If the devil were to vist the garden of eden today, he’d probably have himself emailed there with the subject line: Get more satisfaction: Valpro enhancements free.¬†I probably would have gone insane by now trying to sort the many spammy goats from the legimate sheep in my comments cue if it weren’t for the Akismet spam filter plugin I installed a while back (hat tip, Tom!). My handy spam assassin¬†program tells me that it has blocked over 125,000 pieces of spam that have tried to sneak into the site as bogus comments since I installed the program just a handful of months ago (just for a basis of comparison: you all have submitted about 4,500 comments since I allowed discussion threads in mid 2006). Holy cats! Man, I hate spam.

This is probably a good time to say that undoubtedly my spam filter, wonderful as it is (have I mentioned Tom yet?), has caught a few legitimate comments and deleted them. So if you posted a comment and it didn’t get approved, stop using dirty words and double entendres that Akismet things is a porn site come on or a solicitation for some sort of enhancement or another. Heheh. Seriously, though, if a comment of yours never appeared and you’re wondering why, just hit me up with an email.

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