The Perrys, cont’d

We’ve now heard from Joseph Habedank’s friends and family that he is a nice guy. And all these people agree that I’m an ogre. But does anyone have anything to say besides “I like him, therefore I like his music”?

Commenter Payton offered the rare argument with support rebutting my critique of “He Forgot.” And Daniel Mount made the flabbergasting assertion that Habedank is the Perrys best lead in the last 10 years, and then offered absolutely zero evidence or argument to back up the claim. But other than that, there’s a lot of touching tributes to Habedank the great friend, great Christian, great brother, and great grandson (all of which I assume to be absolutely true), some hysteria and indignation … and not much else. Does anyone want to make the case that the Perrys sound better with him in lead than with Loren Harris (and/or that lapses in judgment at several points may be the source of the problem) and do so in a way that doesn’t require that we trust you, Joe’s a really great guy? Really. Anyone?

While we wait, let me say a bit more about why I think any of this matters, since many of you seem to think I just don’t have anything better to do than throw darts at Brother Joe. There are a lot of reasons why I like the Perrys and want to see them succeed and thrive (and not just get by). But mainly it comes down to this: if the Perrys played their cards right in the next 3-5 years, they could be the next super group. Here’s why. They’ve already proven from the Changed Forever through Life of Love era that with the right talent in place and with the right material, they can capture the attention of pretty much the entire range of gospel music fans – young, old, traditional, progressive, quartet people and everybody else.

More than that, they’ve caught Bill Gaither’s attention. He had them on his Nashville taping and has them scheduled later this month in Greenville, SC. I don’t think this is just coincidence. Gaither needs a new super group that resonates with the Howard and Vestal crowd. And think about it. The Perrys are perfect for this role, with the added bonus that they sing better than the Goodmans (in fact, they arguably sing the Goodmans better than the Goodmans, from a purely technical perspective anyway). Can you imagine what will happen at a Gaither concert (with a live audience) when Libbi Stuffle rises from her seat and opens the first lines of “Gawd Wawlks the Dark Heeels”?

Look at the Nashville taping: The Perrys sang “Wish I Could’ve Been There” and, as I understand it, it went over very well (and no one seemed to care that a certain lead vocalist who shall remain nameless sang nowhere near the beat). And then Libbi Stuffle sang with a pickup-group of vocalists by herself and that seemed to have went well too. This is exactly what Gaither did with Vestal and Howard. Used them together to evoke that family harmony and faith tradition passed down from generation to generation in the old time toe-tapping way, and then used Vestal’s charisma and vocal abilities by herself and in recombination with others to create the kind of sparks of spontaneity and magical moments that people kept buying videos and tickets in hopes of seeing.

The thing is, for this to happen, the Perrys have to be rock solid. And right now, they are not. But imagine what would happen – what could happen – if Habedank went back to baritone, where he was (as I have said before, often brilliant and always competent) and the Stuffles hired a lead who could give them that great wall of sound they had three years ago and who could really carry solos on his own. My own pick from the current crop of leads out there is Josh Feemster from Mercy’s Mark (I’m curious, though, to hear other suggestions; it’s not as easy as I thought it’d be).

But whatever. The smartest thing the Stuffles could do right now is go to Gaither for help finding a lead. It would give him a sense of ownership and if anyone has their finger on the pulse of who’s great out there, it’s Bill Gaither. And once the Perrys and Gaither have a sense of shared investment in the sound, the partnership has a basis to build from.

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  1. thom wrote:

    Thank you for having the grace to express some balance. Nothing wrong with handing out some positives. Now, did that hurt so badly?

  2. gc wrote:

    There you go again, you articulate a problem, explain the problem, discuss the problem and then go and give a very sensible solution to issues that were raised in the debate.

    There is a difference in being a great person or a great lead singer…they are not connected.

  3. Trent wrote:

    I think the answer is to leave Habedank at lead and watch as he blossoms over the next 2-3 years. He’s doing a nice enough job. He’s 20 or 21 years old. He will grow into it. Following Loren Harris as a lead singer for the Perrys is a lot like following Adolph Rupp at Kentucky or John Wooden at UCLA or Bear Bryant at Alabama…pretty tough. Loren Harris was one of the great lead singers of our day. Habedank has got all the tools–a great voice, stage personality (more than Harris) and apparently lots of charisma with the fans.

