This happens to me all the time

A friend and I make plans to meet for dinner and in telling me where I should meet her in the restaurant, she say’s “Look for me …” but I’m already not listening because I can barely resist the urge to sing back to her “Look for me … at Jesus’ feet.”

Watching a television show, a character begins one of his lines, “But most of all …” and because I’m at home, I put on my best McGruders cry-sing voice, and belt out the first verse of “Most of all” in full Priscilla fashion, “Things of earth no longer matter on that morning …”

This evening on the way to my car at work, I caught a fleeting bit of conversation between two people passing in the opposite direction: “Won’t it be wonderful… ,” I hear one of them start to say as they pass by, out of ear shot before I can hear how the sentence ends … and I immediately start singing the Cats, from Symphony of Praise, and that last lovely a cappella line: “won’t it be wonderful there … OHHHHHH won’t it be wonderful [won der ful –] there.”

It’s the one-man southern gospel musical of my everyday life. Opening everywhere I hear words spoken. Free to anybody who listens closely enough to what I’m humming under my breath or catches me at a stoplight with the windows down.

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  1. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    This is the best post you’ve made in a long time, Doug. Great words!

    (I do it, too. :) )

  2. Seaton wrote:

    Wait now, I thought I was the only one that did that…

  3. James Hales wrote:

    Well praise the Lord I’m not the only one who does that! LOL!

  4. Sandy wrote:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who leads a “simple”life. :)

  5. Douglas wrote:

    You just described my life!

  6. quartet-man wrote:

    It is nice to know I have some kindred spirits. I had a co-worker who said I always had a song in mind. (I would tell her when a phrase would remind me of a song.)

  7. Monica wrote:

    Wouldn’t it be great to see some of the common SG songs that come to our mind! Like when someone says. . .”Excuse me, I’m Looking. . .” and I answer “for a city” by actually singing the line! OR “Can he. . .” response “Could He, Would He, Yes He Can, He Could, He Would and He Did!”

    So glad to know that I’m not alone!

  8. anonymous wrote:

    GREAT POST!!!!!!! When someone says EXCUSES, EXCUSES, i say “You hear them every day - the devil he’ll supply them if from church youll stay away” HAHAHA!!!!

  9. baritoneHart wrote:

    Just when I thought I was the only one

  10. Karalyn wrote:

    Thanks, Avery! I happen to do that all the time! I am so glad I am not as weird as I thought I was!

  11. The Baritone wrote:

    Ditto to everyone else who commented.

  12. Alan wrote:

    What a wonderful, heartwarming post! That’s one that I think I’ll make my kids read! I don’t even realize I’m doing it, as we stand in checkout lines and other places as well. But my kids say that it just drives them crazy! Sounds like we’re all a bit guilty. But, since my wife’s in Heaven, “Look for Me” will always lead me to Rusty’s great line, “For I will be there too.”

  13. Steve Bell wrote:

    Yes, yes, yes. Others do this too? How ‘peculiar’ we gospel music lovers are. Now I feel better! Most of my in-head orchestrations seem to be related to Courier / Neil Enloe song lyrics. I supposed this goes to prove that, “We’re peculiar people…….we rejoice when things go wrong, we shed tears when we are happy, we sing a glad new song. We’re redeemed by the blood of Jesus, we’re children of a Heavenly King, and if you care to join us, just come along and sing………..”

  14. Jenn wrote:

    WOW!!! I am not alone anymore!!!! :)

  15. quartet-man wrote:

    Alan, that is the song I thought of too. Steve, a friend of mine (and fellow musician) told me years ago that his wife said that true musicians were about a quarter of a turn off. :-)

  16. SL wrote:

    Yep, ok, unless we’re all slow, I think we can safely say that apparently it happens to EVERYONE ALL THE TIME. Yaaay. Clap clap clap.

  17. John wrote:

    Doug, me too.:-)

    I always knew you really loved gospel music, and this post proves that.

