Young Harmony and Nice Cars

A while back in one of our interminable discussions of the mysteriously well-financed phenomenon that is Young Harmony, I recall a crack someone (me?) made to the effect of, what will Young Harmony do when they get old? I guess we now may have part of the answer. According to this Dealer Business Journal report, when Ginger Bond’s father’s business – Nice Cars Inc – was bought out by a larger company last year, part of the deal included contractually obligated salaries for each of his children.

Nice Cars Inc. is a chain of six family-owned and operated buy here-pay here used car stores, four in Georgia and two in Tennessee. Co-owners of the chain, Ray Lyle Jr. and his wife Victoria, have owned the operation for almost nine years. Lyle said he was paid $25 million in cash and issued 6.25 million shares of Manchester Inc.’s common stock, bringing the total value of the acquisition to $72.5 million. In addition, the owners of these entities will receive five-year employment contracts to continue running the dealerships. The company financed the cash portion of the purchase price through the utilization of its $300 million credit facility.

Three of the Lyle’s children, Ray Lyle, II, Robert Lyle and Ginger Bond, have also been given five-year employment contracts.

But that, evidently, was not the end of the story. Chattanooga News Channel 9 is reporting that Nice Cars appears to be in a bit of financial pinch, and the new owners have questions for the Lyle family. Or, as the headline puts it: “Lawsuit Claims Nice Cars Inflated Its Worth.” Money quote:

Our investigative team has been digging into the financial problems of Nice Cars, formerly owned by the Lyles family of Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.

Employees and businesses who work with the company have not been paid for two pay periods. The used car lot sold to a Texas company but is in millions of dollars of trouble.

After multiple attempts, we finally obtained a 50 plus page federal lawsuit filed in New York City. Manchester Incorporated wants big money out of the Lyles family.

Late this morning, several contracting businesses approached the new company, wanting their money.

One repossession agent told the Manchester executives, “That’s what we’ve asked of Nice Cars for three weeks. Give us an explantation, give us a time. They wouldn’t even give us an explanation except Manchester made a bank routing error. And we’re waiting on the funds to be transferred to the payroll account.”

No word on whether the payroll difficulties have affected the Lyles’ children’s salaries. Hat tips to … well, you know who you are.

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  1. newchristian2 wrote:

    WHAT? I only know that Ginger and Jonathan are good people and I personally have never seen anything but good from them. They will give you the shirt off their back at anytime. The first time I met them, they bought my food, with nothing to gain. There must be more to this story then what we are hearing. I trust the ministry that Young Harmony has. I know how God used them to change my life. What is the purpose in spreading this trash to others that may or may not hear it? Personal attacks are not something that they have earned.

  2. Lucas wrote:

    I see we are now sinking to a new low as to attacking the personal and business lives of Johnathan and Ginger Bond, aside from you attacking their ministry. I despise people who claim to report the news and current events in Gospel Music but in fact, you report the exact opposite. You my friend, are in desperate need of prayer for God to bring you out of your deep realm of darkness. We, as Christians, are supposed to proclaim the good news of salvation and witness to all who need to hear of Him. Personal attacks on their family and business is something you should definately be ashamed of.
    I consider myself lucky to know such great people like Johnathan and Ginger Bond. If you have a problem with that, I’m not sorry.

    I usually NEVER post comments on this site, because I know the owner has no clue about what being a Christian is, based on his prior “blog entries”. By no means am I a judge of anyones character, so please do not think that is the case.
    But, the Bonds are friends, and friends stick up for each other.

    –Lucas Case
    Branson, MO

  3. KD wrote:

    Personal attacks, #1???

    Reporting a factual news story is a personal attack? WOW! In my 14 years of journalism, that’s a first. Kinda like (this is a stretch, but only by genre) your favorite artist murders someone and you calling the reporting a personal attack.

    Reading the quotes we were given, it sounds as if the buyer didn’t do his background work to find out about all indebtedness. At this point, this is merely a business story and won’t have any bearing on Young Harmony, other than name association.