  4. TS wrote:

    i like the sports analogy

  5. Geno wrote:

    I agree with you completely, including Josh Feemster. Mercy’s Mark was great with Anthony Facello, but I think they are kind of mediocre now. Josh would get much deserved exposure with the Perry’s. Although It would probably not be possible, Shane Dunlap would be great also.

  6. SJ wrote:

    Well, as it turns out, you have answered your own question: “Does anyone want to make the case that the Perrys sound better with him [Joseph] in lead than with Loren Harris…and do so in a way that doesn’t require that we trust you, Joe’s a really great guy? Really. Anyone?” Clever you…to have provided for yourself just such a person–someone who has suddenly taken an interest in the group now that Joseph is singing lead: “…they’ve caught Bill Gaither’s attention. He had them on his Nashville taping and has them scheduled later this month in Greenville, SC. I don’t think this is just coincidence,” Nor do I, my friend, nor do I! Is Bill Gaither unbiased enough for you?

  7. Nina McPeake wrote:

    Dear Trent:

    Great analysis! But, can the Perrys’ career handle the 2-3 years it “may” take to whip him into shape? Aren’t they on top right NOW? It’s a sticky situation I’m sure. Again, here’s hoping for good things!!!!

  8. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    The case for Joseph being the best in the last ten years or so: He has Loren Harris’s power at the high notes without the sometimes rough edge. It’s personal taste, I guess, but in my opinion he’s the best I’ve heard with the group, and he’d be on my short list of the–say 3–best on the road right now.

  9. thom wrote:

    Amen Trent. AMEN.

  10. james wrote:

    Just to be honest with you all, what they need to do is beg Mike Bowling and Nicole Watts back. That was when the Perrys had their first chart topping success and best sound!

  11. thom wrote:

    oh James, please. The group now is far superior. Joseph, Nick, Tracy, and Libbi have a great blend. When you had Bowling and Watts they turned out some powerful songs but without the polish and smooth blend they have now. Nicole Watts could hold a note longer than almost anybody, besides ARthur Rice - like on the live recording when Tracy said turn it around and Nicole hits the note and holds it and holds it and holds it while the keyboard player finds the right spot on the track! But, I still prefer the group of today.

    Nick Trammell has the smooth quality to his voice that his Dad Mark Trammell has and he has the ear for the part. Sometimes he could come on out with it a little more, and enunciate a little more, but he has DEFINITELY got what it takes. And, just like the others in the group, he is REAL.

    Matthew Holt is one of the greatest piano players / musicians on the road today. I honestly don’t know how he can concentrate and play with Tracy picking on him all the time, but they make it work. I’m glad they feature him some and allow him to do a solo or two - give us more.

    Daniel J. Mount - I agree with you about Joseph’s voice, he can hit the highs, but much, much smoother and without the growling and distorting of the words. His enunciation is superb and as I said on Oct 10th, and on Jan 10th, in previous posts, Joseph looks like he really enjoys what he’s doing! He gets criticized for being expressive but I think it’s great.

    Give these young guys a break and watch them as they grow and grow and grow. Don’t throw cold water on them.

  12. burt wrote:

    I second the Mike Bowling comment.

  13. Karalyn wrote:

    I third it!

  14. RNGfreckles wrote:

    As I said yesterday, I like the new sound of the group. Of course, they are still in the tweaking stage with this transitional baritone/lead dude.

    And Shane Dunlap is a GREAT singer, but I doubt he would match the style the Perrys are going for. Is there anyone who comes close to comparison to Loren??? One day, I guess, we’ll find out!

  15. Chris wrote:

    It’s true that they went from #1 group to a middle-of-the-road group when they lost Loren. Joe’s a good singer, but I just don’t “believe” him when he sings. Don’t know why, I just don’t. The Perrys did have others interested in the vacancy, but opted to promote Joe and hire Nick. Not the wisest choice, IMHO, but adequate if you want to attract people based on names and not talent.

  16. md wrote:


  17. te wrote:

    You made some good points about being the Perrys being the next super group. I agree that it could happen just as you stated. It can’t happen without Bill Gaither - for anyone.

    The next best thing to hearing Libbi do “God Walks the Dark Hills” is imagining Elmer Fudd singing “Clouds”.

  18. Daniel J. Mount wrote:


    Thanks for your comments about Joseph. I personally find occasional flourishes less districting than what you aptly describe “growling and distorting of the words.” And that is why I prefer him immeasurably over any previous Perrys lead singer I’ve heard.

