NQC 07: Open thread

A clean space to report back from NQC, free from other diversions that sidetracked the last open forum. Post away.

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  1. Cabell wrote:

    Someone please tell me who was singing the Pfiefer’s first song. “Bring Praise to the house” or something like that. I was listening to the radio feed, and to me it sounded like “Weird” Al.

  2. 2miles wrote:


    I’m one of the many who didn’t make it to the NQC this year…I’m debating on paying the $60 to watch it online…did anyone pay the fare and watch it last night? How was the streaming? Is it worth the money?

  3. NG wrote:

    How about moving whoamI’s excellent post in the earlier NQC thread over to here. The review of the first night performances would be a great starting point for discussion here.

  4. jb wrote:

    #2: We paid the 60.00 and never got to watch it because they were having problems. We called, as did hundreds of others, and they told us to try again tonight. Sure hope they refund money on this. I know there are always going to be complications, but, if you are going to offer something, have your ducks in a row. We were all seated, ready to watch it at home as a family and it just didn’t happen. If it doesn’t work tonight, I will be asking for a refund.

  5. Montana Man wrote:

    What a difference a year makes. At the 2006 NQC the Anchormen singers on main stage were Alex Woodard, Jason Funderburk, Chad Smith and Will Lane. They had enough and all of them quit in December. The “new’ Anchormen got 8 minutes Monday night. The ex-Anchormen are now “Driven” and they’re singing in a South Wing showcase Tues afternoon, somewhere betrween 12:30 and 4 p.m., and in a North Carolina showcase at Exec Inn West Wednesday afternoon. On Thurs and Fri, Liberty Quartet which is pretty much unknown in the southeast will be singing in showcases; they’re good, and maybe the only full-time SG quartet in the west.

  6. AG wrote:

    #4. I agree with you. There were problems with the radio feed that lasted for about 45 minutes from the start of the program that eventually got resolved. It is disappointing that they waited right until 6:00 to make the links active and THEN realize there were issues. They better tighten the screws for this evening!

  7. Cabell wrote:

    I also paid for the TV feed, and couldn’t log in. I was able to get the radio feed, which I did not subscribe to. Weird.

  8. Stacey_Murphy wrote:

    The problems everyone has mentioned from last night certainly existed. Unfortunately all of the infrastructure for sound and video do not get in place until just prior to concert time on Monday night.

    However, there have been major improvements made today, particularly to the NQC TV stream. The username/password issue has been completely resolved. We also feel confident that the sync problems have been corrected.

    The NQC is committed to doing everything possible to provide the subscribers with a quality viewing experience. For folks who can’t attend all of the 50th Anniversary NQC, in my humble opinion the NQC TV Live feed is a great solution.

    Thanks for your patience,
    Stacey Murphy
    for NQC

  9. dd wrote:

    how bout those new songs the
    Perrys did!The Booth Brothers were so smooth.

  10. dd wrote:

    by the way….Gold City is so solid! im listenin to them singing now, wow! thats how its done!

  11. me wrote:

    dd….You could not have been listening to the same GC that I was! ABSOLUTELY HORRID!

  12. dd wrote:

    well…….i liked em….lol. shall we talk about the kings heralds?

  13. me wrote:

    Now that I’ll agree with!

  14. dd wrote:

    i know the McKameys are not looked at very favorably here. but i’ll say this, when i get in a storm like they are. i hope i can sing through it like they do. They didnt say hardly anything but they had the songs that spoke exactly what they wanted to say. thats the mark of a good group.

  15. Howland Sharpe wrote:

    Is it just me or is every group sounding alike? I agree with #11, but I would add that comment about every group I heard (I turned off the radio feed after GC, so I don’t know about the others).

    I was hearing ultra pitch-corrected stacks that the groups couldn’t possibly match with their live voices. In fact, there were a couple of groups where you could literally hear singers searching for their parts!

    Further, why does every group have to sing at the top of their lungs? It’s not only strident and lacking in dynamic, but will ultimately do damage to individual voices. Listen to the vibratos — they’re as wide as a cruise ship. Singers are sounding like James Blackwood at the end of his career….but the difference is that they are 35 years old! Where are the straight tones? Where are the BIG Lead voices? (think Ivan Parker) Where are the non-effeminate sounding tenors? Where are the warm-sounding baritones? Where are the non-foghorn basses? And is there even one group where the MC doesn’t say, “If you enjoy this, I want to let him know about it….?”

