Friday round up

Even though it’s been forever since I posted, it feels like I never left, since you’ve kept me and the interns hopping with comments-approvals. So without further adieu (doh) ado: from the better late than never file comes some stuff that I’ve been keeping track of on the back of a napkin the last little while and I wished I could have noted but haven’t had time until now to do so.

1. On balance, it looks like the man who tried to blackmail Kirk Talley has suffered a lot less than Talley himself in the aftermath of the 2003 extortion ordeal. From

Farmer was ordered to pay Talley $100,000 as restitution for the hundreds of thousands Talley lost in cancelled concerts and other financial fall-out from his outing.

Farmer, who lives in the Johnson City area, has paid Talley less than $1,500 and initially failed to show up for counseling he was ordered to undergo to deal with the “moral outrage” and anger about homosexuality that he said led him to blackmail Talley.

A warrant was filed against him for violating the conditions of his release. Although Senior U.S. District Judge Leon Jordan deemed Farmer in violation at a hearing Tuesday, he turned aside [prosecutor] Mackie’s bid to imprison Farmer for a year.

“Mr. Mackie wants you in jail,” Jordan said. “Our jails are pretty full right now.”

Wonderful. And hat tip to whomever alerted me to this news a bit ago. I just can’t find the original email to thank you properly.

2. Do the Collingsworth Family’s shows really suffer noticeably for Daddy Phil’s propensity to belabor and prolong his introductions of his Von Trapp-sized family? If so, let’s hope Uncle Gaither gives Brother Collingsworth a lesson is the economies of emceeing.

3. Brenda Lee sings the classic quartet number “Have a Little Talk” … solo … on the new Gaither video? Oh. My. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages (until I read the idea of a “bloggers creed” … what’s next? An Honest Bush?). A solo “Have A Little Talk” is rather like … fill in the blank with your preferred punch line.

4. A horse is a horse, of course, of course and no can talk to a horse of course because of course we’re too busy laughing at that ridiculous full-frontal equine photo that Sherry Farmer used in the Singing News. All opposed, say Nayyyyhhh.

5. Here’s my vote for SGM Blog to resurrect himself in the sg blogosphere. If you remember his too-infrequent but usually trenchant and funny writing back in the blogging day, pop over and tell him so.

6. It’s official. The SongGarden label is now the corporate soundtrack for the Jerry Falwell hagiography society. Blech.

7. What won’t or doesn’t Claude Hopper sell and brand with some too-clever-by-half word play on the Hopper name? The latest addition to the ten-year-old Hopper line of merchandise that I’m just now getting around to noticing (hat tip, RH): Hopperworx road cases. “Patent pending.”

8. Bonus Hoppers item: And the award for Rhetorical Flourish on a Newly Redesigned Website goes to …. The opening to the Hoppers bio:

The promise of complete victory is the foundation and cornerstone of any career in the Christian music field. Many talented vocalists and musicians step onto concert stages across the country each week: however, only the faithful and the devoted overcome the pressures of life on the road to delight in the bountiful blessings that are bestowed upon the faithful servant.

Did Yanni convert to Christianity and start writing PR copy?

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  1. Jim2 wrote:

    Welcome back!! I’m looking forward to hearing your reports from NQC this year - can it only be 2 years since I started reading your blog?
    I had vowed not to comment on the Goodmans thread, so I’m doubly glad to see you back.
    Yeah, that “blogger’s creed” post was pretty hilarious

  2. Judi wrote:

    Dear Avery, it’s “without further ado” as in “much ado about…”, not adieu, which means goodbye. I’m sure the interns just forgot to proofread for you!

  3. Michael Davis wrote:

    Doug it seems you just can’t resist any opportunity to malign Dr. Jerry Falwell (God rest his soul). It really is too bad you never had the opportunity to meet this Godly man. Fortunately, his legacy of Liberty University lives on and many young men and women will receive a quality education in a distinctly Christian environment.

    Your liberal bias is nauseating!!

  4. Jim2 wrote:

    I can’t remember where I first read about the BBC doing a documentary of NQC’s 50th Anniversary this year, but a friend just e-mailed me the press release and one statistic in there just boggles my mind. Can it be true that NQC brings $10 million to the economy of Louisville?
    Maybe I should have posted this under the “I’m Rich” thread.

  5. Ron wrote:

    Doug, Hopperworx has been making cases for over 10 years that I know of. You really could not call this a new business endeavor for Claude.

  6. Charles Clark wrote:

    This is your parents wedding day, Nov.7. they were good people. Charlie Clark, Columbus Ms.

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