Wednesday Roundup

  • Dottie Rambo is now hawking her old clothes (i.e. “retired beaded dress”) in a contest built around the sale of her new book, Driving Ms. Dottie (hat tip, CVH). I typically get in a great deal of trouble for criticizing Rambo’s penchant for Do-Anything publicity stunts because of Rambo’s untouchable status as a gospel songwriter. But I’ve always thought the flea-market mawkishness of Rambo’s late years to be more than a little degrading to that writerly greatness. I could be wrong of course. I often am. But either way, it is difficult to watch as Rambo edges nearer and nearer what a friend of mine recently called a “Gloria Swanson phase from ‘Sunset Boulevard.’”

  • Oops: Gold City’s newsletter email list? Deleted. D’oh. Didja reboot?

  • From the department of right-wing intellectual enfeeblement comes word that the American Family Association can’t tell the difference between Daniel Mount or David Bruce Murray and a cult. I hafta admit that Mount’s obsession with the Inspirations has made me wonder if there isn’t some kind of special Martin Cook Kool-aid involved, but still … There really ought to be a museum or some sort of shrine to canonize the monumental stupidity born of the anti-intellectualism that passes for so much “values” thinking these days. That said, why would anyone expect to get an intellectually responsible content filter from a company whose product was endorsed by the ideologically overreaching likes of Chuck Swindoll and Michael Medved?

  • Breaking news: KPNR finds audience that hasn’t heard “Four Days Late” every time the group has performed for the past five years. Much applause ensues. KPNR celebrates with a press release!

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  1. GLenn wrote:

    Love your comment about the American Family”s junk filter and Daniel Mount’s obession with the Inspirations. Welcome back!

  2. QN wrote:

    I like Daniel’s idea about Dallas Rogers joining the Inspirations.
    The best spam filter is the x at the top of your computer screen.
    Dottie’s contest leaves a bad impression on me. Who in their right mind would want a stupid dress that someone wore maybe 35 years ago? How will it benefit the winner?

  3. Jim2 wrote:

    The same way buying Gerald Crabbs Singing News #1 Plaque on Ebay would benefit, I guess. Memorabilia is memorabilia - anybody want to buy a pair of Mark Lowry’s cowboy boots?

  4. cdguy wrote:

    or the same way anyone would benefit from autographed photos/cd’s. jim2 is right. hang the Dottie dress next to your Dolly dress. if not for the size, you may not be able to tell much difference. lol

  5. Tyler wrote:

    Sorry, Doug,

    But I personally have known Daniel for some time now, and he talks about EHSS, the Perrys, the Mark Trammell Trio and others WAY more than the Inspirations. Guess you’re at it again: No facts, just wise-cracks at people with Biblical values…

  6. Cornelia Hutto wrote:

    I was just looking in the archives … quite honestly, I never read your stuff, so I’m not really anyone who’s opinion matters. I don’t know about the contest, so I’m not certain what happened with the dress stuff. BUT the book Drivin’ Ms Dottie is Larry’s book, not Dottie’s. Unfortunately, she never wrote her book. She was an AWESOME and ANOINTED lady .. forget her status in SGM, which was MEGA … I’m not a big SGM fan only a few groups , but Dottie Rambo supercedes any writer in history . She was one of God’s greatest gifts to this world. No one in Gospel music or any genre of music can compare to her and the rhyme and melodies today are shallow and mere jingles in comparison to the depth of her writings and are not worthy of mention along beside her songs !!

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