  19. CrystalRiver wrote:

    Crystal River would like to take this rare opportunity to express our support for Joseph Habedank, Matthew Holt, Nick Trammel, and Tracy and Libbi Stuffle. We do not customarily respond or react to blog comments, but due to the derogatory nature of the opinions expressed in this particular blog, we were inspired to offer our support to some dear friends that have been so supportive us. Our opinion is probably not the most highly respected in the industry. After all, we are still relative newcomers in the industry. We have a great deal of respect for Libbi and Tracy for giving young guys a chance in this industry. They are definitely in our humble opinion not “running a nursery”. We do not want this to be misconstrued as an attack on the character or integrity of the moderator, just as a difference in opinion. We have never in our recollection met the moderator, so we will not be so presumptuous to make judgments about the individual responsible for this blog. We do feel that Tracy and Libbi have a great track record in regards to choosing the right individuals to fill positions with their group. In fact, their careers and the careers of former members of the Perrys speak volumes for themselves. If the past gives us any clue to what the future will hold for the Perrys, then there will be some great days ahead. Joseph Habedank is more than just a capable lead singer. He is a solid singer in any part that he sings and is in our opinion one of the better singers in the genre today. We believe that the best days are still ahead for this industry that we call Southern Gospel and pray that God will continue to bless us in allowing us to be a part of what He has in store for the future of that industry.

  20. thom wrote:

    if any of you readers have not heard Crystal RIver - they are awesome. Great harmony with Dusty, Zack, and Chris - and amazing piano work from Tommy.

    We recently had them for a concert at our church. They not only did material off their recorded projects, but they also just slowed it down and did several songs with just the piano. From great old standards like “How Great Thou Art”, “Had it Not Been”, “Little is Much” to some newer church music such as “I Worship You Almighty God” to “Amazing Love” - every song was presented enveloped in sincerity, confidence, and melodic craftsmanship.

    Although the lightning storms and torrential rain that start one hour before the concert killed the attendance, these guys were not discouraged nor distracted and gave us a great evening.

    If you get the chance to book them or go see them please do so. You will not be disappointed.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  21. Jim2 wrote:

    It’s been a while since I commented on this site, but I’ve been lurking and enjoying the discussions. I’ve got to give kudos to CrystalRiver, though. You were able to make your points without making a personal attack. I’ve found it amusing that those who were most offended by what they perceived as Doug’s “attack” on their friend, brother, etc., were the same ones who had no qualms about making derogatory personal statements about him.
    Only time will tell if this is a good direction for the Perrys. Tracy and Libby have a huge heart for this ministry and admirable loyalty to their employees, but I also feel they are good enough businesspeople to either have the patience to ride out the rough spots, or come to the realization that the group is slumping and make appropriate changes. From what I know of them, they would choose to err on the side of loyalty and friendship, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
    Either way, I agree with Avery when he stated: “Supporting young artists in the industry the way the Perrys have is deeply admirable. They’ve made a long-term commitment to investing in their own people that speaks clearly of their fundamental goodness and professional integrity” and that the Perrys have the potential to be the next supergroup. As “Realistic” said on another thread “It all begins — and sometimes ends — with a song. ” It seems to me that the choice of the next radio single is of critical importance.

  22. thom wrote:

    Jim- you are right about Crystal River being professional with their comments - and also right about the next radio single from the Perrys being important.

    God only knows how labels choose which singles to ship to radio. The majority of the time I would choose something different. I can think of many, many CD’s that I own where the songs released to radio were not my favorites on the project. Most of these CD’s were purchased because of what I heard at a live event, not because I heard something on the radio and just had to rush out and buy it.

    I’m sure we’ve all experienced this - while listening to a new CD you hear a song and think, “now that is a great song” or “that song should be on the radio.” But, sadly many of the best recordings are not ever broadcast because someone at the label did not believe like the cut.

    I would like to have the luxury of coming in after the labels and choosing the 2nd radio single and see which one does better on the charts.

    Maybe there is someone from a label reading this that can explain to me how a single release is chosen.

  23. thom wrote:

    correction….because someone at the label did not like the cut. oh good grief, you know what I mean! lol sorry - I need more cofffee, brb

  24. quartet-man wrote:

    Why in the world can’t people get that someone can be the nicest person in the word, but that doesn’t mean they can sing or that they should be in a top tier group? What someone can do is separate from who they are or why they are doing it. Assessing someone’s talent is not the same as attacking their character or motivation.

