Open thread

It’s the weekend and I thought you might like to free associate and ramble a bit. I’m especially curious to hear from anyone who has caught any of the sogospelnews Fan Festival. Isn’t the awards show tonight?

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  1. Judi wrote:

    Today I was driving to the local farmer’s market, and saw a new bumper sticker that I think you should have. It said, Caution: Driver is Singing. How cool is that?

  2. arnold cenzaboy wrote:

    It will be interesting to see which clients, oops, I meant artists take home the bacon this year. With this and the scoops awards, makes me wonder why the record companies don’t start their own award shows! The Daywind Awards, the Crossroads Awards, the Lamon Awards and on down the food chain. We are all on the edge of our seats Doug, and wait for you to give us the Unthankable results!

  3. Chuck Peters wrote:

    Would anyone put any merits in an award voted on by only SG radio people? .. and of course presented as a “radio” award.. and nothing more. Would artists care? Would anybody care?

  4. Montana Man wrote:

    Chuck, nice try, but… we already scoff at the Singing News “charts” with radio people listing what they may, or may not, be playing. I would give “radio” awards no more credence than I give radio charting. Zip, nada, nothing.

  5. Grigs wrote:

    Coming soon, the GRIGS AWARDS! Each recipient will receive the prestigious GRIGSBY BAG OF AIR*!!!! More information will be available whenever I get around to it.

    *-Bag not included

  6. Paul Jackson wrote:

    The Awards were back in the spring…I attended. There were some great perfomances that night including The Talley Trio, Three Bridges, Dove Brothers and Gold City…and wow, Mrs Collingsworth was awesome!
    The house was full of singers, producers, publishers, writers, engineers, label exec’s and most importantly, hundreds of FANS!

    This week’s Fan Festival was just that: An opportunity for SG fans to see some of their favorite artists “up close and personal” as they say…and a lot of them…about 35 Groups and Artists in 5 days played to a full house every night.

    I am an SG artist, and Wed. & Thu. I enjoyed it myself. Of course I’m partial to the male quartets, and every one I saw and heard, hit the stage with energy…fully prepared to give it their best shot…and they did!
    Quartets I saw were: Dove Brothers, Anchormen, Mercy’s Mark, Kingsmen and The Prophets!

    It would be best for someone else to review the performances for you (since I performed)…but from my vantage point, it seems this Annual event is good for Fans and Artists alike. Thanks for listening a moment.

    Paul Jackson

  7. Paul Jackson wrote:

    As I said in the previous comment, the house was full every night…friends of mine attended Tue, Wed, Thu…I was there Wed, Thu…and reports indicate Fri and Sat were the largest crowds of all….this was the same venue where the “dubious” (your word) Awards show was held.


  8. Practical Fellow wrote:

    Does anyone know if the Martins are going to make a new record soon? They’ve reunited and done some touring… I’m hoping they are in or headed to the studio. Does anyone know what’s going on with them?

  9. Chuck Peters wrote:

    Montana Man.. I hear ya.. but there is a difference.. The charts are skewed because they are presented as accurate “airplay” measurements,.. and many of us don’t think they are. If the SN presented them as “DJ favs”.. they would be more.. “on the money.” Award voting results are only “opinions” matter who votes. Opinions of what’s best, what’s the favorite,.. etc.

    An award voted on by radio,.. or just artists.. or just fans,.. any set of voters.. and presented as just that.. is as accurate as the counting. I think people read award results and somehow think the list is supposed to be “the best” when actually.. most are only fan favorites. (exception,.. and the one I like most: Harmony Honors)

    I guess a better question is.. would anyone be interested in the “opinion” of radio?

    Montana Man.. thanks for your comment.

  10. Jason wrote:

    Whatever happened to Gary Casto (Wilburns, Monument Qt.)?

  11. Tony Watson wrote:

    Gary Casto and two other of the former Monument Quartet members left to form Tribute Quartet - he, Dennis Dugger and Josh Singletary are all part of Tribute Quartet along with tenor Jacob Kitson.

  12. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Would there be any interest in awards chosen strictly by artists, do you think?

    The SGMA attempted to do this for a while, charging hefty ticket prices for a limited number of seats that were mostly purchased by nominated artists.

    What I’m picturing would be more profit driven in nature.

