The Diamond Awards

I’m afraid I can’t get too excited about all the contretemps surrounding the Diamond Awards – where’s the venue for the awards show gonna be? Will they find one in time? Who’s the artist Randall Wilds has a beef with? Who cares?

Mostly, I just don’t get the Diamond Awards. The associated publication – SGNScoops – hasn’t, as far as I can tell, published its own scoops for a while now, at least not online. Instead, they use a news feed from sogospelnews (I have never seen or read the print edition, so I can’t really comment on it, though the cover story posted online seems to be fairly bare-bones stuff). Which is just as well, I guess, because even when it was publishing a regular internet edition, the “scoops” mostly amounted to the same press releases published elsewhere, often in a more timely fashion.

This is not so much a criticism (by all accounts the Scoops family are wonderful people, and of course I realize illness and death have visited the publication recently) as it is a general query. What’s the point of these awards? That the show is a free alternative the Fan Awards? That the same pool of performers compete for and sometimes win, and sometimes don’t win, more or less the same kinds of recognition they get elsewhere during a show in which they lavish attention and thankfulness onto the host publication in exchange for the free publicity and PR material it generates for them? Ok, but hasn’t sogospelnews already cornered the market on all this? Instead of sponsoring the event, the Unthanks should be trying to take it over, er … I mean, partner with the Diamond Awards to unify their front against the big bad SN Fan Awards. Because honestly, the world really shouldn’t have to be subjected to the co-hosting talents of Sondra Burnett/Chris Unthank AND Karen Peck/Jonathan Bond.

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  1. Phil wrote:

    Why does Randall Wilds have to have a “beef” with any artist? Since last years awards he has started his own SG magazine so why would he want to sponsor another magazines showcase?

  2. Grigs wrote:

    My ideal awards program hosts for SG would be the triumvrate of Doug Harrison, David Murray, and, to lead the youngsters along, Dr. Jerry Goff. I would like to have the ear plug concession for that show.

    Yeah, I know that I spelled the “T word” wrong.

  3. Aaay Nonemus wrote:

    The “beef” that Randall Wilds has is supposedly with Naomi and The Segos, when in reality, its with a member of Naomi’s group that was also an employee of Wilds & Associates as a booking agent and is no longer there. Its mainly what I call “beef by association”…this is not the dreaded rumor and innuendo clause that the followers of Un-thank-ism follow, but come to me thru highly reliable sources in the affair.

    After this person left Wilds & Associates, a press release was sent out that all of Naomi’s had been lost in a computer glitch or something and that anyone that had a date booked with The Segos call their office in Georgia…with no mention of W & A. Then a ton of churches, mine included, get this letter from W-n-A saying that Naomi owed them a “substantial amount of money” and that all dates MUST be booked thru them and not directly thru Naomi’s office and if its a love offering only date, that I MUST send $300 to Wilds or I risk getting legal preceedings against me. WHAT????

    First off, I always thought it was not a good move business-wise for Naomi’s group to be associated with this company. NOTHING that has ever been promoted by Wilds and his partner, John Lanier, has ever been even close to being deemed successful. SG Fan Fair was not successful its first year, and ever less the second year.

    And if you look at the talent roster on their 2 booking agencies, they list Lulu Roman, but she is not exclusive with them, as their biggest name, followed by the Jeff Treece Band and John Lanier. JTB is good, but I would not classify them as SG, the only claim to fame John Lanier has is that he was Tony Gore’s original tenor. The rest of these groups on both agency rosters are groups that don’t even justify being represented by an agency….and many of them are just out-right awful, which makes Wilds & Associates look like what they actually are, fouth-rate and a joke.

    Sorry for the long rant. It all boils down to that this person left Wilds & Associates and they got their Cheerios peed in, so now they’re peeing in the Segos Cheerios bowl now. C’mon, girls. Leave Naomi alone and stop all this nonsense.


  4. thom wrote:

    I think I’ll start my own awards show. Any group that goes one year without a personnel change or a bus breakdown would be eligible. The award itself will be a case of bottled water - much more useful than another ugly plaque or acrylic trinket.
    How’s that sound? Any takers? =)

  5. John Lanier wrote:

    AN: Your slant toward me or Wilds & Associates…you have a right to your own opinion. I’m not even offended at your name-calling (”girls”). I’m used to dealing with foul-mouthed kids.

    I may be wrong because I have no way of knowing who you are or anything about you just from your post. But from a couple of things you referenced, I get the impression you are a disgruntled pastor. IF that is the case, I am surprised that you would handle a situation in this manner. Not very becoming of a pastor. (Or any Christian for that matter.)

    Otherwise, you’ve made some pretty strong statements and assessments of a situation you really (obviously) don’t know anything about, regardless of your so-called “highly reliable sources.”

    Nevertheless, If you really believe what you’re saying and bold enough to post it, why are you afraid to post your real name to it, Mr. Aaay Nonmous? MY name is being drug through the mud. Are YOU any better than me?

    We (Wilds & Associates) have the highest regard for Mr. Allen Smith and maintain a peaceful, Christian relationship with him.

    As for your reference to the “beef” between Randall Wilds and Naomi & The Segos, I refrain from making any comments concerning this because it is indeed a legal matter.

    Nevertheless, regardless of public opinion and speculation, we will not compromise our convictions.

    John Lanier

  6. KA wrote:

    “Allen Smith of the SGN Scoops Diamond Awards takes great pleasure in announcing the new corporate sponsor for the 2007 Diamond Awards is Eternal Vision Ministries, Inc.”

    How long will it be before a member of the Eternal Vision Family is nominated for an award?