Aaron Unthank

In case you missed the link from sgblognews, one of the Unthanks (they keep popping up everywhere) has won a singing contest of some sort. As well he should, judging by the performance. It’s a fine, fine example of artful poise and confidence and tasteful singing that goes beyond the technically competent to make the lyric and its ideas palpable, especially in the first 2/3. Check it out.

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  1. pauljacksongroup.com » Blog Archive » Congrats to Aaron Unthank on 11 May 2007 at 8:16 am

    […] Well I agree with Doug Harrison on this one. Young Aaron Unthank delivers a stirring performance of a beautiful song that wins first place in the 2007 City Jam Vocal Competition. I’m not sure where. For sure it was an award winning rendition of “Gentle Savoir”. The tune and the style are more AC than SG, but it is very moving. Clearly Aaron has been influenced by the dominant stylistic singer of his youth (I’ll let you discern who that might be)…but so were legions of aspiring christian singers…but he gives the performance a whole lot of his own flare with his tone, diction and presence. If you have 5 minutes and could use some encouragement, ClickHERE and enjoy courtesy of SGBlogNews and YouTube. […]


  1. Tony Watson wrote:

    I met Aaron a few years ago at Steve Hurst school. He is a class act all the way and was always a good vocalist but he’s sounding better than ever now.

  2. thom wrote:

    Wow! Now THAT is how you sing a song!

  3. Karalyn wrote:

    Not bad for appearing out of nowhere! That was pretty awesome!

  4. quartet-man wrote:

    He sounds a bit like Michael English to me. A near flawless performance.

  5. Videoguy wrote:

    I thought the same thing, q-man, similar pronunciations as a young Michael (”do” = “dyoo”, “through” = “thryoo”).

  6. thom wrote:

    wonder whyhe doesnt sing with the other unthanks?

  7. Alan wrote:

    Where on earth has this guy been?! What an amazing voice. I agree with the comparisons with Michael English, but for my money, he has a better voice. Classy presentation too. Man…

  8. Phil wrote:

    He probably doesn’t sing with the rest of the Unthanks because he lives and works in Florida…probably a little far to travel to meet the bus for a group based out of Nashville…lol

  9. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    According to the article, he used to sing with Sunday Edition.

  10. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    …well, not the link above, but at the following link, you can read more about him.

  11. Mandy wrote:

    Wow! What a great voice! I absolutely thought of Michael English when I heard him sing.

  12. natesings wrote:

    He used to sing with a Nashville based group called Spiritbound. They sang at my church many years ago and he encouraged me to go to Steve Hurst School. I was fortunate to have private lessons with him each of my 3 years there. He is a great singer and a super-nice guy.

  13. burt wrote:

    I had a private lesson with him at Hurst’s school about 10 years ago. Super nice guy. Michael English protoge’.

  14. Canuk wrote:

    A cross of Michael English and Michael Lord.

  15. Jeff wrote:

    I was on a praise team (organ) with Aaron in Maryland, before he relocated to FL. If you think this is good, you ought to be in a worship service led by him. It was incredible. He is the epitome of what a worship leader should be. Spirit led, humble, and in touch with the Lord.

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