  13. DD wrote:

    Another stab at the Unthanks. Undoubtability Doug you and some your your readers are still misinformed about the SogoNews Fanfest. I was there Friday night and it was a full house, doors opened before 6 pm and seats were still full at 10 pm. This was about the fans, not awards and away from all the business and politics of the Southern Gospel industry. This was a free event and I think anyone who likes this genre of music would have been satisfied with what they heard every night. Give the Unthanks their due, at least they are trying and not sitting on the sidelines moaning and groaning about the past present and future of Southern Gospel music.

  14. arnold cenzaboy wrote:

    Mr. Jackson said “the house was full every night…friends of mine attended Tue, Wed, Thu…I was there Wed, Thu…and reports indicate Fri and Sat were the largest crowds of all…”"

    This is SG promotion at it’s most dubious. How can it be “full every night” and yet have the largest crowds on Friday and Saturday? That is right up there with “we’ve had hundreds of requests” from a crowd of 75. Who says there are not modern day miracles????

  15. Practical Fellow wrote:

    Martins info… Anyone? Testing… 1, 2, 3…

  16. Tim wrote:

    How about the “Pat Yourself on The Back Awards” and get back to business. Why do we need so many awards? Go into a closet and toot your own horn. Works for me and I win every time…

  17. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    How about awards giving out at the Final Homecoming based on being faithful stewards to what God has given them and us?

  18. cdguy wrote:

    Most awards programs (not just music, or s/g in particular) are done to promote or legitimize the organizations or media outlets who presents them. Look at the Oscars, Emmy’s, Tony’s, CMA, CMT, Academy of Country Music, Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval, et al. Most are just as self-serving as we sometimes perceive the assorted s/g awards to be. So, maybe it’s best we just take it all with a grain of salt.

  19. jb wrote:

    Good, another open thread. My comment has nothing to do with what is posted so far, but, does it bother anyone else when you go to a concert and they play the full CD of the group you are hearing before the service starts. This is mostly in a church setting, but, it annoys me because I don’t want to hear the program on CD when I have gone to hear them live. Just my pet-peeve for the day.

  20. JW wrote:

    I went to the SoGospelNews Fan Fest Wednesday through Saturday.

    I have to disagree about the crowd. The crowd was actually larger Wed. and Thur., levelled off some on Fri. and Sat. I thought that was weird, I’d thought Fri. and Sat. would be the largest. It wasn’t “completely” filled Fri. or Sat., but about 85% and even the guy who prayed during love offering time on Saturday mentioned how last year it was packed but not this time.

    Wednesday..everyone OK but Jonathon White looked a tad too casually dressed with jeans and shirt hanging out.

    Thursday…Mercy’s Mark, Gary Jones needs to switch to decaf, The Mullins live on with Everyday Driven, I really liked Johnny Minick with Alison Durham-Spear and others, and The Prophets can still sing well but talk too much (not just me saying that, a woman behind me was complaining about it loudly and left).

    Friday…The Freemans were good, seemed a little disorganized, and their daughter is stunning and looks like a model (yes, I know she’s married and I’d be scared of her Dad, besides), Blackwood Gospel Quartet comes across as more of a nightclub act (good singers but no, uh, feeling, has the canned act down for their club.)

    Saturday…weakest day to me, but The Lefebvres Quartet were fine. The Imperials were very slick, sort of like the Blackwoods but not as canned (To me, most slickly produced groups are missing that “it” factor that draws a crowd. I’m not talking about fake sincerity or “whooping them up”, but they are more interested in singing perty than conveying genuine feeling with good singing).

    All in all it was very good, but not as good as when I last went 2 years ago and they had the Jody Brown Family and Hope’s Call among others. But, then, I’m not going to complain since it’s free.

    I’m not an insider, so I don’t know about any supposed gripes with the Unthanks, but they put on a well run fan festival to me.

  21. cdguy wrote:

    Re: The Martins
    They had 2 or 3 new cuts on their DECADE album, but it was mostly “greatest hits”. I’ve not heard about anyone signing them as an artist, since Spring Hill released all their artists.

    Has anyone else heard anything?

  22. Trent wrote:

    I thought I read somewhere that Judy Martin Hess has gone solo.

  23. Trent wrote:

    HOWEVER, I just read their website, and they have singing dates through the first weekend of November as a group.