    Oh no, I just looked in the mirror and saw Roy Pauley……

  16. dd wrote:

    i went last year, and to me, the mix was awful, for every group. Not to make excuses but if the mix is bad, which the groups cannot help, then the whole presentation is shot. Maybe everyone is eatin those sugar coated nuts before they sing?…lol. that’ll kill your chords deader than 4 o clock.

  17. John wrote:

    Montana Man in #5 is absolutely right on two counts.

    The Liberty Quartet IS really good…and they are the only full-time gospel quartet operating out West(as far as I know).

  18. Howland Sharpe wrote:

    Confession: I always hated the Chuck Wagon Gang when I was a kid, hated the spread harmonies; the sameness in all the songs. But tonight I loved them for one reason: they were the only group that sounded like 4 people, as opposed to a choir (due to groups overuse of vocal stacks). I could look past the tourguide patter of their MC, the occasional pitch discrepancies, the simple guitar strumming, for the simple fact that it was so…real.

  19. NG wrote:

    I’m not sure if we’re talking about Monday or Tuesday nights. I listened to part of the Tuesday night sessions and didn’t hear any stacks on the Melody Boys, just a piano and four guys and they sounded awfully good to me.

  20. Cabell wrote:

    Great Job on the TV deed tonight. Enjoyed seeing my very first NQC. Wish I could be there. Maybe, if enough of us in the realm of education who are just two weeks into a school year petition NQC we could getr them to move it back to the end of August. Or some other time. Probably just wishful thinking. I personally liked the King’s Hearlds. I do not think that you can find any better bass in the business than Jeff Pearles. His range, ear for parts, and fullness are absolutely incredible. Go back and listen to Palmetto state when he was there. Awesome. (Jeff Pearles that is, not PS in it’s entirety)
    I am in danger of agrivating our wonderful moderator here, but what was the purpose for Brian Lester bringing his little girl or grand daughter (which ever the case) onto the stage? Yes it is cute, as was Tony and Taranda’s little girl. But giving them a mic and letting them ruin a song. Really? Am I missing something?

  21. Charles Brady wrote:

    I have been listening to the “free” Solid Gospel feed tonight and I have to say that the highlight of my evening has been the “Home Again Pet Recovery” radio spots! Just think of it folks… ON-STAR For Dogs!! LOL!!!!!

  22. wearyears wrote:

    Stracks were definitely the band of choice on Tuesday night - except for rarities like the Melody Boys and the Chuck Wagon Gang. Perhaps I am just too big of a fan of live music but my ears got very tired of all of the canned music and helper vocals. Particularly annoying is when a group is clapping or dancing around during a recorded interlude. Perhaps this is good when a musician is showing off a great lick or something but it seems kind of silly to me when it’s just a track. I just miss the days of good musicians collaborating to make great live music and singers who could sing well enough not to have to rely on vocal crutches to get them through songs. At what point does it become pointless to attend a performance in lieu of listening to a cd or mp3, not worth the price of admission to NQC?

  23. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    The mix in Freedom Hall depends a great deal on where you sit. Up in the rafters, it sounds good as a general rule. Down close…not so good.

  24. Kevin wrote:

    photos are on www.gospelmusicupdate.com and they are good!

  25. WhoamI wrote:

    Here’s Monday’s post:

    NQC Monday

    Jim Brady is great. He slipped my mind when I was voting for baritone of the year. He at least deserves a nomination. He is the unheralded gem of the Booth Brothers. It was great to hear the Booth Brothers do He Saw It All accapella and listen to the depth that Brady gave it. Brady was quite impressive.

    Kim Hopper is still unbelievable. And she looks great. She’s lost weight (so has Joseph Habedank). Kudos to those who are disciplined enough to do so. Kim brought it on Grace Is Greater Than Sin (or whatever the title of that great song is). Connie was just splendidly Connie on I’ve Come Too Far To Look Back. I don’t care too much for her voice, but it’s always great to hear her do some of her signature stuff (like I’ve Come Too Far and That’s Him).

    The Perrys did a lot of new stuff. The song Habedank wrote has the potential to be good. Wow on the choice of suit combinations for Stuffle and Habedank though.

    Ben Harris is a whale of a singer. He’s like a more traditional Loren Harris, with not quite as unbelievable a range but a darn good one nonetheless.

    The Dixie Melody Boys do too much smooth sounding mid-tempo stuff. I like that kind of sound. You can’t do two or three songs in an 18 or 20-minute set like that though. They’re very solid though. I wish Keeton would have really brought it (and not played so much with the melody) on Oh What A Savior. He’s the best tenor in the industry. You have to deliver when you’re on the main stage. He wasn’t bad at all. Just not near as good as he’s been at times in the past. Bring it when you’re at NQC. The fans have come from all across the US and Canada to hear you showcase your talents at the industry’s biggest event.

