Goodbye, Josh Feemster?

I’ve had my head in the sand for a while now, but is Josh Feemster really leaving Mercy’s Mark? So I gather. It isn’t that much news by itself, considering how badly MM’s sound has degenerated since Anthony Facello and Chris West left. But if Feemster’s departure turns out to be the case, it would be notable as the final formal step in the dissolution of that magnificent line up Garry Jones rolled out only a few years ago at NQC and captured on MM’s self-titled debut recording. At the time, I remember worrying that the Femster-Facello-West coalition would be too good to last. Alas, it was. In such things as this, one would happily be wrong.

Update: It does look like Feemster is leaving and may be starting a quartet with Chris West, West’s brother, and an unnamed fourth. Word is, they want to use a live band. Oh my. I’ve heard West’s name (and his brother’s) associated with similar sounding stories before (and then of course there’s also the West Brothers/Feemster Pallet Co. story too), so I’ll wait to pop the cork on the celebration till I hear the live drum-kickoff for myself. But it’s worth keeping an eye and ear on.

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  1. Tony Watson wrote:

    Unfortunately, it is true . . . Josh has a business interest that has seen a potentially very significant increase recently and will require him to be at home to take care of.

  2. RF wrote:

    I mentioned the difference in sound over on another board and got blasted, but I agree. Losing Facello and West was just too much and their seemingly short schedule of personal appearances was troublesome. I watched them on a webcast from a Florida church recently and was really concerned with their future. I imagine Garry will hire another lead (the Florida Boys’ lead comes to mind immediately) and travel on, but the magic of that first album has not been duplicated.

  3. Tony Watson wrote:

    I would respectfully disagree with that assessment. I loved the first album but to me the “Something’s Happening” album is a much better album, material-wise, sound-wise, and just taking into consideration the vocal growth of Josh and Garry. I’ve seen them several times with both configuations and I like the most recent lineup best.

    Rest assured, Garry Jones will ALWAYS have a great sounding group.

  4. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Both of Mercy’s Mark’s CDs sound very good to me. I think the group that made the second CD was as good as the group that made the first. Facello is the better tenor, no doubt, but Christian Davis can hold his own compared to Chris West. It’s mainly a matter of personal taste rather than one being obviously better than the other. I prefer Davis’ singing.

    Fortunately, in this case, lead singers are the easiest to replace. That’s not meant to diminish Josh Feemster in any way. He is excellent. However, Garry Jones has a knack for putting together winning combinations. I think it’s safe to say Mercy’s Mark will be as good as ever when the new lead singer is chosen.

  5. CH wrote:

    Chris “Go” West is responsible for that nickname he now has. He can’t stay anywhere. Why anyone would ever hire is beyond me. I know. Why not hire him along with David Hill, Joseph Smith, and Tony Jarmin and watch the group instantly fall apart.

  6. QN wrote:

    CH- That would be a very good group while they lasted. But, I’m biased to Tony on tenor.
    One of the few that I might consider better than him is Anthony Facello. MMQ lost one of the best whne he left.
    When I hear “Sonething’s Happening” , I turn down the radio or put a CD in when the tenor’s lead comes on. He is far too shrill, in my opionion.

  7. burt wrote:

    I would put money on Shane Dunlap joining the group now.

  8. Lynn wrote:

    CH- First of all, what does this have to do with tenors? But since you brought it up, I do the opposite of you when I hear “Something’s Happening”. I turn it up! It’s much more pleasant to my ear than the earlier recordings of MM with the over embellishment of phrases, over-used vibrato and false high tones of their first tenor. That’s just my opinion.

  9. Mark Kinnaird wrote:

    It is a shame to hear this. This group had so much promise when I first heard them. I think unless there is more than 1 addition to the group we may have seen there better sounding days behind them. JMO God bless.

  10. c wrote:

    Each time I have heard them Live, I felt they oversold in every situation. Garry is a great talent and I agree he will find a capable replacement.

  11. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Actually, Tony Jarman is with Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet.

    Aaron Swain

  12. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Aaron - QN was replying to the previous commenter; probably both know of Tony’s current job.

  13. Russ wrote:

    I go to church with Josh and his dad (Don Feemster) passed away 12/28/2007 from a severe stroke. Please keep the family in your prayers.

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