  24. QN wrote:

    1)I wish that the crowds at the Fanfest would migrate to Ohio. Attendance to anything (even the heavily advertised events) is PATHETIC!
    2) Who in their right mind would let the Blackwood Gospel Quartet sing anywhere?

    3)JW- you struck one of my sore spots: dress codes.
    I saw Crossroads (or whatever Anthony Facello’s trio is named) last Saturday in Greenville,Ohio. All three were in jeans, with shirts hanging out. Anthony make the remark that they wern’t in suits because one of the guys forgot to pack his. But since he’s singing for the Lord, that shouldn’t matter.
    My thoughts aer- ‘So what’s your reason?Did the rest of the group forgot their suits too??’
    Don’t think I’m bashing them. I’m attacking this general mindset: Because one sings for the lord, we should ignore low standards and just accept today’s lack of professionalism.
    I feel that if one is really singing for the Lord, the best should be given in EVERY part of ministry. Humans are very visuall, first impressions come from sight. We can’t change the human race, so why not dress in a manner that won’t turn possiable fans away?

    Am I all alone in thinking this way??????

  25. LesHopper wrote:

    QN- I don’t think because one guy forgets a suit an entire group should go without suits….but I do believe that if someone is entertaining you they should be comfortable….and like they said…if they are singing for the Lord then clothes shouldn’t matter.

    This has always been a sore spot for me on the NQC stage…MONKEY SUITS 24/7…NO INDIVIDUALITY!!! I mean why should artists dress in suits? Is it because that’s what the older groups did???

    I’m not saying wear RIPPED jeans and wrinkled/dirty shirts but come on! Don’t dress like an up-tight moron that has to do what those who came before him did! Be Yourself and not what others tell you to be. Otherwise every single group will wear the same suits, have the same short cut hair, and be exactly like another group…and to me that takes away the entire purpose of music….Individuality!

  26. joe wrote:

    I just saw the Martins in concert in Brandon, Mississippi on July 25th. Very little in the way of new music, but wow–what a catalogue of established songs to sing from! They were nothing less than fantastic. Each of them sang one song from their respective solo projects, but other than that, it was classic Martins. I too would love for them to release a new CD.

  27. Paul Jackson wrote:

    Sorry for any misunderstanding about the attendance at Fan Fest…sources told me that they thought there were as many if not more folks there on Fri/Sat as Wed/Thu, but as my post said, I was only there on Wed/Thu.
    Also, to me when we describe attendance, “full” does not mean “capacity”
    or “standing room only” or “overflowing”…it just means that any seats available are scattered and the building can reasonably be described as “full”.

    Sorry if I offended “Arnold” (#14). Not trying to be “dubious”…was just trying to answer Doug’s question with reasonably accurate information. I’ll be more specific in the future.

