fans.

  6. CVH wrote:

    Just don’t drop any cigar ashes on the big leather chairs…bad form. What’s next? Blogapalooza?

  7. Grigs wrote:

    Are you going to wear the bag to the meeting?

  8. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Grigs–I wish he would’ve tried that. It would’ve been fun. :)

  9. Sue Smith wrote:

    Maybe Crossroads wants to tell some of the bloggers to get their acts together. I’m not a be fan of DMB. I think he shares his opnion too much. I will normally pass everything he writes.

  10. Sue Smith wrote:

    Sorry..I meant DBM!!!

  11. Grigs wrote:

    Sue, with all due respect, and if you’re the songwriter Sue Smith, I’ve been a fan for 15 years, a blogger/music reviewer who didn’t share his/her opinion would defeat the purpose. I don’t always agree David, but at least he’s fair, knowledgeable, and isn’t a rumor monger. He also doesn’t spout off about things he knows little about or try to psychoanalyze or provide unsolicited counseling to people that he’s never met. I can’t say that about everybody that does what he does.

  12. Sue wrote:

    I guess with such a common name, there is bound to be more than one Sue Smith. I’m the songwriter Sue Smith, but when I post here, I simply use my first name. Just wanted to clarify.

  13. Charles Brady wrote:

    So when do we get the blow by blow account? I saw that the thread at Singing News had already been dismantled and southerngospelblogger has already taken out the editing knife to his original report… so what is it that brings such a silence into the rooms of talk? Glad I saved a copy of the posts before it all disappeared…

  14. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Thanks for the clarification from the songwriter who wrote reply #12.
    Here the info on this songwriter:

  15. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    If I’d realized there would be this much interest in the meeting, I’d have taped it, packaged it, and sold copies.

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