EHSSQ’s new media channel

So this kind of thing makes for great press release fodder … “Ernie Haase’s group is the first of its kind to use this newest form of video delivery technology.” And so on. But what’s the real payoff here? As far as I can tell, the EHSSQ media channel is a slickly designed email harvesting porthole that provides a bit of SSQ eye-candy for die-hard fans or curious browsers. I suppose one could argue that such a channel gives potential buyers a chance to hear more than a few seconds of the group’s music and so will be more likely to drive users from the video channel to the online store. And maybe this is true and justification enough. I admit I have a hard time thinking like the “average” consumer, if only because I assume this person is probably the same stooge who buys whatever it is telemarketers are selling and thinks Ron Popiel’s hair paint is a convincing remedy for baldness. But then I also have a hard time thinking like an innovative artist. So what gives? Am I the one-off consumer here? Is there a big demand for this kind of thing that one needs to be a rabid fan of some sort to understand? If this were such a BFD, surely others would have figured it out and exploited its possibilities long ago. Or not?

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  1. RF wrote:

    My first reaction was like yours. Who in the world would do this, but then I thought about it.

    SG musicians have a nasty habit of not updating their web sites, group pictures, etc. I always look forward to the NQC compilation DVD to actually see groups on stage who haven’t been in my area–see the changes and hear their “new” sound. But it’s a long time from September to September, so a little clip now and then might not be a bad idea. Hope groups are listening.

  2. dkd wrote:

    Who really cares?

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