    And Steve, as you know, we’re kindred spirits when it comes to thinking of Neil Enloe’s songs whenever something we encounter reminds us of one.

  18. Diva0427 wrote:

    Well, not only do hymns and old gospel songs come to mind, but so do Broadway showtunes, oldies, and 80’s and 90’s rock songs. Sad…but oh so true.

  19. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    I think my initial reaction that this is the best post you’ve done this year is not far off. :)

  20. Joe wrote:

    Great post, Doug. Glad to see so many of us have this “problem”.

    Actually, to take these ponderings, and Diva0427’s post (#18) a bit further, we can easily see how important it is to fill our minds, hearts, and souls with good music.

    It has been said that there are 4 M’s connected with a song: the music (tune/melody), the message (lyrics/words/phrases), the metronome (rhythm/percussion/beat), and the moment (the oft-remembered time when we first heard or were impressed by a song).

    We have all given credence to the fact that a short, simple phrase will cause a hymn or a gospel song to immediately arise, in all of its’ remembered significance.

    How much better, then…to fill our souls with this good stuff, than to have to remember, for the rest of our lives, the songs Diva0427 has referred to; words which are mostly useless, and that often can be harmful to our walk for the Lord.

    OK then. Now finish these…

    I wouldn’t take…
    Step into…
    If it wasn’t for…
    If that isn’t…
    Had it not been…
    Sin will…
    What a day…
    What a beautiful day…

    Thanks again, Doug.

  21. Monica Otten wrote:

    Hey, wouldn’t it be interesting to see some of the most common songs used in SG? For example. . .when someone says to me, “I’m looking. .. ” and I break out in song with “for a city!” or if they say “can he. . .” and I reply, “could He, would He, yes, He can, He could, He would and He did!” So glad to know I’m not alone!

  22. louis hoffner wrote:

    This happens to me a lot, but sadly, mostly with rap lyrics.

  23. Anonymous wrote:

    Think of the Hogan’s Heroes theme song. Got it? Now sing “‘Whosoever’ Surely Meaneth Me.” :)

  24. Steven wrote:

    whoohoo….i’m not the only one. Actually at my job, there’s another guy who loves SG…sometimes someone will say a phrase (by accident) and one of us will fill in the song and laugh…of course no one else gets it.

  25. Mary wrote:

    I’m not the only ‘nutcase’ then!
    If you hear someone all of a sudden break out in song in a public building in central Ohio, It’s me or one of my family members.
    Thanks for the post.

  26. Eli Sylvestre wrote:

    HELP!!!! STEVE BELL!!!! or whoever may know who made the song he posted (post 13), i’ve been looking for the song for 8 years!!!! i’m 19! please help me find it and get a copy! my email is

  27. Petals wrote:

    Wow, what a neat thing to stumble on to. I found it on a google search for Couriers lyrics. I do this singing thing too! But not often out loud… and the general public is happier for it!

    I have a “HELP!” request also. I’m a Couriers music seeker. Does anyone know if and where you can get the trio’s 60’s and 70’s stuff on CD or mp3’s? If so please email Thanks and Happy 2008!!

  28. Withasonginmyheart wrote:

    I do this and have done this almost all my life!!! I even sit in church and think of songs the pastor could use with his sermons…does that mean I’m not paying attention to his message, or am I paying MORE attention???? ( I have to admit, I don’t just think of gospel songs..not in church though!) Sometimes it can drive my family and friends crazy!!!!

  29. Irishlad wrote:

    Me too,all the time. Interestingly he same thing must have happened to a guy painting a church in a particulary pagan part of England(London) and he threatened to sue claiming the Homecoming tape that played all day had ‘brainwashed’ even through the night. There’s just something about that music……and i don’t know what it is.

  30. Josh wrote:

    Who sings We’re peculiar people, we rejoice when things go wrong; we cry when we are happy, we sing a brand new song

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