    Paul Jackson / The Prophets

  28. Michael wrote:

    I did not attend the sogospelnews fanfest, but I did manage to make it to a couple of nights of Songfest – the Frank Arnold event held each July in Jackson – on Friday and Saturday nights of the previous weekend. It’s always a top-flight event. This year was no exception.
    The Perrys and Gold City were the best that Songfest had to offer, for different reasons though.
    In the Perrys Friday evening set, it was one of the few times in the two nights I was there that I felt something for a prolonged period of time. The Perrys make you feel. You’re not just sitting there listening to them sing. To me, it’s why they’re the best of the best.
    Habedank is getting better and better. He’s not playing near as much with the melody as he was right after Loren Harris’ departure. He seems to be well more comfortable singing in his upper register and is going for a lot more. Kudos to him.
    The most amazing thing that I heard vocally from the Perrys though was how much improvement that Trammell has made in his year with the group. His leads are still choppy at times, but he’s so much more comfortable in his stage appearance/presence and in his harmonies. He’s now stronger/fuller singing the baritone part too, which makes their sound more complete and not as top heavy. I really have been amazed with his progress. I’m not sure that Hurst has not been working with him, seeing as he does travel with Nick’s father’s group (Mark Trammell Trio) now. The improvement in a year’s time is dramatic. It goes well beyond just comfortability though.
    Gold City just has star power at every vocal spot. McCune continues to improve, but Ladd is the one who opened my eyes. He really is “going for it” on almost every song and sounds incredible. However, this young man was singing “hard.” I don’t know if Gold City was a little extra jacked up being in a multiple group show and being the headline (last) act and not having to do as much material as normal or what. Maybe that’s what prompted Ladd to just try to rip every note of every song. Let me reiterate that he did wonderfully. However, if he keeps singing in that fashion, I don’t see his voice holding up. He doesn’t sing with the effortlessness of a Dan Keeton or Frank Seamans. I’m not saying he’s not as good as those guys. It’s just not effortless for Ladd. Oh, and Danny Riley is an elite voice in Southern Gospel music. The richness of his tones is simply incredible. Take more leads Danny.
    How do you replace a Jay Parrack and a Loren Harris? You can’t, but both groups are making the most out of what they have and putting on quality shows regardless.
    Kim Hopper singing When He Comes Down never gets old. The Hoppers are a wonderful example of the whole being greater than the individual parts (or however that saying goes). Dean knows he role and carries it out well.
    Devin McGlammery is vastly underrated. He’s not always doing as the previous males with Karen Peck and New River did. He’s not always trying to sing what is virtually a tenor part right underneath Susan Peck Jackson. Instead, when the song allows, he’s trying to give the group’s sound a measure of depth by staying more in a lead harmony type of range. It really sounds good too. Let Devin sing more.
    I like KP&NR’s older material more than their recent stuff, but the fans aren’t partial. They love many of the group’s songs.
    Do something new in your set though and get some new jokes. Come on. Lines like “we were going to hire a singer that makes us look younger” and singing Amazing Grace acapella…how many times have we heard it?
    Yes, they’re still riding Four Days Late, but if the fans want to hear it, keep singing it.
    The Booth Brothers are great but somewhat scattered at times. Get it a little more together. Get a game plan and don’t veer too far from it. And let Jim sing some. You’re an elite group in the industry. Show us that every time that you step on the stage, not every other time or two out of three. The Perrys and Gold City don’t miss. You shouldn’t either. You’re too good for that.
    The Dove Brothers just don’t do it for me. I don’t see the draw. With most groups, there’s at least a song or two I’d like to hear. I don’t mean to be bashing the Dove Brothers, but there’s not a single song I really care to hear from them. I’m glad that they’re blessing somebody though.
    Charlotte Penhollow Richie may be the best female vocalist in the industry, with the exception of a very few (Kim Hopper and possibly Libbi Stuffle, who is a totally different sanger). Talk about effortless yet almost flawless singing. Find songs that fit her and let her lead some songs. She’s way too good to just be a background singer. I don’t like some of the leads she does, but she’s just too good of a vocalist not to be able to take a song and rip it. Find something fast for her to sing. What a voice. I’d love to see her back with a mixed quartet or a group other than the one she’s in. I like a lot of Jeff and Sheri’s stuff – a lot of their material is actually not bad – but I want her being a third of a trio or a fourth of a quartet, not a background singer. If it were not for the fact that she and her husband get to travel together and that Jeff and Sheri have strong ties with Gaither (and thus bigger paychecks), I would venture to say that Charlotte would be elsewhere. Sheri has a unique voice but has great control. She’s a good, solid vocalist whether you like her style or not.

  29. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    You all want to see big crowds?
    Just wait till my Boston Red Sox are in the post season action.
    Matter of fact, they draw big crowds during the regular season at their “on the road” games.

  30. Practical Fellow wrote:

    I’ll continue to hold my breath for a new Martins record (I look good in blue).

    As for singers wearing suits every time they perform… I’m curious how old those of you are who prefer to see your singers in a coat and tie. I think that’s a dated wardrobe and many younger performers are trying to establish a new presence on stage. I agree that they should still look like they belong on stage and not running the register at the Gap, but don’t hold your singers to the Blackwood Bros dress code of yesterday.

  31. clyde wrote:

    Just viewed the pics at sogospel of the Fan Fester. Looks like we should trade some CDs for some Jenny Craig.

  32. jb wrote:

    So glad this open thread is still going. We were fortunate to hear the Lesters last night. We walked away blessed, knowing we had been in the presence of the Lord. I had not heard them for 5 yrs. They are truly at their best and it’s great they are back. Everyone is family, from the singers to the babysitter. It was an awesome service and I am thankful I didn’t give into self and stay home.

  33. Bryan Fowler wrote:


    I saw a post from Greenville, OH. The complete details are forthcoming, but if you like our station, The Rock- then you will love whats coming to Dayton. FowlerComm has been contracted for placing The Rock on a 50kw FM Station in the Dayton, OH market in a 24 hour a day FM version of The Rock! Stay tuned for complete details.