    The Pfeifers’ Mary Jane Carter (hope I have that name correct) received the biggest ovation of the night with the solo ballad she did to end their set. The song escapes me. The Pfeifers don’t do much for me, and neither does operatic singing in falsetto. I’m glad the masses enjoyed it though. It’s different strokes for different folks.

    Steve Hurst is unreal. Get up from the piano and sing is what I want to say.

    Devin McGlammery is impressive too, though he may be a little too comfortable at times. He at times goes for too much instead being sure to sing his part solidly. Karen landed a gem when she hired him though. He has great stage presence and brings great energy.

    Lauren Talley sounded better than usual at NQC. The Talleys did a solid set.

    The fast song that the Anchormen closed their short set with was awfully good. I was pleasantly surprised.

    No big surprises for me with Greater Vision or the Kingsmen, though it was entertaining. Harold Reed is fitting in nicely. Bryan Hutson is great as well.

    I liked the group interaction that I saw on Tuesday evening. That’s neat for the fans to see.

    I think it would be great to see groups invite former members back up on the stage with the current group to do a song. Like with Rodney Griffin sitting watching the Dixie Melody Boys, it would be neat to bring him back up on stage to sing one with them.

    It would be neat to see Mark Trammell get Nick to come on stage to join his dad on an old Cathedrals classic (like Master Builder).

    I know groups don’t want to slight the current configuration of a group, but lots of these groups are on stage two or three times this week.

    Who else was there? What did you think?

    What happened at the opening? I didn’t catch it.

  26. WhoamI wrote:

    NQC Tuesday

    It was the Aaron McCune show on Tuesday evening. He had leads on three of Gold City’s five or six songs, and he just sounded great. GC was bold enough to allow him to sing Tim Riley’s staple, Under Control. McCune did great. He’s a pro at age 25 (or however young he is). I’ve heard Truth Is Marching On three times already this week. Gold City’s version is by far the best. The arrangement is better, and GC just goes for it and rips it. Daniel Riley is a vocal stud. Give him a ballad, and he’ll give you a No. 1 song (if it’s there lyrically). I was quite stunned though at Gold City’s opening number, A Good Ole Gospel Song (not sure of the actual title…and it’s too late to go looking it up). It was out of the box to say the least. Ladd is really going for it and ripping it. He sounds better all of the time.

    While McCune may be the next great bass, Scott Inman is the hands down the next great baritone. I talked about how impressive Jim Brady was on Monday. Scott is right there as well. He has a big voice. He could sing lead for a group, but I really believe he’s better suited as a baritone. Also, while he’s far from the lowest, Eric Bennett may be the best sounding bass singer out there. His tone just comes across as pleasant to the ear, for a bass singer anyway. Triumphant is first class. I’m not a big fan of the voices of David Sutton or Clayton Inman, whose range is really incredible, but they put out a really good product.

    As for Mercy’s Mark, I don’t know what’s going on in regard to personnel, but Garry has to find a way to keep these studs he’s had. I hate to say it and am not trying to be mean, but what he has now sounds second tier to me. They may improve. I hope so. The lead singer I assume is still a fill-in. Their material and arrangements is too good to not have great voices singing it. They miss Facello and Feemster. They’re still fine. They just lack much punch behind the voices. Mitchell can reach the notes. His voice is just thin, as is the lead singer’s voice. They go for it though. You have to like that. As for Christian how-low-can-you-go Davis, all I can say is ‘create a blend for goodness sakes man.’ It’s not always about scraping the bottom on every note of every song. Complete the blend at times. You can go for your low endings when it’s appropriate. You’re too talented to not sing better than that. We all now how extremely low you are. Now, we want to hear how you sing.

    I like the tenor/lead singer of Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver. I thought he was a tenor, but he was introduced as the lead. He led almost every number they did on Monday and Tuesday though.

    It was good to see Gene McDonald and the gang back on stage. It wasn’t Gene’s best night vocally, but I believe there were a lot of emotions riding high on Tuesday. The Florida Boys deserve a great send-off. What a legacy. Like many have said, I too wonder what’s next for Garner. Glen Allred is just unbelievable, to sing like that at his age. He knows how to create a blend. He’s not a deep baritone singer, but he makes the blend for sure. Surprisingly, Harold sounds better with the Kingsmen than he does with the Florida Boys.

    Legacy Five, congrats on nabbing Tim Parton. He’ll be a major asset. Seamans is great. Dustin is great. Your next few projects will be great with Parton having a hand in them.

