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Allison Lynn has just finished up writing about her week at this year’s SB School of Music. Among other things, it appears SB has added radio promotion to its electives. Interesting. I wonder if anyone is telling the SB students how broken sg radio is? Anyway, since we last left her, Lynn and her husband have moved to Nashville, she’s started using the word supper, and inveigled herself some kind of job at SB. It’s impossible for her writing to capture the dumbstruck awe with which she reported on her first time at SB when she was just encountering the uncommon pleasures of gospel music a year or two ago. But her coverage is still worth skimming for the high spots.

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  1. Esse quam videri wrote:

    Somebody seems to be a bit bitter in regards to the Southern Gospel/Music industry.
    Why can’t we just be happy for her that she is living her dream instead of always having to point out every negative aspect of the industry? She seems to be learning all about the good, the bad, and the ugly that is SG just fine without others trying to drag her down, which I understand is going to happen from time to time in this business, and you just have to learn to deal. However, if you are going to pick on an artist why don’t you try to find something worthwhile to pick at. Of course she isn’t going to write the same way about SB now as she did her first year. No one writes or reacts the same way to a situation as they would when they first experience it. If she was, I would be concerned about her future in the business that she was still so completely awestruck by it all and that she wasn’t seeing things for what they really are. Furthermore, good for her that she was able to work at the school this year. If you read her blog beyond just the SB week, she and her husband seem to be working hard to make this dream of theirs come to pass. So, give her a break, she has enough crap to face down the line thanks to some of the “wonderful” people I’m sure she will encounter in the industry, not to mention the future “crazy” fans.

  2. NashvilleMusician wrote:

    The first year of Stamps Baxter is simply a once in a lifetime experience. I have been a student or a spectator at the school for 17 years and this I know very well. Because for someone who loves gospel music, it is the closest thing to heaven on earth. As a participant in the school you are surrounded by hundreds of other people who have the same passion for the music and instructors who are working in the industry and who want to share their knowledge and experience with you to help you be the best part of that industry that you can. On the last night of the school when the last note of the last song is sung at the closing program, you realize that you will never be in the room with the same group of people again and that while the magic can be summoned again, it just won’t be quite the same.

    In my 17th year of experiencing all of this, I can say that I’m still amazed when I’m sitting in the middle of 200+ people who are sightreading a song for the first time and singing it better than most church choirs after months of practice. Or when Tracey Phillips plays yet another unbelievably cool intro or just nails a fantastic run. Or when an 18-year old in jeans and flipflops jumps up on stage and sings with the poise and skill of a seasoned professional and Ben Speer starts his track over just because HE wants to hear the guy sing it again.

    Allison Lynn hasn’t quite gotten the same number of years under her belt at the school that I do, but I can say for her and for myself that the magic does happen each year and I’m actually very grateful that she continues to offer her written record of some of the highlights of what is a priceless and unparalleled experience. And Avery, I think you’re just saying that her blog entries have mellowed a bit as the years have past but that she’s still very excited about the school and its effects on any who are involved with it.

  3. wv wrote:

    I’ve been following Allison’s journey for a couple of years. She is a terrific and talented young lady who is willing to do what it takes to study and perfect her craft and be successful. It will be very exciting to watch her career progress now that she’s in Nashville.

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