Mercy’s Mark, RIP?

Two emails suggest that on the heels of their bass singer leaving earlier this week, Mercy’s Mark has disbanded. Anyone else heard this? If it’s true, it’s the sad but perhaps, uhm, merciful conclusion to the slow deterioration of a group that debuted with an explosion of great promise, and then dwindled off into mediocrity.

Update: Garry Jones’s open letter on the status of Mercy’s Mark is here. Like I said to begin with: RIP?

Later Update: Just for you new(ish)comers, here’s the AVFL take on Mercy’s Mark when they debuted at NQC in 04 (scroll down to or search for “Mercy’s Mark”).

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  1. Not Ernie Haase wrote:

    This is really very sad. I saw MMQ about 2 years ago and they were absolutely fantastic. It was shortly after their big debut recording and I was convinced these guys had what it took to be far better than average. Alas, Chris West and Anthony Facello split and they’ve been piecing the group back together ever since. I’d heard Facello is even looking in Nashville and a potential country music gig.

    This whole MMQ situation frustrates me a great deal.

  2. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Depends on who ya got the emails from. I personally would hate to see this happen, but isn’t it convenient that Brian Free and the boys are looking for a piano player right now?

    I posted this in a forum, but think how it would be, should Mercy’s Mark call it quits, if Garry Jones joined BFA. The man’s musical genius and production skills would be solid gold to the group, and they’d probably attain the sound of Gold City of the 80s-early 90s.

    Ah, what could be. Maybe this cloud has a silver lining after all.

  3. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Looks like it’s true. Check out

  4. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Hmm.. never mind, they may not be disbanded after all. After reading Garry Jones’ open letter, God may have a plan for Mercy’s Mark yet!

  5. Not Aaron Swain wrote:

    I always wondered what a transcript of someone talking to themselves would look like…

  6. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Haha sorry but there were so many new updates on it coming up that I had to keep reposting.

    In response to the Anthony Facello thing, he’s currently singing in a trio he started, Anthony Facello and Crossroads.

  7. jgurnett wrote:

    My initial reaction to Jones’ open letter was that he and BF&A would be an incredible match.

  8. thom wrote:

    to Aaron: i do not agree with your idea of Jones joining BFA. firstly, i don’t believe Free would be interested in teaming up with Jones. BFA has established it’s own identity far different from the Gold City of the 80’s and 90’s.
    Secondly, i don’t think Jones would want to just sit and play piano.

    I agree that Jones has done some great production work in the past - not only with the “old gold city” but consider the 1st Signature Sound project that he did back when he and Ernie 1st started that group. That CD is one of my favorites and the Garry Jones “touch” is one of the main reasons why.

    It would be nice to see him cranking out those great arrangements and recordings more frequently. I bet there are other groups that would be thrilled to have him produce their recordings.

    I heard MM a few months back and while they were “good”, there was just something missing. I can’t put my finger on it, but for some reason they just didn’t quite seem to have “it” - whatever “it” is!

    I like Garry and I am sure that with his talent and connections he could make quite a nice living doing studio work.

  9. Pianoman4JC wrote:

    Perhaps…if Garry would have enough faith to totally allow God to deliver him from his smoking habit (it’s very common knowledge), God would bless his endeavors. I do know that this is a reason that some promoters wouldn’t use MMQ.

    Contrary to popular belief (it’s sad to say) these days, we cannot continue to revel in our sin(s) and still be blessed of God. Our God is all-powerful…and it is up to each one of us to let God cleanse those areas of our lives, especially those of us in the public eye. Our influence matters. We can’t be ‘destroying the temple of God’ (our bodies) while at the same time proclaiming that God lives in us.

    It’s just so contradictory for one to sing songs about a God that can bring you victory and deliverance…and yet on a personal level, not letting God give you “deliverance” and “victory” over those areas of your own life. We must live what we sing about, or our efforts will fall on deaf ears. We can try to go against God’s teaching, but in the end it will all be in vain.

    God will only bless us when we yield ourselves entirely to Him and His teaching.

