The Nelons have a new website

In the internet age, I guess this is what you release when you aren’t releasing new music. Oh by the way: Janet Paschal has a new website too, I see. Not a moment too soon, though I hope the online store gets an upgrade as well. And certainly it wouldn’t hurt Greater Vision and Legacy Five to redesign their websites. But I digress.

As for the Nelons, with this new website they seem just one step closer to quite literally being a virtual confection of memory (Rex, Janet, Karen, “We Shall Wear a Crown,” etc) and desire (for what’s possible even still), mixed with a good dash of melancholy (for what most probably won’t be). No matter. Descending out of the wistful, what is up with the website being designed around Jason Clark? Jason’s is the first name to be mentioned in the Nelons bio; Jason is quite fixedly the center of every picture; and the Nelons blog should just be called The Jasonium.

I get the whole “we’re a Christian family” idea, but let’s not kid ourselves. Kelly Nelon Clark is the star here – that’s who we go to hear and see (on the sporadic occasions they book a date); her daughter is the heiress – a big deal too, at least potentially. He’s the husband, who - as a professional artist - plays bass well (but not on stage anymore), sings serviceably, emcees forgettably, and writes songs that range from average to amateur. Put him alongside his wife and stepdaughter, and the contrasting talents only comes into that much sharper focus.

It’s just basic bidness: sell your marketable difference. This new website, on the other hand, seems to be selling JASON CLARK and family, not an act that is likely to pack out that many houses any time soon.

On another subject, when and for what did the Nelons win a New York Film Festival Bronze Award? It gets mentioned on the website like it’s common knowledge. Is it?

Update: Welcome, to the Jason Clark et al Fan Club. Better late than never.

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  1. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Actually, L5 announced in an e-newsletter recently that they have a new website that should be up in the next couple of weeks.

    Aaron Swain

  2. GD wrote:

    I think they won the award for their “Famine in the Land” video. Can’t say for sure. As for the new website, I didn’t notice that it was so Jason-filled. What I did notice was the sound clips from their new cd. It didn’t really sound like the Nelons we’re used to hearing. That’s too bad.

  3. CVH wrote:

    Haven’t we seen this sort of thing before in Christian music, secular music and entertainment in general? A person of lesser talent marries a known commodity and sooner or later the emphasis shifts from where you would think it should be (Kelly) to where you wouldn’t think it should be (Clark). I don’t know the guy from Adam although I’ve seen them live and heard his material. I suppose one must give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s sincere, but even if that’s the case, he certainly doesn’t merit the emphasis he’s putting on himself.

    So the question to me is, why? I don’t know anything about Kelly and I don’t want to presume much. Is it the scenario of a talented woman being coerced gradually over time into believing that her spouse/business partner is better than he is or that he truly merits the attention he’s drawing to himself? Is she submissive to the point that she believes his contributions to the group warrant the prominent, central position he’s taken? Or worse, does she really believe the hype?

    OK, “stand by your man” and all that but the risk is that the great Nelon name and Kelly’s and Amber’s real talent will be marginalized while the less talented member moves to center stage and hogs the spotlight, taking bows on behalf of all of them.

    I realize it’s not nice to knock someone’s husband and stepfather but this is business, it’s not personal.

  4. Brett wrote:

    I don’t understand why on their publicity page it says Jason & Kelly’s 18 year old daughter AMber. It is Kelly & Jerry’s 18 year old daughter. It seems it all does center around him.

  5. TL wrote:

    Having been a Nelon fan for many years, I found myself just reading what pertained to Kelly and Amber, not even realizing it at the time. I just glazed over Jason’s material. I think they should stay with the tradition of the Nelons because that is why we are fans and would love to see them in concert again. Regarding the reference about Amber being Jason’s daughter, perhaps they are trying to stay focused on the group and not bring in the specifics of what “real” relation they are. For those that are new listeners to the group, they would have no idea about the “family” and the situations from years ago. Trying to keep things simple :-)!

  6. Practical Fellow wrote:

    God bless (and help) the Nelons for the minefields they must navigate publicly. God. bless. them. every. one.

  7. Trent wrote:

    I think everybody needs to get over their obcessions with making the Nelons the same group they used to be. Rex Nelon is no longer with us. The group has changed. They are NEVER going to have the same sound they had 15 years ago, because of Rex’s death. That doesn’t mean they are any worse today, they are just a different group with a different make-up. Kelly’s daughter, who is a very good singer, is now a prominent part of the group and her sound along with her mother & step-Dad has changed the group’s persona and sound immensely. Just enjoy them as they are. What’s wrong with that?

  8. Tom K. wrote:

    I also like their sound and think that Amber is a “star” in the making. No disrespect to Jason but I for one go to see Kelly and Amber.