    Before you all start trying to attack me too, I haven’t heard him on the lead. I have no idea what he sounds like. I am talking principles here.

    It is understandable and even admirable to defend a friend. However, if you disagree with the assessment of his voice, then reply with yours. There is no reason to attack someone’s character because they don’t agree with your assessment. It would be one thing had Doug maligned his character. What is going on here is worse than if Doug had said he didn’t like the clothes he was wearing and someone said back “well you are ugly at least he can change clothes” or some other equally despicable insult. If you have heard Doug play and can say back “well, you aren’t that great either” that would be a better response. However, even then it would not mean that he hadn’t been right in his assessment. Once again, I don’t know. However, remember that even critics can be right about how bad a movie is whether they can make a better one or not.

  25. bassman wrote:

    Qt. Man, what you don’t understand is that Doug has attacked his character and everything else about his career in past articles. The fact of the matter is that it’s one thing to disagree with vocal ability and songwriting but to attack his motives and credibilty as a person is another thing. It goes way past this blog. It seems to me and the rest of the readers that Doug has had a problem with him way before now. Joseph is a great singer regardless of what part he sings, and his songwriting is not bad either. If Doug knew anything about singing he would realize that his tone is AS good as anyone else in gospel music. However, Doug was never able to make it with any groups, the singing news, or any other company in gospel music so he resorts to this as being his way to get his voice heard. So Sad!

  26. ME wrote:

    I too aggree on the Mike Bowling comment!
    Doesn’t get any better than those years.
    As far as the Habedank comments go, you’re right on avery! You know more than you let on!

  27. Rod wrote:

    I already posted this on the first one but thought I’d put it here too

    Did RPT actually say “put on your big girl pants?” It’s put on your BIG BOY pants…The point is…Joseph, His “family” and friends need to put’em on. Whenever there is a change in any group the newby is going to be open to criticism (That includes motives and sincerity).
    Regardless of how much you love your darling little singer. This IS about quality and professionalism…This is NOT a ministry or tickle your ears blog. You can go to or singing news blog for that kind of fluff. Also for the many people who want to defend the “MINISTRY” of southern gospel music spend a couple of days on 85% of the SG artists buses and then give me your opinion on how “spiritual” they are or where their “heart” is. I seen them, been one of them and most of them need to just sing, shut up and be the best singer they can be. Leave the preaching and ministering to the preacher. Oh by the way RANDY PERRY was the best lead singer they ever had…MINUS THE PREACHING.

  28. gc wrote:

    You verified Avery’s statement on JH’s songwriting. Quote: “and his songwriting is not bad either”..Not bad is much different than pushing his songs out front for radio and multiple promotions. Avery agreed that he is not bad—Not great either–

    Critics across all genres are made up of people who are usually not performers or in the performance side of the profession. Usually writers who have a passion for the industry they evaluate.Most movie critics have never produced or directed a film. If you look at the people who review SG projects, very few if any, have ever won an award or been highly regarded in the production end of SG music..

    He made some good points and only took a shot or two at JH and his youthful mistakes. I agree with Rod(twice in one year) pull the good constructive criticism out and use it and ignore the other.

  29. Beth wrote:

    Rod wrote:

    “…The point is…Joseph, His “family” and friends need to put’em on.”

    I’d say Joseph has his “big boy pants on” since you notice he’s not printed one word of rebuttal here. Perhaps he’s even already (at the tender age of 21) learned the wisdom of not even reading these sort of blogs.

  30. Youngbass wrote:

    Ok….first of all to say Joe is a better lead than Loren Harris is proposterous! That roughness ya’ll refer to is part of his style of singing - that is Loren Harris - he was probably one of the best lead singers on the road when he left the Perrys, alongside Bill Shivers of BFA. If anyone questions Loren Harris’s singing ability, you need to hear his little solo effort he recorded in an analog studio with no vocal tuning or fancy mastering - It will blow you away - he is phenomenal! Joe is a much better baritone than lead singer - It is obvious that Joe was trained by and models Loren in his vocal styles, as well. I have heard Joe live on more than one occasion at the lead part and there is a void there.