    Sorry to preach here, and I’m not really aiming this at Garry, but as a call to all of us in the industry to “live above it all”. It’s imperative for all of us to live daily as Christ would live, for we all are an enormous influence on those we are supposed to be ministering to.

    Only when we bless God wholeheartedly with our lives, will God bless our ministries.

    When our ministries are failing, we need to take a good hard look at the true spritual health of each of the members in our organizations. If our spiritual health is poor, therein lies the key to our impending demise.

    To sum it up………WWJD?

    God knows that I love you, Garry.

  10. Derek wrote:

    You know, I almost said suggested Brian call Taco in my earlier post on the BFA topic…but I thought to myself “he’s got his own successful group going…” Hmmm…as Elmer Fudd might say, vewwwy intewesting! I think it would be awesome to see Gary join the ranks of BFA, but I also agree that it might be a bit awkward for Garry and the fans…going from front man/manager to sit-back-and-be-quiet piano player. I think everyone agrees that Garry is a very talented individual who (in my opinion) needs to be in a top-tier group where his talents can be utilized to the fullest. Is Ernie still lookin’? Time to bury the hatchet…eat crow…whatever phrase you want to use?! Vewy intewesting indeed!

  11. dkd wrote:

    Sorry Derek, I just don’t see Garry J. and Ernie H. EVER working together in that capacity again. Too much water under the bridge as they say…

  12. Bari-Tone-Def wrote:

    #9 Pot,… meet Kettle.

    Now that you are off of your soap box, might I remind you that “All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God”. Simply because Garry’s sin is public knowledge and yours is not, does not give you the right to judge him along with the rest of us. It rains on the just and unjust alike.

  13. Not Ernie Haase wrote:

    Perhaps I was totally MIA when it came out, but did we ever really find out what went down between Ernie Haase and Garry Jones?

  14. dkd wrote:

    There are 2 sides to every story and it depends on whose side you are listening to.

  15. Cabell wrote:


    How can you say that BFA does not want to have the same image as the GC of old. Have you been to one of their concerts? They open with “what a lovely name”, do “In my robe of white” and “Looking for a city”. While the majority of the set list is not old GC stuff, there is no effort being made to distance BF from his history in southern gospel. Also, personally, i do not think that adding Garry Jones tot he line up would help any in the arrangement aspect of BFA. Listen to “If it takes a valley”, “I still believe in America”, “when we all get to heaven”, “Healed”, and “Its all about the blood”. The one thing these songs have in common is GREAT arranging. Listen to the modulations in “Its all about the blood”. By far better than anything i have heard Gary Jones do.

  16. Jake wrote:

    dkd (# 14) — What are the two sides?

  17. dkd wrote:

    I have to admit that I am a bit biased towards one side, I do know what happened but won’t go into details either way. It’s really a dead issue and best left that way.

  18. Jake wrote:

    Aww — I was hoping for some juicy tidbits.

    Oops — did I really say that?

  19. GM wrote:

    So what if Gary smokes. Don’t you think that plenty gospel singers smoke or enjoy a beer watching the ballgame or a glass of wine with dinner. It’s a shame that SG fans are so self righteous they force the SG singers to put on a “face”…or else they get crucified by the fans.

  20. Not Ernie Haase wrote:

    To #19 GM:

    Your sentiments are misplaced on this one. Like it or not, SG singers are putting themselves in the forefront by their career choice. Pastors, Sunday School teachers, etc are in the same boat. By their calling, they’re required to live at a higher standard and to set the best example humanly possible. Knowlingly and willfully engaging in such activities is not acceptable. Now, if they want to participate in that on their own, fine. They can answer for it. But if they’re going to claim to be “called”, then they’d better act like it.


  21. dkd wrote:

    #18 Wish I could help you out but the Juicy Tidbits are locked in the Vault.

  22. Greg wrote:

    Have to agree with #20. We are not to be a stumbling block to those watching. I’m not getting into if it’s a sin to do this or that, God reveals things that need to be changed in one’s life as one continues his walk and grows in faith. We give an account for our actions.

  23. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Like dkd, I do know of two sides to this story, and I will withold judgement until I see what happens in 2008.

  24. Dave wrote:

    There are a lot more SG singers that smoke than most people know! Very common.
    I’m not judging them, just stating the fact.