    The Down East Boys were great. You never hear much about them, but their a quality group. I wonder why they haven’t gotten a break. They’re quite good. I like the up-tempo number they closed with.

    The young lady with the Reggie Saddler Family has a phenomenal voice. She brought it. The women who have helped comprise that group are just flat-out impressive. The mom is deep. The daughter is not super high but has just enough soul to add that zip and punch to her notes.

    The Greenes are great. Stop existing though. Push forward. You’ve been sitting in the same spot for so long. There’s no reason for it. Look for a label to latch on to. Taranda is one of the premier voices in the industry. Tony is a solid baritone, and Brad is simply a young gem in the industry. Keep him. He fits you guys well, much like McGlammery does Karen Peck and New River. Take a lesson from the Perrys, Brian Free and Assurance, Greater Vision, etc. and put effort forth into improving. With all of the variables you guys have (youth with Brad, vocal talent with Taranda and comedy with Tony), you’re sure to reach the top of the industry…that is if you want to do so. Strive to be better. To me, it’s just the same old, same old stuff with the Greenes.

    I’m sure it wasn’t a lot of people’s favorites, but I enjoyed the Rick Webb Trio and Toney Brothers. It’s neat to see George Amon Webster still out there doing his thing. I like the Toney guy who sings bass too. I think he’s underrated.

    It’s not my cup of tea, but the Chuck Wagon Gang was probably one of the biggest hits of the evening. Many left after they performed. I think their music just basically turns back the clock for the older NQC crowd.

    I love Ricky Atkinson and Compassion, but I was not impressed with their set on Tuesday. Did they announce that was their first time at NQC? That’s not correct, at least I’m relatively sure it’s not.

    The Beene Family was impressive. That was my first time to hear them, at least the first time I remember. It was a unique version of Boundless Love, which I was kind of mixed on, but I loved their version of These Are They. The young lady who sings with the Beene Family has a big-time voice. I didn’t understand really until she unleashed why they were on the main stage. Now, I get it.

    The Lesters are first class. You really have to listen to the Lesters to understand the group’s wonderful simplicity. Does anybody in the industry hear her part like Ginger does? Brian’s right there too. He was going for it on Tuesday. Brian’s son has a different voice type (one that I’ve never cared much for), but it may be a good change of pace for them. He had a lot of energy on stage, which is something they need. They’re more of the stand flat-footed and sing type of group. The one who really sounded great was Jenny though. Her voice is getting better with age. She’s singing the soprano part (which I questioned when I heard that), but she was both powerful and smooth in her vocal transitions on Tuesday. I hope to hear He’ll Only Need It For The Weekend or He Didn’t Throw The Clay Away later in the week.

  27. jb wrote:

    #20- Yes you miss it…I understand it was family night last night, which probably explained why they had Rick Webb, Beene Family, Chuch Wagon gang on the stage. We were so blessed to have seen the Lesters back in the summer and Emma Grace sang then. She did not ruin anything last night, if anything, she added to it. She took control of that stage and never missed a beat. She didn’t sing until Bryan mentioned the 4th and 5th generations. I thought it was the highlight of the evening. I also was blown away by the FB and Down East Boys. They were awesome. I won’t open a can here, but, I truly wonder how some of them make it to the stage. Who invites and who decides? Evidently, it is somewhat based on who you know, not by how well you sing.

  28. chuck stevens wrote:

    In the past the free feeds have been less than pleasing, but this year the solid gospel feed seems to be sounding better than ever. No interuptions, like most years. i would hate to pay for it and not be able to get it. Does anyone have a list of the evening lineup? they don’t list them in order, so you don’t know who comes on when. Last year somebody posted them. Let me know.

  29. Staci wrote:


    Go to www.natqc.com and scroll about halfway down the page. You should see the link that says “Click here for the evening performance schedule”. I think they post the schedule about an hour or so before that evening’s performances.

  30. Cabell wrote:

    Booth Brothers…WOW!! “His Grace is Sufficient” was absolutely amazing!!! Good job guys!

  31. RF wrote:

    INquiring minds want to know. Who is Mercy’s Mark’s new lead singer and how does he sound? Who’s that singing with the FB’s Les, Glenn, and Gene in one picture and is Harold singing tenor in the other picture with Gene, Josh, and Glenn. The beard has me confused.

  32. Jay wrote:

    I know this message is a day behind because I just got to my computer, but I read the comment made about Ricky Atkinson & Compassion on Tuesday night and I definitely disagree!! I thought they did a tremendous job!! I loved the new group. I loved the new song. I loved their stage. I just loved it!! I don’t know what NQC the other guy was watching, but I was there and it was the best set of the night!! My only complaint is their booth is really hard to find. Hey, Ricky!! Put your backdrop up and move your table separate from your other groups on the label!!!

