Vicki Goodman on her parents’ legacy

Following some digging and confirming its authenticity, a note from Vicki Goodman:

After being sent this site information I felt it important that I let the public who loved my parents know, I am in no way involved in any […] production that is now being sent out. I am the only daughter of Howard and Vestal Goodman. I have stayed silent as this would break my parents heart if they knew what was happening in the name of the ministry. The actions of my brother in no way reflect the intentions of my father when he began his ministry some 70 years ago.

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  1. Joe wrote:


    Please understand that the hearts of a whole lot of people are probably breaking along with yours. Your open honesty is deeply appreciated.

    I speak as one who recorded albums at Goodman Sound Studios; who had your brother playing on our albums; who had our record-cover photos taken in your Mom and Dad’s apple tree; and who loved the music and the testimony of the HGF as much as any.

    Your parents and Uncle Sam were class acts. Your Uncle Rusty was one of the finest men we ever met and knew- a remarkable Christian.

    Rest assured- what you’ve written about will NOT dim the valued legacy of The Goodmans in our hearts and minds in ANY way. There simply was, and never will be, anybody like them.

  2. Bryan wrote:

    Wow…thank you so much Vicki for your comments. I appreciate your candor.

  3. anonymous wrote:

    Let me see…I think RICK is the one who LIVED with Vestal and Howard correct? Maybe this is a sister scorned?

  4. Daniel J. Mount wrote:


  5. Revpaul wrote:

    So #3 gives us innuendo and a maybe, then quickly hides behind anonymous. Shameful!

    Thank you, Vicki, for you post.

  6. shanjenkins wrote:


    I, too, appreciate your candor. I will remember the Happy Goodmans for their incredible contribution to the Southern Gospel Music world. They are true legends…bigger than life, and I will always remember them for the unique style that so many often try to copy. There will never be another artist like the Goodmans.

  7. Edie wrote:

    Rick, uh,…I mean Anonymous, many friends and observers of Howard and Vestal might word your question this way: Rick was the one who lived off of his parent’s name and careers his entire life, maybe this is a sister finally saying what she wanted to say for years?

    But who knows really…thank you Vicki for offering us a glimpse of the love and admiration you have for your parents and their ministries.

  8. Matthew Moore wrote:

    I have not been around sg very long. I saw your parents sing at my very first Gaither concert in 98 or 99 in Sacramento Ca. The one thing i remember is how electrifying their entrance was. The lights went out, and on the screens was playing the entrance to their television show. 20,000 people in Arco Arena went crazy as Vestal and Howard entered from the side of the arena and made their way to the stage. It was amazing. I loved seeing Vestal sing. I still cannot get over her singing the second verse of “Rock of Ages”. I get chills just thinking about it. Your family was a blessing to me and I only saw them live once. I hope that Rick will seriously consider his actions. He cannot damage the past of the HGF, but he can affect its future. I pray for God’s wisdom for him and his family. God bless you, and thank you for you honesty.

  9. BL wrote:

    Yeah rick did live with them…. he drove there cars, lived in there home, and lived off there money… apparently. And when they both passed away there was no more money. So what to do, what to do??? I know sell there clothes, furniture, and anything else to keep making the lease payment on that Mercedes. I dont think rick is a bad person, beacause he did take care of them… I guess. I just think that the well ran dry and well… gotta make a living somehow.

  10. RF wrote:

    Interesting turn of events. One of the reasons IMHO that sg has such a hard time of catching on with the public at large is stuff like this. Most people shy away from hucksters and the slease that shows in this “ministry” only appeals to a small group of generally unsophisticated people who will spend their hard earned dollars (that most of them cannot afford) on any trinket that will remind them of someone they idolized or they think is famous, in the name of a “ministry”. It’s almost pitiful.

  11. gc wrote:

    Outside looking in, I would have to say that even if Vicki was not a family member, she hit it right on the head…

  12. Jennifer wrote:


    how perfect of you to be “anonymous” what a rude and nasty comment to make. i used to live near viki and her husband clark, in fact i have seen them out and around the public many, many times as well as seen her any many concerts the Goodmans had before her parents passed away. you should feel really horrible for making such a statement….

  13. Edie wrote:

    It’s sad really…Rick DID take care of his parents, which is admirable.

    HOWEVER, he stepped on a lot of people to do it. I’ve seen Rick move other people’s product tables without their permission to make room for Howard & Vestal’s, I’ve seen him block other groups busses with the Goodman’s so H&V wouldn’t have to walk three spaces farther. I’ve seen him treat other artists and promoters like crap to get his parents a better spot, a longer set, a little bit more money.

    Maybe if he had treated other people even half as good as he treated his parents, he wouldn’t have to stoop to such low-class tactics now.

  14. RR wrote:

    Let us remember that Vicki filled in some with the Happy Goodmans when her mother was sick and unable to travel. We remember, Vicki! Good job!

  15. Marcia wrote:

    Thank you Vicki for your comments and your honesty. What has happened since your parents passed away is truly a shame.

  16. Leebob wrote:

    Vicki, Thank you for setting the record straight and I totally agree that this is not the legacy that your father would have wanted.