  25. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Re #9: “We can’t be ‘destroying the temple of God’ (our bodies) while at the same time proclaiming that God lives in us.”

    So why not also say something about those (fans as well) who should have “Wide Load” stamped across their rear end and have been banned from All-You-Can-Eat Buffets? It must be nice to be perfect!

  26. Norm Graham wrote:

    Did I miss the commandments that say thou shall not smoke tobacco and shall not drink alcohol? Smoking has certainly declined in recent years because of health risks but I didn’t know it was a sin to smoke. And I read somewhere that Jesus turned water into wine when the wine supply ran out at a wedding party. So I didn’t know it was a sin to drink moderately. Then again maybe the Bible has appendices with different rules for preachers and gospel singers.

  27. Pianoman4JC wrote:

    Re #12 (Bari-Tone-Def): No “soap-box” here (unless you want to call God’s Holy Word a “soap-box”). What is so wrong about the idea of striving to walk as close as we can to God? The Bible instructs us to live a HOLY life. That IS our responsibility as Christians. It continually baffles me why some Christians always want to adamantly defend Satan and sin…when Satan (and thus, sin) IS the enemy of God AND our souls! I think we should be defending God and righteousness! Who is our Father…God or Satan?!!! Has someone forgotten something here?…That God HATES sin???

    Re #19 (GM): God forbid that any SG singer “feels forced” to “have to” put on a “face” (even though I’m sure there are those, because of willfull sin in their lives, do just that). We should all be transparent before others. Again, I’ll reiterate, if we can’t exemplify the Lord in our everyday lives, we have no business “ministering”, because all we’re doing is just that…”putting on a show”, and God will turn a deaf ear to our efforts. In reerence to your second comment, I, for the life of me, can’t believe a Christian is actually defending beer-drinkin’, etc. So, let me get this right…you’re saying…lets all just invite the Bill Gaither’s and the Vestal’s, and the Roger Bennet’s, and the Mark Trammel’s, and the Kim Collingsworth’s, and Jesus Christ, just to name a few, and let’s just have us a good ole smokin’ and drinkin’ party, huh? I think something is wrong with this picture! What else are we going to defend? A few drugs? How ’bout some casual deviant sexual activity? Just when do we stop defending sin?

    Re #25 (Dean Adkins): Yes, overeating is another of those areas that we also, to be an effective witness, should surrender to God…couldn’t agree more! I personally have to “die daily” to that one. That’s MY personal weak area, but God gives the victory. HE has the power, if we have the faith. In regards to your comment, “It must be nice to be perfect”…No, no one’s “perfect” here…It’s just up to each of us Christians to encourage other Christians to “walk in the light” and “strive for the prize!” I would expect that YOU, if you knew me, and saw an area in MY life where I was weak, would pray for me and encourage me to surrender that to God! We’re in this thing together! Let’s make it to the City!!

  28. PastorJohn wrote:

    A few observations before this thread gets totally embroiled in an argument over which are the worse sins!

    1. Garry Jones is without question an extremely talented musician, and the fact that he uses his talents for the glory of God is a wonderful thing.

    2. All of us — including SG musicians — struggle with a lot of temptations, weaknesses, and besetting sins — including gluttony, pride, envy, and quite a few more.

    3. Smoking is no “worse” a sin than any other sin. It does indeed have a harmful effect on the body. So does gluttony.

    4. Unfortunately, smoking is a “taboo” in some Christian circles. This may be inconsistent when gluttony is overlooked, it may be unfair that one weakness is capitalized on and others are ignored, but it is a fact, and we have to deal with those facts whether we like them or not.

    5. If it is true (and I have nothing to base this on other than Pianoman4JC’s remarks) that Garry’s smoking is preventing Mercy’s Mark from getting certain bookings, and if indeed that is a big reason why they can’t seem to “make it” in full time SG concerts, then Garry needs to seriously consider one of two things: a) he need to get serious about giving up smoking, or b) he needs to change his outlet for his musical talents. If smoking prevents him from getting the opportunities with public performances, then perhaps he should consider arranging and studio work (both of which he is excellent at).