  33. WhoamI wrote:

    NQC Wednesday

    A big thank you to Jeff and Sheri Easter for allowing Charlotte to have a moment to shine on Wednesday night. Her voice is great. No disrespect to Kim Hopper, but Charlotte really may be the best female singer out there. Jeff and Sheri performed the popular stuff and were solid (Over and Over, Goin’ Away Party). I enjoyed Roses Will Bloom Again As Well.

    That’s Him is still great to hear live. The transition from Connie’s first verse to Kim’s second verse helps build it. They really just rip it.

    Billy Hodges continues to get better for the Kingdom Heirs. Anchor of Hope was good. Did they do another song with anchor in it? It was a slow ballad too. I liked it as well. Maybe I’m confusing lyrics though.

    Riley did a nice job on Ain’t That What It’s All About, and Ladd did as well on Preach the Word. Gold City gave the crowd what it wanted, some old-school flair with When I Get Carried Away, and managed to get the crowd into it with I’m Rich (allowing Wilburn to get his).

    Jeremy Lile sounded great. He’s a really good singer (as evidenced on Jesus Will Pick You Up), not just a bottom dragger. Brian did a nice job on It’s All About The Blood. That’s a powerful song.

    BF&A doesn’t have the same drawing power with the NQC crowd as groups with a zany personality, like a Jonathan Wilburn, Michael Booth, Tracy Stuffle, etc. Musically, they’re right up there with all of those great groups though.

    Allred still goes for it after 55 years of singing. Nice, smooth version of the Lighthouse. I was glad to see Les sing one. His voice is gone, but they all deserve to be recognized in a big-time way this week. Gene sounded better tonight. Josh did his normal nice job on My God Is Real. It was nice to see them do When He Was On The Cross, but that former tenor really struggled with it. He sounded fine earlier in the set though.

    The Dixie Echoes did a very ordinary set until the final two songs. Dallas Rogers really cut up on the Albert E. Brumley number (which one escapes me, but I loved it…sorry, just music overload at this point), and Randy Shelnut, Sr. showed out on Little Is Much When God Is In It. They salvaged a sub-par set by really going after it on those final two songs.

    The Booth Brothers are the elite group right now in my estimation. That usually lasts for two or three years, to be “the” elite group and not just one of the top four or five. Greater Vision has been one of the top groups for eight years or so. So have the Hoppers. The Perrys are in the middle of their stretch, which reached an early pinnacle when they were “the” group about two years ago. However, the Perrys have managed to maintain, which is difficult to do.

    Michael Booth keeps the crowd on its toes, and their sound is just great. Brady showed his stuff yet again on His Grace Is Sufficient For Me. Michael can also be serious though too, as evidenced on Look For Me At Jesus Feet. Keep striving for excellence guys. It’s fun to watch you do your thing.

    I didn’t understand all of the fuss about the Greenes’ song that they did for the second straight night (not sure of the title) until two-thirds of the way through it. It packs a punch at the end. Hudson really hits his part strong at the end of the song. It makes it. Brad did a nice job on Without The Cross too. Taranda is one of the top female vocalists out there as well, in that upper echelon along with Libbi Stuffle and Debra Talley right below Kim Hopper and Charlotte Richie (that’s just my opinion, so don’t get all bent out of shape people).

    I’m not sure though why the Greenes get on the main stage two nights though and some of these other groups don’t get on at all. I like the Greenes. I just don’t see them as major players in the industry any longer. They have a lot of ties and a wonderful legacy they’ve built. I just don’t understand. Oh well. Good for the Greenes I suppose.

    Here’s hoping the best is still yet to come in the final three days of NQC. Sit back, don’t let your waffle cone drip on your and just enjoy every minute of it. It’ll be 358 days before we can do it again.

  34. burt wrote:

    Has anyone heard Valor @ NQC???

  35. jb wrote:

    I wasn’t really sure about buying the Live TV and watching it on the computer, however, it has been great. We plugged our laptop into our flatscreen surround sound and WOW!!!What a sound. We have thoroughly enjoyed the evenings. We are leaving tomorrow at noon to be there for the weekend. The only thing I miss is getting up to go get a butter pecan waffle cone. I have been curious and don’t understand how “some” get to sing on stage, but, it sure beats the garbage that is on t.v. Thank you NQC for this highlight.

  36. jlb wrote:

    Valor apparently a no show. Their booth spot is vacant and Wednesday night were a no show on main stage.

