Lyrics for “We’ve Got To Get America Back to God”

It appears I failed to burn a copy of the Kelly Thompson Nelon and The Nelons’ disc that included “We’ve Got To Get America Back to God” to my iPod before I packed away the cd and buried it under a mountain of other really heavy boxes. Anyone have the song handy and care to share the lyrics in comments?

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  1. Joe wrote:

    Strictly from memory…

    What ever happened to “In God We Trust?”
    Prayer has been banned and taken from us.
    When will we say, “Enough is enough!”
    And get our country back to God?

    We’ve got to get America back to God
    We’ve got to rule the world with the staff and rod.
    We’ve got to fight the Devil everywhere we trod
    We’ve got to get America back to God.

    Don’t remember the second verse, although there is a repeat of the chorus at the end, preceded live each night by Kelly admonishing the crowd to “Sing it with us!” Anyone got the remaining verse?

  2. Jonathan wrote:

    Millions of babies we’ve lost each year
    What have we done to stop their tears
    Christians rise up let America hear
    we will take our country back to God.

    The silence is broken
    It’s time now to stand
    Well take this walk for Jesus
    If we go hand in hand

  3. Brett wrote:

    written by Kelly and Jerry Thompson

  4. Joe wrote:

    Thanks, Jonathan! Now that you’ve gotten me started, I think I can make a few amendments to your bridge:

    We’ll take this world for Jesus
    If we will go hand in hand.

    Otherwise, that was it on the nose!

  5. Monica wrote:

    Great song from the past. Is one of the greatest calls to the Christian for this nation. . .that is in addition to GVB’s “Let Freedom Ring”. . . .chills on my arms!!!

  6. Trent wrote:

    Are you the same people who shared that you hated “We Want America Back” a few months ago? What is the difference in “We’ve Got To Get America Back To God” and “We Want America Back”?

  7. Jonathan wrote:

    Trent: I have never sayed I hated We Want America Back, in fact, I like that song.
    Joe: I always have a hard time understanding the words of the soprano they had at the time of this song. I think it was Kelly Benton?? She has a good voice, but her diction is horrible.

  8. Grigs wrote:

    “We’ve Got To Get America Back To God” is a song.

    “We Want America Back” is a sermon with a chorus tacked onto it.

    That’s the difference.

  9. QN wrote:

    Monica, the GVB does a good job with “Let Freedom Ring”
    But, have you heard the Cathedrals do it? They recorded it in 1982 on the LP “Something Special”. NOBODY can sing anything like Glenn did!
    Other memorable songs from that LP are
    “Step Into The Water”-the origional cut.
    “Then Came The Morning”-again, Glenn is the master of all lead singers
    “Mexico”-different, but still good. Kirk does it effortlessly.
    Great LP, peroid! As the name says, it’s special

  10. Tyler wrote:

    I’m having trouble wondering how someone wouldn’t like an SG song “preached,” but yet they’ll listen to the multiply-recorded “Cry For The Children,” or “Will Jimmy Make It Home,” and not get convicted…

  11. Matt wrote:

    Does anyone have the sheet music to this song? If so email me at

  12. jaigner wrote:

    This song is horrific, I think. It is so far from the gospel that there’s nothing actually Christian about it. It’s pure nationalistic fervor and griping about the fact that Christianity is no longer the civil religion in our country.

    Guess what. This was never a “Christian” nation. Oh, people tried to say it was, but there was never a time when we looked like Christ. In fact, we’ve done horrible, ungodly things in His name. It’s time we break away from that cycle of abuse and choose God’s Kingdom over this earthly kingdom. It may be one of the more successful earthly kingdoms, but the Bible is clear that all of those are in Satan’s domain.

    How silly is it to say prayer has been banned. Prayer can never be banned and taken away. It is not our job to “rule the world with a staff and rod.” That will come later on the renewed earth when Christ sets up His reign. Now, we do need to fight Satan, but we don’t do that by exercising political power. We do that by living and loving like Jesus. That’s how Christs Kingdom can come on earth. The U.S. will pass away. We serve a higher throne.

    Instead of whining and complaining about how we’re uncomfortable with our society, we need to do things to change it. We need to love other people - really love them as Jesus did instead of condemning them. We need to stop trying to legislate Biblical principles because that is not a way to effect actual, visible change in people. If we do these things, then we would see a real change.

  13. Matt wrote:

    Look Pal, this is not just something to be wishy washy about. People are dieing out there, and many are going to hell. Sin is against God, and you can’t serve God and the devil.
    Why do you think the Bible says:
    Revelation 3:16
    So then, because thou art luke-warm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit thee out of my mouth

    That seems pretty serous to me.
    THE truth is, the pilgrims came over from England to WORSHIP God freely. DO you not call that Christian?

    We need a revival.

  14. Lindsey Graham wrote:

    Does anyone know who administers the copyright for this song?

  15. Ode wrote:

    Judging by the blatant lies, ignorance of the Laws and Scriptures, meansripitedness and generally bitchy,whiny, religious-sounding but Godhating content of the lyrics - probably The Satan ;)

  16. Christie wrote:

    Well I disagree with your comment Jaigner, this song should be a wake up call. In fact many of the founding Fathers were christians, and while they promoted freedom OF religion they did not promote freedom FROM religion which is what our country wants to have today. And yes there is a difference. Also Prayer has been banned, we can’t pray in schools, at football games, and if you will recall they took the 10 commandments out of a courthouse not that long ago. Similarly God did give us rule of the earth which is what made satan mad in the beginning. He was punished for tempting Adam and Eve and made to roam to and fro, he’s not ruller of the earth. While many have claimed to done bad things in the name of the Lord, that why we need to be even more careful who we place our trust in and turn back to God because if we will ask He will show us what things to go after. I also think we are paying for some of those mistakes in history with the economic hardships we have had over the years. I think right now we are being warned that if we do not rise up and take our country back for God he is going to shake the dust of his feet and let us feel devestation and distruction. Just as He has done with the Isrealites over the years. I for one hope the Silence does get Broken and that we will take this world for Jesus so He can come back sooner.

  17. Shsusi wrote:

    Nice thought out answer Jaigner. It is true, we are free and our freedom is one of our greatest privledges as Americans. Some times in our zeal for God we forget the sad stories from history that so clearly show the results of legislated religion

  18. melissa Custer wrote:

    Love the song can u email me the lyrics please so I can sung it at my Dutch on July 1

  19. Paul Jameson wrote:

    I saw a song on that was a great song… Bring God back to America…
    You can paste the following link in your web browser to see it…

  20. Frank Pulver wrote:

    In God We Trust

    If our Founding Fathers knew what was happening to our nation here.
    It would bring them to tears.
    Because we forgotten these words should mean some to us.

    “In God We Trust.”

    It is time to say, this is “The Land of the Free.”
    But it also means that you can’t take these words from me
    For the ones that believe; we need stand up for the Lord our God.
    If someone does not like these words, then they can leave America’s sod.

    Yes, the silence has been broken
    And it is now time to let them hear what needs to be spoken
    To many us we try to say shhh, be quiet
    Because they think if we talk to loud about the Jesus that it might cause a riot

    Thank God, this is,” The Land of the Free”, and we can take a stand
    Because the, “Lord Our God”, gave our Founding Fathers this land
    So stand up and let the non-believers hear
    That no matter what they say or do, the Lord Our God will always be here

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