    I’m not trying to preach at Garry or anyone else here, nor am I trying to tell him and MM what the will of God is for them, but sometimes you have to simply look at the facts, consider the things you can and cannot change, and proceed with the obvious.

  29. Vickie Crary wrote:

    COME ON!!! For those who want to judge Garry for smoking, if he does, I hope you are’nt overweight. The Bible does speak directly about gluttony. I think that would eliminate a good percentage of SGM artist. And for the person who first posted the comment about Garry smoking, shame on you!!! Gossip is also mentioned in God’s word

  30. Greg wrote:

    #26, The Bible does state Jesus turned the water into “New” wine which I believe means it was not fermented, (Just what I believe not preaching here). Wine in the bible was used as a symbol of earthly Joy and pleasure of the earth. The question would be are you doing this to please Christ? It all comes back to being a stumbling block for those watching you. For example, someone who is much weaker than you may see you drinking and say well “He’s a Christian and he drinks ao it’s ok for me to”, As you grow closer in your walk, God will convict you of changes that need to be made. You have heard it many times before, If Jesus was with you would you do it?

  31. CG wrote:

    To post #30, Where does the Bible say Jesus turned the water into “new” wine?

    When I read the the story of that particular miracle (which is the first documented miracle of His) of Jesus’, I’m reminded that He not only turned clear liquid to colored liquid, but REALLY performed a TRUE miracle by defying the laws of time. I believe that instantaneously water became fermented wine. The New Testament was originally written in Greek. The same word then used for wine is (essentially) the same used in the present day Greek. It means FERMENTED wine, NOT grape juice.

    Jesus WAS God in the flesh; not only were/are the elements, diseases, demons, etc. subject to His will, but time, as well.

  32. thom wrote:

    to #15 - Cabell:

    What I meant was that BFA has established their own identity and does not need to try to go back and resurrect some old gold-city sound as was suggested by Aaron is his post. I did not intend to take anything from BFA - quite the contrary. I appreciate the fact that they still do some old songs that Brian used to do when he was with gold-city, but his group has made a name for themselves in their own right.

    As to references to Garry Jones’ arranging abilities - i did not mean to infer that BFA need any hekp with their arrangements- again, quite the contrary. The arrangements that Wayne Haun and others have done for BFA are excellent.

    My reference to Garry’s arranging talent was to suggest that he could make a good living producing quality arrangements and entire projects for other groups.

    I did not say that Garry should arrange for BFA as you suggest.

  33. thom wrote:

    #15 - maybe you should read my original post again - you totally misread it the 1st time.

  34. KermitTheHermit wrote:

    to the misguided Pianoman4JC-

    My favorite response to those select few who still cling to the WWJD? approach of living, judging, speaking is, WJWHTOT which stands for Would Jesus Waste His Time On This?

    This sinner’s belief is Jesus would no more waste his time on this topic than he would waste his time on laying down the law on what tree we can eat fruit from today. My thought is simply this, if Mr. Jones considers himself to be a godly man capable to leading a group of men in “ministry,” I have faith in him. Perhaps the near-handed disbanding of MM can easily be blamed on the sky-rocketed diesel price, inabilty to maintain a staff, a lemon of a bus, or a crappy record deal gone south.

    If many people “know” Mr. Jones is a smoker and this is why God hasn’t expanded his group to blow all competition out of the water, what about all the other singers that we don’t “know” there vice? And in a similar vein, what about practically every bass singer that has ever graced a southern gospel stage? With your misguided logic, God must have not been able to drag their groups through the muck and mire and cause them to disband their groups.

    In my mean, hurtful, sinner, cold heart, I want to tell you to get saved. Or at least start to believe in the God that truly exists, not the hateful, distant, all-damning, joyless, life hating, God that your putting your faith in now. But… who am I to cast stones…

    now back to my cave…

    And (to ruin any possible impact I have made on anyone with one more statement) why did God put tobacco on the planet anyway? Surely to fuel our buses or something for Rush Limbaugh to use to relax.

