Adventures in work tapes

From Bill’s Blah Blah, a delightful tale of what can go wrong even when things go right for the up-and-coming songwriter in Nashville cutting a work tape (a quick and dirty recording of a newly written song to hear how it runs through as a whole) on the fly. Money quote:

We’re doing OK; it is just a work tape after all. After the second chorus there’s a small turnaround before heading back into the chorus. It’s building the whole time and meant to be a big finish. From somewhere deep within me, without conscious thought, completely caught up in the trying to ramp up the energy into the last chorus, I come out with a “Yah”-a grace note to get me into it. Picture this “yah” like a red neck version of the “yah” in Sexy Back from Justin Timberlake-just as long and just as obnoxious.

Hilarity (and much lost dignity) ensues.

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  1. Marty Funderburk wrote:

    OK…I was the co-writer on that song, and the guy sitting in the control room when Bill got caught up in the spirit and briefly spoke in tongues (”Yah”) - it was actually more of a “Yeah” than a “Yah” - and I never once had visions of Justin Timberlake….though I did sense the presence of Jessica Simpson at one point, but that’s neither here nor there….

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