  4. CG wrote:

    “I know the owner has no clue about what being a Christian is, based on his prior “blog entries”. By no means am I a judge of anyones character, so please do not think that is the case.”

    Lucas (post 2), what two adjoining sentences have you written that would ever make us think that?

    Get real! Avery simply posted what is all over Chattanooga news presently. Do you have the right to “stick up” for your friends? Certainly. However, spare us your judgement on the character of those who are practicing responsible journalism by reporting a story that may be of interest to SG fans.

  5. newchristian2 wrote:

    (#2) Thank you for saying this. It is funny to me that a company would spend this much on buying another company with out checking all of the facts. Also, I think it is funny that on here (a place dedicated to Gospel Music at it’s entirety) can trust a blog 100%, and the news 100% but struggle trusting Jesus and His word. Go Jonathan & Ginger. I commend you in all that you are doing for God and the ministry. Thank you (#2) for your post. I agree!

  6. CG wrote:

    …And another thing while I’m at it:

    In the case of the Lyles family, maybe they will be cleared of all allegations in the federal lawsuit that has been filed against them, however, as a Christian, I do have a huge concern over what has, according to press coverage, occurred with this company (Nice Cars) while being operated by the Lyles’.

    I am local to the Chattanooga area and am familiar with the principles of this developing story. Nice Cars uses the fish (representing Christianity) as part of their logo. They charge, what I believe to be, unethically large interest rates to finance unbelievably inflated prices on their cars. They prey on those who are “down on their luck” with their advertising/marketing. They have, for several years, had an unsatisfactory rating with the local BBB. My point to all of this is to lead to this question: Is this just a case of bad press or has a company/family used God’s name to further a career?

    If, sadly, the latter proves to be the case, it also leads me to recall previous YH discussions at this blog where the Chattanooga Times-Free Press was quoted as to having no record of ever printing a story that they are credited with on the YH website (Jonathan’s testimony). Was that, too, a case of bad press or someone using God’s name to further a career by embellishing a testimony?

    As Christians, we are Biblically exhorted to “try the spirits”. I believe, that doesn’t mean that we only raise questions about hard-to-believe or “miraculous” stories/actions of non-believers, but Chritians, as well. Remember, Jesus showed patience and compassion to one of His own when He responded to doubt by taking the time to show Thomas the scars.

  7. The Bass wrote:

    Lucas, thanks for your comments. You’re right on.

    When avery starts digging up trash (or trying to create trash) that has nothing to do with SG - AT ALL - that’s when I say “Goodbye, get a life, get saved, and get a real job.”

  8. FrequentReader wrote:

    Get a real job? With his [Avery] intellect and his talent for creating sentences, I’m sure most readers don’t even understand, don’t you think he has one? LOL! This is just an amusing hobby to him. Let someone indulge in the constitutional right of free speech and write whatever he wants. If your Christian character is offended, quit encouraging him with an abundance of site hits.

  9. Bryce wrote:

    Yeesh, Lucas! This blog isn’t a news site, only a discussion forum. Sources have been cited, so blame the real news agencies and the reporters who did the initial research if you don’t want anyone to print the truth.

    Whatever happened to that position you were gonna take with The Inspirations anyway?

    #1 (newchristian2) The company slogan is Nice Cars… for good people. If they’re posting a net loss, maybe they’re running low on good people.

  10. RF wrote:

    My, my. The lengths we will go to defend our “favorites.” Personally, i could care less what happens with “Nice Cars” or anything in the personal lives of sg artists. I do, however, think this is a part of the “story” that makes up a group’s “testimony,” so it is fair game.

    And one more thing. the day this country disregards the press as a check on the system is the day this country starts the great decline. Unfortunately, many Christians only believe what their friends tell them and disregard the facts. That, to me, is very scary.