  35. J Nelson wrote:

    It seems to be as an observer than pianoman4jc has more of an issue with Garry Jones than he is stating. How does he have so much inside information…who exactly told him that dates were hard to get because of the so called smoking issue. If this is such a Godly man does not the word say if you have an aught against your brother to go to the brother…not gossip on a website hoping you can ruin a man’s name who has devoted his whole life to sg music. How would everyone who loves sgm like to have someone who doesnt even tell who he is tell everyone your issues or “sins”. I have been around sgm for a good 30 years and I have seen plenty and heard plenty but what would Jesus think if I got on here and told every vile thing that I know to be truth about all the people. I havent heard Garry Jones going on here telling all the things he knows about people he has traveled with and I am sure there are much greater sins than smoking a cigarette. I have never seen smoking mentioned in the Bible but I do believe that it says Christians are to love one another and not shoot their brother down like this person has done. Just like Jesus said on the cross “forgive them Father for they know not what they do”

  36. southerngospelfan wrote:

    Amen to J Nelson.. If Garry Jones were an ungodly man he surely could write a book and have a chapter on pianoman4jc himself. It it quite ironic that pianoman wants to throw stones and seems to “have an inside track”.. hhuummm?? let’s see… who could it be… who thinks he is more godly than anyone else? i know Garry personally and all he has ever wanted to do is sing for a God that gave him his talent.. Not one among us are perfect.. God knows a persons heart and knows where they are more than anyone else.. i think pianoman4jc needs to crawl back in his cave…

  37. FANOFSG wrote:

    QUOTE FROM PIANOMAN4JC: I would expect that YOU, if you knew me, and saw an area in MY life where I was weak, would pray for me and encourage me to surrender that to God! We’re in this thing together! Let’s make it to the City!!

    so pianoman4jc, you wouldn’t want us to post your sin or weaknesses on a message annonymously for everyone to see? you would want US TO PRAY FOR YOU and ENCOURAGE YOU… oh, i see how this works.. just so you know pianoman4jc, a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways..james 1:8

  38. Dexter wrote:

    OK…if we’re going to talk about the sin of smoking…lets also talk about the sin of obesity…how many obese SG artists are out there….it’s a sin JUST as big as smoking…we all have our battles…we are all walking in flesh….thank GOD for mercy.

  39. Pianoman4JC wrote:

    Re: To all who were/are so eager to turn this into a knock-down drag-out virtual boxing match, please allow me to humbly state my case.

    I have absolutely nothing against Garry. I’ve admired his production skills for years now. I have close personal friends who have worked with him on stage and off. I certainly hope that all of his endeavors in the ministry will bring great results for the Kingdom. I was there when they first started, and my opinion (with the line-up they had then) was that Mercy’s Mark was going to be the “next big thing”. There was certainly NO vendetta against him in my comments, as I was only making a blanket statement suggesting that sometimes what we do/practice in our personal lives can reflect on our successes as a group or artist. It’s just a fact (as those in the ‘biz’ already know) that pastors/promoters, not wanting to have to face the heat from some of the audience members, will choose not to book a group because of a (obviously…from the recent feedback here) controversial/sensitive issue such as smoking. I know first-hand that this happens, as I worked on the road for several years with a group that had several members that smoked. I do apologize for bringing up a simple issue here, never realizing that it would cause so much angst. I (naively) assumed that a matter such as this would be politely discussed with integrity and spiritual wisdom. Thank God there were a few of you who could sense my true concerns.

    Please, please, please…For all of those who took this and made it a HUGE issue, and accused me of being two-faced, or having a personal issue with Garry, or throwing stones, or thinking I am any better than the next person…please, please! My honest humble intent was to only suggest that sometimes our influences can have the tendency to make or break us…that’s all. No surprises here…we’ve all seen it happen. I was only simply sharing my concern and at the same time examining my own heart lest I had any issue in my own personal life that might be a bad influence.

    God knows my heart, and I hope you also can sense my true feelings on this matter. I realize that the intent of blogs can sometimes get misconstrued, and in some minds, it happened here. Let’s all strive to be the best example we can be…literally “for Christ’s sake” and for His Kingdom.

  40. Kyle wrote:

    If you only knew HALF of the southern gospel “legends” who smoked….