    However, and I really want to know, where is Jerry and what is he doing? Someone let me know please!!!

  9. SPD wrote:

    Here’s the deal! Jason has been called to preach and they left the road to persue his ministry! And I’m sure that this will progress into ‘Jason Clark and The Nelons’!
    That would be sad to let such a legacy go to waste! The whole where’s Jerry thing is obvious! There are lots and lots of churches that don’t allow divorced pastors or ones who mary a divorcee to take the pulpit, so let’s not mention it and maybe they won’t ask! Since the emphasis is on Jason’s new ministry they try to come across as a happy christian family! I saw the Nelons in june at a local groups homecoming! The friends that I attended with new nothing of the Nelons (being new to the genre) and thought Amber was Jason’s daughter because of the way that Kelly introduced her! “This is our daughter Amber”! Anyway I think it’s all an atempt to keep His ministry on the up and up!

  10. Amber wrote:

    I want to thank all of you for your nice comments on us. I want to say first that we are a christian family whose only focus is on God .. not on one person. I know that you may think that we may be forgotten but we’re not in this for the fame or the fortune. We’re in this for the ministry to lost souls who need to come to Christ. I think many of you have forgotten about that. So what if we’re forgotten? Earthly treasures don’t matter anyways b/c one day all this will be gone and we’ll be with God in Heaven and won’t have anything to show for up there. So as for me and my family we are doing things to store treasures up into the kingdom of God. NOT MAN!! As for my dad, he is wonderful. He overcame Cancer last year and just recently overcame Quadrupal bypass surgery in May. He is just starting to get back to normal now and doing the regular things like he used to. As for my granddaddy!(laugh if you want, but that’s what I called him) He is, was, and will always be a wonderful man…and as for him… he will never be forgotten! I know he would be proud of the way things have been carried on by my mother! I have to say that while writing these things to you .. brings tears to my eyes. No you’re right.. we don’t like bringing up the past and I as a still a child do not like explaining things to people who don’t know! It’s easier that way for me and my family. So many of you have so many harsh words but I know I can’t stop you from saying these things but maybe if I make you re-focus on what this is all about … maybe..just maybe.. it would change your whole way of thinking! I know I’m only 18 years old but I am not a pushover and I’m not a bratt… I’m just a normal girl …blessed with a gift from God … who loves to sing and praise Him with all her might.. and I love my family ..So please stop talking about stuff you have no clue about b/c even though you may think you are not doing any damage … you may have no clue how much damage you’ve already done!!

    God Bless-
    Amber Thompson

  11. jb wrote:

    To Amber: God Bless You for taking a stand, first for God, then your family. I don’t know why people have to be so critical and mean spirited. If you can’t be uplifting, then be quiet. It really shouldn’t concern anyone as to the “why’s and where’s” of things. I am glad you reported on your father. I have often wondered what he was doing also? Amber, my desk calendar quote of the day for today says this: Do not ask God for a life free from grief; instead ask for courage that endures. Keep doing what you are doing and God will honor you for it.

  12. Grigs wrote:

    Good for you, Amber! I’m glad to see you stick up for your family! I’m also glad to hear that Jerry is doing well.

  13. BGC wrote:

    God bless Amber and her family.

  14. Jonathan wrote:

    I find it amazing how we, as christians can sit around and take time out of our days to run down people and find faults in those who are doing a work for God. Why not take this time to share what God has done for you? Now as far as the Nelons, I think they are an awesome family doing what God has called them to do. They are still encouraging people to keep on for God. I know, I am one that has been encouraged by them. Now, I encourage them to keep on doing what they are doing for God for great will be there reward!

  15. Frank Lee wrote:

    Thank you, Amber. You’re a true gem. God bless you and your family’s endeavors to minister.

  16. Tim wrote:

    Have you ever thought it could be the case of a woman allowing the man to take the lead role in heading up the household and business?

  17. Practical Fellow wrote:

    So how far is too far on this blog? Madison Easter and Amber Thompson are now defending their own honor here. I don’t know… this is just starting to feel kind of soiled. I think this blog has served a terrific purpose in challenging the industry to change and improve, but this seems like we’ve collectively crossed the line.

    I think 85% of Southern Gospel artists out there are living in ranch style homes, working second jobs and driving used cars. Whatever notariety they have achieved has not translated into wealth, affluence or elitism. Most of them are regular people with a little more than average name recognition. They’re people who follow this blog like the rest of us. Seeing their children defend them here is sickening to me.

    So I have a new resolution: I’ll only desparage Doug Harrison personally (and often). I’ll reserve the remainder of my harsh criticism for the industry itself and not the personal lives of folks who have their fair share of problems without my help.

    At least I’m going to try my stinkin’ hardest.

  18. Radioguy wrote:

    Thank you for the update on your father Amber. I’ve often wondered how he is doing.

