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Speaking (I suspect) for untold legions of colleagues, Joel Lindsey writes about the songwriter’s most valuable renewable resource: hope (and a little luck):

… we’re songwriters — we’re used to rejection — we can take it. And maybe, just maybe, the miracle will land on our shoulders this time. So, we are all scrambling, typing and then hitting “delete”, erasing, rewinding, trying to find a clever new rhyme for “love”, singing that one line over and over hoping the right melody will pop through the bad one that’s been stuck in your head for an hour, pushing the envelope (but not too much), trying to be original yet familiar, hoping against hope, pushing past the doubts into creativity, searching deep inside for something that sounds like it came from deep inside. Attempting to be relevant in a commercial-sell-a-million kind of way.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. quartet-man wrote:

    Great article. Too many people dismiss the importance of songwriters or how hard it is for them to make a living. Instead too many don’t pay royalties making it even harder for them to survive.

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