So is it, as David Bruce Murray wonders, Austins Bridge (no possessive on that first word) or Austin’s Bridge? I initially thought the former, judging by the group’s website. But then in certain advertisements for the group (including the big World Vision* spread in this month’s SN), it’s Austin’s Bridge. Any authoritative, as opposed to purely speculative, answers out there? And if it’s Austins Bridge, what on earth does that mean?


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  1. Justanobservation wrote:

    I am pretty sure the Austin’s Bridge spread in the June SN is a World Vision ad not Compassion. Not a crucial fact but I just thought I would point it out.

  2. natesings wrote:

    Speaking of which, or whom, has anyone been to the bridge in Austin? At dusk, literally millions of bats coming flying out from under the bridge. It is quite a site.

  3. burk wrote:

    Wierd name. Period. Especially with Austin Bridges out there somewhere…you’d think there’d be copyright issues.

  4. KD wrote:

    There would be copyright issues, but since the rest of the world doesn’t pay attention to sg, no one will catch it.

  5. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Actually, in the case of a group name, you’d be talking about trademark issues rather than copyright.

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