Anthony Facello and Crossroad

It’s been a rumor kicking around for some time now that Anthony Facello (formerly of Mercy’s Mark and the Heaven Bound) was starting a new group. Now, it seems, it’s official.

Anybody know anything about who the other group members are (it’s difficult to tell who “Justin” is in the photos gallery, much less whether he’s part of the group)? Facello made some noises in the direction of his own group a few years ago and I thought Chris West (also formerly of Mercy’s Mark) was involved then. But that didn’t go anywhere and I’ve heard nothing since (and assume West isn’t involved in this new venture until I hear otherwise, much as I’d love to see and hear him return to the stage).

In the meantime, let’s hope Facello and Crossroad (I’ve already mistyped it “Crossroads” twice) gets a website makeover.

Update: Chuck Peters has more info here. “Justin” is Justin Howard and the trio is rounded out by Brian Alvey. Anybody heard of either of these two?

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  1. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Brian Alvey was pianist tenor with Southern Sound (he also sang tenor when needed). Recently he has filled in with Soul’d Out


  2. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Brian Alvey was pianist with Southern Sound (he also sang tenor when needed). Recently he has filled in with Soul’d Out


  3. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    One guy named Brian Alvey used to played piano for the Nashville based Southern Sound. I believe he’s posted from time to time on some of the SG message boards.

    Or maybe it’s the guy who founded Weblogs, Inc.

  4. Stephen wrote:

    Their website says they will be at Firm Foundation’s Homecoming Concert on August 25th in Owensboro, Ky.

    Congratulations Anthony on your new group!

  5. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    DBM — Yes, it’s the same guy who posted on SoGospelLovers. He seems to be very nice. :)

  6. RF wrote:

    It’s good to see Anthony back on tour. A talent like him needs to be singing. Here’s a question. Is there a lack of good bass singers? Must be with all these trios springing up. Chris West, please come home.

  7. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Will Anthony Facello have to add his name to the name of Crossroad, sometime in the future, because of the generic use of the word of Crossroad and to avoid confusion with other such names or similar spelled word.
    There was one well known group that had to make a change after many months had pass after their formation.
    Do not want it to happen to a talented artist like Anthony Facello.

  8. Youngbass wrote:

    RF - I don’t know that the start of a trio is any indication that there is a lack of good bass singers. Many well-established regional and full-time groups start out as trios - [eg. full-time (Cathedrals, Gaither Trio, others) - GA regional (Kindred Spirit, Old Paths, others]

    There are plenty of talented bass singers not singing anywhere, but most have a financial need that cannot be met by a poverty-level salary, such as that of most full-time groups.

  9. Leebob wrote:

    I don’t know about a lack of bass singers but quality lead singers are definitely hard to come by. We have tried three or four but for one reason or the other it just didn’t seem to work out. Some of our fans are begging us not to become a quartet and then there others who are chomping at the bit to see what we could do.

    I don’t want another bass because my middle brother, who has an awesome range would be my bass of choice. I would however like to find a lead singer so I could do more baritone work to where I am more suited and Chris could be our base. Any takers let me know

  10. Aaron Swain wrote:

    I thought it was named Crossway?

  11. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Crossway is another (already established) group.

    What I’m wondering is if this group will join Canaan. I believe one of the stories referred to the group spokesman being a Word connection.

  12. Youngbass wrote:

    Leebob - for what it is worth, the previous group I sang with - Kindred Spirit - tried out probably 25+ lead singers and still did not find one capable of filling the position. Some were good singers, but couldn’t hear parts; others could hear the parts but couldn’t sing on pitch; there were a couple who were good in the above areas but had other “issues” that made them incapable. Trying out 3 or 4 singers is no biggy - keep trying you may find one. As for quartets, the triad has to have things together in order to add a bass singer. Even a good bass singer, will make a loose triad sound worse.

  13. thom wrote:

    anthony is one of the best - can’t wait to hear this new group. i wonder how much touring they will do , with Anthony’s real estate career in Nashville?

  14. Leebob wrote:

    Youngbass - scheduling, young children, and a variety of things worked against those we have tried out. What we found was that those that could sing lead couldn’t hear the baritone harmony that you will sometimes do as parts move around. I was amazed at very talented people having that much difficulty with what comes second nature to me.

    One other thing that people may have thought was the fact that we are brothers and trying to fit in on a family ministry isn’t always the easiest thing, no matter how laid back we may think we are.

    The one thing we are known for is our tight harmonies and I am concerned about finding the right person that won’t mess up what already works very well. That goes back to people telling me if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. There are just some other things that we would like to do (not neccesarily traditional stuff) that a trio can’t quite accomplish.

    People, give me some other thoughts about family ministry and trying to add an extra piece to that mix.

  15. idoc wrote:

    Justin Howard is a great singer but he has not sung in the SG circuit. He has a blusey,somkey edge to his voice that is very interesting. He can really sell a song from the stage.
    He is an ultimate fighter and has had several matches. He hails from Austin, Texas. I wish them all the very best.

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