Dixie Melody Boys

A friend of mine and I – both gospel music junkies from way back – were avoiding real work the other day and kicking around mostly mock ideas for a line of satiric, acerbic, and otherwise inappropriately humorous sg-related tshirts that would function well as a non-existent product line for avfl’s non-existent merchandising operation. We kicked up a about dozen one-liners, most of them either too libelous or scandalous to ever be printed. But when I saw today that the Dixie Melody Boys announced the departure of yet another group member, I thought of one of the tshirts slogans we came up with that played off DMB’s revolving door of talent (politely known as Ed O’Neal University).

Dixie Melody Boys:
If you don’t like us, that’s okay
We’ll be a different group next week

I can’t necessarily vouch for the originality of this, but it’s the first time it occurred to either me or my friend. And that’s close enough for blogging.

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  1. quartet-man wrote:

    Sounds like a slogan we use in Indiana. Don’t like the weather? Stick around it will change.

  2. Mary wrote:

    No, that’s Ohio’s weather slogan!

    your slogan would definatley fit the Statesmen in their beginning years.
    The Melody Boys have had alot of changes too, perhaps more than the DMB.

  3. quartet-man wrote:

    Mary, I am not sure who had it first. However, since we are neighbors, I am willing to share it with you. :-)

  4. DM wrote:

    There are changes because some groups don’t pay well.

  5. Chris wrote:

    I consider it crazy for most of the industry workers be willing to leave home for 4-20 days at a time and for 20K-30K a year. You either have to be making considerably more, or working with a lot of people you like, or both. When you think about, groups like Greater Vision are amazing for staying together as long as they have. And yet they have only one original member.

  6. CVH wrote:

    At an EHSSQ concert last fall the promoter announced an upcoming show with Triumphant Quartet and the Ball Brothers. My best friend (same deal, gospel music junkies from way back) were having a good laugh, never having heard or heard of the Ball Brothers before. The concert was last month so I had a t-shirt made up for him that says, “I’m NUTS for the Ball Brothers”. Needless to say, he didn’t wear it to the concert.

    By the way, they weren’t bad, in fact they show quite a bit of promise but their stage skills need a lot of work.
    Their rendition of “I Sing the Mighty Power”, which could be construed as a tribute to The Courier’s original rendition from 30 years ago, lacked the power and punch to really sell it. And their cover of “Mercy Said No” didn’t cut it either, even with a fairly decent track by Wayne Haun. I’d like to hear new groups doing good new material rather than covers. Otherwise they miss opportunities to carve out their own identity. And I know they’re just getting started but their record table only had a display of their one CD and they don’t take credit/debit cards which undoubtedly hurt their sales. Next to Triumphant’s Ponderosa-like spread of product they seemed a bit lost.

  7. BillD wrote:

    “Dixie Melody Boys:
    If you don’t like us, that’s okay
    We’ll be a different group next week”

    That’s about 90% of the rest of the groups. What point are you trying to establish about Ed?

  8. JP wrote:

    Chris … you wonder why they leave home and do this for pennies? … uh … its call Ministry. Winning lost souls to Christ. You know, the Great Commision … (that’s in the Bible by the way)

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