Southern gospel zanger

Dutch Elvis Southern Gospel. Via Martin Roth, of course.

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  1. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    I received an email from the southern gospel singer back on June 14th:
    God Bless!!!
    Greetings from Holland,

    Some things just make your day. This was one of them.

  2. DJ wrote:


    That certainly is, umm, interesting!

  3. CVH wrote:

    Quiet….so very, very quiet…..

  4. RF wrote:

    So true. So true, CVH.

    Avery. Come home…

  5. Felicia wrote:

    Amen! Avery, please don’t do it…please don’t make me start reading Sogospelnews again! I’m begging you!!!!!!

  6. Videoguy wrote:

    Hey, did ya’ll know Paris is out of jail?

  7. CVH wrote:

    See? This is how it all begins. The teacher leaves the room for an undetermined period of time and tells the class to stay in their seats and be good until he returns. For the first few minutes they do, partly because the snotty redhead named Margaret who sits in the front row (suckup) will tattle on anyone who misbehaves. But after a few more minutes boredom begins to set in…as does mischief. Soon Timmy is shooting a spitwad at Elaine, the class troublemaker Richard makes a loud fart noise prompting snickers from all the guys and even Ellis, the shy kid in the far row, feels empowered by the moment and throws a freshly-sharpened pencil straight up, sticking it in the ceiling tile.

    So Vid, who’s going to produce Paris’ debut gospel album - Wayne Haun or Ed Cash?

  8. Videoguy wrote:

    Here’s what I wanna know: if the teacher’s away, who’s signing off on our posts?

  9. KK wrote:

    um, the interns. DUH!

  10. RR wrote:

    Our virtual host.

  11. RF wrote:

    After having taught school for nearly two decades, I understand what CVH is saying, but bringing up Paris and all that is simply out of line. Of course, my classes were that way when I had to step out of the room. Only Avery can bring discipline back to this, but he’s probably under a palm tree sipping (non-alcoholic) boat drinks and laughing at us peons as we try to convince him to come back.

    Avery, come back and bring the paddle. We need it!

  12. Jim2 wrote:

    Hard working interns

  13. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Maybe he ran out of words.

  14. Videoguy wrote:

    I brought up Ms. Hilton because I knew it would evoke admonition from someone somewhere.

    I win.

  15. CVH wrote:



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