  11. aaron wrote:

    CG, did Nice Cars make people have bad credit? I know about buy here/pay here autos and one thing that you didn’t add in your trash pile is that when you have bad credit and no one wants to take a chance on financing you, you either have to have a lot of money saved up or pay high interest on a loan. this is also the way credit cards are done, also the check into cash game is played this way. Here is how to avoid it, pay your bills and keep your credit name good. Nice cars takes a chance on financing bad credit history people. why would they do that with nothing to gain? are you doing it? Hmmm.
    About jonathans testimony, what if you had been living in the days of lazerus? would you have believed him? He had no doctors note (as though jonathan has). trust the world, not your bothers or sisters. trust the press not Jesus. Try the spirits? have you done this?

  12. Lucas wrote:

    “I recall a crack someone (me?) made to the effect of, what will Young Harmony do when they get old”?, says Avery.

    I am assuming I’m wrong to expect more Godliness from fellow Christians. Why do we have to make personal attacks towards them? That is my only question. Is it our right to know their financial situation or ask questions concerning their money? I understand this information was on the news, understandable. But, my fault for assuming. I appreciate all of the comments that were directed to me, please, keep them coming.

    Thank you for your interest in my career! I appreciate that as well. I am currently a full-time student at Missouri State University. I am studying Political Science and Entertainment Management. I also work at Silver Dollar City theme-park.

    Please, any other questions/comments regarding my personal business, respect my wishes and send them via email to

    Blessings to all,
    –Lucas Case

  13. CG wrote:

    Aaron (post 11), “Nice cars takes a chance on financing bad credit history people. why would they do that with nothing to gain?” In my (humble) opinion, 28 percent, as is being reported, is plenty to gain! Many times bad things happen to good people. Bad credit/high risk financing is not just isolated to those who have CHOSEN to not pay their bills. In the case of one family affected by this debacle, loss of employment due to illness created a “credit risk” situation.

    You are correct, Jonathan has no doctor’s note. Instead, he has publicly posted what is supposed to be a newspaper article on YH’s website verifying his “testimony”. As stated, the newspaper he credits with interviewing, writing, and publishing this miraculous story (The Chattanooga Times Free-Press) has no record/memory of EVER publishing the story OR EVER employing a writer with the name that is attached to that same story.

    I would say that the spirits are being tried here.

  14. wackythinker wrote:

    The posting is not something he made up. As is obvious, it’s a direct quote from the press. And he made NO editorial comment of his own. So don’t shoot the messenger.

    Since Ginger’s name is included in the news story, and she is a member of a fairly prominent s/g singing group, it is quite appropriate for the news item to be quoted here. She’s taking a salary, so she is involved with the story. She may or may not be actively in the business, and may or may not be privy to the family’s practices, but she is taking a salary. That alone makes it right to mention it in this forum.

    I applaud the reporting, but think some of the responses are less objective than the original report. We really should not jump to conclusions on either side. After all, many lawsuits are warrentless.

  15. BS wrote:

    Ok Lucas & new..2, i’ve gone over avery’s post time and again. PLEASE point out the attack. Because I’m only seeing news article quotes and a couple sly remarks, but NOTHING close to any kind of attack.

    By now, I’m sure we all know that YH are really nice people who’d give the shirts off their backs. And, that’ll sound real fine at their federal court sentencing…maybe they’ll get probation. (oh, if they are convicted…almost forgot that part.)

    Drop the overly pious and defensive attitude and take it in stride. This isn’t the first time gospel singers have been in trouble with the law, and won’t be the last. Where was everyone when Phil Driscoll was cheating on his taxes?

  16. notsosure wrote:

    i don;’t think the moderator was out of line for bringing this situation to our attention. he even provides you with links to the news sources!

    the only other comment i will make is this : I am thankful that I was not personally held responsible for everything that my father and other family members ever did. This story is about Ginger Bond’s FAMILY - NOT her and Jonathan Bond personally. If she is not involved in the day-to-day operation of the business, the decision making, etc. then the mere reporting of the story really has nothing to do with a personal attack on her as Lucas and some others have suggested.

