NQC 07: The Florida Boys

A friend whose taste is “pert neer” (as my grandmother used to say) impeccable just texted from NQC to say: “The Florida Boys are freakin’ incredible. Too bad.” Indeed. Like a beautiful sunset, I guess.

Gene McDonald’s back on bass for this the group’s farewell stand. I hope the FBs don’t get KingsGolded on Saturday night at the big bon voyage and waste a bunch of time singing bad music in the name nostalgia or variety (fortunately Les Beasley’s is a slier, dryer manner than Hammil’s both-barrels approach to … well, everything, so there’s reason to be hopeful). The fittest tribute to the FBs would be a final set full of the kind of easy eloquence they trademarked back in the day (Consider the Lilies indeed) and revived with McDonald and friends. Plus, they’re really funny, when they’re on. I can’t wait.

Update: Speaking of the FBs. I just noticed this. Can it possibly be right: Daniel Mount references a SN forum post that has a new Florida Boys, with Charlie Waller in the driver’s seat, staying on the road:

The lineup will be Charlie Waller (lead), Buddy Burton (baritone), Chip Cooper (bass), Joshua Pope (piano), and a to-be-announced tenor.

Great goats.

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  1. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    I sure hope it’s not right. It wouldn’t be the Florida Boys without either Gene McDonald, Josh Garner, or one of the older 5 year-or-longer veterans.

  2. Buick wrote:

    This already seems reminiscent of the FBs of old. The Boys always did have trouble with vacancies at the tenor slot.

  3. RR wrote:

    I’m glad to see a new group start up, but “The Florida Boys”?

    If you haven’t seen and heard Joshua Pope, prepare to be amazed. He’s young, handsome, talented, . . . sort of a modern day version of Tony (Tarzan) Brown.

  4. Cabell wrote:

    What is the difference between Rick “the Huckster” Goodman who is relying on his family name to earn his living, and Charlie Waller buying the Florida Boys name and fielding what seems a sub-par quartet? Would any one go see “Charlie Waller and the no-names”? Smart business decision for Charlie, (ride the coat tails of the ones who have put in the time to build the name and the reputation) but sad for southern gospel and the legacy of the Florida Boys.

  5. thom wrote:

    having been a fan and supporter of THE Florida Boys, I think it would be a travesty to allow someone else to use the name. I hope this is not true. If the group is retiring then retire the name as well. C’mon Les, don’t sell the rights to the name, please.

  6. Brett wrote:

    I am glad the Florida Boys retired. There are already too many male quartets in SG as it is. Good music is bringing 2 females and 2 males together and harmonizing. Besides Women are more pretty to look at. I wish the Nelons would have been able to sing. They have given far more better songs then the FB. Here are 10 just name a few. “Wedding Day” 2 “Alleluiah to the Lamb” 3 “Oh For a Thousand Tongues” 4 “He Called Me out” 5 “Thanks” 6 “Oh For a Thousand Tongues” 7 “I’ll Take to the Father” 8 “Ive Got a Right” 9 “Bring My Children Home” 10 “Unto the Hills” which FB ripped off from the Nelons like “I Lean On You Lord”.

  7. TonyWatson wrote:

    If this is really happening, I can’t imagine there being that much curiosity about them. I mean, like ‘em or not, Les, Glen and Derrell ARE the Florida Boys. The other parts have been good at times and great at times and the last real version of the group was one of their best, BUT, come on . . .

    However, looking at the personnel, I don’t imagine they are expecting to be very busy.

  8. Steven wrote:

    Staying on the florida boys topic BUT not staying on this current topic…

    I noticed that the pictures of the FB on the SN website (NQC 07) showed a different guy at tenor (they explained it as one of the former tenors )…i thought harold reed was supposed to reprise his role for the NQC…were the k-men not there yet?

  9. pr wrote:

    I heard the FBs tonight (Wednesday) and Gene McDonald was simply fabulous. Of course he’s an old friend and I knew he was fabulous 17 years ago but he just gets better and better. And I hope some other group will snatch him up and NOT let him drive a bus instead of singing that great bass. Also interesting was that they had Terry Davis singing tenor. He was their tenor who recorded “When He Was On the Cross I Was On His Mind” so that was kind of neat. Unfortunately his voice hasn’t quite stood the test of time as far as the high notes are concerned, but still it was neat. The weirdest thing was when he finished the song the lights went out and they were just gone off the stage. Seemed kind of a strange way to depart.

  10. clarissa wrote:

    What about Josh? Won’t he be in the new FB’s?

  11. SPD wrote:

    This is sad!!!!!!! I mean if Josh and Gene bought the group it would be a bit easier to swallow, a lot easier actually! And speaking of Rick Goodman, Les has to have some of that blood in him to let the name and legacy go to the highest bidder! For the love of the legacy let it be over!

  12. Kevin wrote:

    Hey Steven: On the gospelmusicupdate.com site, harold reed is singing with them…

  13. Arnold Cenzaboy wrote:

    RR said - “Joshua Pope. . . . sort of a modern day version of Tony (Tarzan) Brown.”

    For the record, Double R, Tony Brown was Tarzen with an “E”

  14. RR wrote:

    Thanks, #13. Spelling was never one of my strong points, it appears.

  15. quartet-man wrote:

    Tarzan had an E on his first album I think, but I believe it was misspelled accidentally at that point. I seem to recall later seeing it spelled the “correct” way of Tarzan.

  16. Norm B. wrote:

    Are there any rumors as to where Gene McDonald might end up ?? Maybe Greater Vision should become a quartet with Gene as the bass singer ??

  17. Kitty wrote:

    I am a long time fan of The Floriday Boys.
    I think Terry Davis was the best tenor who ever sang with them and would love to find CDs with Terry.
    If you know where I might find some feel free to email me gma_kitty@hotmail.com

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