Best worst Lyric contest

As per David Bruce Murray’s suggestion, a contest.

You should run a contest for the “best” song lyric containing the lines “Jesus Got ‘Er Done” and “Osama Bin Laden.”

Well then, ok. Consider the contest on. Give me your best worst shot at lyrics using “Jesus Got R Dun” or “Osama Bin Laden.” Special consideration for both in one.

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  1. Monica wrote:

    Osama Bin Laden
    could re-ceive his pardon
    The victr’y has been won
    cause Jesus Got R done

  2. Madison wrote:


    sad thing is someone may actually read some of these lyrics and say…”Hmmmm….”

    I’m very interested to see how this turns out.


  3. Trent wrote:

    Jesus Got R Dun, defeated death and the grave
    Jesus Got R Dun, to sin I’m no longer a slave
    Now satan and sin lie rotten
    Just like Osama Bin Laden
    We have the victory because Jesus Got R Dun

  4. ST wrote:

    Jesus Got R Dun
    He is God’s only son
    He died for rednecks, hippies, and bums
    Yea, Jesus Got R Dun

    Two things we’ve not forgotton
    One is Osama Bin Laden
    and the other is that Jesus Got R Dun

  5. Edie wrote:

    By Edie Dufresne

    (Key of C - 3/4 time)

    Verse One:
    You can try to hide
    like Osama bin Laden
    up in an old desert cave
    but God sees all things
    and he’s not forgotten
    how desperate you are to be saved.

    Verse Two:
    And you may have a gun
    just like Ol’ Dick Cheney
    shooting your friends in the face
    but God understands
    how life can get zany
    that’s why he offers us grace.

    We all were sinners
    we all were lost
    but all of that changed
    on the old rugged cross
    For all us sinners
    God sent his son
    And there on Mt. Calvary
    Jesus got r dun.

    Verse Two:
    You may be at war
    without a good reason
    just like ole George W. Bush
    but that’s when God sees
    our sins and our treasons
    and gives us a kick in the tush.

    (Sing Chorus Again)

  6. Nina wrote:

    jesus got r dun
    now we don’t have to
    jesus got r dun
    now we are free
    for god so loved the world
    he gave his only son
    he took on all our sins
    yes jesus got r dun

    like osama bin laden and elijah
    i found myself hiding in a cave
    til one day i heard that precious story
    and that night i walked the aisle and got saved

    now you may be wandering in the desert
    searching and praying for some peace
    now god is calling you from out of that wilderness
    a promised land just beyond that middle east

  7. Charles Brady wrote:

    (In the key of B) afraid

    In this world of woe
    We have our foes
    But don’t you worry
    Cause Jesus Got R Done!

    In this life there are three things I fear
    Especially in the election year
    So what are the three that scare me the most
    That strike fear in hearts from coast to coast

    Osama, Obama and Chelsey Clinton’s Momma!

    So if you’ve ben laden down with fear
    Git in yer chevy and throw it in gear
    Pay your taxes so we can make more bombs
    And always remember that “Jesus Got R Done!”

    © 2007 Charles Brady

  8. Revpaul wrote:

    With Osama Bin Laden
    We all feel downtrodden;
    Al Quida keeps ploddin’ along.

    But my Mama’s been prayin’
    That all of this slayin’
    Will end as she sings us her song.

    Ohhh, Mama keep singin’ your song;
    Sing it all the day long.
    The music is waddin’ the shorts of Bin Laden
    Ohhh, Mama keep singin’ your song.

  9. dkd wrote:

    Oh my goodness…what can one say about all of the above?

  10. Videoguy wrote:

    Sounds like chapel service at NASCAR.

  11. braveguy wrote:

    Becareful on listing these lyrics. You never know somebody like Jonathan Bond or Rick Hendrix may try to steal them and then promote it at the GMA. Bond may try to push it on the make it or break it program at solid gospel. You may just have a hit song here with them.

  12. art wrote:

    This is great stuff. Keep ‘em coming.

  13. Marty Funderburk wrote:

    For my money, Charles Brady nailed it. I can hear his, “Osama, Obama, and Chelsey Clinton’s Momma” sung to the tune of Tim McGraw’s, “I Like It, I Love It, I Want Some More of It.” And Revpaul comes in a close 2nd because of “waddin’ the shorts of Bin Laden.” There’s some serious talent lurkin’ ’round the blogosphere!