  37. Dinana wrote:

    I’m at NQC, too, and don’t have much time to post, but I have to say that I was so pleased with the Mercy’s Mark appearance on Tuesday night. I had not heard Scott Allen before and he was great with the group. I thought their performance was super — all of the guys were at their best and I thought their blend was terrific!!!

  38. Steve wrote:

    Where did Scott Allen come from?

  39. WhoamI wrote:

    What happened to the Galloways? Are they no longer traveling? They don’t have a booth either I don’t believe.

  40. not a grammarian wrote:

    I saw Earl Galloway in the Nashville area with (promoting) the Lesters last week. I know he does a lot of radio promotion as well.
    It looks like they will be in SC Friday, PA on Saturday and VA on Sunday according to the BSA World website

  41. Cabell wrote:

    What is the general opinion of The King’s Heralds? I am questioning the song choice tonight.(The Lord’s Prayer). As I have stated before, I really like Jeff Pearls. I think he is the most under appreciated bass in the industry. I will also say that it is impressive to see a group that actually reads music. You can tell by their intricate arrangements. All of the songs they have sung have harmonies that I would guess 95% of quartets out there couldn’t pull off live, let alone a cappella. That should afford them at least a little respect. I would have chosen a different song, or maybe just a different arrangement of “The Lord’s Prayer” for an interlude at NQC. But, in my opinion, that does not take away from their musicianship at all.

  42. Angie M wrote:

    Wow! Just heard the Lesters’ version of “He Is.” I’m glad to hear an SG group record that song.

  43. Cabell wrote:

    Did we see a more mature Jospeh Habedank (sp?) or just a less competitve one? I seem to remember him over singing his lines and being over animated on “Wish I could Have Been There” and one of the “Remembering the Goodmans” songs they did last year. He doesn’t have to try to out sing Loren anymore. I actually enjoyed the Perry’s more this time. However, I still think they should have tried to keep Mr. Harris around a little longer. Speaking of which, at www.theset.net there is a clip of Loren with the Wilburns. Any fan of his should check it out. Also a clip of the Hinsons with Kenny singing “I’ve Got A Feeling”.

  44. SPD wrote:

    #42. Me too! And the Lesters’ did it a lot better than Triumphant did on monday night!

  45. Faith wrote:

    I was thrilled to see the Inspirations win for song of the year. I was also thrilled to see Ricky Atkinson’s song be recognized. I just think he deserved to be one of the top 5 songwriters of the year (especially since HIS song was SONG OF THE YEAR!). I also thought Ricky and Compassion did fantastic Tuesday night. They had a terrible time slot and were in a bad place in the lineup, but they totally sold it!! They were on at 11:00 after the Chuck Wagon Gang and the Been Family (The WHO???). The Chuck Wagon Gang were great, but they don’t exactly have the same people as fans as Ricky. By the way, this was definitely not Ricky’s first time on convention. I FINALLY found their booth and asked. His group was not on last year, but they have been on several other times. I think it is ridiculous that they were only singing once this week at such a terrible time slot. Also, I was very impressed tonight with the group that won Horizon group award. They did a great job. All in all, I was pleased with the awards, although I would like to see Karen Peck given some recognition for the outstanding singer she is. It was really great to see Janet Paschal on stage! She and Ivan did a wonderful job singing and speaking!!

  46. ST wrote:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Fan Awards tonight. I thought it was wonderful to see some great songs nominated for Song of the Year. I also thought the Inspiration Song written by Ricky Atkinson was very deserving of number one. (Although I also loved the Perry’s song and the message in the McKamey’s, even though I am not a big McKamey’s fan.

  47. WhoamI wrote:

    Brian Free and Assurance just brings it, and I like it. Jeremy Lile has arrived. Brian Free doesn’t ring my bell with his solo performances, but he’s as good of a harmony singer - and as high - as any tenor out there. Nice job. If It Takes A Valley is a great song with a nice arrangement.

    The Perrys showed their stuff on Who Am I. It was a nice touch to have Mark Trammell sing the first verse and then have Habedank take it on the second verse. I’m still mixed on some of the new material. There’s just not a lot of emotion in it from what I’ve heard so far (despite the fact that a lot of the material is supposed to be power ballads). The music is a little straight-laced in some of the songs I’ve hard so far. It will likely grow on me though. I’m a little tired of it, but the crowd loves I Wish I Could Have Been There. It’s NQC. The Perrys are giving the adoring fans what they want. Nick Trammell was a trip during his acceptance speech for Horizon Individual or Favorite Young Artist (whatever he received that Scott Inman didn’t). I don’t believe that Habedank tries to outsing Loren. He just has his own freelancing type of style in singing the lead. It has to be hard for the other group members who sing harmony to follow at times. Habedank is very good. His voice is quite advanced for his age. He’s more comfortable in his upper range now than he was at this time last year. It’s evident. He’s improving.