  41. Derek wrote:

    Here’s a comment I’ve heard before that I can’t resist posting here. “Smoking: It may nopt send you to Hell but it’ll make you smell like you’ve already been there!”

  42. dkd wrote:

    #40-Kyle. You speak the truth! If people only knew of some of the gospel “legends” who smoked and drank and caroused they would be shocked.

  43. J Nelson wrote:

    I guess the question to Pianoman would be when you searched your heart, how many sins did you find? I see you didnt post any so that must mean that you are sinless. I hope to meet you some day since I thought Jesus had already ascended. I think I know what Jesus would do…he would say you need to pray for forgiveness for backbitting against one of my children. Anytime we as christians say something negative about one of our own, it gives credence to the enemy. So if that is what you think builds up the kingdom, maybe you need to really take that flashlight and look inside your heart. God is a great big God and sometimes I think He must be so sick of all the petty things that we have against our church family. I am thankful this week that my God is a merciful God and all of us are striving to be more like Him.

  44. Lynn wrote:

    I have been reading this thread with great interest. I recently ran across
    a study by Dr. Brian Allison that I feel (in christian love) would be beneficial for Pianoman4JC to read. Here is the link.

  45. KermitTheHermit wrote:

    One of my “semi-issues” with the commentary on Avery’s posts always seems to be around the same point that just so happens to be illustrated in the comments preceding this one.

    Christianity/SG fans represented by those who comment here have repeatedly said things like: “I guess the question to Pianoman would be when you searched your heart, how many sins did you find? I see you didnt post any so that must mean that you are sinless.” Why exactly does omission lead to us to judge? We have conversations like, “You judged. That’s a sin. I’m glad I am not you, cause you are obviously going to hell now. You make the baby Jesus cry.” Or even things like, “God will TOTALLY not forgive you until you tell everyone everything about your life, sin-history, and secret lustful desires. Oh, and we want your name, address, birth-date, and mother’s maiden name…otherwise you are a coward.”

    I believe we need to ask ourselves why we feel the need to state such things. Why do we condemn someone because they themselves condemned someone? I don’t care if Garry Jones smokes. His music is great. MM is gifted. Enough said. Having or not having a nicotine stain on his index finger will NOT keep him from Heaven. Neither will that speeding ticket the lady with Indiana’s IN GOD WE TRUST license plate recently got on Indy’s 465.

    My God is bigger than that. I suggest that we enjoy the music and leave Garry and so many others alone. If you have a need to pass judgment, volunteer at the 6th grade science fair and give away NO blue ribbons.

    …back to my cave…

  46. sgfan wrote:

    i comend you kermit, your writing abilities are awesome. i think what pianoman4jc needs to realize, when a fellow christian is down.. do we kick him? or as a follower of jesus, do we help him up??.. i really believe alot of people came to Garry’s defense simply because it appear as a vicious attack, which is absolutely unnecessary.. you do not know what Garry Jones and his family are going through… so we are asking that you leave well enough alone!

  47. Pianoman4JC wrote:

    PLEASE, people!! Some of you STILL don’t get it! Hello???

    One more time, friends!!…I tried to FULLY explain again on my recent post (#39) that in my personal experience, sometimes artists or groups are not booked because of any particular reason which a promoter/pastor deems would “turn-off” or offend part of the audience. Personally, I feel that the smoking issue IS between the person who does…and his or her God. I personally don’t base my decision to book or not to book based on the smoking issue. One more time…I was ONLY stating that I know that it DOES matter to some promoters/pastors. Thus (I reiterate), some promoters/pastors WILL pass on certain artists/groups. In the big picture, those artists/groups may have a more difficult time obtaining/retaining bookings, and then the bottom line suffers. I am just stating simple facts here (with absolutely no malicious intent). I am getting the feelind here that I’m trying to explain things to a class of first-graders, and some are just not getting it!!!

    Please read my post (#39) again.

    P.S. I am extremely amazed at the feeding-frenzy this has caused. I am also amazed that, while I try clearly state my case, that my humble opinions are misconstrued and totally twisted by some. Could someone please pass me the asprin?!! This is getting ALL TOO ridiculous, because a lot of you know me, and KNOW that I’m a gentle, kind and compassionate individual.