    #3 - If you can’t sign your name perhaps your comments should be deleted and not allowed on this site.

  17. DeanH wrote:

    When Rick began to sell
    his parents personal belongings on ebay (only a few weeks after Vestal’s passing), I thought it looked like the epitome of bad taste. I mean he could have waited a year or so.
    I guess I just chalked
    it up to greed and
    a serious case of distaste. Everyone knows that upon Vestal’s death, the Goodman cash cow ended. I was so sickened by it that I asked that my name be removed from their mailing list. The handkerchief thing is uber tacky, IMHO. I thought it interesting that Edie hit the nail square on the head. Rick Goodman did all those things and more. Rusty and Rick were masters of hype…ask anyone who was around them. I think the entire “Happy Gathering” thing is a huge joke. It’s time for Rick to get a real job and stop exploiting his parent’s names. Thanks, Vicki for your comments.

  18. anonymous too wrote:

    I found Vicki’s comments to be classy.
    She certainly could have said much more and she could have certainly voiced her opinion much earlier. Even if by some strange stretch of the imagination anonymous was right that she is jealous, I figure Howard and Vestal would feel the way she said. The one thing that bugs me is how Rick got by doing the things while they were alive. Did they not know he was pulling that stuff, look the other way or think it were ok? I don’t want to believe the last two, but have to wonder how they could miss it unless they were busy elsewhere and left the details to him.

  19. BUICK wrote:

    I did not know Howard or Vestal personally. I do not know Rick or Vicki. But I know the difference between class and crass. The white sale of Vestal’s hankies is crass. Vicki’s disclaimer is class.

    From another angle, I hate to see this evidence of a lack of harmony in this historically musical family. “Happy…Family” are their first and last names, for crying out loud. Perhaps John O’Hurley should be called in to MC this family feud.

  20. Lisa wrote:

    I started the topic on Gaithernet about the whole Goodman ministry ordeal. I am so saddened by what Rick is doing. It is tacky, distasteful and classless. If he has a defense to his actions, I say step right up and tell us how he thinks his Mother and Father would give this their blessing.

    I am mostly disappointed in the whole planting a seed of $100.00 to receive Vestals “one of a kind handkerchiefs” and the fact that they are letting people send in an endless supply of donations towards Howard and Vestals memorial markers. Are we really to believe that there was no money for the Goodman family to pay for the headstone and bench at the gravesite? Had I known Howard and Vestal were that bad off, I would have given them some money without them having to have a white sale.

    As I said before on my post on Gaithernet… it was not to condemn Rick for having a ministry, I just think he needs to do it in a different way and not let the financial part of it muddy his parents legacy.

  21. Tom K. wrote:

    God Bless You Vicki! I was real pleased with your comments. I think most of us, if we have attended a Goodmans event, have seen Rick in action. And, I have attended on numerous occasions.

  22. Promoter wrote:

    I can remember talking to Rick about five years ago and I was wanting to have Vestal come to our town. He told me right off the bat that it was going to cost me $6500 and i was not to try and bring him down in price and i cannot say he was nice about it either. Two months later I had a group here with five members and paid them $3000 needless to say i didn’t have Vestal here. I still wonder if she really knew what he was doing to people so she could be seen and enjoyed

  23. Alan wrote:

    Well done, Vicki. You didn’t say a lot, but what you did - and didn’t - say, spoke volumes. I had the honor of staying in your parents’ home in Madisonville a few times, many more times in your Uncle Rusty and Aunt Billie’s home as well, and riding many miles in that purple Eagle. My every memory of each of your relatives is only of class people, who lived off the stage what they said and sang onstage. This is what disturbs me about what Rick is doing, and it seems to be unanimous. We who knew your parents, Vicki, and your Uncles, have no doubt about what they’d think of all of this. My prayer is that Rick will rethink this, and allow the memory of your parents to remain as it is. But, as sad as what he’s doing is, rest assured that it’s not harming our memories of them; it only harms him. #17, so Rusty was also a master of hype? Are you trying to include Rusty in with this kind of behavior? If so, my friend, you simply did not know him. He was as classy and dignified a man as I’ve ever met. He was real, in every way. I doubt that a day has gone by that I haven’t thought of him since God called him home. A “master of hype”?! Hardly. A master singer, master musician, master songwriter. Yep. All 3 and more. And above all, a Godly man. Thanks again, Vicki.

  24. Scott wrote:

    My notion is that it wouldn’t have mattered if they had known or not known. If they were as gullible as Vestal implies in her book, then I lean more toward them NOT knowing. But then again, I’m not sure I trust her often self-serving account of things.

    Anyway, keep in mind that to get Howard and Vestal to your church, you weren’t just paying to have Vestal drive herself down in the rented Merc., darlin, with a case of accompaniment tracks. You were paying for the leased (I think) bus, travel for Ricky and Dianne and maybe a grandchild or two, probably a sister of Vestal, an endless array of Minnicks and Byerlys and then food for everyone. As we all know, and as Vestal said, Goodmans like to eat, darlin.