  17. Stormy Chaffin wrote:

    Johnathan and Ginger I love you keep up the great work you do. It is so easy to see that people do not understand what God can do. when God blesses someone else the others get mad. This happens in church, life, and just about anything else. I know one thing. I have been around YH alot of times and I have seen God’s annointing on them. Just be like Job and stand for what you believe in YH. I am oraying for you and behind you always. I got your back.

  18. Sherry wrote:

    How sad that only NEGATIVE news has to come out on this website!!! What happens to the real things that take place when the people you are bashing and trashing, do for the Lord? Have you ever told about the souls that have been saved or lives touched from the ministry of Young Harmony? This group has the Spirit of the Lord on them whenever they sing. It’s not a show or something that is put on. Why not tell everyone about the people whose lives have been touched and changed because Johnathan and Ginger minded God in their ministry? I will be praying for you…………it’s time to look at the positive things God is doing and let go of being so NEGATIVE!!

  19. VG wrote:

    NEGATIVE?!?!? This website isn’t negative. It’s thought provoking, which is a far cry from negative.

    Avery posts postive comments all the time. He’s at his best when he’s critiquing something. I doubt there are few people who can describe their passion for a song or musical style than he can.

    At the same time, this is a blog, and bloggers comment on things they see/hear, positive, negative or neutral.

    Maybe someone needs to start an ALL POSITIVE SG BLOG. We can call it Here, you won’t find anything from Avery or Bruno, because although they may be right much or the time, their ideas are far too negative for the average visitor.

    YH are great people, but some of their fanatic fans are just plain wierd.

  20. An Interested Party wrote:

    There are plenty of places that only list the news about a groups song “affecting a nation” or someone having a baby. There are many places to go for that. I for one welcome the oppertunity to read something else. When you choose to do what these groups do, you accept the fact that your lives are public. I’ve accepted it myself, and while I’ve not always agreed with everything said about myself or my friends in this industry and some of it was just not true, I can’t blame people for talking about it. A gifted actor can make a person feel the anointing on them. I’m not saying thats what happened here, but alot of you folks assume everyone is to be trusted, and thats a dangerous mistake. Just my 2 cents.

  21. The Bass wrote:

    I repeat: Get on your knees, get a life, and get a real job.

    I assume if Avery found out that a certain artist has x dollars in a trust fund for his kids college he’d probably spread that all over the web too. …complete with tracking numbers and credit card stubs to his personal bank account.

  22. BL wrote:

    First of all, I could care less if Ginger’s family is or was involved in a less than reputable company. It’s her family, not her necessarily. Had the news article said that Ginger was directly involved, I could see the interest. But it didn’t. Are we now judging a person by their family? I don’t think Doug was personally attacking Jonathan and Ginger though…simply pointing out an article of interest, making just the right statements to make you think he was. After all, ya’ll all wanted something new to talk about, right? Now, all that being said, I don’t know Jonathan and/or Ginger Bond or anyone else in YoungHarmony. I don’t agree with some of their marketing techniques but you have to hand it to ‘em, like them or not everyone’s always talking about them so I think they’ve probably accomplished their goal in that area.

  23. dd wrote:

    instead of a dunking booth next year something tells me there will be a shooting booth, at least in effigy, of Doug. 3 shots for a dollar. dollar refunded if you hit him……lol.

    well..i’ve been working and thinking of this post and it made me mad that Doug would post something like this. But then looking at what HE wrote and not the article outtakes, is not bad guys. BUT i personally think its tasteless that we’re seeing this on here. its none of our buisness and no doubt shameful for the family. This is not the place, time or people that should even be talking about this. its gossip, no matter which way you look at it.

  24. TLN wrote:

    BL (#22), You commented that you “could care less if Ginger’s family is or was involved in a less than reputable company.” Well…I’m just curious. If you could “care less”, I’m wondering just how much less you could care! This statement DOES lead me to think that you DO care somewhat, because, well…like you said, you COULD “care LESS”! You obviously care to some extent, because if you didn’t care AT ALL, there would be no way you could care ANY LESS!

    So may I ask, how much do you care?