    Some of you didn’t read (#39). Please do.

    I’m tired.

  48. Lynn wrote:

    Pianoman4JC…(#47)… “I personally don’t base MY decision to book or not to book based on the smoking issue.” Hum, are you a promoter or booking agent? What motive could you possibly have for starting this mess in the first place? Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it?

  49. FANOFSG wrote:

    to pianoman4jc: regardless of all your back stepping, your attack WAS malicious and un called for… and no, we are not a bunch of first graders… it’s obvious most comments were left by very intelligent individuals and you seem to be the only one who is NOT getting it. i know you must be disappointed you didn’t get the response you were hoping for. who are you to question Garry’s faith? have you walked a day in his shoes? regardless of what you say now, it was a very, very unGodly way to satisfy some underlying personal issues you have with Garry Jones..

  50. KermitTheHermit wrote:

    I don’t think we need to jump to a conclusion that the Pianoman has any “underlying personal issue.” He made a statement. He apologized for saying anything offensive and clarified what he meant. I can now UNDERSTAND why he said what he said.
    Any statement toward Jones or Pianoman or EACH OTHER should not be malicious and all therein are “un called for.”

    back to the cave… i’ve got to pluck the feathers from my turkey.

  51. Pianoman4JC wrote:

    Just didn’t want to overlook thanking PastorJohn (#28) for explaining it better and more concisely than I did.

    And…thanks, KermitTheHermit (#50) for understanding my intent and helping to clarify things here.

  52. dkd wrote:

    Leave “Piano Man Alone”..he is entitled to his opinions and yes, GJ does smoke. I know GJ personally and the smoking can be a problem as sometimes you can smell it on his clothes. This is not to say that he is not a man of his convictions because I believe that he is. I see where the “Piano Man is coming from” I don’t think he is casting any aspersions towards Garry Jones personally.

  53. TLW wrote:

    This whole discussion is truly sad.

  54. Mark Crary wrote:

    Ok Pianoman, If you did’nt have any malicious intent towards Garry when you confessed his smoking to the world be a man and put your name behind what you say. This is truly sad. I hope the secular world does’nt read this. When MM really needed our support, we are nit-picking about this.To Pianoman and those who know Garry personaly, have you done anything this past week to encourage Garry? Talk is cheap. The original MM was the greatest quartet I have ever heard.

    P.S. Pianoman-This is from Mark Crary

  55. TLW wrote:

    I think this little debate maybe needs to be taken somewhere else more private and you guys can work it all out in some other sand box. None of are perfect yet. It’s a shame to pick each other apart like this. My weakness may not be someone elses but mine may not be one you could outwardly see, but a weakness that keeps me from growing spiritually none the less. Aren’t we suppose to bear each other’s burdens in love? Bashing each othe does nothing to edify each other. And does this make us different from the unsaved we are suppose to be ministering too? As I said before this whole discussion is truly sad. Maybe it would be a good idea for it to end here. Let’s pray for one another. Life takes a lot of Grace to live day by day. I know I need that Grace and forgiveness each day. I know I need the caring support of my friends, family, and the spiritual leaders that I am submitted to, to make it through.
    God Bless, And Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  56. TLW wrote:

    Glad to see that this topic finally ended. Hope everyone is enjoying a Peaceful Christmas time.

  57. stan wrote:

    The list of gospel greats that smoked is as long as my ARM and I have a 37 sleeve and the names would stun you . Smoking is only now condemned in this modern age because we now know it is a cancer causing agent. Years ago this was not know now it is. Paul instructed Timothy to take wine for his stomach and his often infirmities and the lord Jesus drank wine at the last supper and how do we justify any judgement .I am sinful are you God will read of my sins at the judgement and yours too. Is book any group that smoked or chewed tobacco its not like they are flicking ashes or spitting on stage.I could give you another list as long as my other ARM of current artist that smoke or chew also. I know my blog is late but I didn’t want to leave it alone I have been singing for 34 yrs. And have seen a lot of things and have sang with many greats .Life is what it is life.

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