    All these people travelling is one thing–but Ricky and Dianne were doubtless on the payroll, so we were also paying to keep him in a decent car and for their health insurance, etc, etc. From what I’ve heard, H and V didn’t exactly leave the Baker business with trunk load of cash. The term financial ruin comes to mind, but also professional ruin in the form of loss of reputation. Only Bill Gaither could bring them out of this sort of exile.

    This is not to justify any lack of good manners on anyone’s part, but it does bring us back to the question of how much we are willing to PAY to be “ministered to.” Would we feel differently if they had been stritcly entertainers?

    We would pay much more to get Cher to the local convention hall, but then again we’d also charge an admission price.

  25. Videoguy wrote:

    I asked Rick about bringing H & V to a 800-seat auditorium. He told me $15,000, firm.

    Boy, the Cathedrals sure did some good singing (for half the price).

  26. Vicki Goodman Meadow wrote:

    Thanks for all your comments. I have been out of touch with many people for many years. I have opened up a new email account for anyone who wants to contact me. Thanks again.

  27. katy wrote:

    I think that it is sad when people in the ministry beg from their followers and there are people who are followers who are not christians who are turned off by this and it causes them not to want to be a christian. I love Howard and Vestal, but if I had not followed them for many years, because of what Rick is doing with the ministry, I would not want to have anything to do with it because of the way he has disgraced it.

  28. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Any discussion about the business side of southern gospel music like fees and
    contracts should be out of bounds in the public domain.
    Customers are customers who buy at the retail price.
    Business people are people who buy at the going wholesale rate and set their retail price based on various factors.
    People in the business should know better than to discuss business in public.

  29. Montana Man wrote:

    Ole Gospel Music Fan (#28) is a little uptight. Fees and contracts out of bounds in public domain? Ha. That’s legitimate. In fact it helps “retail customers” undersand why ticket prices may be what they are. Or why love offerings can’t pack it. Or why it’s tough to get some groups that people might like to hear, but are tough to afford. GMF’s approach is the elitist view that it’s alright for me to know what fees are, but not for you. Baloney.

  30. DeanH wrote:

    #23 NO, I am not including Rusty in “this kind of behavior.” He was classy, dignified, the best singer ever…all that you said about him and more. Did I say that hype was a bad thing? No sir, I did not. Let me give you an example of what I mean. In the 1980’s, the Goodman Family did an appearance for Canaan Records at the NQC in Nashville. Unless you were there that week and I was, you can not even begin to comprehend the vibe of that event. When the actual night came, a limo backed into the building….surrounded by armed guards… the Goodman’s got out and you can imagine the rest of the story. All hype. They could have come in regular cars since all of them lived around N’ville but, this would make a bigger splash. Wrong? No, clever, IMHO. I knew about this in advance because I was Rusty’s neighbor in Hendersonville and a professional in the SGM business. I was working with him at the time on a recording project. We had talked about their upcoming NQC appearance over coffee. Rusty said and I quote “it’s all about hype you know”. So don’t think I am puttting Rusty down #23. I DO NOT agree with what Rick is doing. I only say that much of his behavior (not the selling of their stuff on the web) was/is all about hype. Pulling the Goodman bus n front of other artists, moving their merch tables so he could have the spot he wanted, etc. was his way of saying that HE believed the Goodman’s were better and should be treated that way.

  31. INSIDER wrote:

    I know both Vicki and Rick and the rest of the family as well as anyone can I guess. I am hurt that Vicki would speak about her brother this way, and yes he is your brother, just in case you forgot. Vestal and Howard would be heartbroken if they knew what was going on, but not shocked. People that were on the outside looking in should not comment about what Rick and Dianne did for Vestal and Howard. They did everything and not for Money or Glory but because they loved them and the ministry. Rick did what Vestal had asked him to do after she died. Vickie knows that. I am trying hard to remember that I am a Christian, but Jesus got angry too didnt he? So I am angry. Vickie your parents taught you better than this. You need to go back to your roots and pray, God doesnt find pleasure in what you are doing and that is who we are suppose to please. And I am sorry to hear about all the videos and cd you bashed with a hammer of Vestal and Howards. What a waste, so many others would have enjoyed them if you didnt. Im sorry you hold so much anger and hate inside you, but I will pray that you will find peace and love again.

  32. CG wrote:

    Sounds like INSIDER is a real insider; maybe Vicki has hit a nerve.

    I, too, am a bit of an insider on this situation. I’ll say this: Vicki’s statement at the top of the page reflects the class, dignity, and Christian example that I would hope to display were I to ever experience what she has/is regarding the situation of the Goodman Ministries estate and more importantly, her Mom’s and Dad’s legacy.

    Lest we forget, time is always on the side of truth.

  33. Bryan wrote:

    “Vickie your parents taught you better than this. You need to go back to your roots and pray, God doesnt find pleasure in what you are doing and that is who we are suppose to please”

    Ok let me get this straight…Rick is a huckster making a living shilling his dead parents stuff and inviting others to join in his ministry of silly trinkets and VICKI is the one whose actions are not pleasing to God and needs to pray???

    Um yeah….riiiiiiight…

    Rick Goodman’s deeds stand on their own merit (or lack of) and no amount of “red herrings” such as family troubles and disputes (which NO family is exempt from) from an “insider” can sufficiently distract from the glare of greed that is evident in his actions. He is at the least a very bad steward of the Goodman name and legacy.