  19. LeeAnn Mills wrote:

    Amber, God Bless you and all your family. You all are in our prayers as you fight the good fight.

  20. jason wrote:

    You know this is honestly the first time i’ve ever been on this site…I don’t know why i’m even on it this time except for receiving phone calls from my family today!!!

    Lord knows these kinda things are hurtful but it’s stuff we’ve been through before..I’ve done nothing except to try and raise our family and be a protector, provider, spiritual leader for my 3 girls. It is a great responsibility that I don’t take lightly…Kelly and I raise them in church and around the Word of God which is the only authority!!! And God has been so good in ways that most of you may never know. Remember with God, one must die to live, one must be made low to be made high, one must be weak to become strong.. In this life it is not our weaknesses that are our problems it is our strengths..God can only be made strong through weakness. As far as our site goes, I think the most mentioned Name is the Only One really worth mentioning, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit…

    He is Who we live for, sing for, and He knows the pain that things like this can cause but His Word tells us in Philippians 2:5-7 “let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: BUT MADE HIMSELF OF NO REPUTATION, AND TOOK UPON HIM THE FORM OF A SERVANT and was made in the likeness of men:”
    Our life and ministry is all about the service to the church in the platform of music (in which we all serve at locally) and to God’s people…

    If Christ Who was the very Son of God and had no sin, MADE Himself of no reputation…then why should any of us…?


    ps- the last few days all 4 of us, (jason, kelly, amber, autumn) have been praying and visiting with a 6 year old boy who is the son of one of our choir members. Monday we learned that he has a brain-tumor the size of an adult-fist…Today is his surgery…He may not even make it through…He has a very slim chance of making it according to the Dr. We have been ministering to this family, praying, fasting for little Brody, as I was leading worship on Wednesday at our Academy I watched over 400 kids come to the altar and all of us calling upon the Name of the Lord for Brody….this is what it is about…not a website or an industry…or a style of music….the verse in Philippians 2:4 “look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others”….

    that is a command in the scripture to every believer….it’s not about me or you but all about HIM and THEM!!!

  21. bill champion wrote:

    the nelons are some of the nicest people I with all sg singers we should pray for them daily.

  22. Charlie wrote:

    I’ve been in and around SGM all my life. I’ve been blessed to be a part of several popular groups, and have made many friends as a result of my love for this style of music. Strangely, one group that I’ve always loved and admired, I’ve never become ‘close’ friends with, even though they only live a few minutes from me. That’s The Nelons.

    But I’ve always been a fan of their music. It never fails to touch my spirit. I’ve admired their times of success, and silently cried because of the heartbreaking circumstances they’ve had to deal with. But, for whatever reason, I’ve never made ‘personal friends’ with them.

    But, strictly as a ‘fan’, I can honestly say that although they may not currently carry the former weight of their previous stardom, they seem to be as sincere as ever about their ministry, if not more so. I appreciate that.

    I applaude them for being brave enough to pst their feelings here on his sometimes vicious public arena. It should say a lot about their integrity and character.

    I think The Clarks or The Nelons or The Nelon-Thompson-Clark trio (or whatever else you might wanna call them) should be role models now more than ever for the generation that’s coming behind us. God knows they need SOMEONE that;s godly to look up too, and SG doesn’t have THAT many that could really carry that mantle.

  23. Naomi wrote:

    I attend church with Jason, Kelly, and Amber. They are some of the sweetest Christians I have ever met. Jason is definitely a man of God. It is a privilege and honor to be able to participate in worship led by Jason. The whole family truly demonstrates a humble, spirit-filled life. Those that choose to slander their names need to search their heart to see their reason for doing so. Tonight in church they led our church into a spirit-filled worship time. We are blessed as a church beyond words for their leadership.

  24. Todd wrote:

    I am a 3rd generation LeFevres/Rex Nelon Singers/Nelons fan. My grandmother intruduced me to their music (I have all her old LP’s!) I’ve followed the group almost all of my life and while the personnel has changed over the years their message is still the same, Jesus Christ!

    I now attend church where Jason is the worship leader. I’m a member of the choir and ensemble there. During our practice time this Sunday we had a time of worship and testimony. It was awesome! We had church during choir practice. I’ve been in alot of choirs and I’ve never experienced anything like that. It’s very evident that Jason has an anointing from God to lead in worship.

    I’ve admired the Nelons as a fan, but now that I’ve gotten to know them personally, I admire them even more. Their Christian testimony shines through in everything that they do.

    In conclusion, I just want to say that it hurt me greatly to read some of the comments that were made about the Nelons. Why are we wasting our time criticizing each other when there are people dying and going to hell. As Christians we need to work together and build each other up, not tear each other down.

