Three Bridges, RIP, sort of

So today is the day for calling it quits, I guess. Mitch Kenitzer and Dave McVay have resigned from Three Bridges, effectively ending the group as it has come to be known. I gather that Elliot McCoy has a desire to continue with a group of some as yet unspecified sort that will work under the name Three Bridges, but Kenitzer and McCoy are co-owners of the collapsed group so something will obviously have to be worked out for Three Bridges to reconstitute itself.

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    […] All right, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But to have both the Florida Boys and Three Bridges disband on the same day, plus more information coming out on JBIF’s disbanding (can’t find the link, but discussion on the Singing News board over whether it was too few dates or whether it was Stephanie wanting to go to college), plus yesterday’s story that Signature Sound is not getting another pianist…sometimes when things like this get going, everything starts happening. […]


  1. Trent wrote:

    It’s not even September yet!

  2. Phil wrote:

    This IS sad news as Three Bridges has been a breath of fresh air in SG.

  3. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Look for Elliot McCoy to add two new singers and retain the Three Bridges name.

    Mitch Kenitzer is most likely to go solo.

    I’m not sure what Dave McVay plans to do at this point.

    The street date for the most recent Three Bridges CD was just a couple of weeks ago. Why do these breakups always happen just after a CD release?

  4. Trent wrote:

    A whole bunch of people would love to have Mitch Kenitzer singing lead for them.

  5. gc wrote:

    Mitch was Three Bridges..he is a great singer but he will find it a hard go in the solo market…great group…sad demise..

  6. KK wrote:

    yeah…talk about burning bridges, geesh. I will certainly miss them.

  7. tim wrote:

    It’s amazing how a group can work so long and so hard to get to the top and then implode.

  8. natesings wrote:

    DBM, time in the studio must be intense!

  9. Jessica wrote:

    Mitch was not all of TB.
    I know Elliot personally. He is/was a HUGE part of their ministry. Kinda like the glue that held everything. Sometimes in life when certain people gain a little fame, they just don’t know how to handle it. I think this was a long time coming

  10. Candise wrote:

    We should be praying that God will bless each of their lives as fruitfully as He has so far. Three Bridges will forever be missed, but I believe Mitch, Dave, and Elliot will be just fine in whatever they persue as long as they keep God in it! We loved you guys, and we’ll love you still!!!

  11. Lottie Squires wrote:


    I’m going to lock myself in the ladies room and cry for a while now!

  12. Mark wrote:

    Wow….Another progressive group calls it quits. There have been several lately either “come off the road”, merge 2 groups into 1 or just disband.

  13. gc wrote:

    There are levels that groups try to achieve. Sometimes they get to a point and just get stuck in the mud. They have to reach a decision to make some changes and move forward or stay where they currently reside…some wanted changes, some did not…It happens…

  14. DM wrote:

    We will call them “Hatfield and McCoys”.

  15. thom wrote:

    who has the inside scoop on what the feud was about

  16. Ronnie wrote:

    The real story is that Dave quit the group in January and agreed to stay until they finished their new CD. Mitch and Elliott are filling the dates while looking for a new tenor. The word is Mitch is going to try a solo career in the near future. Keep Three Bridges in your prayers!!!! We need groups like Three Bridges in Southern Gospel Music!!!

  17. Candise wrote:

    The real story is, the “Three Bridges” as we knew them will be no more. It doesn’t matter what the fued was, or if there even was one, what matters is how God used these guys up until this point. Their music touched me and millions of others I’m sure. Let not our focus be “he said, she said,” but what HE said through them. We’re all human, give em’ a break!

  18. Curtis wrote:

    These guys were one of my favorite group. I love their style, uniqueness and the fact that they weren’t afraid to step outside the box. I wish them all the best in their futures. They have forever touched my life and my music!!!!

  19. LP MN wrote:

    A solo career vs. TB???? — good luck. His ego is as big as Texas. It is surprising it lasted this long. Take it from someone who has known him for years… Many of you are right…. He does need your prayers…prayers to see what is truly important in life…

  20. Opal wrote:

    I really hated to see Mitch & Dave leave, but I know God has something Wonderful in store.

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