  34. anonymous wrote:

    but if she took a hammer and crushed the cd’s and dvd’s of her parents….wow - I cant believe that!!!!!

    That is sad…

  35. Disgusted wrote:

    I highly believe the insider is the guy who is the moderator of Vestals website. He is NOT a family member but does what ever Ricky asks him or tells him to do. I USED TO BE a member of the website. I left for two reason and that was having to pay for it and of the person I’m speaking of.

  36. BGC wrote:

    Vicki - We admire and respect and love you guys! To those confused over the product smashing, I remember a carpenter who turned over tables and threw out money changers from the church.

  37. Revpaul wrote:

    To #34 Anonymous:
    You say, “wow, I can’t believe that” and then “that’s so sad”. Evidently you do believe it, and that’s what’s so sad. The source of the unnecessary comment is an un-named, so-called “insider” — flimsy evidence for believing anything!

  38. Charles Brady wrote:

    Discussions like this do nothing but give reason for those in other genres to look at southern gospel artists and fans as a bunch of red-neck fools.

    This is not the time or place to trash the Goodmans or their remaining family members. Let the family do what they please with each other in private but this is just not right.

    Douglas, you have every right to publish Vickie’s comment or a statement from Rick, but to open this up to public comments does nothing more than tear down what few great legends we have had in southern gospel music. I ask you out of respect to the memories of Howard & Vestal to remove all public comments and close this thread. Nothing good could ever come from this trashing that is taking place.

  39. More Anonymous wrote:



  40. anonymous too wrote:

    I understand your points, Charles (#38) but to some degree sweeping stuff under the carpet has gotten us into trouble in SG. People need to be accountable and perhaps bringing this to public attention will cause change. People think they can hide in darkness and get by with things, but eventually the light will shine on these things done in secret.

    Although there may be a few comments here in poor taste, I don’t know that Vestal and Howard will be seen much more negatively. I would think the stuff on the site is far worse at doing this. Even then, it is their son, not them. So they had some problems with kids getting along perhaps. Don’t we all have family problems sometimes? Why do we SG singers would be different?

  41. bboystenor wrote:

    #38–AMEN!!!! I second that motion. To allow this to continue is foolish–at best! Or perhaps it is consistent with the previous behavior patterns on this site? Foolish!

  42. Ronald wrote:

    I agree with Charles Brady. This thread should be closed. What goes on in the Goodman family is none of our business. Many of us loved Howard and Vestal, but we need to realize there is a big difference between what goes on on the stage and what goes on off the stage. How would you feel if someone found out about something that was going on between your family members and yourself and posted it all over the website for others to read-It wouldnt feel right, would it? You know, its so easy to be a critic-Because all you have to do is talk. I am going to end with something a very wise man once said-Those without sin, cast the first stone.

  43. Paul Doster wrote:

    To Disgusted, you are so wrong. I am NOT the one called Insider, I don’t mind placing my name on my posts…unlike you and several of the other cowards here.

    Vicki knows the truth. She knows why she is in Illinois living a private life and not in Nashville working with Rick and Dianne.

    Vicki, you really need to look at what your parents taught you. You were taught that Christ saves, heals, and delivers. I am not questioning your salvation or your healing. Both of which I believe you have. I am praying for your deliverance, though. I am praying for your deliverance from the bitterness and hatred you hold against your parents, brother, and his family. Vicki, bitterness and hatred are consuming you. I pray that you will heed God’s word in Ephesians 4: 29-32 - Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

    Vicki, family is the most important part of any person’s life. You were born into a family that loves you. Whether you want to accept that or not, they do.


  44. tagoodwoman wrote:

    I’m really very touched by everyone’s input and interest. Now, I’d like to say a few things.
    I feel horrible for Ricky in that he is basically a man without a country. Because of his past, few if any people are willing to help him. So, Rick’s just doing the same thing he’s always done-market and package his family to make a living. Doesn’t mean you don’t have to buy into it. For example: I watch television. I love Jesus. Therefore, I sometimes watch Christian programming. I also probably need healing in some way. However, under NO circumstances am I sending Benny Hinn FIFTY DOLLARS for his miracle healing cloth; I am changing the channel instead. On to to other things…
    Just try to imagine being a Goodman. Imagine that you have to live the next 20 years or so–150 days a year (maybe more)- with 5 or 6 members of your family–and at least 4 strangers at any given time…and you are doing it in a cramped, unreliable (but impressive) oversized camper…expressing extreme gratitude for any hospitality extended to you at any given time. Imagine when you’re home, you live in the same neighborhood and work in the same office–never actually really having a “day off”. Now imagine that none of you has a high school diploma and the majority of you have no real practical training in anything in particular (except of course the obvious). Now imagine that you have at least 25 people you have to feed and cloth on a regular basis. Imagine that you have to be a very, VERY good Christian ALL the time–and that what it means to be a GOOD Christian is different in every town and with every person you have contact with. Now imagine that everyone in America is watching. Wouldn’t you have issues? I would! As a member of this particular family, I have an amazing and well preserved legacy for which I am grateful. Because of that, my family is always with me..and they are with you too! So try to follow my example: embrace the good things and the good memories and find a constructive way to make peace with the rest.
    Please understand that this is a one-time post and I am not a regular participant in this community.
    God Bless-

  45. joe wrote:

    I have to say that right or wrong (maybe it’s just human nature), this is perhaps the most fascinating thread I’ve ever read on this site. And there have been some hum-dingers!