  25. Debbie Farley wrote:

    After reading your blog entry on the Nelons, I feel I must comment. We go to church with them and know them well. Their focus is on serving God and His people not fame and fortune. None of them make much of their celebrity but are humble servants at their local church.

    Jason is our minister of music and seeks Gods guidance on the music for every worship service. Our Pastor doesn’t publish his sermon topic ahead to time, yet week after week the music is right on target and frequently comes from the same scripture as the sermons. I must believe that is God’s touch and not a coincidence.

    Kelly directs the children’s choir for the church and our Christian school producing amazing musicals that always present the gospel to the audience. The hours of planing and work in each production is very apparent. She is a dear sweet lady that I am glad to call my friend.

    Amber is a lovely young lady and her posting speaks to her heart. She is exactly what she seems. A good Christian young woman.

    I’m in the choir and know how much work they put into the music ministry. How serious they are about preparing the music. This is their ministry and they take it very seriously.

    These are my friends. They are good Christian people. I can honestly say I have never heard them say a hateful thing about any one else. I thank the Lord for putting them in my life and for the privilege of serving together with them for Him.

  26. Chris Taylor wrote:

    I came across this site while searching for the new Nelons cd online. I am amazed that a person with any discernment capactiy whatsoever could, with good conscience, give credence to any of the remarks made by this website’s author. To begin, what credible website hides the personal name and contact information of the person making such statements? If you realize the context, it becomes quite clear that this person has a personal vendetta against Jason, while superficially trying to maintain his “respect” toward Kelly. Even if the musical ability of Jason could be called in to question, it is obvious the motive of the comments at the top of this page are directed at tearing down Jason personally, while lacking any actual evidence to back the case against him musically. I’m shocked at the lack of professionalism of this site, and the lack of space given to an artist who actually creates new things. True artists are not known for simply repeating the same tradition of those before him. Jason happens to be one of the most respected arrangers and musicians, but he stays behind the scenes. His motivation is not the lime-light, so he works with and through other people. His vocal ability is superior to most in the industry. So, I am sure anyone reading the original comments would conclude that this apperas to be a secret admirer of Kelly who has spent his life attacking the man who was everything Mr. VeryFineLine could never be. This becomes clear when you read the first paragraph within this context. I do know that Jason, Kelly and Amber are extremely successful in the things which they now involve themselves. Apparently, this website is unaware of those things.

  27. Leslie wrote:

    Practical fellow,

    Who are YOU kidding??? Ranch homes, 2nd jobs, used cars? Yeah right! You need to come to Morristown; we must be the “other” 15%. We don’t live in 1967 ranchers, drive used cars, or work 2nd jobs.

  28. Debbie Haney wrote:

    Amber, I have seen you sing since you were very small. You have grown to be a terrific lady. I know your dad is very proud of you and I know somewhere in heaven your granddaddy is very proud of how you handle yourself and how the group is pressing ownward. Don’t let anyone push you down. Just keep in mind the song”God on the Mountain, He’s still God in the Valleys, when things go wrong, he’ll make them right.” We will be praying for your dad and your entire family. :)

  29. Becky wrote:

    I was searching for sountracks of the Nelons and ran across this site. I have loved listening to the Nelons for years. The first cassette I ever purchase was one of the ones with Karen Peck and Kelly together. I recently bought “seasons of songs” ( I know it is old) but I just rededicated my heart to the Lord and Their music blesses my heart and makes me feel very close to my Lord and Savior.
    I am not singing in my church and I love to sing with the Nelons soundracks.
    The only thing I dont like about their new site is that I cant find a place to email each one of them to tell them how much they mean to me!
    I love all of you.. Keep praising Jesus!

    and…. where can I get the soundtrack for Covered by the Blood???

  30. Mike Garner wrote:

    After reading all of the above comments, i want to respond to some of the criticism. After teaveling with the Nelons ans being in close quarters as a member of their group, i can readily tell you, they are sincere in the “Christian Family” appeal. It is not just an act to look good before the public. Many nights the conversation on the bus riding for hundreds of miles was not centered around improving record sales, or how to take the group to the next level, it was about new venues to take the Gospel to the people, and how to be more effect in the ministry, and this was accomplished through a dedication First to God, second to family, and third to the church. There were times we sang 10 hours from home, and Jason and I would take turns driving to make it back for the Sunday morning service. Igt was hard but they were dedicated to it, and God has blessed them for it.
    As for the personal issues, there is no reason for people to ask, but they do , and the only way to not gove specifics is to be vague or avoid it. Its sad it has to be that way. It’s not been an easy road for Amber, or for Kelly or even for Jason, people do not know what has had to be endured and really, should not want to know. Just know, what we go through has the ability to make us stronger. and it has. GOD BLESS THE NELONS!!! and amber too:)

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