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Would you mind terribly doing me a favor while I take some time off to attend to real-world obligations and deadlines? BlogAds is running its annual survey of blog readers, and though I don’t sell ads on this site, AVFL has been around long enough and attracted a large enough readership that I think it might be helpful for me to know a little bit more about my readers demographically. Plus parsing data will give the interns something to do in their spare time this summer.

It takes about 12 minutes if you don’t skip the optional questions (though full disclosure: I took it for another blog I read regularly and it took about 15 minutes). Anyway, if you’ve got a few minutes, click on over. And thanks.

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  1. HHE wrote:

    I did it Doug…Didn’t take too long. The only reason I did take the time to do the survey, is because you take the time to make this a most interesting place to visit.

    Thanks for all the time you put into this work.


  2. Snarfie wrote:

    Well, okay. I completed the survey. Good luck on your results, Doug!

  3. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Done, and you’re welcome. :)

  4. judi wrote:

    I did it, too…I think I took a wrong turn when it asked me what kind of blog this was….nothing quite described it, so I picked “music” but then got some really strange questions about MP3s and downloads and stuff an old lady has no business knowing anything about! It invited me to sign up my own blog but since only three people read it, I figured I’d just pass. Hope you learn some interesting stuff about us readers.

  5. Dean Adkins wrote:

    I completed it — I thought you might need a left wing view to balance out the survey.

  6. CVH wrote:

    Done. Glad to help. Appreciate all the work that goes into AVFL and the opportunity to contribute.

  7. CG wrote:

    Done. Kinda interesting.

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