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Many of you were gracious enough to spend some time filling out a survey to help me better understand my readers, so I thought I’d pass along the results, now that they’re up (and yes, when I registered initially, I misspelled the site name as averyfinline, a mistake that seems to be etched in virtual stone). There are some fairly expected confirmations here about all of you (lotsa Baptist Republicans), some interesting surprises (you all drink a lot more than I would have guessed, but then you also watch a lot of Hannity and Colmes, so maybe that explains it), and some completely silly stuff (I can’t say I care about your flossing habits one way or another). That and much much more, here. [Note: the survey results site has been really bogging down my laptop, and I don’t think it’s an end-user issue … so … well, beware.]

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  1. dd wrote:

    unbelieveable…. no wonder not alot of us agree, we are definitely not of one mind. (not that you need a survey to figure it out) and the alchoholic drinks!! You know……..well i won’t start. Thanks for letting us see the results Avery. This really sheds some light for me on who we all are and why our comments and attitudes hardly come in line with each other as a whole and scripture for that matter.

  2. KK wrote:

    Wow…lol…so how does it feel to know the majority of your readers are American Idol watching, beer guzzling, wine-bibbing, baptist republicans? Go figure.

  3. Charles Brady wrote:

    Looks like four deacons looking for a fifth to me….

  4. RR wrote:

    And where in the world are the Lexus drivers?

  5. Rhonda Berry wrote:

    Definitely not an end user issue. I had to reboot just to clear the memory.
    Interesting results.

  6. Newchristian2 wrote:

    So, I wonder if all of the trashing that goes on here is coming from drunks that don’t floss and drive a piece of junk car. Maybe we need to stop trusting that this blog has all of the facts. Just a thought.

  7. Joe wrote:

    I too was saddened at the amount of alcohol consumed by those who read this blog. As dd so poignantly stated, it is no wonder why we are so incongruous on our views on certain subjects, especially Scriptural ones.

    Studies are out each week about the damaging “American Idol” phenomenon, the most popularly watched show by the readers here. These contestants are often people who are so narcissistic and deluded, having been told all their lives that everything they say or do is perfectly fine, that they go on national TV, and when “gonged”, disagree violently with the judges. This is the end result of millions of parents not being honest with their kids as they were raised.

    And what of the ones crowned, and others like them? We have all seen what “celebrity status” has done to young people who are totally unprepared for it- lives wrecked before they are 24, in and out of rehab for several addictions, families and children wrecked apart…how healthy is this “IDOL thing” after all?

    And then, as millions of people watch this show “faithfully” every week, including, it would seem from this survey, many professing Christians…those of us who are believers need to answer this question:

    What DID John mean, when he tenderly concluded his letter to Gods’ beloved family…”little children; KEEP YOURSELVES from idols”. ?!

  8. Felicia wrote:

    Well…this is upsetting. I guess maybe I’d better go have a little wine…for the stomach’s sake, of course.

  9. Aaay Nonemus wrote:

    When you started about the “celebrity status” and how everyone is in and out of rehab, you’re painting with a might broad brush there….remember the part in the Bible about judgine people?

    Y’all think about it. I’m Marvin Webster. (cheap plug for the JohnBoy & Billy Big Show)

  10. Shadow wrote:


    To your point about being saddened by the amount of alcohol consumption, I was a non-drinker who just enjoyed the music before I started reading blog, but it has driven me to drink.

  11. Tony Brown wrote:

    Look, folks, 78% of the people either never drink alcohol or less than one drink a month. Get over yourselves.

  12. Joe wrote:

    Aaay Nonemus;

    With respect, sir- I did not use the word “everyone”, nor did I paint all with a broad brush. I simply stated the facts that are out there for all to see.

    Truth be told, I wrote my post Tuesday evening. Wednesday morning’s USA Today, first page of the “Life” section, has a headline article entitled “What has gotten into them?” Subtitle: “Young celeb’s lives filled with drugs, DUI’s, and rehab”. Their brush was far broader than mine was.

    It’s a sad commentary on today’s society. All I tried to say was that American Idol and similar shows foster this same narcissistic behavior, and my own opinion, maybe one of very few, is that even watching garbage like these shows seems to be inconsistent with Godly and separated Christian living.


  13. T wrote:


    I believe it was Jesus who turned the water into wine.

    I’m sure he didn’t turn the water into wine so that Christians would NOT drink it.

    Joe, you should calm down and have a drink.

  14. Aaay Nonemus wrote:

    Hey T….
    “Now that thar is funny..I don’t keer who y’are, now that’s funny” (Hat-tip to Larry the Cable Guy).

    Joe, LIGHTEN UP! It’s a SHOW…what they do after they leave the stage is of ther own free will and accord.

    Just like when I go out to a nice restaurant or something on a Saturday night and have a glass of wine. Or maybe split a margarita with my wife, then go to church the next morning. Did we drink to the extreme? No. Are we alcoholics? No. Are we bad people? No.

    I think I’ll go to the fridge and pour me a glass in White Zinfadel and calm my nerves now……

  15. Norm Graham wrote:

    This confirms what I discovered at some recent SGM events that not everyone who like SGM voted Republican, held right-wing views and never drank alcohol. I found it encouraging that not all SGM fans had to be pigeon-holed into a certain mindset. I know that lots of non-Christians and atheists love black gospel music (possibly because of its influence on popular music) and I didn’t understand why one could be a liberal Christian and enjoy quartet singing.

  16. Norm Graham wrote:

    Meant to say “why one COULDN’T be a liberal Christian and ALSO enjoy quartet singing.”

  17. CVH wrote:

    While I’m comforted by the fact that the majority of readers who drink gin drink Tanqueray, I’m concerned that about 25% believe in UFOs. Of course that could explain a few things.

    But as a BMW-driving,
    politically-independent Episcopalian who loves southern gospel (the irony!) I guess those are percentages I can live with. And for the next survey, screw caps or corks?

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