    Pehaps what you really meant to say is that you ‘couldn’t (could not) care less’…??? Perhaps…?

    P.S. I couldn’t care more that you have a nice day…!

  25. The Bass wrote:

    Someone has too much time on their hands…

  26. BL wrote:

    Haha! # 24! Good catch. What I meant to say was that the involvement of Ginger’s family in this doesn’t really effect my opinion of her one way or another. Or, as you pointed out, that I “couldn’t care less.” Have a great day TLN!

  27. Sherry wrote:

    In response to #19, I don’t have my head stuck in the sand, I am only saying, why not talk about the good the people he talks about is doing…..what their ministry is doing for the Lord. If more people would talk about Jesus and the good things people do and look for the POSITIVE….what a change their might be. I am a true YOUNG HARMONY fan….but I’m not weird! I am child of the King!!

  28. TLN wrote:

    BL (#26) - …got it loud and clear! Just between you and me, I must admit that..down deep inside…I really knew what you sayin’. Just rattlin’ your chain in a very friendly kinda way! God bless.

  29. The Bass wrote:

    Funny how some posters on this board instantly assume you’re “weird” if you don’t agree with their personal, baseless, ignorant, blantant bashes against the character of SG singers.


  30. RF wrote:

    Funny how when facts are presented and links provided that do NOT incriminate the singers in question but raise questions which are pertinent to the the sg world, does it become baseless, ignorant and blantant bashing.

    Or perhaps you would prefer the Singing News fluff? My suggestion is that is the web site you should frequent.

  31. scope wrote:

    First of all, if a SG artist had a trust fund for his children it would not be news unless there was evidence that he came by the money illegally or immorally.

    I think the reason this article is relavant is that we have already debated whether or not YH bought or tried to buy Dove award votes. If they did that with money that was made by ripping off people, I think that is relevant. Since Ginger is named in the article as receiving a salary from the car dealership, I see this as a reasonable thing to bring to our attention. You can agree or disagree with YH’ s culpability, but we certainly have the right to know the facts about these public figures. Then it is up to each of us to decide whether or not to support the group.

  32. Trash Basket wrote:

    #31 “but we certainly have the right to know”, if that is true, do you actually think that you will get FACTS on here? If you want facts, why not email them or call them. Surely you know their web address.

    #20 “a gifted actor can make you feel the anointing” WHAT? You have got to be kidding. I loved watching Clarke Gable, but I never felt an anointing when I was around him. Who is an actor that is gifted enough to make you feel the Holy Spirit?

    Now both of you, I don’t know YH, but have met them once for a brief bit, but things like these quotes are completely crazy. I am still laughing at how these people are able to even type with their intelligence level. Oh my, still laughing.

  33. Goodness wrote:

    I wonder if some of you guys would hold such an unseeing eye towards YH and unforgiving heart towards Doug if you were the one out $$$?

  34. DJ wrote:

    Just an honest question: why is it that the people who jump all over Doug for so-called “attacks” are the ones attacking him?

  35. Grigs wrote:

    If I was Young Harmony, I wouldn’t respond to Doug’s columns at all….here’s why:

    Up until the first averyfineline column on Young Harmony, I had no interest in them whatsoever. It was this site that got my curiousity up. I can guarantee you that if Young Harmony comes to my town, I will be at the concert just to see what the big deal is.

    Doug, if I ever start a group, feel free to say whatever you want about it. Just remember that my last name is spelled G-R-I-G-S-B-Y.

  36. Brett wrote:

    Anybody watch the Hoppers new dvd of The Ride and see what Mike Hopper is driving?

  37. aaay nonemous wrote:

    Did Mike Hopper have bad credit and needed to get his car financed thru Nice Cars or something?

    Seeing that Claude Hopper is one of the richest businessmen in the entire state of North Carolina, I highly doubt Mike had to get Ginger and her family to float the note!

  38. Sandy wrote:

    Poster #23,
    You say “gossip”. Is Chattanooga News Channel 9 and the Dealer Business Journal report “gossip”?

