Slightly OT: Pandora

A hip friend of mine turned Averyfineline HQ onto Pandora, part of the Music Genome Project (the interns are also atwitter over the Roku, but that’s another story). The basic idea is that you plug in some of your favorite kinds of music or artists and Pandora custom builds an aggregating “station” that pulls music in the style of your designated genre or artist from contributing internet radio stations. It’s not a perfect process. What the Pandora genie thinks is “related” to Bill Gaither, for instance, is often hi-freaking-larious. But if you’re a tech head or music geek, you get hours of fun out of building a custom station around an artist or two and then morphing it by adding, subtracting or changing artists in the aggregator’s base line (I added Diana Krall and Dolly Parton into a custom station built initially around Annie Lenox and suddenly started getting a bunch of big-band vocal standards sung by brassy voiced women. Hmmm). I though I’d mention it now in case the Copyright Board has its way and pretty much disappears Pandora and projects like it.

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  1. Payton wrote:

    Love Pandora. Been a user for quite some time now. I highly recommend it.

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