The Perrys’ new album

Of all the new stuff out right now (and there’s a lot, doesn’t it seem?), I gotta say I’m most interested in the Perrys new album. If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, Daniel Mount may be from Pluto, at least judging by the astronomically outlandish way he’s prone to enthuse, gush, and generally overstate his own tastes (MTT’s new thing was “one of the strongest” of the decade). True to form, the new Perrys album is “one of the albums of the decade,” according to Mount. On that basis alone, there’s grounds to be skeptical (I didn’t review the MTT thing because I couldn’t find enough interesting things to say about it other than that it was meticulously predictable – or predictably meticulous – and unimaginatively safe). But hyperbole notwithstanding, I’m eager to hear Look No Further. I’ve been getting surreptitious mini-reviews from various sources here and there and have tried to ignore them as much as possible. Here’s hoping I can fend off the opinionators until I get to NQC when I will, with luck, snag my copy.

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  1. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    My positive reviews aren’t any more outlandish than your negative reviews. :)

  2. Paul Doster wrote:

    Well stated, Daniel. I for one, can not wait to get my copy of The Perrys’ new project. Each one has been better than the last…if possible. I completely enjoy The Perrys and their music. I wish I could make it to the NQC this year, but business takes me elsewhere.

  3. RR wrote:

    Daniel’s cup is half full. And that’s a good thing, I would say. That’s better than a cup that is half empty. :-)

  4. Rob wrote:

    Daniel : I believe Doug must truly appreciate you , what with all the times he mentions you..:) Great publicity !!

  5. Buick wrote:

    Re: #1, I sometimes wonder why Doug (Avery) bothers to listen to SG music when there is so little out there that he seems to enjoy. (I don’t care for opera so I just don’t listen to it.)

    But I LOVE to come to this site and read the remarks. I really do learn a lot and I enjoy the postings. That and Doug really DOES have a great vocabulary and has great command of the nuances of language.

  6. Jo Jo wrote:

    It’s a good thing that Libby dresses properly, or Daniel wouldn’t even had listened to the album. Looks like he is getting a little testy.

  7. Kevin wrote:

    got the new perrys cd - its GREAT - they nailed it on mainstage on monday night!!!

  8. thom wrote:

    I had the privilege of hearing the entire project last week, before it was “released”, and all I can say is “wow!” Powerful songs, great delivery, and all the passion that this group is known for + some! 4 or 5 songs have great radio potential. I don’t necessarily agree with Daywind’s first choice for radio “Holy Shore” - not that it’s not good because it is good - but I would have chosen another one. But, as I said, several of them would be great to radio, like “The Potter Knows the Clay”, “All is Well”. “Come and Get me”, “Product of Love”, and ….well I can’t remember the names!

  9. TonyWatson wrote:

    I got to hear this for the first time a few weeks ago and it is one of the strongest projects I’ve heard. There are several really strong songs on it, fast and slow, and very few, if any, fast-forward songs. The Perrys have put out some great albums in recent years, starting with Changed Forever, and this is the best yet.

  10. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Tony, thanks for the comment. I don’t always agree with you, but I really respect your opinion, so it’s nice to see that we’re on the same page here.

  11. Chuck Peters wrote:

    I have the new PERRYS’ album,.. I like it.

  12. chuck stevens wrote:

    I hope to see “Grip Of Grace” singled at some point. I have heard them stage the song before with just piano and sounded great. The one they have released has the typical big ending with horns, Grip is what i think of when i think Southern Gospel.

  13. krista wrote:

    i agree with tony watson!(aka my dad)
    i LOVE.LOVE.LOVE the new cd!
    we had that cd for 3 days and i already knew all the words to all of the songs!

    #12-i totally agree! grip of grace is my new favorite song. i love it! im quite partial to joseph’s songs as it is but its and amazing song! as well as product of love.

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