  39. curious wrote:

    does Rick Hendricks know anything about what is going on with this? I know that he trust Jonathon. Has anyone heard from him on this? Is YH fulfilling there concert schedule with all of this going on? Did they sing this weekend? What is Clark Beasley saying about this? He and Paul Heil promote YH pretty heavy. They are believers of them. How can we find out info from them?

  40. The Bass wrote:

    #39 this won’t affect anybody other than the perceived intellectual level of Doug…

    YH won’t quit touring because of a detailed, yet mysteriously sketchy, personal report that has about as much to do with SG as what Doug had for breakfast…

  41. Ben Harris wrote:

    I really do not have a dog in this hunt, but thought maybe I could shed some ligt on waht I see as the controversy concerning YH. The first time I remember anything at all about them was several years ago on a return trip from Florida. We saw several billboards along the way back to Nashville singing the praises of YH. This started us and a lot of other people asking who they were and where did they come from. At that time, we had never heard of them. Now, I don’t know them, nor have I ever heard them live. I know nothing about their character, nor do I have any reason to doubt their sincerity. I can see though why many people ask questions. It is not the norm to have SG groups spread across billboards across 4 states. The only thing I know of them currently is their bus is parked here in Nashville at the same place where ours is stored (along with 50 or so others). It is our human nature to be curious. YH, simply through their own PR has invited curiousity. They have obviously spent a lot of money on advertising. I think asking questions about a group of people who have, by some accounts, bought their way into name recognization, is understandable. Now to the person who seems to think Avery needs to be saved….if he isn’t, what you say is very true. But, I really doubt whether you or I either one need to be specualting on the salvation of another. That is the realm of a power for higher than anyone on this board.

  42. The Bass wrote:

    Not to play “judge” or anything, Ben, but guess what? “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Enough said.

  43. Ben Harris wrote:

    “Judge not lest ye be judged?”

  44. The Bass wrote:

    I don’t believe in taking 1 verse and leaving the rest of the Bible. If “By their fruits ye shall know them” elicits a defense then you’re reacting to the Bible - not me.

  45. The Bass wrote:

    By the way, it is certainly not in my (or anyone else’s) place to judge the salvation of another, but using some people’s interpretation of this, that also means we shouldn’t witness to people because telling them they need Jesus would be “judging”…you do the math.

    “By their fruits ye shall know [if they need Jesus]”

  46. Goodness wrote:

    “The Bass” really stretching it out there aren’t ya buddy? By your own words we are to follow the entire Bible which commands us to witness. By the way you would make a good liberal politician. You know how to spin it don’t ya.

  47. tecstar wrote:

    Reading the posts, most of the judging is being directed to posters, If there are questionable activities going on, there is nothing wrong with what Doug writes, esp. since this is his column. I will say when you are doing The Lord’s work you are held to higher standards and accountable for your actions. YH has quite a bit of damage control to take care of but the bottom line is if they are doing God’s work for the right reasons, everything will be fine, God’s will is done no matter what we do or think, on the flip side… well You do the math!

  48. Ben Harris wrote:

    I just saw this on another web page:

    Apparently they have their bus for sale. I saw it just today at a shop here in Nashville and it is a sharp bus.

  49. The Bass wrote:

    “Goodness,” I don’t follow. My point was that obviously we must witness, but that under some people’s definition, that would be “judging.” Get it? Thanks, read the math problem again :).

  50. Rick Hendrix wrote:

    Young Harmony had two buses. We sold the other last year-this one has been for sale too. We are building a new one to accommodate the additions to their program, schedule and changes coming for Young Harmony very soon.
    GREAT news in the near future! Thanks for your prayers and friendship to one of your own

    Rick Hendrix

  51. The Bass wrote:

    Hey Rick, how’s about hiring a full band to back them up? To me, it’s a huge waste of money to pay 2 other full-time guys to run the setup, but then have no band.