    I do realize that he has to work into the new position and get comfortable singing the part, but how many months/years should that take. I see many other groups move singers around or hire new singers that fill a void without missing a beat. Take, uh, Jeremy Lile with BFA - I have not heard him live, but from the talk and second-hand encounters - he is exactly what they needed!

    As for Joe’s songwriting, I heard the song live and was very impressed - as a matter of fact, his best singing of the entire concerts was on his own song. Joe is a great singer, a little too cocky for my taste - loose the hanky, dude - but if he doesn’t step up and fill the void in the lead position, soon, the Perrys reputation and stature in this industry will suffer.

  31. thom wrote:

    To quartet-man: You Wrote “Assessing someone’s talent is not the same as attacking their character or motivation.”

    I draw your attention to moderators comments…”Habedank’s metastasizing ego, which by all outward appearances has gone virtually unchecked”

    using the phrase “Metasatasizing ego” is not attacking someone’s character or motivation? doesn’t the very phrase imply that someone is self-serving and not genuine?

    then consider the moderator’s comments :…..”white hanky peaking out of the clenched fist, the little glory hops at strategic moments, the over-practiced expression during particularly powerful moments of teetering between heaven and hysteria, the IAG singing.”

    “strategic and overpracticed”?” Doesn’t that sound like characterising someone as phoney, rehearsed, and insincere?

    then consider the moderator’s comments in reference to the parody of an ole time preacher done as a joke with a bunch of other artists…”cheap limelighting comes a bit too naturally for him, is not that far off from the glory hops and the white hanky of the main stage, the “real” thing.”

    sounds like a character assessment to me.

    It would be one thing if the moderator had written that he thought JH was a bit too animated for his taste, etc. but, these examples I have offered you are at least part of the reason so many people rushed to JH’s defense. As far as avery’s disdain for the white hanky in hand, apparently he wouldn’t care for Gerald Wolfe either, nor the overly played “hey, let’s do something different and grab the old red book and do some shape note singing” routine that GV has been using for the last 6 or 7 years.

    Then to further quote you:
    “I haven’t heard him on the lead. I have no idea what he sounds like. I am talking principles here.”

    Precisely. That is the point. You haven’t heard him lately and mr. moderator, by his own admission, has not seen the perry’s live in concert since October. JH and NT have both made tremendous strides since then and are now owning their parts with confidence and professionalism.

    Personally, I do not find any of JH’s expressions or mannerisms offensive. In fact I enjoy them. If anyone does find them offesive in some way they certainly have the right to voice that opinion without questioninig one’s sincerity/intention/motivation.

    then your comment: “There is no reason to attack someone’s character because they don’t agree with your assessment. It would be one thing had Doug maligned his character.”

    in response to that you can read all of the above again. You are quick to defend the moderator here, why not apply the same standards to the subject and say this “there is no reason to attack someone’s character….”

  32. chuck stevens wrote:

    I heard them in Tulsa a few weeks back. I thought they held their own. the crowd loved them. They started with some old goodman classics. They ended with “Wish i could have been there” Joseph has written a new song with his mother called “Grip Of Grace” which should be out sometime in the fall on their new project, this song may very well be that next big song. They used only the piano that night, it set the audience on fire. They were on the bill that night with the Talley trio, Dove Brothers, Martins, Arnolds and Aaron Wilburn and Three Bridges.

  33. thom wrote:

    Finally! I have been saying for months… “attention groups who have a good piano player: Turn the stacks and tracks off and gather around the piano and just sing every once and a while, people will love it. I believe most SG fans still prefer live instruments to tracks. If you have a band, even one or two pieces, let them play.”

    So happy to hear The Perrys did this and the crowd ate it up!! Way to go! You others groups pay attention. ha!


  34. thom wrote:

    p.s. to Chuck - they must have some great VOCALS, too, “in order to set the crowd on fire!” did you hear that avery? lol

  35. tw wrote:

    I think if you want a good show replace Joe with New Life. Toby can sing lead and his wife can act the song out.
    The whole preaching thing…come on, it did bring a smile to my face only because I know Joe and his family…they are extremely funny and fun to be around. Give the kid a break, you should pray for him instead of critisize him, right?

  36. Faith wrote:

    “Gawd Wawlks the Dark Heeels”…classic Avery!

  37. Jim2 wrote:

    Just curious, when I think of a live band and Southern Gospel music - the glory days of the Crabb Family come to mind. How much (percentagewise) of their success do you think was due to the fact that they had the best band in the business? Songwriting? Vocals? Stage Presence? What about the intangibles like management strategy and drive?