  34. QN wrote:

    I didn’t mean that every group should always be the coat-tie-vest-white shoe thing. Sure, wear short sleeves and no coat or tie in summer:it’s hot. But as Pratical Fellow said, don’t be a walking ad for GAP.
    I just would like to see more groups matching. It shows that a group is a team when they dress alike. Look at any ball team to get my point. Suites for them? NO WAY.
    I absolutely agree with Michael in regards to Danny Riley and Charlotte Richie. On GCQ’s first few CD’s with him, Danny seemed shakey and unsure. But I noticed some drastic improvements on his solos on the CD “First Class”. And he keeps getting better.
    I wish Charolette would branch out. She has great solo projects. I like the way Bill used to introduce them on the Homecommings: “The Easters”. Jeff and Sheri wern’t in the whole stoplight that way.

  35. DD wrote:

    Clyde #31, I’m glad you love my picture. If the Goodmans can claim “a half ton of fun” why can’t I. If you are at NQC this year come by and see me so I may visualize your perfection.

  36. clyde wrote:

    DD said “I’m glad you love my picture.”

    Well, all I was referring to was the notion of putting forth a Godly example by treating the body as a temple, as opposed to a compactor. No ill will meant, and if I was offensive, Lord, I apologize!

  37. JB wrote:

    I took this from a newpaper

    Fans of gospel music likely know the name Tommy Tester well. He’s a staple at WZAP 690 am in Bristol, Virginia, and has been for almost 25 years, but his recent arrest, has put his station in a tight spot.

    Johnson City police arrested Tester Thursday night on charges of indecent exposure and public drunkenness. Police say the preacher was driving drunk when he stopped at a car wash and urinated with children present. Investigators say prior to his arrest, Tester, who was wearing a skirt at the time, made sexual advances to them.

    WZAP Owner Al Morris says he has relieved Tester of his duties at the radio station until the facts of the case are determined. Morris says Tester’s arrest came as a surprise to him and everyone at the station. Since the arrest, Morris says he has spoken with Tester, who he says denies all of the allegations. Morris asks everyone to pray for the man.

    It seems people are taking that request to heart, including members of Tester’s congregation. He is the pastor of Gospel Baptist Church. We’re told, Sunday’s service was packed.

  38. TL wrote:

    For those in the last “open thread” that were asking about the Nelons. Their new website is now up ( All of the areas are not complete with information, but it’s good to see what they are up to now. Hopefully, they will start touring more!

  39. CG wrote:

    Post #37, this is a sad but true story. Coincidentally (or unfortunately), this is the same Tommy Tester who is this month’s (August 2007) Singing News Golden Mic winner with a featured article on him in that same issue.

  40. QN wrote:

    Hey, I want to know whatever happened to Steve Warren (Masters V, Stamps Qt.) ?

  41. Grigs wrote:

    Steve Warren was playing keyboard and singing harmony for Wayne Newton last I heard. I also hear that Wayne gives Steve a solo during concerts.

  42. Aaay Nonemus wrote:

    Regarding posts 37 and 39…that just goes to show that everything that glitters is not gold. I was in FLORIDA on Tuesday and heard a talk show host talking about this!

    NOBODY in southern gospel music should be put up on a pedestal. They are all human, and I’ve noticed at times that the ones that claim to be, and act, so Godly are sometimes the ones that have the most skeletons in their closets.

    I know everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but the more I read about this Tommy Tester thing makes me think that maybe I didn’t know the man as well as I thought I did.

  43. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Many time news stories come from various sources.
    My policy on posting links to news stories on my site is the appplication of being uplifting the name of Jesus Christ.
    God’s grace is sufficient with alot of personal time with Jesus Christ that would allow a negative situation become a opportunity to become a more powerful and committed believer than ever before.
    It is a proven fact that difficult times in life gives you a deeper insight into the reasons why Jesus Christ died on the Cross for us and rise up on Easter.

  44. one who has fallen wrote:

    Just before i typed this message, i prayed for Mr. Tester. No man, or woman, is above sin, so i would suggest this. Before one would post a comment about Mr. Tester, please take the time to pray for him, me, and all of us who fall short of the calling of the Lord.

