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So “God has worked” in Josh Cobb’s “heart”, as Aaron Swain puts it, and dissolved his bitterness toward southern gospel (as Swain implies) because Cobb may have shaved and cut his hair and had his picture taken in front of an old upright piano?

Hmmm. Methinks Swain might be hanging out too much with Daniel “by their effeminacy ye shall know them” Mount. Or maybe they’re both just children of a generation of fans who grew up being told by “the voice of Southern Gospel music” that facial hair was spiritually suspect and unsheared locks the mark of the beast on a man. I dunno.

In any case, Swain got so twitterpated about Cobb’s clean-cut photo in the myspace music player (here … and couldn’t the photo just be an old one dredged up for effect?) that he evidently didn’t actually listen to the song that’s playing when you log on to the page:

“Sons of the Singing Preacher” runs, in part, thusly:

“Who would have thought”
That seems to be the words
That fall off the tongues around my life.
And who would have thought
That just an honest search
Would cut all the strings that held my life.

And I know you never thought
That me and the sons of the singer preacher
Could ever reach you
But we did
So give up
And get in
And let’s get on with our lives

It’s a catchy little ditty … in a smart-aleck, muted-angsty Jayhawks kinda way (the title and lyrics might make a bit more sense with some background, here and here). And Cobb pretty clearly has grown up and found a much more natural current for his voice and talent to work in. At any rate, this certainly doesn’t sound like a song of reconciliation so much as the declaration of a guy whose resentment has turned to a kind of playful cynicism. So while he may have not come (back) to Jesus, he certainly does seem to be thriving musically, artistically. So, uhm, “let’s get on with our lives,” shall we?

And, Aaron, as for that clean-cut photo? One word, my friend: Irony.

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  1. | Twitterpated… on 29 May 2010 at 1:28 pm

    […] According to Averyfineline, I mighta got carried away in my excitement. Yea, lookin’ back, I’d say I did. Ah well. I am, however, overjoyed to hear that he attended Roger Bennett’s funeral sporting the “clean” look that I saw on the Myspace.Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying a man’s hair is a reflection of his spiritual condition (William Lee Golden, anyone?). But “be ye seperate” comes to mind on the hair issue, but I’m gonna stay away from that can of worms… […]


  1. Steve K. wrote:

    I doubt Josh will ever be back in southern gospel. I e-mailed back and forth with him several years ago and I think it was pretty certain that he has no desire to do so. Of course, one could change but that photo was probably just dug up. Cobb has talent and I enjoy the music on his myspace page.

    Move on…

  2. Corn Cobb wrote:

    Word on the street is that there was a Josh Cobb sighting at Roger Bennett’s funeral. He was clean shaven, hair combed, sober, in a suit, and was seen embracing Debbie Bennett at the graveside.

  3. Aaron Swain wrote:

    I was in no way meaning to imply that the bitterness dissolved… it may have, it may have not. But ah well, I’m glad he’s supposedly gotten rid of the “rugged street hippie” look he had goin’ on there. Just thought I’d clear that up.

    Happy blogging,
    Aaron Swain

  4. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Also, I didn’t mean to imply that a man’s hair is a reflection of his spiritual condition.

  5. Rick wrote:

    I just seriously love that word: “twitterpated.” I had never heard it anywhere before, but it is quaintly hilarious.

  6. Aaron Swain wrote:

    lol i heard it on bambi

  7. Tbaldwin wrote:

    Josh’s voice is no doubt, without exception one of the best ever heard in any genre of music. I personally saw him in several L5 concerts. He could have been more popular than David Phelps if he would have taken the same path as David. He could have touched the lives of thousands of people for Christ. The fact that he is singing alternative/rock now does not necessarily say that he is out of God’s will (I don’t know him), but I sure hope he loves Jesus and I sure wish he was singing Christian music again. There are still those out here that loved his singing songs about the Christian faith.

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