  38. RobertM wrote:

    My nomination for The Perrys lead vocalist: Joseph Habedank.

    Please try to remember that this is about ministry — first and foremost. I believe it’s evident that Libbi Perry Stuffle, as the group’s owner, in prayerful collaboration with her husband, Tracy Stuffle, made a personnel decision that reflects God’s direction for their ministry. Ministry.

    Second-guessing their abiliby to discern the Lord’s direction seems to be unfruitful at best.

  39. MDT wrote:

    Doug, let me first explain to you and your readers who I am. My name is Mark Campbell and I was a police detective until Aug., 2005. I worked in police work for 24 years and my specialty areas of investigation were in homicide and working with computer voice stress analysis, CVSA, a form of truth verification. In this capacity I was trained to study people and personality traits associated with these persons. I was a state certified instructor and as you, can use the Queen’s english in context. I prefer though to speak on a level that most all can understand. As an investigator and police detective, I never made a comment about someone or a personal observation without looking that person face to face and expressing my issues or concerns. The only time I ever did as you do, hide behind my computer, was when I worked internet crimes. And along that line Doug, has your picture ever been in a magazine published in Missouri? Just curious! Outside of this, I always went face to face with people that I found issue with. If you feel that you provide a service with your critiques, why not contact the artist personally and “help” them improve their craft. Have you ever tried to be in the singing industry? What qualifies you to critique another? These are questions I’m sure many of your readers wonder, but I’ll ask. If your heart is true and you feel that you are doing what God has called you to do, as Joe Habedank feels he is, then don’t you feel that God would equip you, and allow you to meet these artists face to face and share you concerns and love of southern gospel music with them. I truly believe that we need to encourage our young artists and grow them to keep this genre of music going. Is it wrong to allow HabeHolt music group an opportunity to share their music by the Perrys, Gold City, Brian Free and Assurance, Mark Trammell Trio, The Greenes and others recording their material and the “message” that the songs bring, being spread to those that in turn buy these pieces of material? Do you believe that the artists listed above know less than you as to what their fans like to hear and make them the stars of this genre as they are. This is a small pond in the large ocean of music that surrounds us. Why then would we intentionally strike down any performer that has followed God’s call on their life and that is to tour and spread the gospel in song. And might I add, the best gospel music in the Christian music industry. Doug I am therefore asking you to search your heart and see if this blog is really what God would have you be doing, or is it in fact a blog that pleases satan because it causes dissention and strikes discord among the brethern. No matter how good Joseph Habeddank is, you appear to have something against him. I have read your blogs and on some issues may agree. Such as being a professional both on and off stage. I know Joseph both on and off. He’s a 21 year old boy that is doing his best to follow God’s call on his life. Should we put him under a microscope and judge him? One might say that he put himself under the judgement microscope by opening himself up to the common folk and being a Christian artist. But Doug if you placed yourself and ALL that You have done in your life, would you make “the grade”? Let’s try to encourage and grow our youth that choose to pursue a career of Christian music, and if you really have something to say to a particular artist, step from behind your computer and contact that person and share with them face to face like a man, and as the bible tells us to confront our Christian brothers. I can be reached by phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX or should you wish to meet me face to face, I will make myself available to you at your discretion to discuss the issue of your unwarranted attacks on artists. I simply want you to realize the damage that you do, the hurt you bring in the things you print or don’t print regarding artists, and how displeasing this must be to God for you to hinder the work of spreading the gospel, and pleasing to satan that we as Christians pick and bicker with one another, causing our testimony to be tainted. Call me Doug and let’s meet sometime to clarify any areas that may seem ambiguous or gray to you. God bless you my friend and I hope that you will take my statement to heart and challenge yourself to rise above the hurt and anguish your blog represents.

  40. Tim Habedank wrote:

    Hey Avery its your favorite person again. Let me ask you this… who else, at 21, in southern gospel has the range, stage command, song writing abilty, and all around talent of Joe? Or someone who has ever been that talented at that age? Joe sings lead because he can… and how many Gaither concerts did the perrys get asked to when Loren was at lead? I love Loren to death, nothing against him. In fact when you first Bashed Joe Loren called him and said ” Don’t listen to him (you) your doing a great job”. People who don’t envy Joe seem to like his music. Hmmm ponder ponder.