  45. Aaay Nonemus wrote:

    To quote you, Gospel Music Fan, you wrote “God’s grace is sufficient with a lot of personal time with Jesus Christ that would allow a negative situation become a opportunity to become a more powerful and committed believer than ever before”

    If you are writing that concerning this Tommy Tester situation, I hope this does draw him closer to Christ, however, the bottom line on all this is the fact that its giving Christianity a bad name and making even MORE people claim that all ministers are frauds.

    One has to wonder how many times he’s been on that radio station proclaiming Christ, or even worse, behind the pulpit of his church preaching while being about half wasted?? Its just not a good thing that has happened.

  46. JM wrote:

    The conflicting reality with which Christians have to live is one of striving toward the example of a perfect Savior, while day by day acknowledging our less-than-perfect reflection of His example. Thank the Lord that he accepts us with all of our freckles, warts and inadequacies.
    The challenge seems to revolve around our need for “Christian superstars.” Whether in the role of a local church pastor, a gospel singer or a gospel radio DJ, men and women seek to excell in their chosen fields. As they gain greater exposure and attract the notice of the faithful, we elevate them, listen to their counsel or music and expect only the best and brightest and most pure from them. And, when they fall, it will be us, who passionately pile on and drag their fallen example from church to magazine to blog. I can honestly say that I don’t know this individual that has been taken astray. I’m sure that he is confused and shaken and full of regret and fear. And while I wouldn’t want him to stand behind a pulpit this coming Sunday, I pray that he will stand at an altar and, with the love and support of his family and congregation, seek a new beginning in the light of God’s mercy and forgiveness. Sin should never surprise or shake us; if you want to be surprised or shaken, consider the scope, depth and unconditional nature of God’s mercy!

  47. Jim2 wrote:

    Don’t know if any of you read John Piper or are familiar with his ministry, but I thought this posting on his website was very thought provoking.
    as he notes in the blog, his church is within sight of the collapsed bridge in Minneapolis.
    Doug, thanks for the open thread!

  48. clyde wrote:

    Come on Douglas, we are all waiting with baited breath for your comments on the “prestigious SGN Scoops Diamond Awards” and the debacle with the sponsoring host, venue or the lack thereof. Only you can shed the proper light on what should be called the “Mark Bishop” awards. Perhaps you are still out on the trail getting the “scoop” on the situation.

    Ahhhh, things that make you go hmmm…

  49. Brian Alvey wrote:

    QN…I doubt that is your real name. I am the baritone for Crossroad. First let me say, get your story straight. Justin, the lead singer, did not forget his suits. All of his bags were lost on his flight from Austin, TX. We, Anthony and I, did not feel right wearing our suits and Justin be in jeans. I think this is a petty attack against a group who is not wearing suits. We were not the only group there who did not wear suits. You’re simply picking us out because, the only name you knew from there was Anthony’s. I say, grow up. We’ve seen lives touched in our travels thus far and we will stay the course. Jeans or suits? How about Heaven or Hell? How about letting the Spirit draw people to the cross not clothing. God bless.

    Brian Alvey

  50. Madison wrote:

    Another note for QN’-

    “I like the way Bill used to introduce them on the Homecommings: “The Easters”. Jeff and Sheri wern’t in the whole stoplight that way.”

    lol you do know that Jeff and Sheri have been performing for like 22 years together (Charlotte was in grade school when they started) and they’ve been with Gaither for like 14 years (Charlotte has been with them for 11 of those years (when she married Greg)…

    And, how does introducing them as “The Easter’s” add anything to Charlotte?

    Oh and Michael-

    “…but I want her being a third of a trio or a fourth of a quartet, not a background singer. If it were not for the fact that she and her husband get to travel together and that Jeff and Sheri have strong ties with Gaither (and thus bigger paychecks), I would venture to say that Charlotte would be elsewhere.”

    I read this to her…she thought it was hillarious.

