I still don’t know for sure how the Kingsmen would be received today, but someone who was reading our latest KM discussions seems to think the demand for the old KM music remains pretty strong. The bidding for two used cds of old Kingsmen live cds on eBay opens at $50.

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  1. Brandon Coomer wrote:

    This auction is actually a single CD that contains two projects. I’ve seen it sell on Ebay for quite a bit more than the $50 starting bid, so it isn’t that crazy. I was lucky enough to find this CD for sale last year at the SGM Hall of Fame gift shop in Dollywood for $15. Honestly, I bought it to sale on ebay for between $75-$100. After I took a really good look at it, I decided that it was a pirated copy. I didn’t want to sale the item if it wasn’t legit, so I kept it.

  2. Tony Watson wrote:

    I haven’t seen the Kingsmen but a couple of times in the past couple of years, but it seems that they are trying to do the same things the same way the’ve been doing it for the past 30-40 years. However, they don’t have the same personalities they had back in the day.

    I personally think that today’s SG audience, by and large, is more attuned to the lyrics than the audience of days gone by. Look at who seems to be drawing the largest crowds over the past few years of the mainline groups - Greater Vision, Perrys, and Crabb Family, for a sampling. These groups vary in style certainly but they all have something in common - their standing ovations come as much from the lyrical content of their songs as their ability to sing them. The groups who seem to be making the most waves today are the ones that have the ability to “connect” with the audience. Those that work them up into a frenzy don’t necessarily see lasting results or increased sales at the product table.

  3. Tom wrote:

    The “pirated” southern gospel CDs that Brandon mentioned have been circulating for about a year or so now. Adam Edwards posted something about them several months ago ( They shouldn’t be on eBay at all to begin with, but it’s disappointing to see them showing up in retail bookstores and the SGMA Hall of Fame store–assuming that Adam Edwards’ hunch about their legitimacy is correct (and I believe it is).

  4. Dave wrote:

    What is the title of the CD?

  5. Dave wrote:

    Oops, never mind, i see the title now.

  6. oldtimer wrote:

    I think that this seller posted on the Hamil thread below that he is sending all proceeds from the sale to the Hamil family. So maybe it is not so much the CD that is driving the price as it is just an avenue to get some needed financial help to this family.

  7. Tony Watson wrote:

    Let me retract a bit what I said in my earlier comment about the Kingsmen. I just got the opportunity over the past week to see the Kingsmen a couple of times - my first time to see them with Bryan Hutson at baritone and emcee. Honestly, it was the best I had heard the Kingsmen since the days of Hamill. Good blend of live and track, good blend of old and new songs. Bryan is doing great as both emcee and baritone.

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