  46. Ronald wrote:

    That’s right Paul. ANYONE who knew Howard and Vestal on or off the stage KNOWS that they were full of LOVE. I’ve never had the chance, however I’ve heard MANY TIMES that when Vestal would hug you, you could feel the LOVE. That says a lot right there. If she loved her fans THAT MUCH, wouldnt she LOVE her own flesh and blood??? I have NO IDEA who the person is “in charge” of this website, but they should really remove it, because it is not necessary to have this NONSENSE put up for EVERYONE to see. If Vicki wants to send Rick or Di a message, I’m SURE she has the number.

  47. Judy wrote:

    It is very sad to see that Rick’s cohort #34 is now expressing his opinions on another site. When he took over Vestal’s site (with Ricks’ blessings) with his constant replying to members questions and/or comments as though he were the official authority on Vestal and the Goodman family, my curiosity got the better of me and I went back to the very first day the postings started. I was a paid member when Vestal first announced she was starting her site. I could not find his name or ramblings anywhere until after her passing. Where was he before Rick took over? If you loved Vestal as much as he claimed, why didn’t he voice his know it all opinions then? When he started quoting the Bible with his theatrically, self possessed posts, I knew it was time to say goodbye. Vestal was truly a woman of God, and to use her site and name to get a life was the most demeaning thing anyone could do to her. Except for posting a goodbye to Vestal on the site when she went to Heaven, I refused to become a part of that sham. I read the posts on different sites and would not have posted, until I saw #34 was posting here. Let God judge Rick. Allow Vestal to rest in peace and don’t keep answering these posts, because this is what feeds people like P.D.. He has destroyed her site, don’t let him ruin her image. Her site was part of her legacy and he took that away and now he is doing it again here. People reading these posts that may not have known and loved her will certainly not have the best opinion of what Vestal was really like. To hear Vestal sing was like being present with God. I feel sorry for Vicky and like her I also felt the need to just this one time say what I’ve held back for so long. I will pray that things can go back to being like it was when Vestal was with us. Let us all pray and allow God to take over. Nothing will ever change the feeling of love and the presence of God when I listen to Vestal sing. Amen

  48. Paul Doster wrote:

    Judy, get your facts straight. I was on VAF from the very first day. I wasn’t posting under the same name, though. I changed my username after Vestal went Home. I actually called the office and talked about ordering some products and the lady on the phone told me that Vestal was in the office. I told her to put her on, and we talked for a few minutes. She was excited about her new website. She told me to be there the first day, and I was. I’ve been there ever since.

    I can assure you that I am not impressed with what you’ve said about me. I can also assure you that your not liking me is not going to cost me one minute’s night sleep. I know what Vestal thought of me. I know what Rick and Dianne think of me. But more importantly, I know what God thinks of me. What you think of me is of no importance.
    As far as this site and the others like it are concerned…GOOD BYE.
    You people need to get a job!

  49. Heather wrote:

    To #43, AMEN!

    To #47 I would like to ask you one question: where is your heart? Honestly, after reading your response, I see nothing but hatred towards someone that you do not know. It’s sad how people just see what’s on a computer screen and take that as that’s how someone is. And you are saying to let God judge Rick, let God also judge yourself and #43. It’s not up to you, or anyone else on this earth for that matter, to judge someone’s heart.

    I believe that everyone here, whether you are defending the Goodman family or condoning them, needs to take a step back and look at your own lives. It’s very apparent that everyone has no problem bashing people that they don’t know. I think, like #38 said, let this die. No one is going to agree. Someone is always going to think that Rick is doing wrong and everything, so why keep kicking a dead horse. All that is happening now is satan is getting ahold of everyone here and turning fellow Christians against one another. Is that what we’re supposed to be doing? My Bible tells me that Christians need to band together, not fight one another. Agree to disagree and move on. All it takes if for everyone to drop the subject and move on. How hard is that?

  50. Jimmy James wrote:

    Judy you are so right. I did the same thing I went back and looked and P.D. was no where around until after Vestal died. P.D. is big and ugly and he is trouble. You cannot trust him.

  51. Jimmy James wrote:

    OK, big guy, what was your name from the beginning??

  52. anonymous too wrote:

    #48, you told people to get a job. Well, some could argue that RG should do the same instead of doing what he is doing.

  53. Nate wrote:

    Why does it matter?!?! Who cares? We are responsible for our own actions……..noone elses

  54. Joe wrote:

    OK- lemme get this straight.

    1. Rick Goodman is selling $100,and $300 hankies (with Bible thrown in…) autographed by his mother (?), guaranteeing that the lucky purchaser, who is actually planting a “seed of faith” will be an official “prayer partner” in Goodmans ministries. Hold me back.

