The insight of AVFL readers

I am snowed under here in Sunny Florida with projects and deadlines and end-of-term stuff, so I won’t be able to properly or adequately synthesize all the smart comments building up in the recent radio threads. But if only to put a finer point on my remarks about ideas and the sg blogosphere, allow me to note that there are some first-rate ideas and a lot of fine analysis in the mix of recent comments (see, for instance, here, though there are many others). These conversations sustain themselves so well sometimes, I often wonder if I really need to write anything at all.

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  1. Judi wrote:

    I fully agree about the insights of your readers, as a frequent AVFL visitor who usually lurks and doesn’t comment because I’m not an expert on SG. I’ve learned so much about this genre you love from reading your blog and the comments. But although I am a lurker, for the record, I’m not an alien, and I’ve never been on Mars!

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