    It is honestly entertaining to us (people who actually get on the stage) how all of you think you really do have knowledge in SG just by attending a few shows and watching the videos…Whenever I talk to any artist that reads this site (more than you’d think) they just say “Well..these people must know more about me more than I do”…it’s always followed by a laugh…Ha ha

    Oh yeah…just a personal opinion, but I don’t really enjoy playing in suits, it’s not very easy to do with a guitar (unless you take off your jacket and roll up your sleeves…and that, to me, kind of negates the entire purpose of wearing a suit) and I’m only 18…I don’t know if it gets on anyone else’s nerves but like I said, this is just a personal opinion, but it really gets on my nerves to see young people dressing in suits that you can tell they are not dressing that way by there on will. (I’m sure Doug or someone else can find a lot of things wrong with my little “rant” but when grammar is your only weapon…you’ve got to use what you have)

    You guys keep doing what you do….I’m sure you do SOMETHING productive elsewhere

    God bless

  51. Madison wrote:

    …Sorry got a little carried away lol

    But all of that stuff is based on personal opinion….


  52. David wrote:

    For those in the Carolinas-how about the “new” JoyFM that debuts September 3rd? I know Daniel Britt is now Ops Manager, so what will be “new” about it?

  53. GD wrote:

    Is Joy-FM going to be new starting Sept.3? They’re only promoting it after nearly every song. I listen to JoyFM online from my office nearly every day, however the constant reminder that it’s going to be new, is weighing heavy on my nerves. Just heard the Dove Bros. new single. Let’s just say that the lyrics do absolutely nothing to support the argument that SG lyrics carry more “meat” than do other forms of Christian music. “There’s just a curve ahead, rest for my weary head, I’m going to make it I know.” What on earth is that saying?

  54. QN wrote:

    Brian Alvey,
    See post #34. I clarified myself in respect to some of my origional comments.
    I am sorry that you see this as a personal attack to the ministry of Crossroad, for I did not mean it in that manner.Obviously I should have clarified myself further, which I will attempt to do now.
    First of all, if people are being blessed and saved by the means of Corssroad, then wonderfull. That’s what this all is about.
    Secondly, I did not get the ’story straight’ because I did not remember every deatail. If I was in your case on that weekend, I would have not worn suites, but jeans with matching shirts.
    BUT, you guys may not have had them.
    Third, I did not mean to single your group out.
    Fourth, I had not heard you or Justin sing previously, so naturally my mental impression to Crossroad’s style was what I had heard Anthony sing before. I simply meant that I was suprised by the difference compared to the Journeymen or Mercy’s Mark.
    NOTHING IS WRONG WITH IT! Although I am not a fan of progressive Southern Gospel music, it tells of the Savior we all need just like the traditional quartet. It will reach those that don’t like other sub-generes in Southern Gospel music.

  55. Jim2 wrote:

    I see where Crystal Burchette is joining the Canaan Records team, but kinda confused about her reference to TK & McRae, Crossway and Mike & Kelly Bowling. Are they going with her to Canaan or is she Keeping her contact with Big Ten and also doing the Canaan thing?
    Speculation, conjecture and gossip, Oh My!

  56. Brian Alvey wrote:

    QN….I appologize if I sounded a bit harsh, but it is those comments that you made that can hurt a ministry. We are all singers in Gospel Music for the same reason, or at least we should be. I have sang in the traditional quartets, matching suits and all and that’s great. But, having said that, I’ve seen no less people come to know Jesus as their Savior wearing jeans. We do wear suits most of the time, depending on the venue in which we sing. I’m a fan of all Gospel Music…traditional or otherwise as long as the message is truth and that truth is Jesus Christ saves. God bless.


  57. cdguy wrote:

    Sounds like Crystal may be doing double-duty. Maybe she’s working for both companies on a consultant-type basis.

    And I wonder whatever happened to Crossway’s cd that was supposed to have been released a year ago through Word? Seems it got delayed a couple times, then cancelled. I read somewhere it was coming out this past May as an independent, but no one seems to know anything about it. Has anyone heard anything? Are they tied in with the Kathy Crabb/McRae/Mike & Kelly Bowling conglomerate?

  58. Mike McIlwain wrote:


    I know that Crossway has a new album that is out for mp3 download at I wonder if this is the same album you are thinking about?

  59. Jim2 wrote:

    Crossway is with TAG - as far as I can tell the first Southern Gospel artist on that label. A whole lot of TAG stuff is very late - including Rick Cua and a Parade of Pianos CD Featuring Roger Bennett and Dino.
    I’ve heard the Crossway CD “A Beautiful Thing” and enjoyed it. I’m not a critic by any means, but I do know what I like and I like the direction they are going with this CD. I just hope they can get it into retail stores soon.

