New and unimproved

Count me among those who liked Daniel Mount’s blog the old way. This is a horrendous smash up so scattershot and overcategorized it makes me tired just thinking about visiting the site. Mount’s output and topical range are commendable, but wouldn’t regular old Wordpress categories and labels functionality have served the purpose he seems to aiming at with this new arrangement?

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  1. NG wrote:

    I already read a bunch of SGM sites and blogs. I don’t have the time to read blogs that mix in news which I get elsewhere. My suggestion is that each blog should focus on what I don’t find on other sites. At the same time, I want to say I appreciate the effort and time every SGM bloggers put into their sites. I guess what I am trying to say to bloggers is try to focus on what you consider to be your strengths and not try to create an all encompassing site.

  2. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    NG, I perceive my strength as being my positive approach to all the news I cover. At any rate, that’s my niche.

    Doug, I designed it so you can use the old site just like it was at So now you can use either.

    I did this in large part to add some new functionality that could not be added into an actual Wordpress site, among other things a photo gallery which I plan to update frequently.

  3. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    But, as always, thanks for the publicity! I am sure that far more people will come to see it the way you worded this than if you had said you liked it. :D

  4. Donna wrote:

    I like Daniel Mount’s new format. Of course, I like changes, period. I get tired of the same old thing. Shake it up a little from time to time! That’s what I say!

  5. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Sounds like you are grandstanding on the blogger in question.
    Maybe you should have taken your concern to the blogger in a private email instaed of trying to make hay for your blog.
    I might not like what you do all the time but I still visit your blog everyday.

  6. NG wrote:

    Thanks for your response to my comment which is of course just my opinion on what I like in blogs. I shouldn’t complain about having too much choice about SGM topics on the net. It wasn’t that long ago there was hardly anything to read.

  7. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    NG, I can remember those days myself (as a “lurker”). After complaining about it to myself for a while, I decided to be part of the solution.

    GospelMusicFan, comments like this in public are Avery’s speciality. So I was genuinely neither surprised nor disturbed to read his thoughts here.

  8. judi wrote:

    Daniel’s new page might work better, aesthetically, if it looked more like a traditional web portal. It’s not that there is too much content, it’s that the proportions aren’t quite right yet, at least by the visual “grammar’ we web viewers have come to expect. The new design seems to be transitional between the old blog design and a news web page. Some of the negative reaction might be because to many eyes, the new design looks unbalanced–the two left columns are the same size, and the catergories with the links in boxes below each heading are the same size. The design doesn’t take advantage of the concept of “indexing” that a traditional web or print layout uses. Nothing is more important than anything else, so everything clamors for equal attention, like the flock of baby cowbirds in a cardinal’s nest in my backyard right now. Most web readers are accustomed to one column being wider than the others on the page. Sometimes that column is on the left, as in Avery’s design. Often it is in the center, as in this well-proportioned news site page: Perhaps as Daniel continues to work on his site, he can change the proportions of the various elements to make them more pleasing, and more intuitive to navigate. And meanwhile, everyone else can click on his ‘view as a blog’ link to find the more familiar format. Even though the topic on both Doug’s and Daniels’s blogs is music and its aesthetics, the issue here is a visual one. FWIW, as the kids say.

  9. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Good idea, judi. I’ll look into it.

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