    Scott Inman getting recognized with an award, possibly due in part to the fact that Lauren Talley wasn’t nominated, is well deserved. What a mature voice for a young guy.

    The Lesters version of He Is surprised me. It was really good. It’s nice to see Ginger and Brian back on stage together. They sing such great harmony. Long live the Lester legacy. They may not be the most entertaining, but vocally, there about as good as any mixed group out there.

    Legacy Five is great, but I wasn’t thrilled with their Thursday evening performance. Frank Seamans may be the best tenor in Southern Gospel music, but the current version of I Stand Redeemed doesn’t touch Josh Cobb’s version from several years back. There’s no disrespect meant to Frank there. He’s great. Keep bringing it Frank. Congrats to a well-deserving Glenn Dustin on his award.

    Reggie Saddler was a trip with the guitar. That was seriously entertaining. They too gave the fans what they want with I’ve Got Me A Home.

    Sheri Easter has a low alto voice, and it’s sometimes rough and scratchy sounding. However, I like it. She’s very talented and has great voice control.

    To the Booth Brothers, congrats. You’ve gotten so much better over the last five years. The addition of Jim Brady helped matters. You’ve been “the” group for a couple of years now. I’m glad to see you get recognized for it.

    Once Upon A Cross is a powerful song. The Mark Trammell Trio does a great job of delivering it. However, why sing it twice in one night, at the fan awards and then during your late-night set too? There’s no need for that. Hurst adds so much by singing on that song. Mark did a nice job as well.

    Rodney Griffin is not the best singer out there, but he delivers a song well. He really is able to get the message across. Waldroup’s range has progressively gotten better. Gerald, you’ve constantly been striving for excellence. Please don’t stop now. Don’t be on the back side of the hill. Find a way to keep it fresh. We need GV to continue being a major player in the industry, by pushing the envelope via whatever means and not merely by existing.

    The Kingdom Heirs have been so popular for so long. I’m not much on what you’re doing right now, and judging by the way-more-reserved response of the fans than in years past, maybe they are too to some extent. Find better material. Forever Changed is a great song. Arthur sings it well. Keep Arthur in his range. He’s a great singer when he’s not singing in up there with the tenors. When he is, I don’t care to hear it. And again, find better material. Strive to do so. I don’t believe that’s been the case. Maybe they’re ministering to you or others, but I don’t see it.

    Kudos to Ricky Atkinson for co-writing the song of the year.

    We miss you Roger Bennett. You were seriously entertaining. We all look forward to laughing with you again.

    Four down and two to go. Soak it in and enjoy it. We have to wait another year before we can do it again.

  48. KB wrote:

    I just read the message from WhoamI. I had no idea Ricky Atkinson wrote the song I Have Not Forgotten. I am a big fan of their group, but somehow I missed that. I watched them Tuesday night. They were SOOOO AWESOME!!!! I was terribly excited. I am so glad Ricky’s song got Song of the Year!!! I really believe he is one of the most underrated songwriters in Gospel music. He has written something like 5 or 6 number one songs and everything his group releases to radio goes to top 10 or top 5 at least and still he gets the worst possible spot at convention to sing. That is just wrong!! I’m glad to see him get a little bit of the recognition he deserves on this one. Maybe the NQC will pay attention and give them a better spot next year!!! Now that Scott Thomas (formerly of Tony Gore & Majesty) is singing with them, the excitement on stage is off the charts. It’s so nice to see people singing on stage that aren’t boring!!

  49. Joy wrote:

    I read one of the messages that said they liked Hurst with Mark Trammel Trio. I also like Hurst. He is a magnificent singer, but shouldn’t the Mark Trammel Trio, be a TRIO?? If Hurst is singing with them, shouldn’t they either replace one of the singers with Hurst or call it a quartet? I thought trio meant three.

    Also, I was thrilled to hear Ricky Atkinson doing a radio interview today. He is always so great and is very humble despite what a great songwriter he is. I always enjoy hearing him sing and the new group is fantastic. I was a big fan of Scott Thomas during the “good” years of Tony Gore when he was singing there and I am so excited to see him back in SG. I heard Ricky Atkinson & Compassion at the Gatlinburg Gathering and was blown away. I also thought they did well at NQC. What makes no sense to me is that Ricky writes the SONG OF THE YEAR as well as 2 of his own songs that were top 10 hits THIS YEAR and several songs released by other groups this year and still wasn’t nominated for songwriter of the year. Did I miss something??!!!!! That’s ridiculous!! Ricky is great and so is the new group. People need to pay attention!!

