NQC 07: Best and worst

Smartest gimmick of the week, from Danny Jones’s blog:

I’m not quite sure who is responsible for this (either the Hoppers or Canaan Records), but they are making fans and friends for life: they have a small fleet of golf carts transporting patrons to and from Freedom Hall and the exhibit hall. Sure, it’s shameless promotion for their latest recording and single (”Waiting For My Ride”), but it’s a stroke of genius and both, especially the Hoppers, will reap rewards because of it.

Contender for “announcement you least want to hear if you eat at the exhibit hall vending area,” also from Danny, written yesterday:

Not long after the opening of the exhibit hall doors, an announcement blared throughout the building’s PA system…”No one will be allowed in the exhibit hall between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Tuesday as the maintenance staff will be spraying for flies.”

Read that again.


Spraying for flies.

OK, I give. I realize that the Kentucky Fair & Expo Center hosts several events each year that feature horses and other livestock. I also realize that most of the loading dock doors for this year’s NQC face some of the horse barns that are on the facility’s grounds.

But spraying for flies? During an event?

Icka. Guess I better bring some OFF … and my own snacks.

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  1. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Has anybody sung “I Fly Away” yet at the convention?
    They should now.

  2. CVH wrote:

    The golf cart idea is genius - practical, which is helpful and just wacky enough to fun.

    I think if some of the bigger groups or NQC were smart they’d develop a licensing agreement with CROCS and have branded CROC walking shoes for sale at their booths. Practical, fun, decent markup at 30 bucks a pair.

    For that matter (facetiousness alert), why not hire a high-tech video production house to come in with generic video of some of the gospel greats in live performance and a small bluescreen area where they could shoot Mr. and/or Mrs. Gospel Music Fan lip-syncing a tune to be layered into the original video? At, say $49.95 a pop, the rights holders could make some scratch on licensing the video rights, the vendor *sorry, had to swat a fly* makes money and the fan has either a one-of-a-kind memory to take home. Tacky? Sort of. Would it sell? Duh…

  3. thom wrote:

    the singing news fan awards tonight was actually a good show. Ivan Parker and Janet Paschall were good hosts - especially Ivan, he was able to get the crowd “into it”. Janet was gracious as always but really didnt have too much to say.

    The INSP taping element and the addition of a couple of congregational sing-a-longs was a nice touch.

    The award winners were a fairly good balance representing several different groups - not dominated by one or two groups as it has been some years in the past.

    EHSS did not win anything. GVB did not win anything. Kim Hopper won only 2 awards this year. Ivan Parker won favorite male vocalist. Legacy Five won a couple of things. The Inspos won song of the year, ( should have gone to The Perrys). and NICK TRAMMELL won Horizon Individual! yaY Nick! Scott Inman favorite young artist ( i think)

    Overall a good night. Good to hear BFA do a set, Mark Trammell Trio plus one, did a good set. Greater Vision always great. Triumphant did a good set.

    Reggie Sadler Family was good.

    What do the rest of you think about this year’s winners?

  4. thom wrote:

    OH! P.S. The Booth Brothers won Group of the Year! This was a well deserved award, imo./

  5. BL wrote:

    Thom, I love how you say Kim only won 2 awards this year, as if that’s a downsize for her. lol. Those are the only two awards she actually can win. So all in all, it was normal. Not a surprise at all.

    I was pleased to see Nick win. Also very pleased to see the Booth Brothers take home group of the year.

    I didn’t agree with the Inspirations winning song of the year, and not just because I don’t like to hear them. I thought there were better songs, singing aside, that should have won.

    The Mark Trammel trio (a trio that featured four singers lol) was GREAT! As was Brian Free and Assurance.

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