  52. GB wrote:

    We just happened up on this group one night at a Diplomat singing.The building wouldn’t hold everybody. Several big name groups. YH was there. Never had heard of them. I couldn’t understand how they were even on the same program with the rest. I believe it was just a duet, not my idea of a group. Not impressed at all with musical talent. Seemed nice and had a good testimony. but wouldn’t want to buy a ticket to go hear.Seems as though since then I have really noticed lots of ads in SN. I know those aren’t cheap. I have never seen a group on a billboard sign. That’s pretty heavy.

  53. Fed Up wrote:

    GB, you are just trying to stir up problems. I was there the New Years Eve in GA. I will admit that YH wasn’t the best there, but they, in my opinion were closer to the top than several of the other groups there, including the Diplomats. The response that they received that night should have proved to you that even if you don’t like them, many others still do. They sang as a trio there that night, Jonathan, Ginger & the keyboard guy. (you must have been on your smoke break when they were singing, or you would have known this.) You are right, they are nice people and have great testimonies. My question is this, why would you take the time to put “Not impressed at all with musical talent” on your input? Why would you say, “Lots of SN ads & billboards. That’s pretty heavy.” along with saying “I know those aren’t cheap”? It sounds to me like you are either trying to stir up something, or you are just plain jealous. I wonder if that is why you didn’t put your name. Put up or Shut up is my thoughts!

  54. Intheknow wrote:

    The real problem is the witness these folks are delivering to others. And I’m not talking about what is written on this site, how many unsaved people to you honestly think know about this site? If you read some of the comments at the newspapers website you can tell some are unsaved and see this whole deal as just another bunch of “church folks” doing whatever they can to get money. When your ministry is in the public eye, and most ministries are, people are watching. We have a hungry world out there looking for answers and looking for something real, It is our job to practice what we preach, we do that and they will come to us wanting to know why we have joy and peace.

  55. Fed Up wrote:

    Intheknow - Are you saying that YH isn’t delivering effective witness to a dying world? I don’t know what is true and what isn’t about all of this Nice Cars thing, but I do know that YH for as long as I have known them, are very effective at delivering powerful witnessing messages. They could actually be (as far as I know) the poster people for Christians. The live what they say, and are slandered for “I think this and I think that” stuff.

  56. JKM wrote:

    Fed Up - You seem to be close to YH, maybe closer than we think…Intheknow made a point and I would have to agree. I’ve been in this world many more years than you and will tell you that God can work through anyone, regardless of where they stand in thier personal walk. The only one suffering is the person who is not right with God. The Lords work will go one and His will is going to be done regardless of what we do, He is offering us an opportunity of one of the greatest honors there is (to be used by Him). Greater would be considered worthy enough to suffer for Him. In most cases however we suffer because of our own shortcommings.

  57. tecstar wrote:

    My wife and I were at a concert they YH performed at. There was more talking than singing, Singing was ok, worthy of a special for the morning service but that’s about as far as it goes. Dove nominee? Now that’s hilarious. Accuse me of just trying to start something and I am, I would just like to know with all the talking they do at a concert, why don’t they explain their side of the incident with the dealership?

  58. Fed Up wrote:

    JKM, how do you know my age? You said that you had been in this world longer than I have. I am close to YH. I met them about 7 years ago and became friends.

    tecstar, are you asking why they don’t talk about their side of the incident with the dealership at their concerts? Surely not. Why should they defend anything? I hear it will all come out in court.

  59. GB wrote:

    Fed up, I sure didn’t try to hit a nerve with you. That is not my intent at all. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though. Mine just happens to not agree with yours. I am not trying to stir up anything for this group. I hope and pray they are clean as a whistle. I sure didn’t cause all of these problems they are having to suffer through right now. I am right about one thing, and I am not the only one who thinks this, they are not award winning material on their own. Like it or not.

  60. CG wrote:

    It WILL all come out in court (hopefully); and, “oh, my Lord, what a time”.

    As Ricky Ricardo once said to Lucy (paraphrasing, of course), “somebody’s got some ’splainin’ to do”.