  14. Practical Fellow wrote:

    I think is all in very poor taste. And not the good poor taste either…

  15. jb wrote:

    Practical fellow:
    Why do you think it is in poor taste? I think it is just plain funny.

  16. gooberpharmer wrote:

    Please President Bush, don’t look so downtrodden,
    we all know you’ve tried to find Osama Bin Laden,
    but through eternity he can’t hide or run,
    you really should remember that Jesus got ‘r

  17. Revpaul wrote:

    If my lyrics end up embroidered on a cap, I know lived would be changed.

  18. sg wrote:

    Videoguy wrote:

    Sounds like chapel service at NASCAR.



  19. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Rev didn’t use both phrases, but I see he tried to make up for it by invoking Mama. :o)

    …which reminded me, Ray Stevens does have an Osama song, and he rhymes it with Mama.

    Osama, Yo Mama.

    It has some choice lines like:
    “We got your terror right here, we’re gonna run it up your rear”
    and George W. Bush quotes that oft repeated Stevens lyric:
    “You in a heap a trouble, boy”

  20. Revpaul wrote:

    DBM, your original suggestion was to write a lyric using both, but Avery’s contest specifically said “or”. I went with “Osama” because “Got R Dun” just freaks me out. You’re right about one thing though, there ain’t no song like a Mama song!

  21. Kyle wrote:

    To the tune of “Plan Of Salvation”:

    I must question Jesus on Osama bin Laden
    What the heck were you thinkin’ when you made that one?
    I want to be there when that judge says I’m guilty
    For trademark infringement
    For Jesus Got-R-Dun

  22. Derek wrote:


    Marty, you should get in touch with Cledus T. Judd or some other parody-maker! I’d love to hear that one myself! LOL

  23. Bryan wrote:

    “Only God could love an Osama
    Its something not many could do
    Not even my Mama
    And when the Victory has been won
    Even he will know Jesus Got “er” done
    Yes only God could love an Osama”

    *copyright Singing Cookes Music

  24. Revpaul wrote:

    Re: *copyright Singing Cookes Music

    Now Bryan, you’re just being bad! [grin]

  25. Phil wrote:

    Ok, this is my first ever post on any blog, but I feel so strongly about this I cannot refrain….I simply think that this thread is very inappropriate. To me any discussion involving our Lord should not be so frivolously conducted. Of course I “get” the point. I just feel very uncomfortable in seeing this irreverent (however unintended it may have been) song title being lampooned in this manner because it only worsens and perpetuates the original offense.
    Possibly some are only concerned with the unprofessional title. My main concern is the lack of reverence we show a thrice Holy God.

  26. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    If this thread illuminates what you’ve just said, then it accomplished precisely what I hoped when I made the suggestion.

    Now, if we could only get the Christian T-shirt companies to realize how much they’re cheapening the name of our Lord when they rip off every popular secular phrase or advertising slogan, we’d actually be getting somewhere.

    Unfortunately, someone, somewhere, is going to buy that “Jesus Got ‘R Done” cap or T-shirt, and as long as that is the case, those companies are going to keep churning them out.

    How many of you own a “Lord’s Gym” T-shirt? That was one of the most popular designs when I worked in Christian retail. Unfortunately, I didn’t have control over what was stocked in the T-shirt area (or the “Jesus Junk” bins either).

    One of the worst I ever saw was a Budweiser ripoff. It was the same design as the popular beer logo, but the letters had been changed to “budwiseup.” Now, I must confess, I like to have fun with puns sometimes, but that’s just stupid.

  27. Don't Shoot Me wrote:

    I must confess that I had a God’s Gym shirt (before they got slapped with a copyright infringement and had to change it to Lord’s Gym) and others. As a youth it was a way to share faith in I guess a “cool way.”
    I do see the point a bit now. I do think that things have gotten considerably worse since those early days. I never saw the BudWiseUp one etc.or some of the others. Although I love puns and although I like taking something of the devils and turning it around, I see the other side. Too often it is just to make a buck and I do understand how one can think it irreverent.

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