  50. Scott wrote:

    Joy, he was nominated. For some reason he just wasn’t a top 5. I heard through the grapevine he was in the top 10, but I agree with you he deserved at least top 5. Maybe his fans just forgot to vote!!! LOL Maybe after writing the song of the year this year, people will remember him when it comes time to vote next year!! He has earned it!!!!!

  51. Bryan Vanover wrote:

    congradulations to the inspirations.there song deserved to win.

  52. DLM wrote:

    Call me a ultra conservative, or call me a pervert if it makes you feel better, but IMO, the Speck ladies dresses Friday evening provides way more information than was needed. For me, their borderline immodesty distracted greatly from the worship experience. But who am I to judge?

  53. Cabell wrote:

    Watched the “Parade Of Piano’s” Saturday afternoon. Seems that Dino can be the captain of awkward moments. HIS portion of the show was full of them. Reminding Mrs. Collinsworth that what they were playing was “his” arrangement, even though she had to tell him what key they were in, for starters. But the guffaw of the showcase was when Dino made a comment concerning Rick Goodman’s commercialism with his “Legend Series” piano “monestry”. Anyone know what the cost is for a “Roger Bennett Legend Series Piano”? And what else is Rick going to start “branding”? Maybe he can try Darrel Stewart “praise” socks.

  54. Faith wrote:

    First off, I am not the Faith from # 45.

    Whose brilliant idea was having Dino @ NQC? UGH, where’s a trapdoor when you need it?

  55. Dave wrote:

    I have been debating whether to post my comments/observations since last Saturday. When I am finished, I may regret deciding to share. I did not attend the main stage performances in Freedom Hall last week. My only attendance at the 2007 NQC lasted about an hour on Friday night and consisted of touring through the exhibit hall. My purpose was to see a few old friends and just visit a while. I did that and enjoyed every minute of it.

    Here is where my personal observations begin. I have attended many NQC’s in the past as both a fan and a participant. I was fortunate enough to travel many years and miles with a great quartet. We were well known and respected by fans and industry leaders/insiders. Through hard work and dedication, we were fortunate enough to be able to participate in some of the nation’s top-billed promotions, including the NQC main stage. Because of our position within the industry, we often were aware of the real reasons folks left groups, etc (spending more time with family was usually NOT the reason). I say all of that to say this…..Some things never change. I could feel the egos hitting me in the face before I ever reached for the door handle Friday night. I had stayed away from the NQC for a few years because it simply turned my stomach to know some of the things that transpire behind the scenes. I had hoped that those feelings had subsided. They had not. As I entered the building, I felt the same nausea that I had felt before. The NQC used to be a very prestigious event. What I saw Friday was a lack of respect for the event- shoddy booths by some of the “top groups” in the industry, flea market items on a majority of the tables, etc. I believe that the NQC board should actually enforce their own rules about exhibits even if it means not collecting a few dollars in booth rental fees. The over-all look of the exhibit hall tells me that the board members themselves have lost some respect for the event.

    Next, a message to the “local” groups from Anywhere, USA that spend an outlandish amount of money to promote your group in Louisville, KY. Grant it, there are people from all over the US attending the NQC that could book your group, but do the math. A group of 4 or 5 with a booth, hotel, food (pork chop sandwiches aint cheap), etc can run into the thousands of $$. Are any of the folks you are promoting yourselves to going to be able to recoup those dollars for you with their one or two (I’m being generous) bookings? Are you there just because you spent more $$ to get yourselves on a showcase at one of the hotels? I am not trying to be discouraging here (I told you I would probably regret this). I wish for all God-led ministries to succeed. All I am saying is…use the money you would spend at NQC for the week to actaully hire Nashville musicians to play on your next recording. Practice your singing and stage presence instead of trying to get Southern Spin to “reach a deal” with you. If you truly practice your trade and perfect your craft, you will be noticed for your music and ministry instead of your outfits and trinkets.

    I wish I felt differently. I used to love the NQC and the southern gospel scene as a whole. I still love the message of the music. I wish that those (from the top-selling and most well known groups out there to the newest local group out there) who may have lost sight of the real prize would take a sincere look at their purpose and mission.

    I’ll stop now.

  56. Denise (Purdy) Lewis wrote:

    I am a friend of Jeff Pearls’ from the late 80’s. Last time I talked to him, he was singing with PSQ. Does anyone know what he is doing now a days? You can let me know - avonlady06 at cox dot net

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