  60. Chuck Peters wrote:

    One of the new CROSSWAY CDs is called A BEAUTIFUL THING.. and it is. Very nice. I got the actual CD from BIG TEN entertainment.. back in April. It may have been an advance copy.. not sure when it released. They also have another new one,. called THE ROAD TO FORGIVENESS. not sure what the deal is with that one.. may be a custom project.

  61. Jim2 wrote:

    Thanks for the clarification, Chuck - I guess I got mine from the Distribution Company and you got yours from the Label.
    Does anybody know the deal with the Booth Brothers and the CD on their website that has the song “Look for Me at Jesus Feet”? is it a table project or will it make it’s way to retail?

  62. Ben Reading wrote:

    I cant believe people actually get into arguments over such pitty topics.
    The guy that created this site did this to solely spread the disease commonly known as “Gossip”
    “A man who lacks judgment derides his neighbor, but a man of understanding holds his tongue. A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret” (Proverbs 11:12-13).

  63. mcdood wrote:

    What is up with crystal river anyone know or seen them lately?

  64. G wrote:

    Michael, I don’t know about the specific concerts you saw the Booth Brothers in but I have seen them many times, and they are some of the most disciplined vocalists in this industry. As for allowing Jim to sing more, he is featured on about every third song so I think the Booth Brothers do a great job of featuring him equally. As for being “scattered” as you put it, every group can have an off night, timing wise but almost every time I’ve seen them, their timing and program have been very thought out and carried out. Are we even discussing the same group???? Was this thread supposed to be a venting session about the groups we don’t like and why????

  65. quartet-man wrote:

    #50 Madison
    You ask “And, how does introducing them as “The Easter’s” add anything to Charlotte?”

    The answer is the same way calling the Gaither Vocal Band instead of Bill Gaither does for the GVB. No matter how you spin it, Jeff and Sheri Easter sounds like they are the only two people in the group. The Easters sounds like the entire troupe. You said in another post that they were always known as Jeff & Sheri Easter, but I thought I saw some tracks or something that said the Easters. I could be wrong. If they were always known as that, I can understand not changing it now. However, it still sounds like a duet. :-) Imagine your whole family going to meet the president and were introduced as Jeff and Sheri Easter. Wouldn’t if feel as if you and the rest of the family were not noticed? :)

  66. cdguy wrote:

    More about the Martins: I just read they have a cd coming out in October. Don’t know whether it’s new material, or a “best of” type collection, but Martins’ fans will want to keep their eyes & ears open.

  67. Madison wrote:

    #65 Q-man,

    I understand the point you’re trying to make but they ahve always been Jeff and Sheri Easter, even when it was 3 people (Mom, Dad, and my uncle Steve “Rabbit” Easter). No album has ever been released under “The Easters”. That’s just the way it’s been for 22 years (Char was in grade school in those days). That’s how they started and that’s what the group was built on.

    I just wanted to tell everyone that is still saying “Oh they don’t let her sing” or “They don’t feature Charlotte” to go read my comments back and forth between other people in the comment section of that “Wednesday round up” post. That should answer some questions.

    Take Care

    God Bless

  68. Jim2 wrote:

    Heads up to all you “Nashvillians” out there. Jeff and Sheri Easter (and of course Charlotte) will be on the Grand Ole Opry tonight. It ought to be a fun time.
    I got to spend a little time with them this morning and they are all very excited about the upcoming taping of “We Are Family” In Mt. Airy NC September 28-29. Jeff & Sheri, The Lewis Family and The Easter Brothers - that’s going to be a night to remember!

  69. TL wrote:

    Does anyone know what Rodney Baucom, previously of Joy FM, is doing? I know he made reference that he was going to move his family, but at the same time, talked as if he wasn’t exactly sure what the Lord had planned for him. Didn’t know if someone had heard since it has been several weeks since he left the station.


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    Kirk Talley Goes FM
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    If you are a Kirk Talley Fan and want to spend all day listening to nothing but Kirk Talley then this radio station (Kirk FM) is for you. Even if you just want a short dose of Kirk Talley, tune in and give them a listen.

  71. Matthew Moore wrote:

    Can someone please help me understand the photo on Michael Comb’s cd “Soldier”? The dogs, the tennis shoes, the “why are you taking my picture” look on his face. Does Mr. Combs have a pr guy. If so, he should be fired. If not, he should get one soon.