  41. gc wrote:

    Your defense of a family member is coming off as JH made the baseball and the bat, groomed the field, pitched a no-hitter blindfolded,sold popcorn between innings, performed the seventh inning stretch and hit the game winning home run while being interviewed by sports illustrated.He is a good lead singer,good young man, progressing songwriter but do not forget that The Perry’s were beating the pavement before he was born and EVERY lead singer that the Perry’s have hired has had some success.Traci and Libbi will be going when JH decides he is so good he will go solo. And Gaither having them on his stage does not mean success or that JH had anything to do with it. Quit talking, your hurting the situation.

  42. Doug Sword wrote:


    Keep up the good work. There is a difference between honest criticism and character assassination. Unfortunately, it seems most SG fans don’t understand that.

  43. Geno wrote:

    Gee, MDT, Thanks so much for speaking at a level that we can all understand. Actually, I guess I prefer the other.

  44. Rod wrote:

    Uh OH they have called a detective on you now Doug…This habberdash clan means business.

  45. gc wrote:

    Were you accusing Doug of an internet crime in Missouri?

    I do not know Doug,never met him as far as I know. I am in the industry, have been for a long time. If the artist( including myself )will read the things that are printed and said about them they can learn better ways to present themselves. Most publications sugar coat everything and give the artist false confidence in what they are distributing.
    With every great coach there is always a time of studying and improving on what they do and how they do it. They study film, review,consult with other professionals. JH is good! but criticism has positives. JH could look at things that are said and come to the conclusion that he might make some changes that will improve his music . This situation should make him better. There were some things said that hurt his feelings, were they true? Only he can answer that question.

    SG needs forums like this to discuss issues that have almost nailed the coffin on our genre of music. Not all things said are true nor perfect but it is a positive to address any and every part of SG.

  46. KMan wrote:

    For the person who asked how Matthew Holt can concentrate while being picked on, I ask you, have you ever heard of the wrestling term “kayfabe”?
    It was a term used when “marks” would come around the wrestlers back in the day, and they’d start putting on their show. Want to know something? The whole picking on thing is a part of Tracy’s stage gimmick.
    It’s what he does as an MC, and he does it well. But go see the Perry’s in another city the following night as you do, and the same jokes and pokes at Holt aren’t going to be as funny as when you thought they were geniune in your hometown.
    They’re basically pulling the wool over the eyes folks. Just a little bit of acting, even if it is dinner theatre.
    As for the lead singer problem: yes, he’s probably no Loren Harris at this moment, but last time I checked Avery had no ownership stake in the Perry’s. If it’s a mistake for their sound, they’ll learn much like The Kingsmen had to with Chris (I can’t remember his last name) at tenor.

  47. wdm wrote:

    i’ve seen the perry’s in concert several times this year. i love the jokes and the stage presence EVERY TIME!

    Joseph has a POWERFUL voice and i believe the new song “Gripe of Grace” will bring many to Christ.

    the best thing you can do (all of you) is to stop criticizing them and start praying for them… realize they spend long periods of time away from family and would greatly appreciate the prayers!

    i can’t wait to see them this weekend in texas… the hanky, the passion for christ, and everything else that goes along with it!

  48. JP wrote:

    CrystalRiver, AMEN, way to sharpen iron! WoW … spreading the Word of God in song must not be enough anymore? … No, No … it will always be enough … how ever the Word goes forth … it will not return void.

  49. JP wrote:

    Joseph, Matthew, Nick, Tracy and Libbi … God Bless you and your walk with God. Keep up the wonderful singing! Thank you for spreading the Word of God in song!

  50. Kevin Holland wrote:

    Kevin Holland is my real name by the way. I remember the Lord responding to Pilate,

  51. Repentant Blogger wrote:

    It’s a year down the road. How do you feel about Joe now??? HAVE YOU HEARD “LOOK NO FURTHER” AND “HOLY SHORE”?!? The Perrys including Joe and Nick just keep getting better and better. Who’s eating their words now??? Are they bitter?

  52. Joe D wrote:

    I just heard the perrys saturday and have to say, Joseph was great. One of my friends thought he came off a little cocky but thats the only criticism I heard and I didn’t agree with it. I was able to speak with all of them and I have to say, Joseph was as approachable and charming as libbi was. I think they were Terrific, I do miss loren but… the perrys aren’t hurt at all with joseph as lead.

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