NQC 07: Avery unmasked?

I only touched down in Kentucky within the hour and already Avery sightings - caught on camera - are popping up online. Chuck Peters has the goods, such as they are. It’s a decent likeness, I think.

Update: Ok, for real this time: here. Let the stalking begin.

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  1. dd wrote:

    lol. love the overalls!! thats my kind of guy!! they have those pressure relievers on the side for all that good food!!

  2. LA wrote:

    Maybe if Banana made overalls it would be a close resemblance. Too bad we can’t see the shoes. That’s the real test.

  3. Shamika wrote:

    Is that Senator Larry Craig behind you?

  4. ST wrote:

    Doug, I had my picture made with you on Tuesday, and you had not even made it to NQC yet. That’s amazing!!! I had no idea that was you! Enjoyed the banjo song, man - but you really can’t sing!! LOL

  5. Scott wrote:

    Unfortunately, you don’t look like you would smell too good.

    WTH IS that?

  6. TE wrote:

    Which booth has the Averyfineline dart board? You know the dart board with Doug’s picture as the bull’s eye? LOL

  7. Jeremy Peace wrote:


    I ventured on to Chuck’s site fairly excited to see who the mystery blogger was….as I was waiting for the photo to appear on my PDA/phone, I thought to myself, ”I kinda feel bad for Doug….there are a lot of people out there that will hunt him down and give him emotional ridicule and grief, and possible physical harm…., now that they know who to look for….” but then:shazaam…..the photo loaded and I spewed my water all over me…..not because of the photo and the jokes that were displayed in that photo, ”notice the backdrop in the background,” but because some folks will actually think that is Doug, and he will be the punching bag for hate and frustration from all of Doug’s opposers….

    Doug, whether you stay shrouded in mystery, or you are discovered and seen….don’t stop being the writer that you are…. take the de-masking and use it to your advantage….people will appreciate you even more-so for not changing your style despite you being discovered….it could prove your realness and lack of cowardness…don’t back down… we are depending on you in many ways to help break down the barriers that hold gospel music in its stagnant state and form….its more than just being spiritual and religious, its also about musical art-form, talent…and business

  8. Scott wrote:

    What I meant to say was: whoa, you’re HOT!


  9. MattPaasch wrote:

    I’m waiting to see what else might happen in the following days…. this could be interesting!

    Would Doug really be playing the banjo? I’d rather see him play the washboard, or even better…. the jug!

  10. Dave wrote:

    I thought he looked like The Wolfman!

  11. Chuck Peters wrote:

    ok.. the real picture (honest).. is here: http://www.southerngospelreporter.com/001dougharrison.html

  12. quartet-man wrote:

    I expected to see a joke, but not quite that. But, he really did post the real thing in another place.

  13. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Boy,you all disappointed me.
    I thought Doug was getting ready for the season premiere of the Cavemen on ABC 8 ET on Oct. 2.


  14. JimT wrote:

    For once someone looks exactly like I had them pictured in my mind!

  15. natesings wrote:

    I pictured you being somewhat older but you appear to be close to my age (early 30s).

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