    2. Nearly everybody who has commented on this abberration of SGM views it to be blatant hucksterism, disgusting at best. Benny Hinn was an excellent analogy.

    3. Vickie Goodman, H. and V.’s only daughter, has the courage and candor to publicly appear on this board, and disavow any connection with her brother’s blatant hucksterism, and apologize to the many true Goodman fans who are STILL fans.

    4. Paul Doster then pops up here and pounds the living daylights out of Vickie, accusing her of every type of spiritual evil and failure you can imagine: she is angry, bitter, resentful, was raised better, knows better, she really needs to to pray, repent, get her life in order…and on and on.

    OK folks- as long as Doug is letting this run, let’s vote. Most of us have already done so. Who is more closely demonstrating the spirit of a true Christian here…Vickie? Or Rick and his buddy Paul?

    This one’s not gonna be close…

  55. Vestel fan wrote:

    Looks like Rick has gotten some of his flunkies on Vestel`s site or should I say Rick`s site to post in his behalf.
    I also was a paid member on Vestel`s site when it first started, than after her death I figured it was all about the money, things we were promised as a member we were asked to pay for, to say the least I left and have never been back, Howard and Vestel will always be my favorites and so sorry what Rick has done to their legacy.
    Some of you are coming down on Vicki who just happened to state she isn`t a part of the business, she has a right to defend herself, if it were my parents and this was being done to them I would want people to know I had no part in it.

  56. goodmanfan wrote:

    What was posted on the gaither board that caused it to get pulled?

  57. Todd Wilson wrote:

    I too was a huge Howard and Vestal Goodman fan in the later years. I never knew who they were or that they even existed until the Homecoming Videos came out. As I can see it, they were great people. I read Vestal’s book and learned about what happened with them and the Bakker’s and was amazed at what kind of an attitude they kept through all of that - no harsh words or actions - they simply forgave them and moved on with what little they had. They had to start over with almost nothing - even had to ask for money from friends to find a house. I truly believe that God honored the way they acted and brought Bill and Gloria Gaither into their lives and helped them get back what they lost. With that being said, I truly feel like we should drop this post and try to be the people that Howard and Vestal were. I’m not a follower of Rick Goodman or Paul Doster, I’m a follower of Christ. I have said somethings on the Goodman and Gaither websites that I probably should not have said concerning this ministry and I have apologized for that. Looking back I should have held my tongue. I’m not saying that I agree or disagree with what is being said here, that is for me to ponder quietly, but I will say that Rick Goodman called me personally about somethings I said and he told me that he was more than willing to discuss the ministry with me. I told him that I didn’t care to discuss it with him and I told him that I was sorry for what I said. He forgave me and we are both moving on. If you have any questions about the ministry I encourage you to call him. He says he is not in the office much, but if you leave a message he will call you back and I’m sure he would.

    I have been praying about this for several days and felt that I was to share this post with you.

    I think the best thing we can do is pray, pray, pray. If you feel like you need to pray for Rick or the way the ministry is being ran, then do it. If you feel like praying for the people posting here, then do it. If you feel like praying for Vicki, then do it. I have no doubt we all need prayer and I can assure you that I’m praying for all the above. The way the ministry is being ran does not affect my personal like so I’m not going to be consumed with it - I have plenty more to worry about it.

    Todd Wilson

  58. JM wrote:

    To #45 / Agreed! If we could get everyone together, I bet we could keep Jerry Springer in new shows for a month. Besides, it would keep that much more venom off the web!

    To #38 / Last week, a well-known Hollywood actor apparently attempted to commit suicide. After this unsuccessful attempt, his family ministered to him at the hospital, took him home and, per the news reports, is continuing to monitor his health. I think that worrying about whether or not “the world” views SG artists and fans as “red-neck fools” would be the least of our worries. Until we show the same degree of compassion for “our family” as the world seems to demonstrate, we should confine our concerns to ourselves. Charlatans will always be a part of gospel ministry. They’ve been with us for decades and will continue their vile and duplistic work. In time, God will deal with them, as he decides. And while I find the majority of these postings the inappropriate rantings of SG wannabe’s, I remain fascinated.

  59. CG wrote:

    I was/am a huge fan of the Happy Goodman Family. Years ago, I was fortunate/blessed to have my prayers answered and for a very short time was actually paid to travel with Rusty, Sam, Tanya, and Johnny Cook.

    I grew up admiring Rick (and all the band), having Howard as a hero, and even (for a short time) had a crush on Vicki. I hate to see what is happening now. I posted earlier (post #32), but I do want to respond to something that has been written since my post.

    Paul Doster’s (post #43) comments to Vicki are so far out of line that they are offensive. Vicki listed (see post #26) an e-mail address that Paul could have used to personally contact her had he so chosen. If Paul were really concerned about Vicki’s “deliverance” as he states, he could have used that e-mail address as opposed to using this public forum to attack her with innuendoe such as, “in Illinois living a private life”.

    For the record, all Vicki has done is issued a statement which notifies the public that she has no connection to the solicitations for donations originating from Goodman Ministries, and has expressed her disappointment in the “actions” of her brother related to these solicitations. I don’t believe any reasonable person would view her statement as anything even remotely similar to the (attempted) character assassination that was clearly exhibited in post #43.

