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Since I flogged the switch at Solid Gospel radio in Nashville from sg to Praise & Worship pretty hard, I should probably say something about the recent purchase by Grace Broadcasting of WVRY 105.1, (formerly Solid Gospel). Grace promptly undid the P&W format and reinstated the Solid Gospel programming, putting sg back on the air in Middle and West Tennessee. Hat tip, CT, who notes that “this quite possibly is one of the first … time a station has flipped from SG to something else, only to have it flip back.” Watch for locust plagues and frog rain soon.

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  1. Jim2 wrote:

    Just talked to a Christian Bookstore owner/friend of mine in Dickson TN, and they are thrilled with the switch. Effective 3 pm yesterday. Good to see SG back on the air in this key market.

  2. Leebob wrote:

    Congratulations! Now, if we could only get more quality air play in Dallas other than Sunday afternoon we might actually get more than 600 to show up for the AGM.

  3. Trent wrote:

    This is great news, both for the genre and for the Nashville area.

  4. Robin Leavell wrote:

    I have family in that area and I know many folks over there that were very upset with the P&W stuff and I’m sure are elated with the return of Solid Gospel. Living in Nashville and traveling alot, we’re happy to have it back, too!

  5. Cindy wrote:

    Praise the Lord!!

  6. Chuck Sims wrote:


    If any of your readers are interested in internet radio, let me recommend . This is a HIGH quality, very well programmed station based in Abilene, TX, but available world wide. This might be a solution for your reader in Dallas, TX.

  7. Chuck Sims wrote:


    For some reason the internet address of the station I recommended didn’t print. It is igospelradio.com.

  8. Leebob wrote:

    Internet radio is a great tool for those who are looking for SG. However, that market is going to be a long time developing.

    My ideas for the Dallas area are not for my benefit but for SG as a whole. I know where to find SG. The problem in Dallas is that other than Sunday afternoon on KCBI and a couple of poorly run AM stations, SG is sg. I am about solutions for this area and I would like for someone to expound on what the true possibilities of internet radio are in raising the level of awareness of SG in places like Dallas that are dominated by CCM. What are other avenues that can be developed for this market? Even Gaither is going back to Ft Worth.

  9. Doug Sword wrote:

    As a fellow Dallasite, I share your dismay over the state of SG radio in Dallas. Since KSKY was converted to a talk radio format, there has been almost no SG in Dallas. Both AM station are very low powered and KCBI only programs four hours a week. The irony is that Dallas was one of the places where SG music developed. It was home to the Stamps Music Company and Stamps Music School.

    I fear that the SG situation in Dallas may be irreversable. Most of the churches in Dallas are oriented to CCM and P&W music. My music minister is personally a big SG fan, but uses almost none in the worship program. Our church members overwhelmingly favor CCM. I think most large churches in the area are in a similar position. Without church people to create a market for SG, its not going to happen.

  10. Leebob wrote:

    Interesting phenomenon that happens within churches. Having been a music minister for 15 years it was largely pastors and music ministers that kept ccm from developing within the churches. Now, conversely, it is largely pastors and music ministers who fearre-introducing their congregations to southern gospel as it is today rather than leave them with the impression that SG is all about Heavenly Highway Hymns.

    Interestingly enough at one event where a number of people had been invited to sing, most of the music that was sung was top of the line SG music. You should have seen the fear in their eyes when I told them I appreciated them singing SG songs. I had alot of fun that night. My theory is that most of the congregations in Dallas don’t even know what SG is and some of the blame should lay at the church leadership in the area and some should lay at the feet of the lack of quality that was out there for so many years. I am still amazed at the number of people who think we wrote songs that are 10 to 15 years old. The most recent one was “Under God” by the Booth Brothers. That was a fairly popular song.

  11. Bryan Fowler wrote:

    #8 while it is not as quickly as anyone would like…it will be in Fords 2009 models…if you like internet radio-check out our site http://www.southerngospelhits.com We are having great things happen!

  12. Derek Snellgrove wrote:

    I couldn’t help but laugh…the day I read this post with the comment about locust plagues…that evening I saw the news reports about the cicadas invading the Eastern US! LOL Guess you were right!

  13. Phillip Chambers wrote:

    Thanks for all the positive comments about WVRY 105.1 flipping back to Southern Gospel. The response has been incredible!

    If we can ever be of service to any of you in any way on any of our stations, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

    May God Bless,

    Phillip Chambers
    Grace Broadcasting Services

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