NQC 07: SN down?

Has the SN been down all day for anyone else besides me? And if so, didn’t this happen at the beginning of NQC not too long ago? No matter if my memory’s faulty or not (and it may be) what’s up with the prolonged downtime?

Update: According to the comments and a subsequent note from Danny Jones, looks like the SN’s site got hosed by their ISP. Bad timing for them, huh.

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  1. Mandy wrote:

    I can’t get onto the site, either. I’ve tried all afternoon.

  2. Brett wrote:

    Me too!

  3. Paul Jackson wrote:

    same for me…?

  4. Videoguy wrote:

    I’ve often gotten this feeling the SN site is running on an in-house server, as opposed to a commercial IP. Anytime a breaker is thrown, a kid decides to CTRL-ALT-DEL, or the like, down goes the site.

  5. ST wrote:

    I spoke with their webmaster tonight, and it is out of their hands. It is something that Charter (their server) did. They switched systems on them and did not tell them when they were doing it. They knew it was coming, but they did not know when. BAD TIMING! Even some of the technicians at Charter did not know about the switch. Charter said they were getting calls all day because people could not get on their sites.

    This is not SN fault. They hope to be up and running by Tuesday morning - if Charter comes through for them.

  6. FormerDJ wrote:

    I tried getting on there pretty early yesterday and couldn’t. I think it was down all day.

  7. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    It was indeed down most of the day.

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