  60. Vestel Fan wrote:

    Goodman Fan the post on G-net was dropped because Paul D whined till it was dropped just like he is trying to do the same here, we all have a right to our feelings and more than not are against the way Rick is handling his parents legacy, can`t change that Paul, and Paul your reply is the ugliest I have seen here, how dare you accuse Vicki of needing to repent, maybe its You who needs to.

  61. BGC wrote:

    Post #59 says it all don’t you think?

  62. DeanH wrote:

    In retrospect, I wish I had never participated in this blog. Much of it has been mean-spirited and judgemental and has obviously been read by members of the Goodman family. I publicly apologize for comments I have made toward Rick Goodman. My initial intent was just to vent my feelings about what I thought was the premature selling of Vestal and Howard’s belongings on e-bay. I did that and got a little carried away with my post. After I read tagoodwoman’s post (assumably Tanya Sykes), I realized that Rick is doing what he always did and perhaps it makes a difference in whether or not his family has food. IT IS HIS JOB to market the family. Who’s to say better than a family member? I have to agree with Nate in post # 53. If you have taken the time to read Vestal’s book, you realize that amid their enormous popularity, they didn’t always have an abundance of money.

    I would say to Paul Doster. that since you have thrown scripture around and are trying to use it as a vehicle by which to judge Vicki, that you should get the beam out of your eye before taking the splinter out of hers. Pray for her but leave the judging to God. Better yet, if you have ought against Vicki, contact her

  63. Grigs wrote:

    DeanH, I’ve been attending NQC since ‘94 and I’ve always thought it would be really cool for a group to enter Freedom Hall via a limo. I wouldn’t call that hype, showmanship is the word I would use. There’s nothing wrong with it at an event like NQC and I’d like to see more of it. Sounds like Rusty had some ideas to make things a lot more fun.

    As for the controversy, I have no comment whatsoever at this time.

  64. Mark Forester wrote:

    DeanH # 62

    You are right in that Rick is selling the “family” and there is nothing wrong with that. No is begrudging him making a living. The heirs of Elvis are way richer than he ever was. The problem is selling the family OUT! By asking people to plant a “seed” into the ministry….what ministry? The music? I can get most of it other places. Why not call his job what it is? A Place to buy Goodman Music.

    We have a place like that here in town…..called Family Christian Stores. FCS has never put up a website asking for “seed” money and selling amgical hankies.

    If Rick can’t sell enough CD’s to make a living than it is time to move on to something else.

    I think I , along with others, have trouble with the endless “limited” supplies of Hankies. Was poor Vestal working 9 hours a day signing hankies while sitting at the kitchen table whipping up new cookbooks… front of a mic recording the “inspirational” messages for the CD of the week?

    Man I hope not.

    I am not rich but if Rick would like to tell me exactly how many of these “limited” supply of hankies he has…. I might buy them all from him so this can stop.

    Somehow I expect them to never run out…..just like the widows barrel of meal.

  65. Ronald wrote:

    The handkerchiefs he has for Faith Partners are not signed, because they were actually used by Vestal on stage.

  66. Angie M wrote:

    #34. Even if it’s true (and, honestly, I don’t see that it’s relevant), grief can make a person do things they ordinarily wouldn’t do. I’m a lot less troubled by the smashing of a few CD’s than by the selling of hundreds of hankies.

  67. INSIDER wrote:

    I am a true insider. I am a family member who has seen all of the ugliness jeolousy can bring. To have a son and daughter in law as loving and giving as Rick and Di was a true blessing to Vestal and Howard. The actions, as Vickie calls them, were exactly what Vestal and Howard wanted. That was to keep the ministry going, to show people the love of God. Im am sorry for Vickie, she wasted the last few years she could have had with them because of jeolousy and hatred for Rick and Di. The door was always open for her as far as they were concerned. I think out of respect for Vestal and Howard this website should be deleted. Vickie I think you have hurt enough people, its time to stop. If you ever had any love for Vestal and Howard you need to leave Rick and Di alone.

  68. Butch wrote:

    Southern Gospel Music is a real joke!! Star, Enquirer, SG,-all the same

  69. tagoodwoman wrote:

    OH boy in response to post 62– I know I said I wasn’t going to do this–but PLEASE make NO assumptions about my identity! If you have been keeping up with this thread, surely you can understand there is a very good reason I HAVE been and always WILL be a totally unknown and anonymous Goodman. There’s enough assuming going on here already. And yes, we do come across these sites and they make ME (the anonymous Goodman) grateful each day that God saw fit to blessed us Goodmans with a fabulous sense of humor. This reminds me of a story…anybody here ever heard the one about “The Blind Men and the Elephant”? One blind man said an elephant looks like a wall, another said a rope, still another said a tree and another said an arrow; all depending on the part of the elephant they happen to encounter–the story ends like this…..
    So, oft in theologic wars
    The disputants, I ween,
    Rail on in utter ignorance
    Of what each other mean;
    And prate about an Elephant
    Not one of them has seen!

  70. Derek wrote:

    #64 You said it! I don’t doubt that Howard & Vestal would have wanted the “ministry” to continue. I can even see Vestal telling Rick to sell some of her stage clothes if he wanted to so her fans could own something that actually belonged to her. I don’t have a problem selling an autographed item genuinely signed by Howard or Vestal or anyone else for that matter. I just have a problem with the “money for prayer” issue…just like the televangelists. Even encouraging fans to sow seeds into the continued ministry isn’t a problem in my book…but don’t promise prayer for money…especially when it involves someone who cannot control what happens with their name.

    As for feeling the love from Vestal, it is absolutely true. I had the honor of being backstage at one of the later concerts and I saw Vestal “behind the scenes” so to speak. She was smiling, calling everybody “Darlin’”, and when she walked past where I was standing, I stepped out to hug her. I felt like she had known me all my life and felt genuine love from her. That’s the memory that I have, and that’s the way I will always remember her. Nothing that has been said on this thread changes that. I don’t think it has changed anyone…but as the word of God plainly says, there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed. We are known by our fruits. Howard and Vestal are rememberd by their fruits, and Rick will be remembered for his…as will we all!

  71. JM wrote:

    How about if the WWE sponsored an event at the NQC, during which all the posters on this issue could join into a giant sized, Texas death match? This has become really bizzare performance art! If all of those who claim to be offended by the discussion and those who want this thread to dissolve would just let it go, it would cease. However, the need to be the last one to say something really unkind dictates the ongoing interchange. I sure hope Jerry Springer is monitoring!

  72. tinman wrote:

    Elephants and Goodmans.. who would have thought?

  73. Stephen wrote:

    #68- sadly, most people think the same thing you do. I’d be embarrassed if someone from the outside were to look in. When I start talking about our issues in our industry to my friends involved in other genres of music, they say “and these are Christians who act this way?”…this industry needs to grow up and get past their inmature, self-righteous nonsense. Get back to saving lives, spreading the Word, and glorifying HIS name.

  74. Bari-Tone-Def wrote:

    Its a shame that some folks have just tossed everyone that is involved in SGM into a barrel and labeled them as self-indulging hypocrites that are merely in the business for money and personal gain. This isnt the case. What you read here is simply a glimpse into just a portion of SGM. There are those of us out there that believe in SGM and believe that Christ uses SGM to change lives. I am an example of that. This “Blog” does not represent everyone in SGM nor does it prove anything beyond what each individual believes.

  75. Howland Sharpe wrote:

    Even Gaither couldn’t keep down the dog-eat-dog demons in SG. Good golly, it’s back to the ’70’s. You gotta love this!

    Man, I miss the Thrasher Brothers….

  76. jb wrote:

    Thank you #74. That is exactly right. We can’t all be lumped into one category. Have we not beat this horse to death. Get something else going on here. There is surely some good out there in SGM. Better yet, we had a soul saved in our church 2 weeks ago. Praise the Lord. That is what it is all about.

  77. GospelSingerwannabe wrote:

    Mark 12:31 Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandments greater than these.

    It would do us all good to read James 3:5-13.

    But for those that can’t find the time to open their bible to read such knowledge let me post it

    James 3:5-13
    The tongue is a little member and boast great things. Behold how great a matter a little fire kindles The tongue is a fire, a world of inquity (sin). So is thtongue amoung our members that its defiles the whole body and sets on fire the course of nature and is set on fire of hell.

    For every kind of beast, bird, serpents and things in the sea are tamed and has been tamed by man, but the tongue can no man tame: it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.

    With the tongue we bless God, even our Father, and we curse men which are made after the similitude of God. Out of the same mouth proceed blessings and cursings. These things out not to be…

    Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge amoung you? Let him show out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom.

    Food for thought!

  78. SHAMED wrote:


  79. SHAMED wrote:


  80. CG wrote:

    umm…I think your “Caps Lock” is on.

  81. Edie wrote:

    Seems funny to me how this topic just brings out the rage in some people. God forbid that our shiny little world of southern gospel have any tarnish on it or on any of our heroes’ families. We forget that whenever one of our favorite singers comes to town and we watch them shine up on stage, there’s a little girl or boy at home wishing their Mommy or Daddy were there to tuck them in.

    Howard and Vestal were great onstage — no one argues that, but they had family issues, like all of us.

    No one in the industry seems to talk about how that Howard, Sam, Rusty and Vestal couldn’t be in the same room for more than 10 minutes without arguing over something. EVERYONE in the industry witnessed that. It was quite legendary. Does that mean they didn’t love each other? NO. Does that mean they weren’t people of God? NO. It means they were HUMAN.

    As for Vicki, I say it could not have been easy growing up in the Goodmans household, or any famous household. We will never know what she unwillingly sacrificed in the way of quality time with her parents so that we could all enjoy what the Goodmans gave us. Yet she responded here with class and dignity and grace. God Bless You, Girl!

    So Ricky Goodman wants to buy hankies at BigLots and pretend his Mama blew her nose in ‘em?? Let him, I say! Let the market decide his fate. I know I’m certainly not going to be sending any of my husband’s hard-earned money his way. I’m saving it up for a signed copy of THE original lyric to If That Isn’t Love, written on a truckstop napkin…several of my friends have one and I want one of my own!!!